1. Endgadget reported on some kind of streaming service, but only mentioned it, as well as letting other studios make their games (I assume for production speed, and thus increasing the amount of games produced by Nintendo)

    1. Thanks for the link. Looks like Nintendo’s going to sail into unknown territory. Sounds risky, but that’s probably what they’ll have to do in this day and age to survive.

  1. This would fix a LOT of peoples aggrevations with their download system – needs to happen SOONER than ‘when we want’ though.

          1. ….not sure if you are a troll or wrong.

            Firstly the language is not “American.” It’s English.

            Secondly, American is not a race by any means. It’s where you are from and speaking a different language does not make him hate America.

        1. Jag är visserligen inte norsk, men språket är tillräckligt likt svenska för att jag ska kunna förstå det.

  2. Whatever it is, I just want to play great games…

    Embrace online multiplayer too and everything will be fine…

  3. “by the next platform”

    What we have to wait until a next generation nintendo platform comes out to get a real unified account system ? Well that fuckin sucks .. Absolutely nothing has changed with this investor meeting .. What a joke

    1. Nintendo has already created a unified account system with Nintendo Network. Sooner or later we’re gonna be able to connect our IDs with apps on smart devices, and Nintendo probably already have some plans to make the system even more involving.

    2. No? The reason for saying that is so it well best be used by the next system. Yes they well have it for current systems. But the idea well best be used when you buy their next system and can download all your old games back onto the new system.

  4. Isn’t “never” part of “the future?”

    I really hope Nintendo means sooner than later…

    1. just think how long we were told about the flipnote for 3ds and yet we still don’t have it unless your in Japan.

  5. Then I’ll buy more games online. When I can keep them forever. Great. Hope it won’t take forever to get this.

  6. So we will eventually own our VC games on every system but it will still take them years to get every game available on each system

    1. Actually VC is a emulating software built into the OS, when you pick a VC game it plays it through the emulator. So in reality all they have to do is make some HD adjustments and perhaps fix some performance issues. In reality it only would take about a week or so to port any GB, GBC, GBA, DS, NES, or SNES game. (maybe longer for DS. Any thing from n64 to gamecube would take maybe a month (depending on the game) and by the next system they could port original Wii games. But because the emulator dues all the work the games only need a little adjusting to work on the system. Their just slow at it because it builds hype to buy those games

  7. I personally think this could have been done sooner than “in the future”. Is it really that hard? Unless they’re going for something with more than just a universal accounts.

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