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Nintendo Releases DLC Trailer For Pikmin 3

Nintendo has released a DLC trailer for Pikmin 3. Players can extend the game’s Mission Mode with several downloadable map packs. The first map pack – priced at $1.99 – adds four remixed stages to the Collect Treasure! mission type. The second map pack is also priced at $1.99 and adds four remixed stages to the Battle Enemies! mission type. The third map pack can be purchased for $4.99, and it adds eight all-new stages with settings like a beach, a house party and a construction zone. Pikmin 3 is available at retail and the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

18 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases DLC Trailer For Pikmin 3”

  1. the new levels all look pretty interesting, the louie-rescuing mechanic adds another element of strategy to the missions, each package looks to be pretty cheap, and the first mission is free! if nintendo’s gonna do DLC i’m glad they’re doing it right

    1. check out the everyone Wii u sold 275000 last week and outsold ps4 in North America Lets go Nintendo

  2. Buying this shit right now I aint even passed the game yet but its engaging and addicting to succeed pass days/attempts.

  3. Probably buying all these this Christmas, along with the last released “Enemy Mode”. Me and my sister have almost got platinum on all “Treasure Mode”, so we’ll have to play the “Enemy mode” too soon!

  4. Yes what a quality package,love it to bits the challenges are hard! The backlog of games is killing me right now. I would love to have time to play them more

  5. Pikmin 3 waits impatiently for me to complete WindWaker HD which is taking forever!! Damn that’s a good game but it’s so long. Def getting my money’s worth on that one. But my eyes keep straying to Pikmin 3…I promised I would not start new games until I am finished with what I am playing. In Earth Temple dungeon right now, so I dunno, maybe 20 more hours…anyone?

    1. More o less 8-10 hours but damn wind waker is not that long. . . Easy beatable in 30-40 hours. . . I think you suck hard in zelda games.

  6. LOL the abuse, such a little ming to say someone sucks at Zelda, I don’t just go place to place I enjoy the game, its not Pikmin 3 its not about sped runs.

    This site is full of foolish people

  7. Brought it a few days ago and I’m loving it. The treasure hunts in particular seriously ramp up the challenge having you do all sorts of things not previously done in the treasure hunt missions, like breeding. All 5 levels are unique and a lot more challenging. 5/5 – although it could have been a touch cheaper.

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