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Iwata Says Nintendo’s Non-Wearable Technology Will Not Necessarily Be Confined To The Living Room

pokemon_pikachu_pedometerNintendo unveiled its new business plan focusing on Quality of Life last week during the Q3 financial results – which would be a separate venture from its video game production – but it seemingly left investors confused as much as the company’s fans. In order to focus on improving consumer lifestyle and general health, Nintendo will develop ‘non-wearable’ technology. CEO Satoru Iwata has helped to clear up such confusion by giving investors a small hint. He also provided additional slides – one of which can be seen above – presenting how Nintendo’s previous technology has benefited overall consumer health.

“I am not planning to announce any specific themes today, but to give you a hint, ‘non-wearable’ does not necessarily mean it is something that will be used in the living room. I apologize for not being clear, but please allow me to leave it at that today. I will explain in detail when the time comes.”

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41 thoughts on “Iwata Says Nintendo’s Non-Wearable Technology Will Not Necessarily Be Confined To The Living Room”

    1. That’s the point of these investors meetings. He wants to see what could develop into something great and who would back it up.

    1. The oculas is a fad, it has no real future. And its something that would distract from so many other devices. I did not buy a big screen HD 3D tv and a game system with motion controls to put a dorky helmet on…
      mean wile Microsoft’s ilumiroom would actually be something worth my time

      1. Most of the so called hardcore gamers play casual games like call of duty or assassins creed.
        a true hardcore gamer wouldn’t play just one system, and wouldn’t just play one kind of game, more would they avoid advanced controllers like Wii remote, gamepad, Kinect, smartglass, balance board or other devices.
        the thing is, the casual market is so big that it has many different kinds of casual users.
        but you are right, the casual market is smaller. The nes had much lower numbers compared to todays standards because it was only bought by core gamers.

  1. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    I’ve figured it out the non-wearable tech is the revolution of positive thinking! Nintendo is going to put out games that get people to smile like they always have been, but also subliminally transmit the song “You’re the best around” in all their games to brainwash the entire world.

  2. I think most people are taking the term “Non-wearable” too literal. They are probably talking about technology that you can acces everywhere like in the cloud. There is no longer a physical device that does the computing and that you have to take with you, but only some sort of sensor that sends a signal to the cloud. This would allow you to check your stats at home while recording all sorts of information on the go. That’s just my guess, and I just can’t imagine health related tech that hasn’t some sort of device to collect personal info. Plus holograms or virtual reality aren’t really related to healtcare…. But I could be wrong.

    1. This is true. It won’t be mind blowing by any means. You are likely correct. Let’s keep in mind Reggie’s big news was cranky being a playable character

    2. I would agree with you except you’re forgetting Iwata’s talk of developing in a “blue ocean”, a term used to describe something unexplored and therefore unempeded by competition. Cloud based tech is the furthest thing from a blue ocean at this point.

      The only thing I can think of, and I know I’m probably wrong here, is implant technology. However, if that’s true, I think Nintendo is walking a dangerous path. There will be many skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and religious nuts who will not buy into it.

      On the other hand it could be a game changer. No one has thought to use this existing technology for entertainment purposes before.

      1. You’ve got a point, I forgot about that.
        There is probably more to it than I’m thinking about. Maybe there this tech is targeted to a new audience or is there a revolutionary new way to collect or process personal information. Howerever this doesn’t mean that older technology can’t be used. Maybe there is some sort of chip or device that you need to implant or even swallow? But now I’m speculating…

  3. I think the Non wearable products could be like the Duolingo app coach, a reminder that you should exercise on wiiFitU for a certain amount of time in order to stay on track or reach the goal of the day.

  4. I really, really don’t get how “non-wearable” is going to work… I can’t even guess at how one interacts with “non wearable.” … So, the 3DS and all consoles are non-wearable… Gaw!! I don’t get it. :/

    1. It’s exercise equipment, not a video game console. Last time I checked, most exercise gear (pedometers, etc.) was mostly wearable. This could actually be really interesting to see develop.

      1. but it can’t just be exercise equipment cuz it’s not just for health it’ll be for education and diet and other QOL stuff. I’d imagine this’ll be a mini tablet like device since it’ll have to be flexible to have several different apps

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  6. Holograms are just impossible. That’s not gonna happen. I say holograms are impossible because even if the technology to produce decent holograms existed, you would still need a controller of some kind to move with. You can’t just walk around a holographic environment without bumping into actual walls and such. I can believe that if they sunk enough money into it, they could make 3D holograms, however I can’t believe that they perfected creating an extra dimension for people to move around freely to interact with said holograms.

    This has been bugging me for awhile, and I am starting to get worried. That said, I think that what Nintendo is actually proposing is something along the lines of the Kinect…. That is the only non-wearable product that I can even conceive of at the moment. Thus, my earlier statement about being worried.

  7. I think I have an idea for non wearable tech. Nintendo is going to revive the arcade, but probably different. I just saw a commercial for Mario Kart at Dave and Busters. I know they have tried to do the memory card thing before, but what if NNID changes the game. Log in, gain XP or set an awesome lap time then by the power of the cloud your info is stored and you can reap the rewards when you get home. If the machines have streetpass tech then you can get Tags and and meet people and their Miis. Your ghost data can automatically upload so people are not just playing cpu players, but real people who is in? More arcade machines Nintendo do it!!!!

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