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Nintendo’s Share Prices Fall 4.3% After Investors Briefing

Nintendo’s share prices have taken a slight dip after various announcements from their corporate briefing this morning. The company’s shares have fallen to 12,325 yen – making a 4.3 per cent dip at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Though it’s not a massive slump in Nintendo’s stock, it’s clear that investors felt today’s announcements – a new business plan encouraging a healthy lifestyle through entertainment, as well as a focus on creating greater ties with consumers through smartphone devices – were less than impressive.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that it was set to acquire up to 10 million of its own shares as part of the company’s Q3 financial results. As such, falling share prices could prove beneficial to Nintendo in the next couple of months. Tokyo-based fund manager at Mizuho Asset Management Co., Takashi Aoki, commented on today’s outcome:

“I don’t see any path to an earnings recovery in the short term. The business plan was as I expected. I didn’t foresee any drastic changes.”

105 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Share Prices Fall 4.3% After Investors Briefing”

    1. Stock had already recovered from the 16% from the other week. It actually only went down 2% after the meeting, but I guess it dropped a little bit in the morning, which still isn’t a big drop.

    2. ” falling share prices could prove beneficial to Nintendo in the next couple of months”

      well ……….that’s actually a good thing then. after they gain that 10 million or so the stock prices should go up again. likely close to DK release.

    3. i give up on nintendo. iwata said that their plans are to be more active in getting the children audience, focus more on “healthy forms of video games”, and advertising on smartphones. really?… that’s it?. that is so LAME.

      1. You obviously don’t know how the stock market works. If the Tokyo Stock Exchange was like the NYSE, Nintendo would be considered a “blue chip stock.” That means they are well recognized and do very well, making so many billion dollars per year.

                1. Please refer to my profile:
                  “I like to ask intelligent questions and have intelligent conversations with intelligent people.”…

  1. Of course it did, they didn’t announce giving up and putting everything on the mobile market for a quick cheap buck.

    Stock assholes give a shit about one thing and one thing only: Money.

    The fact people even post shit to do with them is beyond me. Oh no, some fucker can sell his shares…okay?
    What’s the worse that’ll happen, nobody will put shares into Nintendo, then the company is running on it’s own money, just like a business is supposed to run….

    Stock market is fucking dumb, it’s made up bullshit for people to get money for doing nothing.

      1. Don’t worry about him. He’s a pretentious douche. He tries to act tough and intelligent on the Internet, but in real life he can’t eat half a sandwich without his mommy’s help.

      2. Not really.
        People are only going to invest in Nintendo if, A. They’re sales go up, obviously or B. If they just put everything on mobile.
        But B isn’t going to happen, so why even give a shit about investors, when they have absolutely no care in the situation your company is in, or what it does, only “how much money do i get?”.

        That’s why nobody should give a fuck, but the outcome of having a high market would be Nintendo being successful, either through the things they already do, or the thing that NONE OF US want them to do.

      1. Says the one who sees wet dreams of Snake and we know where he puts his snake in those dreams dont we? yep right in your ass cause talk out of your ass!

    1. LMFAO! “Stock assholes give a shit about one thing and one thing only: Money.” -Well no shit! Do you know what a stock exchange is? The stock exchange is all about money and investing it. It’s a gamble, people don’t invest because they “love” a company. They do it to make money…

      “Stock market is fucking dumb, it’s made up of bullshit for people to get
      money for nothing…”- Okay, well people are not doing “nothing,” they are investing. They are taking their hard earned cash and giving it to promissing businesses. Without the stock market, many companies would not exist or at least wouldn’t be as big. Also, knowing how to invest smartly is incredibly diffucult. Anyone can invest, but NOT everyone makes money. Investing in stocks is all about knowing “when” to invest and knowing when to pull out.

      To call it stupid is just….STUPID! lol!

  2. Im all about the games as long as Nintendo delivers the goods im a lifelong fan and will spend money on them. share holders are just a bunch of wussies nothing more every slight bump turns them into fiscal hermit crabs always worried about numbers I bet 90% of them never actually played a Nintendo game they just see a popular company as a source of free income. stocks are like a scratch ticket its the risk u take buying if u don’t like to risk money then don’t buy simple as that. right now sony’s credit is in the crapper but where are those reports?

        1. As High Command is ruled by Lord Iwata and the other Lords Miyamoto, Shibata and Reggienator, they are our Gods…

          These Titans = Shareholders/Investors have the power to damage our empire severely…

          I can only hope High Command creates a master plan to destroy any Titanian influence whatsoever some day…

          1. Instead of spending 24/7 on this dead site, why don’t you buy a Wii U and beat some it’s exclusives? Serious questions.

  3. Me myself still have no idea what this entire Quality of Life venture means. I bet the investors were just as confused and baffled as I was as far as everything else, one could pretty much assume Iwata would have said the rest, they were probably expecting a more sound resolution to their actual problems which I if I were an investor would not have seen. Coming up with a completely new product that could potentially fail instead of fixing your current problems sounds absurd.

    I am glad to hear them finally making their devices digital platforms but at the same time shouldn’t that be a given they were already planning to do this hence the entire NNID.

    A lot of fans are going as far to say Nintendo is going to just make a service better than both PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.. What are these people smoking when NIntendo can’t even keep up with the years old high definition games and even still state they are having a hard time with it. Who in their right mind would think they can somehow completely smash PSN, Xbox Live and Steam out of the game, these services that have been built for years. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I hate to sound so negative but I am trying to look at this as if I honestly had a ton of money invested in the company and nothing else. Another thing people are over hyping is the loyal customers getting cheaper games. Again why be so quick to assume this service is going to be amazing when it is far from even being released, people are acting as if other companies do nothing for loyal customers.. Well Steam and Sony do at least, I can’t imagine it will be much different than getting awesome sales on PSN or through PS+ or just the awesome sales Steam always has.

    I mean Club Nintendo has really gone down hill, that is basically their loyalty program at the moment which really does not instill much faith in this new loyalty program they have planned but hey I won’t complain about cheaper games, I just think people are getting a little to excited for something they have yet to even see how it will pan out.

    Health and well being are important but the entire powerpoint made very little to no sense to me and about the only thing I understood is that it is “Non-wearable” and that it is for improving “QOL”. Iwata kept saying words that literally had not much meaning or described what this was and his last presentation chart really consfused me, they were just big words that had relation to health with Mii’s in the center.

    I just highly doubt that was anything investors were hoping to hear. I guess this stock dropping immediately after kind of proves I am not the only one who was confused once again by what Iwata is trying to do.

    1. It was a pathetic lame ramble like you say with big words used that meant nothing and Iwata was just trying to save his job by saying utter rubbish that just confused everybody!!
      Last week Iwata said we messed up with the foreign market and need to restore that……….a week later Iwata’ we are now going in to health!!

  4. those investors seem to have forgotten about wii fit…

    nintendo could literally print money with some sort of “health platform”

      1. which is obviously caused by wii fit and not.. say… a pre acquired mental instability

        but thanks for the totally unrelated info anyway

          1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ STOP BEING STUPID BITCH ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

            ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ SICK BURN FROM KURISU ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

    1. They should promote these new health ideas in NA to shows like -The Biggest Loser- or other good shows that aren’t just for stupidity…

        1. True, sir. Nintendo consoles would be well recieved in that matter considering the fact that Wii has been know to be used in hospitals to assist in the recovery of the less-mobile patients.

    2. The briefing being a letdown aside, this plays well into Nintendo’s hand when you remember they plan to buy 10 million of their own shares, this dip if maintained will save them plenty of cashing when buying them.

    3. If people are starting to give up for Nintendo just for this, then I guess we have no real fans anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I know Nintendo’s situation is bad and that they are making bad decisions but saying that they are doomed, then I guess Xbox One is doomed to fail (which is really not the case during the past holidays).

    4. If “investors” didn’t like the proposals, then that’s a good start, because they’re idiots who don’t give a shit about the long-term future of the company – they just want a short-term profit. I’d be concerned if the investors liked them.

    5. LMFAO is it ANY wonder why shares fell after the pathetic utter lame ramble by iwata that did NOTHING to restore faith in investors or Nintendo fans!!
      I mean seriously a HEALTH platform in 2016 is their new genius idea?LMFAO!!
      Iwata and Nintendo are Sega 2!!

    6. “Yesterday, Nintendo announced that it was set to acquire up to 10 million of its own shares as part of the company’s Q3 financial results.”

      That is why inverstors are pissed off. Anyway, they probably wanted Nintendo to go mobile just to make a quick buck and that’s it, the problem is they don’t know that the GAME WILL BE CRAP AND PEOPLE WILL BUY THEM BUT THE QUALITY WILL BE TERRIBLE! BUT THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY SO THEY JUST WANNA SEE SHITTY MOBILE GAMES!

    7. Why there is this obsession with shares dropping from Nintendo, since we see Xbox and PS4 are mature are we really wanting Nintendo to be doomed just to see some drama in the community? When Microsoft’s shares or Sony’s shares go down, NO ONE CARES! And I love how all these 12 year olds and teenagers KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT BUSINESS!

      Seriously, many companies go up and down every day and no one cares! But it has become an obsession with Nintendo, the GameCube sold little and this didn’t happen, oh, that’s right, THERE WERE NO INTERNET TROLLS AND DRAMA BACK IN THE DAY!

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