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Nintendo Announces Plans To Obtain Up To 10 Million Of Own Shares

Nintendo has confirmed in its Q3 financial report that it has plans to obtain up to 10 million of its own shares. As part of a meeting with the board of directors on January 29, the corporation has detailed that it will acquire almost 8 per cent of its outstanding shares – excluding those of the Treasury – by the end of March.

The company currently owns 13,793,439 shares, but is looking to purchase shares equalling 125,000 million yen. In the report Nintendo claimed that its reason for such acquisition was “to improve capital efficiency as a flexible capital policy in accordance with changes in the business environment.”

51 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Plans To Obtain Up To 10 Million Of Own Shares”

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    1. Which is good, with more shares theyll be able to make more decisions without worrying about these damn pesky investors meddling

    2. That’s such a good thing, very wise decision.

      1) more freedom to make their own choices
      2) their money is their money
      3) they can adapt much faster

      this move also suggests that its investors fault that the Wii U is underpowered, and runs power PC not X86.
      it is also probably their fault that Mario, and dk, and Mario cart are getting pushed so much, mean wile new IP are scarce.

      this move well up the companies value, and well push out sloppy investors. Out of all the good moves they could have done I never really thought they would have the balls to do this….go Nintendo!!! Sony should have done this years ago, now their 7 billion in debt so they can’t. Never….never let your company go public.

    1. Not really, if any thing sony is hurting more then nintendo. Someone told me that Analyst David Gibson said about a a month ago, that he expected Nintendo to announce a buyback plan because the Yamaushi family needs to pay billions in inheritance tax.

      1. Inheritance tax is such a goddamn scam. You shouldn’t have to pay taxes for the hard earned cash of your relatives. Not to mention the tax is RIDICULOUSLY high! He should have kept the money in a trust fund free of the tax…

        What is up with taxing everything? It’s so annoying and our governments are wasting our money on stupid science projects, fighting unnecessary wars and paying people to sleep at home (also unfinished public works projects, etc, etc….) Taxes suck.

          1. I love how most people would agree with me. The only ones who support the outlandish taxes are our governments… isn’t that saying something? Aren’t our governments supposed to be acting in accordance to what we, the people wish?

            It’s so backwards right now it’s not even funny… At least in the U.S it is. I’m not too enlightened on politics in other countries/societies.

      1. Actually this move says surprisingly a lot.

        1) its most likely investors who wanted to Wii U to be underpowered, and run power PC, instead of X86.
        2) its most likely investors who damand so many games based on old IP. (Mario, Mario cart, Mario tenis, donky Kong…)
        3) Nintendo wants more freedom
        4) this well push out sloppy investors
        5) companies value well go up (as they well be 8% share holder)
        6) investors are at fault for the Wii U being such a let down.

        out of all the good moves they could have made, I never though they would have the balls to do this. What great news!!! Sony is 7 billion in debt and Nintendo is buying them self’s out (well on the path any way)

  2. it’s just a step to clam investors, because they get their money even though profits are down. and nintendo can weaken the influcence of external investors with this step. so it’s a positive one.

  3. For anyone who is clueless on how businesses work. This is GOOD news in a sense. They are proving they believe in themselves enough to buy up million of it’s own shares. Also, it protects the other shareholders from seeing the stock dropping. This will help stabilize Nintendo.

    Good job Nintendo.

  4. knew this was gonna happen

    sinking stock price is the perfect opportunity to secure some more of their shares and work against the possibility of a hostile takeover and at the same time stabilize their stock price

  5. Great news. It tells me they believe they are undervalued and confident of their short term plans. Come on Nintendo Direct!

  6. Why do people assume this is bad news? It’s the complete opposite. The more stocks Nintendo retain for themselves, the better control they have over their own finances, and if they go private, they aren’t too worried by other investors showing concern for when risks don’t bring about the right reward. It also shows that they truly value themselves, something most people don’t wish to believe.

    Yes, it can be seen as being conservative, but what do you expect from Japanese companies? They’re mostly conservative anyway. No issue here.

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