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King Dedede Confirmed For Super Smash Bros

Nintendo has today confirmed that King Dedede from the Kirby Dreamland games will be appearing in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game which is due out sometime this year. You can see a selection of screens of King Dedede in action in the video above.

Thanks to those who sent this in.


  1. he looks better than on brawl
    brawl make it so unrealistic it was weird(he is supposed to look cartoonish)

      1. yah i actually like the art and textures from brawl better than this one, its cool cuz u can actually see that mario was wearing actual jeans (overalls) and not plastic.

      2. You like the art and textures from brawl? The Texture on mario’s pant’s looked like poop. Muddy poop. And King DeDeDe had unrealistic expressions. His face just looked off.

      3. well you are comparing an HD game to a 480p game. I’m talking about how well designed they were on brawl… like links tunic looked great and would have looked even better in HD but Nin decided to go with a more simplistic character design…. probably to make the 3DS version look visually equal considering 3DS graphics are not HD. :]

    1. A character from a game that failed sales wise hasn’t earned a spot in Smash Bros. You cant just make a new IP and add a character into Smash Bros from it. Each character has to be known and grow. Just like how Bayonetta wont be in.

    2. I think it’s too early, Super Smash Bros. is about Nintendo all-stars, and Wonderful 101 was released recently, it wasn’t developed by Nintendo, and it didn’t sold much, I mean, Starfy didn’t make it and he has 5 games in his series, the fifth one releasing internationally, so it might be until the next Super Smash Bros. then we can get Wonder Red and his allies making an appearance.

    1. not really, go check the competitive chart
      he is not as uber as meta knight, but he is really useful

  2. Awesome! All the characters look really good in Smash 4. I am excited JUST for their brighter, cartoony appearances.

    I hope they change up Dedede’s moveset a bit, because he was so hard to use.

      1. Ness and Captain Falcon were part of the original 8 on the first roster, and have lasted through every generation. It’s likely not going to change with this one either.

    1. I am hoping for a 40 character roster, 5 more than brawl, that means around 5 to 10 newcomers depending on how many get removed, I’m still disappointed that Sakurai added Toon Link again…

  3. This pretty much confirms MK as well since he is surely more popular than DDD is. Also, they better do DDD right this time.

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