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Nintendo 3DS Was The Best-Selling Games Device In UK During 2013

The latest edition of MCV magazine has revealed that the Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling games device in the United Kingdom during 2013. The Nintendo 3DS and the 2DS enjoyed plenty of big releases in 2013 including Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The Nintendo 3DS has sold two million units in the United Kingdom since launching in 2011.

“However, PS4 wasn’t the best-selling games device of 2013. That title belongs to the 3DS, which enjoyed strong sales thanks to a number of big releases and the launch of the 2DS.”

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    1. It will. Nintendo will sell TONS of 3DS systems in China. I find it hilarious that the gloom and doom about how Nintendo will lose and cant compete in China compared to MS and Sony is already all over the headlines. 86% or so of the market is PC gamers, the same PC gamers that have access to nearly every game available on xone or ps4. Nintendo has exclusivity and familiar IPs that Chinese gamers will recognize. Hopefully Nintendo is aggressive in this market out of the gate and doesn’t take a ho hum approach. Nintendo has a unique opportunity here and a few large decisions. A big one will be whether to offer the original wii, which is cheap and can move major systems and older games, or to only release the wiiU and hope it catches fire. Of course releasing and aggressively marketing the 3ds should be a no brainer.


  1. How is that surpising ? The PS4 had only one month in 2013, so it’s obvious that a platform, which has a much larger library and that’s been available through all 12 months of the year, would sell better. I don’t get the point of this article. Wait, I actually do: Flamebait.


    1. not really
      Ill invite you to read the recall records on the Ps4
      The Ps4, new or old on the market, has no sales as handheld consoles, as any other home console


      1. Sure, let’s look at the PS4’s sale numbers, because I doubt the 3DS has sold as many units in any month of 2013 as the PS4. And no, I’ve never said home consoles always sell better in general than handhelds. But the article just doesn’t make much sense, because it’s quite self-explanatory that a product that’s been available throughout the whole year would sell more during said year than a product that’s been available only 1 1/2 months.


    2. Wrong. The fact is the sales enjoyed right now are fanboys gobbling up the new system… only time will tell how well the ps4/xone REALLY sell.


      1. What is wrong ? I haven’t said anything about fanboys or not fanboys, so I don’t really know why you’re bringing that up. I merely said it’s not surprising that a device that’s been available during the whole year sold better than a device that’s been available only for a little longer than a month.


  2. 3DS is such an amazing console, it amazes me what Nintendo has done with 3D and with its limited hardware. The Legend of Zelda:A link between worlds is one of the best games i have ever played, its even more amazin how Nintendo pulled it back on map by themselfs and proved to everyone that they dont need 3rd parties to survive and to have succesful system, it was Mario (the icon that Sony/ms fanboys hate so much) that made 3Ds sell and Zelda has part on it as well. Future is bright for that small wonder system, that you want to take anywhere you go.


  3. I’m from Manchester, England but to be honest I’m not interested in the UK games market what so ever. More interested in what happens in the whole of Europe, the US and Japan.

    UK game market is very dude bro ish at the moment. If it’s not CoD or Fifa it’s just dance. But, remember people there is 100’s of thousands of good gamers with good tastes in the UK, hence the 3DS being 2013’s best selling platform.

    Where I live, the Wiiu seems to have a decent cult following from the the real gamers, but admittedly the majority are interested in playing Fifa or CoD or whatever with their mates,


  4. UK must have a lot of children buying 3DSs then since 3DS has had nothing but downgraded sequels and rehashes.

    Nintendo fanboys have low standards


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