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Super Mario 3D World Nominated For Prestigious GDC Game Of Year Award

Nintendo’s critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World has been nominated for Game of the Year and Best Design by the Game Developers Conference.  Super Mario 3D World joins The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which has been nominated as a contender for Best Design, Best Handheld/Mobile Game and as an Honourable Mention for Game of the Year. You can see all the nominees, right here.

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32 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D World Nominated For Prestigious GDC Game Of Year Award”

  1. love it great job Nintendo ! they have such great 1st party developers :) they let them take their time and do it right the 1st time :)

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  2. hi diddly ho neighborinos my frond ben saunders cant bee here at the moment cause he is busy letting his mom play with his joystick. I will always cherish the weekends when ben would invite me over to play mario world super 3D with his mother and him. mario world super 3D is a great game that was made for great people to play.

  3. Sm3dw more than deserves that award, but sadly they will choose something for more “artistic” tastes or some other shit like always.

  4. let’s be realistic. that cat game doesn’t stand a chance at all. it was probably chosen to make nintendo feel good about itself.

  5. Call it : A Link Between Worlds win the handheld category.
    Mario 3D World should win the Best Design category, this game was immensely clever.
    Don’t know about the game of the year though, probably GTA V…

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