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Dr. Luigi Trailer Shows Various Modes

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Dr. Luigi. The video showcases the puzzle game’s various modes, including Virus Buster, Retro Remedy and Operation L – in which L-shaped pills make their debut. The game also contains local and online multiplayer for two players. Additionally, both the Operation L and Retro Remedy modes feature online leaderboards. Dr. Luigi is available now in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U for $14.99.


  1. Happy New Year! I need to call Dr. Luigi for some of those L-shaped pills to cure my ills. Lol. The game looks like fun. I can’t wait.

    1. Ignoring Dr. Luigi looks fun. Also ignoring that if I buy it I’m using up my eshop money making it harder to buy tropical freeze. And ignoring Ijust got Nano Assault and the game is addictive as 3D World. Why didn’t no one tell me Nano was so freaking fun? They need to advertise these Eshop games on TV. Trine 2, Nano and Dr. Luigi. Wii U has no games? Yeah right. Too many coming. Y’all wanted goes y’all are getting games. Now its too many all at once. My wallet can’t take it.

  2. Um trying Virus Buster mode. Never used the GamePad that way yet. After I get a hang with it I’m going to use my FREE ONLINE. That’s right FREE ONLINE to get a challenge. FREE ONLINE. Let me say it again: FREE ONLINE. Bwhahahahahah.

    1. Don’t like it don’t buy it. And I can see a baby playing now. All the pills all the way to the top of the jar enedung the game. Not figuring out you have to match the colors in order to win. But it”s a baby game.

    2. You going to claim Tetris is a baby game too? This game takes skill and concentration. WTF is wrong with people like you? You see bright colors instead of 20 shades of brown, and it’s a baby game? STFU, I’m really sick and tired of idiots like you.

  3. why do all the games no one plays get online and leaderboards but games everyone plays get nothing

  4. Am I the only one who is annoyed by that year of Luigi gimmick? And that’s coming from a Luigi fan.

    I get the feeling that once his year is done, he’l be neglected once again.

  5. I downloaded this game. Very very addictive and super fun and challenging especially with the GamePad!!!

  6. I was expecting some more lively cast than just Luigi and some new Viruses… Mario got Peach as his assistant Nurse, so I figured we might get some Daisy spotlight just for some recognition, considering how much they pass up on her. But with miss Princess Spotlight hog ruling Nintendo lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosalina was a nurse on this game or even just a cameo. Year of Rosalina over Luigi!

  7. wow lame….there are so many free games like this out there. im not impressed. puzzle quest 2 is still the best.

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