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Pac-Man Museum Canceled On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Bandai Namco have revealed that they have canceled Pac-Man Museum for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Those that own other platforms will still be able to purchase the game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Pac-Man Museum won’t be on Wii U and 3DS “as a result of delayed development,” according to a representative.

65 thoughts on “Pac-Man Museum Canceled On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Bamco Nandai (lol) is probably putting him in smash…so that may be why this was cancelled. (hence Smash is coming to 3DS & WiiU)

        1. Your comment makes no sense. It would make more sense if SSB was not going to include Pac-Man. I for one love Pac-Man, not his dumb butt son.

      1. to be honest, i think letting it die while selling a bit is a really risky strategy, but if they plan to bring another console(which I doubt it) it better be on the next months

  1. WHAT? WHY?! now he shouldn’t be in smash…….unless they canceled it because sakurai said he doesn’t want him in……..

    NAMCO BANDAI !!!!!!!!

      1. lol no he said no such thing I know everything he said about smash. he said he doesn’t want many 3rd parties and that megaman was “in a class of his own”.

        snake is likely cut ( HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!!) and pacman to replace him. bayonetta 2 COULD join but likely a AT.

        don’t talk lies to me.

    1. Speak for yourself. As an arcade gamer, who like old school games, this is the Capcom classics on the Gamecube all over again. Oh well write them an email and let them know you are passing up on sales. And yes I have an Xbox360, but no I won’t support the game on other systems. I like Wii U’s flexibility and buying it on that other systems doesn’t fit well into my lifestyle (i.e. I am using that other systems as a DVD player).

    1. I kinda did. I never got to play most of those games up there and Pac-Man Championship Edition was my favorite Pac-Man game.

  2. I gotta ask, do people even care about games like this anymore? The Pac-Man games have been re-released to death, and it feels like almost every mention of Pac-Man is due to an older game being re-released.

  3. So first we don’t get Soul Calibur 2 even though the game cube version was the best and now this? What is it because of Smash bros? WTH NAMCO!!?? What excuse do you have!? Development Delay?? BS!!! What does the 360 and PS3 have that Wii U doesn’t?

  4. “delayed development” – aka ‘we don’t want to spend extra money and time to make the gameplay fit the stupid gimmicky gamepad and/or stylus and/or 3D because we know it won’t sell enough to make up for that money and time spent on it.’

      1. Success of a console doesn’t always equate to success of a game regardless of its quality or perception by the gamers. Regardless, I’m pretty sure they don’t make these decisions lightly and had a good reason for not putting it on either platform.

        1. I understand what ur saying but I feel the 3ds version should still be made. The japanese market would eat it up. Probably a money issues or something.

  5. Came across this on youtube, anyone who played New Super Mario Bros. 2 and went for the 9,999,999 coins may find this funny or cheesy or maybe even stupid lol. Gotta watch part 1 and part 2:

              1. indeed so why did you start it? I just shared something to maybe make some people laugh and you are the one who said something back for no reason with a rude comment

  6. I guess I could understand completely skipping the Wiiu, since everyone else is( although I would’ve bought it if they didn’t cancel it), but completely cancelling for the 3DS makes no sense, they could’ve just delayed it. This game just looks like a bunch of ports, how long could development take?

  7. This game looks Awesome! Wii U owners are definitely missing out. I Highly recommend checking this one out on PS3 when it comes out. I would get it, but I only buy retail games on principle. No egames for me! Online just isn’t enough if you want the game to be intense. That being said, it’s a bargain considering how many games are in it! Plus, you have to admit that it’d be the most fun on the PS3 anyway. I like the Wii U, but it’s no PS3

  8. Total bollocks! I was highly looking forward to this :( Unlike the PS3 and 360 versions, the Wii U version was coming complete with Pac-Man Battle Royale, which is currently only playable at arcades.

    I was all in favour of Pac’s potential inclusion in Smash Bros. but now, no way. Fuck Pac-Man. They should have completed this game instead of that Ghostly Adventures bullshit.

  9. That’s not the reason. The reason is because Sakurai said no to Pac-man in Smash. So they got pissed off and cancelled it like little children.

  10. Nobody cares, Pacman has been dead for decades, if they think the systems that pander to 13 year olds and manboys is going to sell more nostalgia-fueled shit than Nintendo they’re kind of idiotic and deserve this game to be the final nail in Pacman’s coffin.

  11. Serious?! Pac-man got cancelled! I honestly haven’t played this character since the cold war however…if Pac man goes more will follow suite….watchdogs…then I…I don’t know what other games are being released in the future…but shit man! Nintendo u let me down…

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