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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Has Long Loading Times

Josh from the BitBlock has got his hands on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and has showcased a number of gameplay videos. His latest video compares Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Wii U. As you can see from the video the load times are a little on the long side for the upcoming Wii U game which comes out this month.

80 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Has Long Loading Times”

      1. I’m hoping they’ll be able to patch this somehow in the future. I wonder what the reason for the long load times is though. Looks like a great game besides the load times.

        1. Thanks for calling me a Man :P
          And no i just wanna save my money for MK8 and Smash Bros. … Plus im not really feeling this game enough to buy it.

    1. I think its just a relative statement, Nintendo games tend to not even have loading times, or they are just really short. So for a Nintendo game it may be long

  1. 20 second loading times?

    11GB Size?

    Kinda makes you wonder what for, u kno?

    Like the levels are seriously that HD when they really arent. O well

    1. “Like the levels are seriously that HD when they really aren’t.”

      What? HD is a resolution, not a quality. The game itself is HD. Yes, it runs in 1280×720 resolution, that is HD. “O LOL IT IS NOT *DAT* HD, IT IS ONLY KINDA HD LOLOLOL” It’s either HD or it isn’t. To say it’s “not really THAT HD” is monumentally stupid.

  2. From the title I was expecting Lego City Undercover style load times. Those were long.

    These load times are pretty short. Weird that it’s longer than the Wii game, but I guess it has a lot more to load.

    Anyway, Not actually long loading times.

  3. This is … the same game ?
    There are only menu and map that have been upgraded, the loading time which have been extended and what ? Any GamePad Functionality, this new Donkey Kong could have been realized on Wii …
    I gonna buy it to make my own opinion, but I don’t know if a miracle is possible…

  4. I hardly thing 20 seconds is bad. When Blacklist came out, the loading time must have been around 1 minute at most. Now that I personally think is really bad.

          1. Yes of course I like anime :). I haven’t gotten around to watching One Piece. The last one I watched was Tokyo Magnitude 8, but its kind of a sad one, and is not very lighthearted.

      1. Or the Wii rendition of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Anyone who’s played the trilogy on Wii knows about the occasional thirty-five-second loading time for a simple door to open.

  5. Yikes, this is horrible. I wish Nintendo had installed a faster disc reader in the Wii U, these load times are ridiculous. This is what happens when Nintendo opts to use cheap and cost effective hardware parts in their consoles. Ugh.

    1. Yep, some wii games were so impressive that they gave some HD games a run for their money. DK on wii was gorgeous, and the wii u one seems to indicate it will be more so, especially with those fur effects.

    1. Oh, the levels are going to be even larger? Sign me up for that! I loved Returns, and the levels there were pretty beefy, so I’ll gladly trade in some loading time for longer, prettier levels.

    1. What a great human being you are. You are contributing so much to society. Wanting for lots of people to be miserable just for your own personal enjoyment. Who wouldn’t want to meet you In person?

  6. I remember playing Star Wars Dark Forces on PC back in the day. Loading times? 2-3 minutes perhaps? And believe me when I say that game was not in HD.

  7. OMG
    the wii version looks (exept HD)
    almost bether than the U Version.
    wow nintendo is in the futer.
    that game would be also possible on the game cube.
    why casual should buy a system (without bluray) that has the same graphik scills like the Wii they already have. …
    hmmm there are 3,4,5… ways:
    1. im a casual, i like to start gaming, now i have a PS4
    2 im a casual, and after the Wii got myself a tablett, that i also can play in the bed.
    3. im a casual i and i got a lot of games for my wii, i also buy a tablett but it dosent work with the wii

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