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Enterbrain President Hamamura Says Wii U Needs Killer Games To Be Ressurected

Hirokazu Hamamura, who is prolific within the Japanese video game industry, has told the Mainichi Shinbun that he personally believes that Wii U could bounce back provided Nintendo continue to release killer games for the system. However, he is of the opinion that Nintendo are finding it too difficult to juggle the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U at the moment. At the end of the interview Hamamura wondered if the Wii U can be “resurrected.”

“Associating the growth of smartphones and the slump of the Wii U is difficult. Two years ago the handheld 3DS was called a failure, and then it bounced back. Of course they are in competition to keep a hold on the users’ time. It can be boosted if killer content is released. However developing a lot of games for both the Wii U and the 3DS is difficult… That’s a fact.”

97 thoughts on “Enterbrain President Hamamura Says Wii U Needs Killer Games To Be Ressurected”

  1. The Wii U is awesome for families with kids under 10 or so. The Mario games are probably the only thing saving it. They need to add to their strengths, rather than try and address their weaknesses. PS4 and XBox fans aren’t going to switch.

    1. No one is trying to make the switch. Just make them buy a Nintendo console has a second one and Nintendo would not have much to worry.

    2. No matter what Nintendo does they will never switch. They never have in the past, and they never will in the future.

      1. Me too! I was into games years ago but unfortunately growing up for me meant that I had to stop playing for a while. Now I am back again and recently managed to get a PS3 with over 50 games (low prices help to catch up with missed games and new must-play ones) an Xbox 360 (unexpected second hand gift from a friend) with what could be considered the “best” games (Halo, Forza among them) and finally a Wii U. My opinion: the last one is the best console I ever had! Wii U has so much potential and Nintendo does good innovating in every generation. I enjoy games like Uncharted, Last of us, Halo… but I want the future of gaming to be more than playing the same thing (except for better graphics) over and over again. I might get another console one day if I feel like I am missing something that the latest Wii cannot offer me. But only when the price is lower and they give something decent in return for the money spent.. right now they don’t.

        Again this is just me, but beside the marketing disaster, the not so good first year and the current lack of certain type of games (“third party support” as people call it) I bet on Nintendo, I believe innovation should be rewarded and fun is what video games are about.

  2. The only way the Wii U will bounce back is if Nintendo finds a way to use the gamepad in a meaningful way during gameplay. Don’t believe me?

    Remember that the gamepad has NFC or the fact the you could use two gamepads simultaneously? It seems that Nintendo has gotten way over their heads, but hopefully it will work out for them in the future.

    1. you cant fix a turd or a disaster (the gamepad) its a mistake, a failure, a gimmick (just like the 3d feature in the 3ds, is it being used?? fail) and nintendo themselves wont use it in a useful way, just force you to use it and does nothing but annoy you in one of their franchises. maybe if they made like a kirby game that is actually made for the gamepad like the ds ones used the touchscreen than yeah. they are to dumb to do that though, they will just wait till the next zelda and make you swipe the screen to use a bomb or play an instrument. HOW INNOVATIVE!! no…… its an annoyance that just makes you not want to play because its not needed or adds anything but GIMMICKED.

      1. Man its going to be so funny to see your tune change drastically lol.

        It’ll happen faster than you came out your momma’s vagrinder

      2. Personally, I like the 3D feature and I use it all of the time.

        As for the gamepad, they should’ve made it optional!! And they focused with the pro controller instead by improving it overall.

        Gah! They got it backwards; Nintendo needed to include an improved version of the pro controller in every Wii U, and have the gamepad as an add on, like the PS4 eye and the Kinect ( of last gen).

        1. exactly….. the gamepad should have been an add on. the only real use for it is off tv screen play. like be an advertisement. ” are you trying to play your shitty games when your parents are watching a porno on your tv!!!!! sad kid: yes. “WELL GET YOU HAND OUT OF YOUR PANTS AND WITNESS THE WII U GAMEPAD!!!!!! kid: JEE WIZ!!! this is almost better than candy!! *shows really lame trailer with flashing lights all over while the kid playing rehashed mario bros off tv screen and pretends to like it* ” YOU NEED THE WII U GAMEPAD!!!!! *explosion*

          fast talking at end. wii u gamepad may or may not explode. no refunds excepted and this product is overpriced.

      3. Lol you don’t use your brain in a useful way. So many grammar errors in one post! Enough to make my head explode!
        And you do not like the 3D? It’s not forced on you, there’s a fucking slider on the 3DS that lets you decide if you want to use 3D or not. Fucking idiot.
        And why would they make a Kirby game for the Wii U using the Gamepad when it would probably be much easier to just make a 3DS Kirby game?

      4. shut up fag. ME3 and Batman City/Origins are the prefect exemple why the Gamepad wins over the others. GO FUCKING HIDE.

      5. The 3D feature is the best thing about playing on the 3DS, games like Animal Crossing, Luigis Mansion, a Link Between Worlds or even DKCR3D look really dull without the 3D. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world doesn’t. It’s an awesome feature and ads so much to the gaming experience.

    1. i know what you mean if you look at the past the ZX spectrum only ever sold 5 million units in a decade 1982-1992. i think these people are just trying to sensationalize for the sake of it

  3. That is WHY the next Nintendo console will be a dual console, both a hand held and a home console.

    The home console will be much more powerfull that a PS4, rendering games at 4k native ( if that thing became a thing in the future) and the principal controler will be a Gamepad, but it will be his own thing to, the portable part of the 9th generation of console of Nintendo, like a 3DS but bigger and better (Do not know yet if it will have one or two screen or be like the 2DS). The prove is that Nintendo merge not to long ago both the hand held division and the home console division AND the future increase of games for both console, SSB4 is the first of a long line.

    1. I hope is something like his the PSP could be connected to a tv and be portable too the only problem I see is how to have a big storage medium cuz bluerays are way to big and digital only is still not mainstream.

      1. It will not be like the PSP or the Vita remote play. The controller, that is also a portable game machine will recive his own games, games designed to be portable, while the home console will also get their own version of the game, but you know, bigger and better, of the kind you need to be in your couch to actually enjoy (just like SSB 4).

        This way Nintendo will merge both markets into one and both sell numbers into one. The advantages and strengths of the two machines in one. Synergyat his finest.

  4. I love Nintendo but they are clearly out matched with the other next gen systems. That’s what happens when you do not invest more $ into the system. I just remember watching E3 back when they showed a Zelda demo and it looked so good. Then when the console came out it was a very big disappointment. All I have to say is Nintendo had the market for over a year to themselves and did nothing with it. They have no one to blame but themselves for the lack of sales for this console. The marketing was horrible, and it took them way to long to get quality games to the system. Who knows it may pick up down the road when better titles come out, but I do not see sales going through the roof over the next Smash Bro’s games.

    1. The Wii U actually costs more to develop than the PS4 or XBOX One. PowerPC technology is superior to x86 which is why x86 is much cheaper for manufacture. Especially if bought in bulk. That’s why the PS4 sells at a profit of $20 dollars where-as the Wii U sells at a little loss. The Wii U is on-par power-wise to the PS4 and XBOX One. One core of a PowerPC equals two cores of an x86. The Wii U have 3 CPUs. A Tri-Core PowerPC750 designed like a Power7, a DualCore ARM processor, and a dedicated sound processor. That is 6 total physical cores that the Wii U has.which would be equal to 12 cores of an x86.

      Also, PowerPC uses RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) which is superior to CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) that the x86 uses. RISC uses a much smaller memory footprint and has little to no latency. The memory bandwidth in the PS4 is clocked at 176GB per second. The eDRAM memory bandwidth in the Wii U can run as high as 1TB per second. 1,000 GBs. The x86 cores on the PS4 are clocked at 1.6GHz per core. The PowerPC750 cores are clocked at 1.25 GHz per core. However this was based on the specs from developer using ‘under-clocked’ Wii U hardware. Power7 CPU core start off running at 3.2GHz per core so if the Wii U Tri-Core CPU is built like a POwer7 and the dev-kits were under-clocked, it’s possible that the cores in the Wii U could be greater than 1.25GHz per core.

      It doesn’t matter which console is more powerful because what matters are the games. Having the most powerful console never helped nary console win a war in 40 years. What helps consoles win are the GAMES. Whether the PS4 is the most powerful or the XBOX One, or even the Wii U based on the actual break down of the known specs and not popular misconceptions, the console that wins will have the games.

          1. Lol you knew all that about CPU, and you didn’t even know 1 tetrabyte is 1024 gigabytes? lol makes me laugh every time I think about it.

            1. When you are done laughing, be so kind as to tell me what a “tetrabyte” is? A new type of fish food I presume?

              I think the word you are looking for is TERABYTE and I’ve heard it referred to as 1,000 GB and 1,024GB before depending on who you ask. I don’t see what that has to do with anything because the whole point is that the Wii U eDRAM can be clocked as high as 1TB. If you want to play semantics in a pretty tired and embarrassing attempt at an ad-hominem, being clocked as high as 1,024 would be even MORE beneficial to the Wii U. Oops.

      1. In 23 hours the trolls will forget you just proved the Wii U is powerful for the 15th time and you will have to bring up Wii U’s 6 cores again. They start thinking its an x86 with 3 cores.

        1. It’s a PowerPC750 but it is custom-designed to function like a Power7. It doesn’t quite have the power of a Power7 but does some of the same things.

          1. Notice you can tell me all about the insides of the Wii U only next week the trolls will say Wii U is weak and you have to make your statement allllllllll over again. Sucks doesn’t it?

      2. are these actually right? I want to use this as reference to confuse trolls. I was just asking if I can use you as a reference (also how much do u pay to teach people about this jazz sir, I have 5 rupees and some crackers with your name on it)

          1. cool thanks but I still want to have the comment, you know haters won’t watch a video if it means they will be wrong.

  5. Funny how everyone forgets what Iwata said back in November about harscore games for 2014. Why am I the only one with a good memory?

    1. because none of them are confirmed to be in development other than Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart, which to be honest are sort of in between the lines of Casual and Hardcore games

  6. It’s stupid statent to make as that can be said about any system. Every console needs killer games. They might as well have said I need oxygen to breathe and I shouldn’t try to inhale CO2. This article is the first baiting article of the year. I’m sure we’ll hear what Pachter says tomorrow. This isn’t news worthy in any way. It’s bait to get clicks. Time to move on, folks.

        1. That’d be neat! But sadly it’s confirmed that there won’t be cross platform play between the 3DS or Wii U.

              1. Ditto. I’m buying Wii u version first though. But Wii U version should come out first if Nintendo wants to increase Wii U sales.

  7. Seriously? Aren’t people tired of restating the same thing over..and over…and over…and over? Didn’t someone just say this in November? In December? What’s the literal fucking point?
    All these media companies are saying the same thing that they have previously stated. It seems that they are so lazy that all you have to do in the video game media industry is post an article about Nintendo’s hardcomings, and presto! You’re done! Take for example: Michael Patcher. The dumbest idiot I have ever seen (besides some Xbox fanboy on YouTube). He’s an idiot because he says the same things over and over! Sounds familiar? Yeah, I’ve said the same things over and over…lol.

    1. Its the media, they will always find something to whine about, for example Obama Care

      You Americans think that Obama Care is a terrible idea but you take for granted that in 3rd World countries (like Southern Africa where I live) where most of us don’t have 2 cents to rub together let alone free healthcare, no instead most of us are left to die from AIDS without any care

      But I digress, point is the media are a batch of cry babies always looking for something to complain about

      1. Nintendo Commander

        They think everything connected to socialism is the devils work…

        So utterly stupid…

        They think socialism = Communism and Nazism, and the best part is that their country is the very embodiement of those 2 today…

        But since they are so brainwashed into beliving that the US is the country of freedom and salvation, they’ll never wake up…

      2. Don’t worry about the the people in 3rd world countries. America rakes them here on our tax money, take them to the hospital then send them back for free. They don’t have to pay for shit.

        1. You honestly think that? firstly America can barely support the refugees in their own country, where do you get your info from? I live in a third world country and I don’t ever recall getting tax money from any country nor America, seriously don’t be a retard

        2. America’s “foreign aid” is genius, they get about 97% of their aid back, + what they make by selling guns for money, that stupid countries, such as my country, sends willynilly.

  8. Wow I cant believe its 2014 already, time flies hey?

    these are the games i’m looking forward to this year

    Super Smash 3DS/Wii U
    Mario Kart 8
    Donkey Kong TF
    Hyrule Warriors
    More info on Zelda U
    Pokémon Z (come on, we knew it was coming the second you encountered Zygarde)

  9. Yeah whatever. I got Pikmin, Nano, WWHD, Rayman Legends, 3D World, Trine 2, Under Cover Dr. Luigi and bout to get Tropical Freeze, MK8, Smash, Bayonetta 2 and X this year. So whatever. Also Dr. Luigi is so fucking addictive. Will back to my Free ONLINE. FREEE ONLINE. Let me say it again, FREE ONLINE!!! BTW 3D World doesnt need online. I don’t want no online player spoiling finding the green stars or killing bosses for me. In fact if I died on a stage, i perfer to come back at the check point rather than a flag pole.

    1. Also I finally beat the first 4 levels of Nano. The only game on Wii U that sucks and i own is AC3. Which is why i won’t buy 4. ÁC3 has pretty graphics but the gameplay is a bore.

  10. I’m thinking of getting that Yoshi game for Wii U. Also after all the updates and games downloaded, I have 18gigs of flash memory left. Plenty of room for Tropical Freeze Download and Bayonetta 2. Oh I also have W101. Can someone tell Nintendo to slow down with these games? Slow down. I have only completed Pikmin 3 because there is so much games. Oh yeah, did I tell you that none of my buttons stick nor rubber comes off my controllers? Interesting ain’t it? My console fan is quiet still after 14 months and no leakage. And those haters want Nintendo to go 3rd party. Thats like a big ass down grade. I don’t want no console sounding like a vacuum cleaner in my living room.

  11. Plus i don’t want to be cleaning my tv stand from unknown leakage from the console to play 3D World on another console that ain’t Nintendo.

  12. Ressurected? But the Wii U is already doing MUCH better than it was. Why do people still talk like it’s selling poorly?

  13. Nintendo Commander

    Is this still 2013?…

    Too late to state the obvious Enterbrainniac…

    SM3DW was the beginning of the end for the haters…

    1. Just wait till Nintendo reveals the new WiiU Zelda title, that will shut up all the haters, it happens all the time when Zelda is announced. No other game matter then.

  14. Well if he is a developer then why doesn’t he make a game for the Wii U? Afterall, he knows what he is talking about. (sarcasm intended lol)

  15. I love the Wii U, but I wish it came with the controller pro and a Wiimote plus Nunchuck. I also wish the Wii U got more games. I don ‘t understand why Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion didn’t come to Wii U and also it looks like Strider is not set to come to Wii U.

    1. Thats not a fair comparision, thats like saying that the PS3 and Xbox 360 murder their successors with must have exclusives.

  16. I think he’s definitely onto something. For the first time ever, Nintendo’s handheld gaming experience matches that of the experience of playing their games on the home console (if it doesn’t really match then it’s damn well near close to it). The 3DS is giving us amazing games that are so satisfying that I even forget I’m playing on a handheld system most of the time, so people are simply getting their nintendo fix through the 3DS and don’t feel the need to go ahead with a home console that delivers a similar experience. No other nintendo handheld offered that when compared to the home console of it’s generation. The gaming experience on the gameboy was so different from that offered on NES or SNES, same goes to Gameboy color and N64, Advance and Gamecube or even the DS and Wii, but that definitely can’t be said about the 3DS and WiiU.

    I love the WiiU, but I don’t get that much of a kick from using it as I used to when I played on their previous consoles because I’m getting that Nintendo kick elsewhere. The 3DS is a beast and it keeps on producing amazing games with great experiences. There’s a reason why it’s currently the best selling gaming console in the world and will probably continue to be for a long time.

  17. PSU(Playstation+WiiU)

    The Wii U will be fine once the move away from the main franchises (mario, Zelda, Donkey kong etc.) and start on something fresh…..all they need to do is make games that can compete on the same level as PS4 and Xbox 1 games and no they don’t have to compete graphically but give us something that’s deep and heart felt…..something that can stick with us for along time…..jus magine if nintendo could make a game with grand theft auto gameplay….the fans would go nuts….or if they nintendo had games similar to god of war, Uncharted, and killzone that blow all of us away because nobody would expect it because nintedno always give us kid-friendly games

  18. If you don’t like the fucking wiipad use the pro remote it’s that simple! I love Nintendo because there are options as to how you want to play the game. Honestly zombieU used the wiipad features really nicely. Resident evil used the wiipad well too. So you can’t judge the wiiU if you haven’t had an hands on experience with it. If it’s “gimmic.” So is that damn half ass touch pad on the ps4 remote.

  19. PSU(Playstation+WiiU)

    The Wii U will be fine once the move away from their main franchises (mario, Zelda, Donkey kong etc.) and start on something fresh…..all they need to do is make games that can compete on the same level as PS4 and Xbox 1 games and no they don’t have to compete graphically but give us something that’s deep and heart felt…..something that can stick with us for along time…..jus magine if nintendo could make a game with grand theft auto gameplay….the fans would go nuts….or if they had games similar to god of war, Uncharted, and killzone man that’ll blow all of us away because nobody would expect it because nintedno always give us kid-friendly games

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