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Festival Of Magic Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled, Will Relaunch In February

Norwegian developer SnowCastle Games has cancelled their Kickstarter campaign for Festival of Magic. The campaign kicked off in November for PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U platforms, and had reached almost $50,000 – one fifth of its $250,000 funding goal. But due to the Christmas and Thanksgiving rush, as well as the Xbox One and Playstation 4 launches, the developer has made a tough yet tactical decision to cancel the crowdfunding campaign.

The farming fantasy RPG’s Kickstarter, however, will relaunch come February next year. SnowCastle Games says they’ve managed to acquire a “small financial injection” to tide them over until the Kickstarter reboots. In their recent update, they also mention that they will restructure the current backer rewards and tiers, adding physical rewards to the list, as well as provide video updates straight from the developer office.

For those that backed Festival of Magic, you will not be charged for your pledge. Also, pledges will not be removed when the campaign is cancelled, so backers will be able to keep any rewards received during that time. Here’s what SnowCastle said to their backers:

“We will inform you about the details of the rewards just before launching the next Kickstarter. Thanks again for your support so far, we will now go into a 2 month period working really hard to make more game content and cool updates for the next KS!”

10 thoughts on “Festival Of Magic Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled, Will Relaunch In February”

  1. Its almost funny how every time I come here its news like this. Then I leave. When I come back I’ve missed things like ‘Link Dual-wields in Zelda U’, or ‘Dark Samus Corrupts all in upcoming Smash’ (sigh)…

      1. None taken.

        Unfortunately, the bigger news items tend to crop up during the evening in the UK when I’m no longer around. Sometimes I get juicy news in the morning, sometimes not as much, but we try to report on as much as we can, because then, at the very least, what may not interest you, could very well interest others.

  2. They really need to do something to make the game stand out though, right now it’s really generic looking and not many people are paying attention to it because of that.

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