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Next Level Games Says “We Are Only Doing Nintendo Products Now”

Next Level Games, the studio behind Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario Strikers Charged have told Gamasutra that they are only creating products for Nintendo now.  Next Level Games Co-founder Jason Carr told the publication that the team are extremely happy focussing on Nintendo IP’s which he says are becoming bigger and better. Here’s what he had to say.

“We are doing only Nintendo products now.

“We’re super happy with our relationship with Nintendo. There’s no reason to look anywhere else. They keep giving us better and better IP to work with, and as long as we do our job and make good games for them there’s no reason for us to venture out.

“There are a lot of benefits to working with a first party. Nintendo’s great. They give you the time to make they games good. They’ve done really well — the Wii’s done really well, the DS has done really well, the Wii U is not the strongest start but we trust that they’ll come up with something to get it going, and the 3DS was a blast to work on.”

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44 thoughts on “Next Level Games Says “We Are Only Doing Nintendo Products Now””

  1. I am pleased with story, they do indeed make good games and have very much enjoyed play Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion 2. I hope they make LM3 at some point in the future (maybe a few years from now). If Nintendo trust them then I do too. =]

  2. sounds excellent! hope they are working on something cool right now! and Nintendo obviously trusts them, you know, by giving them 2 Mario games to develop too. Now just secure this relationship by purchasing them.

  3. “They give you the time to make they games good”

    This is the best part of Nintendo, they dont release shitty games like knack.

  4. I wish Rare had this attitude wat back when and stayed with Nintendo, imagine what Rare could have done on the GameCube, Wii, Gameboy Advance, DS and 3DS with Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, etc. If only more developers had this relationship with Nintendo.

    1. It didn’t matter if they wanted to or not, the Xbots owned the bigger share of the Rare facility and so High Command was forced to sell their portion of the cake…

    2. Um, Rare DID develop for the GBA and DS. Since Microsoft doesn’t have their own handheld they saw no problem with Rare working on Nintendo’s. They did the ports of the DKC trilogy, 2 Banjo games, and Diddy Kong Racing DS.

    3. Rare was poor with handling money back then, which is why they kept going to Nintendo to sell small (2-4%) chunks of the company until N had a 49% share. Rare then realized they didnt want to sell another 2-4% and not own majority of the company and approached Nintendo about buying the remaining 51%, which Nintendo (for some idiotic reason) wasnt interested in putting up the remaining $$ to outright buy Rare. Microsoft made an offer and rare asked N for a match, but again the refused.

  5. Excellent, as always our empire makes and delivers the best quality fun games ever made with no pathetic time constraints just to earn resources as fast as possible…

  6. Awesome! I always wanted them to do a mario hockey or american football game. They seem to be the only developers that can make a good mario sports game.

    1. Fortunately everyone knows American football is THE worst mainstream ball sport, bar none, so it won’t happen. The only 15 minute game to take 4 hours.

      An Aussie rules Mario game, now that would be fun.

      1. well I guess me and the 55 million other people watching the wildcard playoff games last week dont know its the worst. Plus its 60 minutes and 3 hours but I do agree it can be slow at times.

      2. I agree with you about American football, I live here and I still hate it! I don’t know what the Aussie thing you mentioned is, but it can’t be as bad as our football, or cricket for that matter!

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  8. They should become just become first party already. I’m sure they would be able to expand more and become even better.

    1. Nah, Metroid for the WiiU. And throw in solid online multiplayer while they are at it. And then actually take the project away from them and give it to Retro, who would do the BEST job with it.

  9. Bigger and better IP’s?
    Wonder what it is.
    LM2 was pretty good, not AMAZING, or really great, it had flaws, but it was still good.

  10. These guys know how to stay in business. Teaming up with Nintendo is probably the only saving grace for some of these smaller companies. Especially when in a few years from now even Microsoft and Sony won’t be able to hang on in the video game department.

    1. I think video games are the only profitable thing sony and Microsoft have. Windows long running of good and bad os- 2000, vista, win8 and sony is now contending with giant markets of tv brands and stereos, i think they may stick it out. But if nintendo starts to make their system like a home entertainment system, they would get knocked out quick. (Ex: blu ray, DVD player, mp3, graphics card)

      1. MS makes most of their money off their Windows/Office hardware… and its ALOT of $$$$ at that.
        Sony is not doing well at all financially and would’ve declared bankrupt had they not sold off buildings. Nintendo is in much better shape financially than Sony.

  11. I’ve often imagined them making Metroid for 3DS. I think they can pull it off.

    Though sometimes, I think it would be cool if they brought back Ice Climbers. After the great job they did with Luigi’s Mansion, I think they could do well with it.

    1. I like the idea of handing out underutilized IP’s to different studios for their interpretation. I believe metroid is best served on the WiiU with Retro developing. I would enjoy seeing them work with ice climbers tho.. maybe in a rpg type. F-zero should go to Shin’En, ect

  12. Now I just hope Eden Industries does the same, the company that some Next Level employees split off and made. They had a kickstarter for this game Citizens of Earth, an Earthbound-like RPG that looked amazing. Wii U was their first stretch goal but the kickstarter failed. Too bad because it looked really great. Here’s hoping Nintendo helps them out and gets the games made.

  13. Pff, Nintendo great to work with. Maybe some of them. But the higher ups like Iwata are in fucking denial about how well Nintendo is. So many fucks up that could have easily avoided in the past 2 years or so. Money wise sure Nintendo is set for another 61 years. But the company no longer gives a fuck about the little guys, the loyal fans who made them a success around the world by supporting them all these years.

    1. Lol. Yeah, you’re right. Nintendo is struggling because Iwata doesn’t care if they succeed. He doesn’t care about anything, actually. He lives in a sex palace surrounded by anime virgins.

  14. Wonder what kind of IPs Nintendo is letting them work on? They said that Nintendo is givjng them more IPs to work on, so who are they? Maybe Metroid!

  15. That really is a good reason to love Nintendo and keep playing on their systems. They actually respect their developpers and give them all the time they need. Highly-polished games is one of Nintendo’s trademarks.

    1. Sad for you if you didn’t like Mario Strikers or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon; the latter was one of the 3DS’ best games this year.

      1. Dark Moon was kinda… bland I thought. Not a bad game in any means, but certainly not the best one the 3DS offered last year.

  16. Adding to my earlier comments, I’m actually still kind of surprised that NLG hasn’t made a Mario Hockey game yet, especially since they’re based in Vancouver, and one of their very first games was a hockey game.

    A Mario Hockey game would be a Day 1 buy for me. The one we saw in Mario Sports Mix doesn’t cut it. :)

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