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New Nintendo TVii Update Out Now

Nintendo of America has released an update for Nintendo TVii on the Wii U. The update brings with it a number of small improvements to the application, including updating the remote with easier access to certain features. Nintendo TVii has yet to launch in Europe despite the console already being out a year. Here’s some of the new features you can enjoy.

  1. Team up with other fans and earn points by predicting plays
  2. These points will be used for leaderboards
  3. Updated remote with easier access to features
  4. Better fps with scrolling – 60 fps?

49 thoughts on “New Nintendo TVii Update Out Now”

      1. I personally would like to see handball and skiing sports (during the winter, especially biathlon) getting support on TVii when it comes to Europe.

    1. It’s the same here in Australia but it’s because our tv service is no where near the standard of the US and Japan, so I’m assuming it’s the same in Europe(?).

      So it’s more of a problem for the tv network infrastructure than it is on Nintendo’s end.

  1. I’ve had my Wii U for a while, but what does TVii do again? I launched it once, then was like “Screw whatever this trash thing is ” , and never used it again.

  2. That is all the Nintendo “gamers” can hope for is to watch sports on their gamepad as there aren’t any sports games on the lacking 3rd party support system.
    FIFA 14, nope.
    NFL 25(aka NFL 14), nope.
    WWE 2k14, nope.
    NBA 2k14, nope.
    NHL 14, nope.

    The Wii U sure lacks in the variety department. Mario this, Mario that, baby game this, baby game that. Gone are the days when there was some variety on Nintendo systems, now it’s baby games all the way. You either have to like baby games or you can’t play anything else. The Wii U got games, baby games that is!

    1. I could name all the not so “baby games” but I fear you won’t comprehend… I’ll just sit here and play wii u ps4 and xboxone depending on how I’m feeling and you’ll sit there complaining about imaginary problems…

  3. I used Nintendo TVii on the day it was available…haven’t used it since. I don’t hate it or anything, I just don’t care for it lol. I can use my TV remote and flip through the on TV Guide.

  4. Europe aint missing anything. I have not touched TVii nor do I even know what it is….

    maybe I don’t know what I’m missing???

  5. Nope nevermind dang iPhone -_- anyways just wanted to know if the Nintendo TVii is free I’ve had my Wii U since launch but since I own an analog TV I can’t use it so that’s why I wanted to know if it was free if anybody can tell me that’d be great I’m also getting an HD TV soon so then ill be able to use it.

    1. Nintendo TVii doesn’t cost anything, it’s mostly just a selection interface. You can search for a show or movie you’d like to watch and if it’s available on any of your useable programs (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, regular televsion (cable, sat, etc.), “Love Film”?(idk what that is it’s some streaming service for Europe I think)) it will allow you to pick your preferred option and go to it. It’ll open the Hulu or Netflix app should you choose that, or just go to the appropriate channel if it’s currently on tv.

      I haven’t used any of the sports functions because it’s kind of irrelevant to me.

      It does have miiverse integration with TVii Tag though, which will allow you to go to a show currently running on tv and will capture various moments throughout the program that you can comment on or +Like, etc. You can view other peoples comments and reply to them and so on.

  6. It would be nice if they made apps for Comcast, dish, and direct tv so if you have their services you can see your on demand content could be streamed to the Wii U and could support Nintendo TVii wile watching.

    1. Never been into football. I do however love watching biathlon :D (Darn, the english language doesn’t have a proper name for skiskyting :\ )

  7. From the post I am seeing here, people claiming to have used Nintendo TVii are just flat out lying. First off, it’s free. TVii works with your local cable/satellite provider. You simply select the provider and it will set up every thing automatically. You’ll have that providers guides and not only that, if you have a Netflix or Amazon account, when you put a title in the search, TVii will tell you where and when the movie or program is available. Lets say you put Westerns in the search, TVii can tell you if any westerns are on your cable/satellite television at that moment, any upcoming shows and list some from Amazon or Netflix. It also stores your favorite channels, and it has tag TV so you can discuss and post in Miiverse live shows while they’re happening–and during the broadcast they what is called “moments”. This where Nintendo takes a clip from the episode or game you’re watching and conduct a poll, example, NFL, picture of a receiver catching a pass, Nintendo will ask “was he in bounds” or might ask, “should the coach go for it on fourth and inches”. The same in TV shows, will Jane kiss John when he opens the door”.
    The thing I like most about TVii is that all of this is all done off screen, no PIP, every thing is controlled from the tablet. I like it better than my Xbox 360 entertainment interface. I think TVii is one of the underrated and under-appreciated features of the Wii U.

    1. I have to agree with you 100%. When I was not in Afghanistan with my Wii U, it was a great feature to use. Just having the ability to search for a tv show or movie, and have it tell me if it’s available on my cable tv or netflix account, is genius. Seeing a football game, with people’s comments and a play by play on the controller, just adds to the experience. I’ll definitely be updating and using this feature when I get home from this deployment. Definitely underrated and unappreciated. I would have thought that Mii-verse would have been the under used application, not TVii,

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  9. I haven’t had the best of luck with TVii. I can only get the basic remote to start up, which is fine, but I would really like it to operate my DVR as well. When my remote’s batteries died, I fired up TVii and it worked pretty well, but I was watching an episode on DVR, and it kinda became difficult. Still, for a free program, I can’t complain. It will be better once they add DVR controls.

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