Here’s The Best Selling Games Of 2013 In The UK

UK trade publication MCV has published the best-selling games in the United Kingdom for 2013. Nirolak from NeoGAF has compiled a list with sales figures to compare 2013 results with 2012 and 2011. The best-selling entertainment product in 2013 in the United Kingdom was the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V.  You can see all the best-selling entertainment products for 2013, right here.


  • Grand Theft Auto V (Video Game) – Rockstar – 3,670,234
  • FIFA 14 (Video Game) – EA – 2,656,763
  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Video Game) – Activision Blizzard – 1,991,994
  • Battlefield 4 (Video Game) – Electronic Arts – 838,869
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Video Game) – Ubisoft – 776,888


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Activision Blizzard –––– 2,672,364
  • FIFA 13, Electronic Arts –––– 2,601,877
  • Assassin’s Creed III, Ubisoft ––– 886,198
  • Halo 4, Microsoft ––– 753,489
  • Hitman Absolution, Square Enix –––– 571,248
  • Just Dance 4, Ubisoft –––– 562,453
  • Far Cry 3, Ubisoft -––– 540,237


  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – 2,814,609
  • FIFA 12 – 2,193,302
  • Battlefield 3 – 1,186,895
  • Zumba Fitness – 1,077,508
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 1,024,228
  • Just Dance 3 – 820,333
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – 732,566

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  1. UK gaming market is a joke… Some good games up there, but Fifa and cod should not sell that good, as the producers put no work in them…

    1. Well it looks as if CoD sales are begging to deteriorate. There’s a clear shift in the market if CoD isn’t breaking the 2 million mark. Hopefully, this means CoD is finally dying.

  2. call of duty, battlefield, assassins creed, and fifa year after year. i suspect the list is nearly identical in north america, with fifa being the exception…

    its our own fault that for the most part all we’re getting every year is the same old shit if we keep buying into more of the same why would these producer risk innovating?

    1. no such thing as risking to innovate. they are just plain lazy and I am still surprised why they buy the same stuff. cod and fifa sell every year and they are all the same.

  3. I came here to see CoD and Fifa at the top spots…..was not disappointed lol so predictable. I feel kinda sorry for most UK players because they get thrown in the same boat as the massive amount of CoD/Fifa people.

    (I could imagin that it’s hard to not stumble upon Xbox 360 shelves. Anyways, I can’t and won’t judge those for what they like to play.)

    1. I would love if it died. cos after the face lift it would be the same again.

      but if it died they woiuld play battlefield more………..meh.

  4. And they say Nintendo isn’t innovative? Look at all of these, most of them are in the same series…

  5. How is this Nintendo news?
    This is like if a website dedicated to say One direction would post best selling lists from countries where they don´t even chart.

    If Vgcharts is correct then Wii U sold better than Xbox one the last week before christmas. Why not post that, it´s at least surprising other than the ongoing flop in UK and it gives the fans a glimmer of hope that the Wii U will not end up DEAD last.

    1. But shokio is right. While the game quality of many will be great it will not be from day one. Battlefield 4 like games is what you will see in the future.

      1. im talking about how its the nintendo fans that just accept shit. just like said in the video. just accept nintendos scraps as a piece of gold every time. when they are just digging there grave into irrelevancy and garbage because the fanboys just take it like nintendos bitch. everybody knows it thats not a in denial nintendo fag and that is one of the reasons why nintendo fans are the joke of all videogame fans.

        in my experience, it goes microsoft fanboys>>>>>>>>>>>>>sony fanboys>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>nintendo fanboys.

        it doesnt even compare how pathetic nintendo fanboys are. then there is pc fanboys, that i really dont see much but they are pretty annoying.

      2. The only place I have see annoying fanboys is on fortune like this and on news sites. If you contact any gamer on xbolive or psn or Nintendo network when you I talk about other consoles they always say the positive or negative aspect on a civilized matter.

      3. The people who try to reinforce their opinions by calling everyone a faggot are worse than any of the fanboys in your list. Learn to discuss your opinions intelligently. Until then, no one will ever vcare. Using that language makes you come off as irrational and biased and invalidates everything else you say.

    2. This guy is spot on up until about 10:00. After that it’s all rubbish. He spends ages talking about how the industry is less “sequel sequel sequel” then it used to be. No. Ubi has recently said they will shoot for more than 1 Ass Creed per year. CoD continues at 1 per year. Fifa. Etc etc.The industry has been turning against new IPs more and more for years.

  6. uk buys the same things.also THE country that buys the least Nintendo producst out of all those in the world Nintendo sells in……….I NEVER rely on these sales to see how good in the world overall Nintendo is doing.


  7. im wondering how many new years resolutions here are praying that wii u sells!! hahahahah wouldnt be surprised at all since thats your main focus, is to praise a piece of plastic that sucks. “this year my new year resolutions in…. for WII U TO SELL!!!!!, not get a job or anything useful. since i clearly cant afford any games, exactly why nothing sells other than mario!!”

    wouldnt be surprised at all.

  8. Well sometimes those games, although the same is still fun, who does not want to COD or Battlefield online with a friend, that’s why they sell…today’s gamer prefers online…I love a good single Player campaign, am most COD’s do pretty good with that, we won’t talk about battlefield…I stopped buying maddens because they don’t change at all….still fun to play with a friend…I am a nintendo fanboy and I do like the other systems but my game collection for my wii, and wii U are vastly more carried than my xbox…and after a point I find myself needing to come back to that variety…four games I am finishing now is WWHD, W101, Mario 3d world…and xenoblade which I can’t put down….sorry that was so long but my point…and lastly. If some of you 15 year old punks don’t stop all your flame wars…my nearly 30 year old arse is going to start finding you guys and whipping the crap out of you….I’m more than likely bigger, stronger, and more athletic I’ll run to you house if I have too.. It’s smart phone games and you creeps that are ruining gaming…you prob don’t even know tht bowser was a Koopa, king Koopa actully, and peach was princess toadstool..

  9. The UK mass market no longer knows what real gaming is about. The UK’s gaming mass market is practically males between 14 and 30.

  10. The UK is an embarrassment. What I think strikes me most about this list is the complete lack of Japanese developed games on the list. It’s not that Japan aren’t developing great games – we just refuse to buy them.

  11. I love how they completely don’t take Nintendo games into account…. Pokemon X/Y 1.43 Million in 2013…. Pokemon Black/White 2 1.32 Million in 2012…. New Super Mario Bros 2 1.82 Million in 2012…. Animal Crossing New Leaf 800,000 in 2012…. Super Mario 3D Land in 2011…. Mario Kart 7 in 2011

  12. well no surprise for FIFA as UK is a nation of Football (like it or not it does not make it bad taste) the same goes for most of the European Countries(on personal note: I have not play/buy any FIFA since 2006). It would not be wrong to assume madden or NBA will be the US equivalent of FIFA if we compile the same list in US. In general FPS and violence give us (British) a bad name but what worry me the most is the majority of those games are rated 18+ so either parents don’t give a shit about what their children playing or there is some wrong with those numbers. Also it would be interesting to know how many under 18 YO play any of this games. Nintendo fan bitching about those game but how many of you have brought games like mario, Rayman or zelda which are 30 years franchise.It’s OK to shit on Fifa or COD (Which I hate btw) but having peach been kiddnap for zillions times is OK…… if you want to see your favourite game on the top just bloody buy it. I am proud to live in UK and can’t care less about which game is at the top cause it does not reflect who we are. Also I live in a country where I won’t be shoot by a dickhead who watched too much TV and mix up reality with fiction(hello US). Also just to be on the same page I don’t own any COD or recent FIFA… (oups own fifa 2003) or halo never play battlefield but I won’t shit people who buying those games

    1. You’re proud to live in the UK? Why? These terrible games topping our charts are just a reflection of the terrible culture in our country. We’re a nation of sheep.

      1. yes I proud to live in UK, We still a country where video game can be found cheap and still a great business for video game industry. OK the number here seems like we love shooter but tell me who buying the games? young adult (17+) or children and teenagers? My personal experience is children/teenagers who actually should not be playing those kind of game (blame the parents for that) in the first place. As for reflection of our country, do you see people shooting each other? Be serious not really and yes in Britain we moan a lot and do not fight really for our right and tend to give up but does not mean we are that bad. I don’t think so. Also part of the problem come from retailers who are greedy, they will far prefer to put a Xbox 1 or PS4 in display cause they will get more profit. With the Wii U they get a small percentage hence why of many reason the Wii U is not taking off. personally. Another factor to take into consideration is the advert for those game. Have not you notice on ITV or BBC how much advert there are for those game? I don’t have any problem with FIFA. it just reflect the fact we in Europe (not just in UK) love football, what’s wrong with that? It’s a sport game and does not mean it terrible (IMHO). If you actually played any FIFA, you will see they following what’s going on in European football (world cup as well) every year and how much room do you have to innovate with football?????

  13. As always, people in the west have awful taste in games. Fekkin’ overgrown tweenies.”Look at my gun herp derp” “OMG I’m burning calories!”. GIT THAT SHIT OUTA HERE!

  14. Wow, just to know COD and FIFA are always in the top just says a lot about these gamers, pure male teenagers that want to shoot and play sports. Sad market.

  15. Man, every freakin’ game on this list is something boring and un-interesting to me. Man, I’m glad I don’t live in the UK. That’s a horrible place for a gamer to live. Even though they have MOST of the same games. But man, the English has horrible taste in games and consoles.

    1. Pretty sure every western region is like this to some degree. Bland, gray shooters pretty much dominate the industry right now.

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