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Bravely Default Has Been Censored For Western Release


Square Enix’s well received Bravely Default has apparently been censored here in the west. The noticeable things that have been censored are the costumes, but it’s has also been revealed that the ages of the characters have been raised from fifteen to eighteen. Localisation efforts have apparently toned down sexual innuendos which were present in the Japanese game.

95 thoughts on “Bravely Default Has Been Censored For Western Release”

        1. You are right. It is sad, but this does sometimes help sales, but usually not by a great amount. Take Dead Or Alive and Tekken. DOA has great pride in the outragous amounts of fanservice that it possesses while Tekken is much better about that. There are those who want fanservice, but developers really shouldn’t worry about those people. Imagine if Nintendo had decided to do that with Mario or Metroid? It’s one of the reasons why I like Nintendo more than the other companies. They worry about making good games without adding unnecessary violence or fanservice.

            1. Well, Nintendo can’t bat 1000 all of the time, but they really do a good job. Take a look at the “competition” and you’ll find a lot more there. That being said, I do like Sony, but they can be a little iffy on that. Just check out that spinoff Daxter game

            2. And Code of Princess. And there is one game…um…something “burst.” That sure didn’t get censored. Guess they really think this will increase sales.

              1. i have both code of princess and senran kagura burst, great games in my opinion and nice little fanservice, not every game needs to have fanservice and ecchi, a few here and there.

        1. It basically does. Also, why are you bringing back a topic that has been dead for ages? Also, I don’t love violence, that should always be kept to a minimum

  1. I fell to the floor, my heart

    I garuntee you that in a moments time, there will be many-a weaboo here crying about how much they want the un-censored outfits and original ages.

    1. Well I don’t like having anything censored for me so yes it was a very stupid decision. Leave the damn game alone.

      1. Same here. You don’t want the game as envisioned by the original designers, you have the option of not buying it. Conversely, those who want the original vision (misguided or not, it’s a personal matter) will have no option but to get an imported 3DS and learn Japanese. That’s simply not fair.

        I don’t personally care much about what the actual costumes, but the train of thought that leads to this kind of stuff makes me worry. It’s the march of the thought police getting too far.

        1. It scares me that people seem to be ok with censorship in any form just because they think they “agree” with it. What they’re censoring is the original game as the developers intended it. If they’re ok with that being censored than they may want to reconsider whether or not they were really interested in that game. If they don’t see the point in those models being scantily dressed than I can totally see that, but to say its ok to censor them as a result is absurd.

          1. In this day and age people grew used to the idea that if something offends them, they have some kind of natural right to veto it.

            The irony hits hard though when some of these people are gamers and still engage in this train of thought, because games are often the target of this mentality from non-gamers. Gamers should know better than to be OK with any kind of censorship.

          1. why is it okay for women to be exposed and not men? are you really so sexist? what the fuck is your literal damage? you think fanservice should only apply for men? what about women?

    1. I agree with this comment. Censoring to keep a T rating is ok. However, censoring because some people will find it offensive is not.

  2. I’m glad that they’re censoring this. Some games are making characters wear such ill fitting costumes for no reason other than fanservice to attract more potential buyers. It’s not a good thing and a game shouldn’t sacrifice its nobility for a few extra bucks. Take Dead Or Alive…the series went overboard and is basically dead right now as far as I’m concerned

  3. Well the bikini is an in game joke, it’s something that’s talked about during one of the main missions, but the bunny ear costume is a little much.

    Thing is Tiz has an Onion Knight costume, and Ringabel has a costume, that’s probably based on a previous FF game, so i would’ve prefered there was like a Terra, or Aerith costume.

  4. It’s not even like the characters are life-like. Well. Good thing they made these changes. Americans can’t just look at porn if they want to see something skanky. This game was the only glimpse at the female body boys will every get and I’m glad they spent the time and money necessary to change the game so we can all be protected from the evil Japan subjects itself to.

    1. OMG, I hope Nintendo remembers to disable the 3DS web browser! Otherwise their attempts to hide images of terrible things is an epic fail!

    2. Whiteknighting: Serious Business. The irony here is that the straw-feminist arguments being made are about GAMES. Something NOT REAL. So, if a game has girls or women who are, in their own paraphrased words, ‘unreal in aspect or expectation’, than boo-fucking-hoo.

  5. If the game was already made that way and released in Japan than I don’t like it being censored after the fact. I mean this is Tharja bumgate all over again, there was barely anything to see in the first place. As a female that plays Etrian Odyssey, it does make me uncomfortable sometimes just how tiny the clothes are on the lolis, but that is because the characters are extremely loli in that game. It bothers me slightly but I play it, good games. As much as it’s a slight bother, I don’t believe in censorship and I don’t think they should be censoring this game for the west. If girls are wearing bikinis on the beach, how is it suddenly more sexual that they are wearing bikinis while fighting in an rpg? The same skin is on show, any teenage boy with a pulse will probably masturbate to that top picture even the censored one! So why bother troubling to cover more up.

    1. Because being an adult is sex, blood, sex.(sarcasm)

      This quote is amazing for immature people like you: ”Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence.” ”When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up”

      -C.S. Lewis

            1. So instead of living in denial, you’ll…insist on living in denial, to the point of denying that you’re in denial. You’re a sad case.

                  1. cause you know it’s true. don’t worry guy, there are many more like yourself on this site. you’re not alone.

  6. Am I the only one that thinks that the game should be like that in the first place? Really, displaying 15 year olds like that is pretty disgusting if you ask me. That’s not a way to get rid of pedofilia, that’s basically displaying it as a normal thing…

    1. If 15 year olds are chrildren then they should stop dressing like 20 year olds and have sex. I’m talking about real life obvisouly. Besides a 15 year old would be too old for a pedo.

  7. I don’t think censorship is okay, but some of the costumes do look better the new way…

    That said, I don’t think they should alter or censor dialogue. I’ll still play the game, but knowing that they’ve done this is going to grind my gears all the way through. I can understand if they censor the dialogue when the characters are 15 years old, but if they’ve altered the age I see no reason for them to do so.

    And this may be beside the point, but there are countries where the age of consent is 15, so in those countries, why not keep it as it is?

    Also, I’ve just discovered that in Spain, the age of consent is 13 for some reason… That’s twisted…
    So, who wants to come to spain? ^^

    1. The age of consent in Spain is 18. I’m from there and I have no clue where you could have gotten that information from.

  8. Guess I’ll be waiting on that Black Friday 2014 sale or Winter Holidays so I can get that 15 or less dollar deal. I can’t stand not getting the original content and I’m sick and tired of it always being nintendo hardware getting games censored in any place that isn’t fucking japan. which hilariously enough, Nintendo is cool with Japan having nothing censored, but continues to say fuck you to everyone else.

    1. Wow, giving them clothes and making them 3 years older is a terrible thing to do…
      Also, did you ever thought about the cultural difference between Japan and the west? You might think its okay but that doesn’t mean others think that to, and that could possibly result in lower sales. And yeah, now they won’t sell one to you but you are in minority.

      1. Any bit of censorship is terrible. No matter how small. Actually, when it’s something that small, it only makes it ridiculous.

      2. It’s never been about the cultural difference, it has always been about Nintendo treating every other gamer that isn’t japanese as second rate. Japan has always been the priority for them, that’s why they love pushing that bullshit “we play with our family” local multiplayer nonsense and refuse to add standard online multiplayer features to their systems and games.

        There is no gamer equality for Nintendo hardware and games like there is for Sony’s games and systems. Sony caters to every gamer and doesn’t put Japanese Gamers on a fucking pedestal like Nintendo does. Microsoft is just like Nintendo now, but they at least tried until the almighty Japanese Master Gamer Race shitted all over their systems so Microsoft said fuck Japan and they get the Xbox One last, if at all.

        I don’t care if they change the ages, the characters are permanently chibi for the entire game, it doesn’t make a bit of difference. I do care when they change the original costumes, if I was the artist I’d be pissed, I want people to see my art the way I originally made it.

        I’m not the only one in the minority, every gamer that isn’t Japanese is in the minority and that’s a fact.

        Like I said, I’ll get the game during Black Friday 2014 or the Winter Holiday sales, I don’t pay full price for bullshit like this.

  9. …Don’t really care lol…They’re chibis anyway. *shrugs* For people who are curious about the original content, I’m sure someone’ll have a Youtube vid up sometime. I’m going to be curious about the original dialogue, as well…

  10. Why does Japan do this to our games? Do they really think the clothing will make a game more or less appealing? I prefer a game in it’s original appearance.

    1. It’s NoA that does this, not Japan…

      And Americans with their censoring of useless things while they don’t censor their wars, killing and religious nutjobs instead…

  11. What is funny is the people dismissing those who won’t buy it but at the same time they are no different when making such a big deal out of nothing. Bottom line it just should not be censored.

    It is like a piece of art, so it is ok for someone to force you how to view it but it isn’t ok for someone to want to view it the way it was made. It should be as easy as this, if the artwork does not appeal to you, do not look at it or pay it any interest. Censorship isn’t right simply because some people have to view everything with an iron fist or feel that is how it should be seen.

    Some people are mature enough to look at women or men that are almost nude or even completely nude without being immature or sexual about it.

    Nudity is a problem in today’s world because of how people view it mainly, it isn’t nudity that is an actual problem, as it has existed for ages now and some cultures even today still have no problem seeing it.

    It is only in these overly sexualized countries that they attach the thought of being nude with meaning you must be that way because you are going to have sex but then again sex isn’t even bad but again it is just how people project and view the idea in places that make it seem that way.. So that ends up being how people will perceive it sadly because most people aren’t capable of forming their own opinions or being mature enough to know every person in the world is born nude, at one time we were all nude so it shouldn’t bother anyone.

    I am not saying everyone has to walk around 24/7 and be a nudist or deal with seeing people they might not particularly want to see nude but regardless people should be able to better handle nudity but because of the media and industries like porn that most likely will never happen. If people thought of nudity as normal or sex for that matter, they wouldn’t be fueling this sex driven industry that feeds on sex and nudity being seen as something taboo, special or some unrealistic fantasy depicted in some porno or lost teen idol.

    Sigh this is exactly where the quote “This is why we can’t have nice things” came from.

    For the record I don’t honestly care that much about it being censored it is just the fact that they feel the need to continually do this with the 3DS in general, I would just prefer to be able to buy the game and see it just as it was in Japan, not a censored version because of few kids who have masturbation issues.

    I myself am a mature adult who can handle a swim suit or two. I just can’t seem to understand the point of even having a ratings system for games anymore when everything now a days gets taken so seriously to the point of censorship. It is a game for christ sakes, I could maybe understand if in every part of the game it showed someone getting raped or graphic sexual scenes non stop but you won’t find any games like that on consoles or handhelds especially not anymore even the more graphics games are not that hardcore.

    I miss the days when ratings mattered and developers were able to make the game they wanted regardless of how it was seen. Games like Manhunt are a perfect example games that were great but later on censored, yes it is a graphic game about murdering people.. So? Clearly if you have no interest in that or don’t have children mature enough to distinguish playing a game from real life then why play the game or buy it for your child?

    I played Manhunt as a kid when it was uncensored, I also played games like Postal. Did I end up becoming a murderer? Do I run around shooting people, throwing molotov cocktails and pissing on flaming corpses? No.. That is what games are for being able to do something you just can’t or even possible release feeling you may want to act on but lately it has been ridiculous.

    The difference is I had parents who cared how to raise me, when you have kids playing games like GTA, then blowing their parents head off later, should I feel bad for those parents? Obviously you should have known better. If you raise a kid right that simply doesn’t happen unless they have mental issues but that should be obvious and maybe games like that for mentally ill children isn’t that great of a parenting decision either.

    1. Without a doubt, the best post I’ve ever read on that website.
      Too bad so many here are too lazy to read anything with more than two paragraphs.

  12. Guess I won’t be getting this game. I’m not a fan of censorship and I will be speaking out but not buying it. It’s a shame…

    1. I respect and agree with your stance, but boycotting won’t help anything.
      Knowing Nintendo (and especially NOA), they’d take this as ”well I guess we’ll stop localizing JRPGs then”

  13. It always made me laugh how Squeenix often raise the ages of their characters to release their games in Occident.
    Fucking japanese man.

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