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The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition Back On US 3DS eShop For Free Until February 2nd

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is now back on the US Nintendo 3DS eShop and is available to download for free until February 2nd. There’s currently no word from Nintendo as to whether the offer will become available for European 3DS owners.

Thanks, Davey and Pablo

51 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition Back On US 3DS eShop For Free Until February 2nd”

  1. that game was a real fun experience :-)
    i would like to have it on u, because my wii is in the… ehm where is my wii…!?

    1. They could put Four Swords Adventures from Game Cube on Virtual Console. That’s be awesome. And unlike the GCN version, you could play 2 player with only one 3DS thanks to the gamepad

    2. NOOO DAM YOU US YOU GET ALL THE FREE STUFF! I actually starting to disagree with region locking with things like this! I WANT MY FREE GAME! and…..ITS ZELDA!

    1. I guess it’s only fair that we got this download and you guys didn’t. You guys got the original three Spyro games for download on Vita and we didn’t and they are originally US games.

  2. Just wondering, but why are my comments getting delete? They are there for a little and then just vanish. Kinda makes me regret using this site.

    1. @Zalabar Nintendo of America get’s way more eShop deals and promotions, get games far sooner, cheaper, hell sometimes we don’t even see certain releases at all (I’m from Australia). The rest of the world does deserve something like this more than you do, just look at what you have got in comparison to everybody else. Instead we sit here getting shafted once again and growing more and more bitter at Nintendo.

      Why they continue to push region locks like these in 2014 is beyond me (and how they are shocked with their profit projections being so wrong, with business practices like these is simply hilarious).

  3. @ Norda: you can have it. It was fun for a while but once you beat it there is almost no replay value. Oh, and by the way you are a biased, greedy little asshole and by the comment you posted you really don’t deserve it.

  4. I’m a huge Zelda fan and I want this. Its shitty that UK and Australia don’t get it. Hope they bring it to these countries soon

  5. @ Zeriah: Trust me I know you guys are getting screwed over and it makes me upset. But blaming the consumers instead of the developers isn’t going to do anything to bring the games to your region. We “Yanks” do get better incentives to buy games and do get games faster and it is not fair. I wasn’t saying you don’t deserve the game. Hopefully you guys will get it very soon.

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