Cyberpunk RPG Dex Coming To Wii U After Reaching Kickstarter Stretch Goal

Kickstarter funded RPG Dex is set to come to the Wii U eShop. It’s the latest game to be added to the Wii U’s indie line-up after Rareware inspired Lobodestroyo was successfully funded yesterday. Developed by Dreadlocks, Dex is an action and stealth sidescroller set in cyberspace, heavily focussed on story and RPG elements.

Dex reached its initial funding goal of $14,000 early on in its campaign for PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. But as of yesterday, the game will come to the Wii U after its $26,000 stretch goal was successfully attained.

With inspiration taken from games such as Castlevania, Metroid and, more recently, Deus Ex and Splinter Cell series, Dex features a mature storyline with realistic action, as well as meaningful character progression choices and a unique hacking mechanic. Make sure you check out the trailer above to see the game in action. Dex is aiming for a late 2014 release on Wii U.


      1. it’s not trolling though. this looks like garbage lol -_- sick of all these shitty kickstarter indies that turn out to be utter crap


  1. But I agree it does look a bit plain, they could’ve added something to make it unique, it looks… meh

    kinda boring to look at, no wow factor, no vivid colours, no interesting characters, no “gimmick” to make it stand out


      1. Allow me to reiterate, there’s nothing wrong with liking nintendo at ‘x’ age. I just find it cringeworthy when is see grown people worshiping them and owning merchandise designed for little kids.


      2. I agree its “creepy” do use a lesser word, but If I were a business man I would give a crap about who buys my product, I mean the producers of that “My Pretty Pony” show (if I got the name right) didn’t expect grown men to like their show which was aimed at little girls, to them it doesn’t matter because they are getting cash regardless


      3. also ironic considering everything i say is satirical and designed to offend people purposely for humorous reasons yet people get so butthurt and cant take half my jokes.


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