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Japanese Charts: Nintendo 3DS Sells 38K, Wii U Sells 8K

This week’s Japanese software and hardware charts are in via Media Create. The Nintendo 3DS once again remains the best-selling hardware in Japan with six titles in the top ten. The handheld is followed by the PlayStation Vita which seems to have had a resurgence in recent months. Wii U hardware sales continue to fall with the console managing to sell 8,490 units. Here’s the best-selling Japanese software and hardware.

  • [PS3] Sengoku Basara 4 (Capcom, 01/23/14) – 176,313 (New)
  • [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo, 01/09/14) – 58,015 (353,291)
  • [3DS] Puzzle & Dragons Z (GungHo Online Entertainment, 12/12/31) – 35,568 (1,300,778)
  • [PS3] Saints Row IV: Ultra Super Ultimate Deluxe Edition (Spike Chunsoft, 01/23/14) – 34,486 (New)
  • [PS3] Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Namco Bandai, 1/23/14) – 30,192 (New)
  • [PSV] Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Namco Bandai, 1/23/14) – 22,901 (New)
  • [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 17,544 (345,529)
  • [3DS] Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind (Spike Chunsoft, 12/05/13) – 17,282 (221,249)
  • [3DS] Pokemon X and Y (Nintendo, 10/12/13) – 16,933 (3,910,658)
  • [3DS] The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Nintendo, 12/26/13) – 15,095 (356,494)
  • 3DS LL – 26,484 (32,393)
  • PlayStation Vita – 21,498 (24,755)
  • PlayStation 3 – 13,360 (13,243)
  • 3DS – 11,745 (15,045)
  • Wii U – 8,490 (11,443)
  • PSP – 3,428 (4,024)
  • PlayStation Vita TV – 1,792 (2,208)
  • Xbox 360 – 260 (273)

36 thoughts on “Japanese Charts: Nintendo 3DS Sells 38K, Wii U Sells 8K”

  1. Obviously hardware isn’t going to spike until we get new software, so we’ll see what Donkey Kong does in a few weeks.

    1. 3D World didn’t help the Wii U much, so i don’t see what Donkey Kong can do, especially when a lot of people don’t care about it, you saw a lot of peoples disappointing reaction when they found out Retro Studio’s game is Donkey Kong Country.

      1. Actually Japan likes Donkey Kong a lot, and I’m just thinking about the 400k that Nintendo needs to sell to meet their fiscal goal.

  2. 3DS is decreasing in power…

    Probably because our Homeworld, each civilian and warrior has at least 3 3DS…

  3. Maybe DK will help sells, not sure how much the japanese like DK, but once mario kart is out over there…its on like donket kong. But hey i don’t care much for sells, I just buy games

  4. Maybe they can make a limited edition WiiU? I mean, whenever the 3DS has had one the sells would sky rocket…
    So maybe?…

  5. Nintendo need to release some games for the Wii U badly. I hope they don’t release games at the same pace as they did on the Gamecube and Wii.

  6. Limited Edition Smash bros. WiiU design? I wonder how’ll sells would be if they pulled that? Or with other upcoming games like Mario Kart?(Let’s be honest Mario Kart Wii was one of the best Wii games out there.)

  7. Even though the Japanese sales are down, the Wii U is actually doing well selling 21, 212 with a total of 47, 379 sales beating Xbox360 sales by 3, 000 last week. In fact a lot of consoles are not doing too well. Xbox One is only doing 80, 000 last week while PS4 and the 3DS are doing around 140, 000. January and Feb are usually very low. Hopefully with a kick-ass Nintendo Direct, E3’14 and a flood of games over this year (HOPEFULLY) sales should steadily rise and sales should be relatively good in total for Wii U’s second year

        1. Nintendo is hardly dead, the Wii, DS and 3DS sales are enough to keep Nintendo going for a very long time. Yes the Wii U will not be as popular as the Wii, but neither is 90% of games consoles in history. In fact Nintendo have three out of the top five best selling games consoles in history, even if the Wii U didn’t sell even one single SKU Nintendo have a very strong handheld market to keep them going for a very long time.

    1. Whoa, the Wii U is finally beating an 8 year old console 2 months after its successor is released, by a staggering 3000 units. ASTOUNDING.

      1. Did you somehow miss the entire first paragraph of this article? Goodness, peoples reading comprehension these days is at an all time low.

        1. You do realize that he is one of the administrators of this site and also happens to be the one that posted this article

  8. nintendos hanheld has always destroyed sony no if ands or buts about it.people don’t seem to understand culture whats hot in japan needs to be altered in the west. Japanese people are not a bunch or fat assed couch potatos like all shooter aka fony sony and microsux fanboys. that’s the main reason why Nintendo struggles with the online becuz its not an important component in japan. practicaly every one carries a 3ds and play together on a bus , train or on the street hence the reason mh3u for 3ds had no online play not needed for a handheld finding some1 to play with is as ez as walking out a door there. besides Nintendo and Capcom just gave sony a big middle finger :) MH4U exclusive whoohoo :)

  9. LOL where are all the dronez at?? The ones that say things like “so it begins”, or “wiiU isn’t doomed” ?!?!?!?! Lololol no more hope for the nintenbabies?!?! 8K in one week for a “next Gen console that has must have games”?!?!?! Wii U is Doomed and nothing will save it now!! if 3D world couldn’t do it then donkey Kong country rehash freeze has no chance hahaha


    1. LOL DKTF does not even allow you to play on the Gamepad screen!!
      The Wii U biggest selling point ad Retro decide not to even use it?JOKE!!
      PS4 and One are not yet released in Japan yet the gimmick U keeps getting obliterated by the 3 year old Vita!!

  10. LMFAO I see the gimmick U is BACK to its NORMAL cack weekly sales!!
    It really is hilarious how you Nintendo guzzlers get all excited just as Wii U sales in November and December go up when EVERY console sales go up the final 2 months of the year with Black Friday and Xmas!!!
    The Wii U has ZERO competition as the PS4 and One are not even released yet!!
    The fact that it keeps getting outsold every week by the Vita really do prove how much it is dead in Japan!!!

  11. Sickr, why aren’t you banning these trolling clowns? I’m sure you’d rather have a nice friendly Nintendonews site instead of a haven filled with children coming here and polluting the community?
    I don’t even know what’s more sad; kids who are so obviously being bullied, coming here to release the anger onto someone else – or the fact that nothing is being done about it

    1. AWWWW just as the gimmick U is dead do not cry!!
      We are ONLY stating the truth about the U and you Ninty guzzlers cannot handle the fact that Nintendo have failed so badly with the Wii U and made fools out of all its fans by releasing a half baked console that took 10 months for Pikmin 3 to arrive after it was said would be a launch game.
      Super Mario 3D World failed and did NOT save the Wii U and was NOT the huge system seller Iwata bragged it would be.
      No one cares no more for rehash Mario games, they want brand new games and ideas not milking the same franchise for over 30 years!!!

      1. :/ i feel sorry for you. When puberty hits, you’ll look back on the choices you made, and you’re gonna feel terrible.
        I’ll leave you with one tip: man the fuck up before it’s too late. Also, nobody is interested in hearing what someone who wasn’t even born when gamecube hit thinks

  12. What’s with the 12 year old trolls leaving LOL comments all over the place in this site? Just shows how a joke this website has become, out of losers that need to make fun of Nintendo thinking they are making Nintendo fans angry and taking pleasure out of the frustration they are “giving” Nintendo fans with their LOL’s and all that shit!

    1. Guess it only confirms the age of the audience of microsoft and sony. The so called “mature gamers”. What a bunch of catpiss that is. I’ve always said that the only people who thinks playing games marked as mature makes them adults, are infact the kids



    Now that babies got their little baby underpowered Wii U toy console for Christmas the Wii U is back to it’s pre Christmas pathetic sales. The babies said when the Wonderful 101 would release sales would improve, nope nothing, babies said when The Wind Waker HD would release sales would improve, nope nothing. Babies said that Pikmin would save the Wii U, nope nothing. Babies said that the last Mario game was going to save the Wii U, nope nothing. Oh well, now I see babies are saying the baby donkey kong game will save it lololol!!!! Only babies are interested in the underpowered running on 7 year old hardware baby excuse of a toy console. We need more Nintendo TV commercials aimed at babies and casuals. That will help lololol!

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