Analyst Predicts PS4 Will Likely Outsell Wii U By Summer

Michael Pachter has predicted that the PlayStation 4 will likely outsell the Wii U by the summer. The Wedbush Securities analyst is adamant that Sony’s latest system – which launched in November 2013 – will surpass the Wii U console’s lifetime sales in 2014. Pachter previously said that he thinks Wii U will sell less than 20 million units by 2016.


    1. Nope Media will break that traditional Japanese sales every Wednesday because Wii U is selling well there. Yet notice all of a sudden UK sales are starting to pop up on weekly basis. So because Wii U is selling wellin Japan no uupdate on sales. And because it is weak in UK now we are seeing updates in sales. Nintendo has more enemies than Sony and Microsoft combined.

    1. Yes because the Wii U (Me being a Wii U owner at launch) had a ton of games when it released… It had the same amount of games the PS4 had at launch.

      So what you’re saying is just completely pointless and stupid unfortunately.

      Most consoles these days don’t launch with a ton of games, so if you have such a huge problem with that simply don’t buy a console at launch. It should be nothing new to anyone whether you are a Nintendo fan, Sony fan or Microsoft fan.

      Hell the 3DS had barely anything at release worth playing but look at it now.. How stupid did people look like you saying the same thing about the 3DS sometime ago. Same with the Vita even it has games now but all it takes is a some damn time for games to be released. As if Sony or Nintendo are known for their lack of support for their consoles, give me a break.

      PSP games are still being released for christ sakes.

      1. The PS4 had a pathetic launch line-up, though. Critically worse than the Wii U’s.

      2. people but the same games on those consoles though. mostly the new generation.

      3. The only real stand out title on the Wii U launch was NSMB U and even then, that’s a stretch, especially since it came off the heels of NSMB 2.

      4. He wasn’t being stupid. Regardless of how they both had dry launches, they did not launch at the same time.

        So, what WOULD make sense is someone purchasing a Wii U now instead of a PS4…. since it has a lot more games (most are exclusives) and backwards compatibility.
        Plus, all the big-name games that are releasing soon are also coming to current-gen (except Titanfall)…. except fo all the Wii U exclusives.

        Factor in the price difference… it makes a lot if sense to buy a Wii U now and a PS4 or X1 later.

        But I guess Patcher chases the trends when he forecasts…

      5. Speaking of that, didn’t our illustrious Michael pachter claim the 3ds a total failure after launch!

      6. Not true, I actually got a Wii U and played DK Returns and then won Sins and Punihment and then played Super Mario Bros U on it.

        Say what you want but Wii U had games….I mean in my case I had a wii as well but I know pp who said they skipped the Wii last generation and got the Wii U now and could now also play Wii games.

      7. That’s the thing! Sony and Microsoft fanboys said the Wii U sucks because it had horrible launch titles. Their systems come out, have worse launch titles (according to critics) and no one complains or says a thing. It’s that kinda stuff that makes the console wars frustrating.

  1. Really?… I’m sick of this Pachter jerk. He’s worse than a nude Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. Where’s Sharkeisha at to knock some sense into this ridiculous prick? Where’s this guy from anyways? Canada?

      1. And he had style.
        It was both one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet, and the worst.

      1. We aren’t denying that the PS4 will eventually outsell the Wii U by some point, but the Wii U has too many killer apps coming this year for it to be outsold by the PS4 by summer. If it does, whatever, I’ll just play my games like I always do.

    1. And where are you from that’s so great? No need to put down Canada because of the arrogance of an analyst was mistaken for brilliance. Canada got nothing to do with it.

  2. What a bunch of petty idiots you people are being about sales. Who cares, one console will outsell another, enough said. I can’t even begin to wonder why anyone would honestly listen or care what Patcher says at this point anyway. His predictions are never right period, no matter what console he predicts it for. I can’t even begin to understand how this guy is still getting paid to analyze.

    Which one it will be, who will be the grand winner of sales? Who gives a crap because regardless even if the PS4 did outsell the Wii U is that going to hurt you? Are you going to go kick your Wii U to the curb because its sales didn’t surpass another console.. Boo freaking hoo, i hate my system because it didn’t beat so and so consoles sales…

    Vice versa, if the Wii U outsells the PS4 again who cares, it isn’t going to stop Sony fans from liking the system either. I like Both Sony and Nintendo.

    All this console crap is so stupid already but as always every single year people never learn and always just repeat the same nonsense time and time again.

    Do you guys get off on bragging about sales? Obviously.

    1. I agree, but you know fanboys and their “wars”, gives them a meaning and excitment for their otherwise boring days.

      1. This will happen to Bill Gates once our empire wins!

        No “clever” speeches will fool us!

      2. Bill Gates doesn’t have much, if any, involvement with Microsoft anymore. Besides, the Xbox division was and is separate from the windows division. Don’t be an idiot.

      3. Bill Gates is the Xbot Creator by default as he is the God of the Microsoft Realm…

      4. *facepalm* he’s fucking retired you twat. He didn’t create or have a hand in creating the Xbox. James All and who was vp was in charge of the team that created it. Christ, you’re as bad as the Sony and Xbox fanboys.

      5. Maybe you should try having more fun instead of taking gaming too seriously…

        I bid you adieu…

      6. “Taking gaming too seriously”? You act as if you’re a commander in a Nintendo army. Seriously?


    2. the games matter most. but sales are there to see which is the best “popular” and successful . if one is failing compared to the rest people just hate it and the ones that have one and love it enjoy it less.

      so that’s annoying.

  3. Doesnt really matter as long as Nintendo makes profit and keeps producing quality content for both WiiU and 3DS, which they are doing. Smash,Mk8,X,Bayonetta2,3rdSonic,HyruleWarriors,ZeldaWiiU etc. are on their way and as long as those games will be all about high quality and value then Nintendo is fine. In the end its about games and not which sells most and for now Ps4 line up looks dry and thats a fact and not an prediction.

  4. Patcher says the vita will outsell the 3DS, and look at the 3DS right now, it is the best selling for a couple months. ….Only a donkey believe this guy, just like donkey who buy a console blind without good games. The media fool a lot of blind people. ..

    1. Because his job is an analyst, not a fucking fortune teller. Why single out Patcher as some horribly wrong person? Every analyst making these sorts of predictions is just guessing. That’s kinda the point. You should always take it with a grain of salt.

  5. the only people who need to worry about sales are the companies…gamers dont need to worry until the company is in deep financial trouble, just play the games for the consoles and move on

  6. At least he dosnt say know that the wiiu’s will stop selling once the ps4 and xbone come out… o wait it don’t stop selling.

  7. He ain’t said nothing negative about the Vita since Aug. yet been bashing the Wii U every month from Aug to Jan. When he thinks Wii U will surpass Vita? But he won’t bring that up.

    1. We have been over this, but somehow you aren’t comprehending. He said the Vita is dead; Several times. He even said he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because of that reason. Why would he keep going back to a dead item that he wants to further dealings with? He (and many others) have said many negative things about the Vita prior.

      Also, Wii U is a home console and Vita is a handheld, the comparison would be meaningless.

      And maybe you should tell you fellow gamers to stop asking him questions about the Wii U, then he can stop talking about it.

      1. “Why would he keep going back to a dead item that he wants to further dealings with?”

        Yet he bashes and goes back on Wii U every month. No less than a month. What month was it when he said something about Nintendo fans not buying Wii U?Then after that a decrease 65% each month. After that Sony will sales like 50 million and xbone a little less and then Wii U not selling 20 million. So why he keeps going back to Wii U if he predicted this last January but don’t want to go back to Vita?

      2. Sure he has. In he can’t even get off the Wii U. Didnt less than 2 weeks he said Wii U will decrease 65% each month?

      1. Games aside, he is right. It genuinely is the better piece of hardware.

        Games put into the fray, it’s subjective though and only time can tell since the PS4 is in early days.

      1. Dude, give it a rest. I’m a huge Nintendo fan too, but come on. You’re being just as annoying as the Sony and Xbox fanboys.

      2. You’re not better though. Nintendrone. Xbot, Sony fanboys. The only difference is that your games are different. All 3 fanbases still spout the same bullshit, same fanboyism and same anti-fanboyism.

        You’re all the fucking same. The only difference is the games you play.

    1. Did I tell you that Dr. Luigi is one hell of a game? Fun and addictive as fuck. I don’t know which is my favorite mode. I will play it once I get home. Love that game. My top WII u games are WWHD, Pikmin 3, 3D World, Nano, Trine 2 and Dr. Luigi.

    2. xalbatroxwingx, you are comparing apples to oranges. They are different products with different functions and different fans.

    3. And what makes you think that? Yet again another person saying this and that without anything to back the claim up.

    4. “There is no comparing the PS4 to the Wii U.. the PS4 is better. Period.”

      Funny when someone said PS4’s line up was a drought Simply G said it was an opinion. But when someone said this comment where’s his comment about that a subjective statement now?

  8. 3 questions

    Is Patcher the only analyst in the world?
    Has Patcher ever predicted anyting positive connected to Nintendo?
    Is it true that Patcher is a shareholder in Microsoft like some have claimed?

    1. 2) yes, patcher use to be very pro Nintendo up until after the wii. I understand why people are mad at him but this is his job, hes only stating the obvious from what he sees at the moment. Of course itll change in the long run.

  9. The thing that bugs me the most is that I know a ton of people who are waiting for Smash Brothers before they get a Wii U. There are plenty of great games out that they said they would pick up, but until SBWU/3ds comes out they won’t even consider it. Hopefully between the 3ds and the Wii U, Nintendo has learned not to release a new console until they have big name games ready to launch with it as well.

    1. Then ll of these new recruits and myself will give the Wii U a very overwhelming boost that day…

  10. Alright, let’s see the current scenario:

    PS4 doesn’t have any must-buy games;
    PS4 doesn’t have any system sellers yet;
    Most third party games being launched for the PS4 are also being launched for PS3;
    Lack of retrocompatibility, no one is going to get a PS4 for a game they can play on their PS3;
    Wii U has more games than any of the other two consoles;
    Wii U is full of exclusive titles;
    Wii U has more overall stability due to its time on the market;
    Wii U has more upcoming titles than its rivals;
    Wii U upcoming titles are considered must-buy and system-sellers;
    Wii U is the cheapest console out there.

    Yeah, Pachter, we all know raw power is more than enough to sell consoles, as shown by the last generation…

    1. the big problem is they buy the same thing all the time …….

      2015 might be where ps4 will outsell wii u,

    2. Do you realize how deluded you sound right now? The PS4 is selling a lot better than the Wii U did at launch. He predicted it’ll outsell it by summer, which means most of your arguments will be invalid by that point. It’ll have more games (including exclusives) and have system seller and the bugs will be worked out. It’s not uncommon for a system to have issues at launch (the Wii U froze constantly and was slow as hell). PS4 has constant third-party support whereas Wii U is being overlooked a lot by them. Sure it doesn’t have backwards compatibility, but that just means people won’t sell their PS3’s. The Wii U is by far not comparable to the WIi. The Wii was new, family friendly, and was desirable. The Wii U just isn’t as appealing, it’s nothing new. The Wii U isn’t going to be the best this generation. Nintendo doesn’t always do well, the GameCube for example. The PS4 will do better than Wii U, just get over it and enjoy the systems you like. Nintendo didn’t try to make something revolutionary, it just made a giant DS.

  11. It wouldn’t hurt Nintendo to try to get back the 3rd party developers as well. First party games are fine, but without third party support Wii U may not make it into every home in the world.

  12. by the lineup of ps4 games for next year. it will NOT outsell it until at least 2015.

    but most fans of sony buy the same thing every single year so……end of 2014 is more likely. probably not though. still think it will b 2015.

  13. Ehem… no, I swear he hasn’t even seen all those upcoming games for 2014, every single one of them are must-have.

  14. I’m getting a PS4 by the end of 2014 if there is 3-4 good games on it. The best next gen scenario is Plastation U.

    1. Pretty much. I’m enjoying both my Wii U and PS4. I’ll get a Xbox One eventually, but not right now. I cancelled my pre-order; *Almost* got one at launch.

      1. I’ll get a ps4 in 2015 I’m sure kingdom hearts will be out by then and maybe a good sony that I like. Xboxone…maybe only games that grab me are KI, DR3, and pvz. I’ll be wii u, 3ds and ps3 for rest of the year.

  15. He always hates on Nintendo. Some people hate on Nintendo. It is surprising to me, but the Wii U was more than Nintendo could handle, that is why their games are taking so long to make and the eshop going down is more evidence that they are biting off more than they can chew. But Nintendo will make it work and they will make more games for Wii U. They saved the 3DS and now they have to save the Wii U. Nintendo makes some of the best games ever, now they have to make them for the Wii U. I think Nintendo needs to grow the company and buy some third party publishers like Sega, or Namco, or Tecmo, definitely Platinum Games and Konami. If Nintendo bought either Capcom or Square Enix, that would solve all their problems, both would make Nintendo unstoppable.

    1. how much does it cost to buy a company? sega is not worth buying since they are basically just for ninetnd. I think square enix and platinum games should be bought.

  16. I totally called this yesterday. Pachter is not news. Pachter is just a skipping record. This is the last time I come here. I’m fine with expressing dissatisfaction with any Nintendo product. It’s a valid opinion. I’m not a fanboy, but I do enjoy my nintendo. Sony’s great, too.

    These “news” items, which seem daily now, are merely troll baiting and flame war kindling to acquire clicks to this page. Well, you shall have my click no more. There are other sites and I shall visit those.

    1. Maybe you’re right, it’s time to stop looking here. Maybe I’ll look somewhere else too.


        And many other.

  17. Not when Wii U has Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Bayonetta possibly next spring!!! (well maybe not Smash Bros..)

    1. ikr nintendo made a big mistake on releasing smash bros for 3DS , the way to fix this to release the Wii U version first and the 3DS version last

  18. Regardless of the fact that this is coming from Pachter, it’s actually probably right. While it’s true there aren’t any system sellers yet, it will have them. The Wii U is still having a hard time selling while the PS4 was selling out. Clearly the lack of backwards compatibility isn’t a deal breaker. I don’t care that I have to keep my PS3, especially since I have tons of downloaded games I got from PS+. I do love the WIi U, but there’s so much they did wrong with it. They aren’t on-par with the other systems in terms of online services. The friends list is a joke, not having a trophy/achievement system makes for no online competition or extra bonuses for playing the game, and it just doesn’t seem capable of reaching the graphics power or stability of games that are released on PS3 and 360. It really doesn’t need to be the powerhouse that the PS4 and XBOX One are, but it should at least be on par with the PS3/360. It honestly feels outdated. I love the system, but it just feels like it wasn’t made to be in competition. PS4 will sell more than the Wii U, it’s not even a question. While it is a great system, PS4 is better. The games will come for PS4, it’s just starting out.

    1. LOL wii u has no system sellers? ok now your just TROLLING.
      pikmin 3 wind waker hd and Mario 3d world are already out

      and this year its bayonetta 2 Mario kart 8 smash 4 donkey kong Zelda u hyrule warriors and possible Metroid and or star fox. and not to mention other games that are coming too.

      ps4 is great tioo. however, no your wrong .NO ONE CARES ABOUT trophies especially those that say something like you opened this game for the first time! congratulations!!!

      the wii u has SHLIGHTLY worse graphics than x1 and ps4 but that’s what happened with wii last gen and sold the most. u must be JOKING about 360 and ps3 since they ARE better.

      and besides 3rd party developers only use 60% of what the wii u is capable of and no wonder the 1st party snd party and a few 3rd party look far far better than ythose that only use 60%. like ghosts on wii u. they are lazy.

      ps4 will not sell more than wii u ,,,,,,,,at least not until early 2015……………………….FACT.

  19. The PS4 will sell more than the Wii U by the end of the generation.
    But I don’t believe it’s gonna outsell the Wii U by summer, not when Mario Kart 8 is gonna come out by then.
    What other games are coming out during Q1/Q2? I know DKC:TF is coming in ferbuary.

  20. i doubt the ps4 will outsell the Wii U this generation but if it does eh oh well doesn’t really matter

  21. Can’t really blame him for that prediction.
    The freakin’ Xbox One sold more on its first week the the Wii U. Hell, on its first day, a million copies were sold; that’s almost 25% of the amount of Wii U that Nintendo sold in more than a year.

  22. Who the hell cares what console sells the most? All of us Nintendo fans knows that the Wii U is the best. It doesn’t matter what the other “less-fun” consoles sells. Every time I see people looking at PS4 or XBOX One games in stores, I’m always thinking to myself…”GOD they’re boring”.

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