Nintendo has provided a detailed update on the recent Nintendo Network outage. Via its Facebook page, the firm says the primary causes of the current downtime are due to an influx of Nintendo Network accounts being created and accessing the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo has also apologized once again to those who are affected by the service’s unavailability, and says it will continue updating fans on the matter. Read the company’s Facebook post in its entirety below:

Thank you very much for your patience while we perform maintenance on the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Network. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support. We wanted to share some details on what is causing this downtime, and update you on the current outage in service.

The initial outage was primarily caused by a one-time surge in demand over the recent holidays, compounded by the following:

1) An influx of new Nintendo Network accounts being created and accessing the Nintendo eShop.
2) Existing Nintendo 3DS account information being moved to new Nintendo Network accounts.

We are continuing to adjust our network to meet the needs of all our services and applications. To ensure our global audience has an expected level of consistency in service, we took the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS offline. We expect to have it back online no later than 4 a.m. ET on Dec. 29, but may have to perform more maintenance in the future.

We truly apologize for the inconsistencies in our online services. We are working hard around the clock to fully restore these functions, and will continue to keep you updated on our progress.



  1. Extremely lame. I don’t often say this about Nintendo, but this lack of preparation is inexcusable. I expect more from Nintendo than other companies. In this instance, it was a mistake.


    • I say this as a long time nintendo supporter and a day one wiiu buyer but, honestly, atthis point, nintendo is best enjoyed and appreciated when you have no expectations at all; theyre not in the business of pleasing us anymore. (Too expensive)


  2. I can understand them not having a complete estimate on how many new accounts there would be, but always expect the unexpected in this situation. Better play it safe than lose your servers in the long run.


  3. These days servers are ultra cheap and easily configured if you have professionals sufficiently trained and prepped. If IT is falling short, it’s bad management. No excuses. No exceptions.


  4. It isn’t that bad then, if it was because of nintendo network ID’s. I thought it was because of buying/downloading games which would be VERY lame because almost nobody buys and downloads anything on eshop. eshop is no steam or ps store or whatever.
    since its network id’s its totally understandable


  5. Every one thinks its just Nintendo’s fault, need I remind everyone that in the 2-3 years Nintendo Network has been around there have been no issues until this one, the reason which everyone seems to be ignoring is because of “an influx of users” Nintendo didn’t expect so much activity for an app like Pokémon Bank to be so popular (many retail/download games didn’t ever seem to create a server overload, so did you expect an APP like Pokémon Bank to do that?) If it’s anyone’s fault for delaying the release of Pokémon Bank, don’t you think you could blame the Asians? you know the ones who received Pokémon Bank first and caused the spike in the Network?


  6. I don’t mind waiting a little, if this will be a better experience for the future. Having said that, situations like this (and I also can’t access the PS Store right now for the same reason) and the debacle that was the Sim City launch make me feel that the “all digital and only online” video game world the gaming companies want is a terrible idea.


  7. Those of us with level heads knew this was the case. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to everyone, but it’s great to hear that worldwide, Nintendo had a great Christmas period.

    Now all they need to do is make Pokémon Bank available to the near seven million of us that want the service.


  8. I emailed Mistwalker the creators of The Last story of the working on THE LAST STORY 2 for Wii U

    They didn’t deny or confirm it,they just said thank you for you interest and support, follow Sakaguchi on Facebook to keep with updates


  9. To anyone complaining:
    Welcome to the digital age, idiot. These things happen. EVERY major company that is involved in technology has this happen every now and then. Relax. And shut up. No one will be talking about this in a year..or even a month. It’s not the apocalypse.


    • Correct. It’s merely an inconvenience. However, if Pokémon Bank wasn’t tied to this fiasco (even if by pure co-incidence), it wouldn’t be half as bad.


    • Oh…this will be talked about in a month, and I guarantee you it will be talked about in a year. And every Christmas for many years. The fucking Grinch is jealous.


  10. I’m not very oriented on the situation, but a long downtime during the Christmas holidays must have been really bad. Hopefully it’s back up and running for everyone now.

    At least it wasn’t anything like the PSN hack some years ago, where tons of credit card information was stolen, and the PSN was down for a long time.


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