Flappy Bird Is Now Available To Play On Nintendo 3DS And DSi Through Petit Computer

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen’s runaway hit Flappy Bird is now available to play on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo DSi thanks to Nintendo DSiWare programming tool Petit Computer. The unofficial version of the game created by Bluerobin2  is named Flappy Bird – PTC Edition. The original Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store at the request of its creator, Dong Nguyen.



      1. you’re so lucky. i had my ipod touch listed and ebay removed it next day and all the other ones i was watching, to see for how much they went here in the US. They said to remove all downloaded apps etc first before re-listing to abide by their policy.


      1. Behold! Witness the power of the almighty 3DS!

        Irrelevant of “Flappy Birds” game-play, it is almost astonishingly popular, and through the power of the 3DS, we have claimed it as spoils, we have achieved Nintendomination over this addictive game and now the disturbed “Flappy Bird” fans will have to join Nintendo if they want to drink of their precious nectar again


  1. c’mon guys, I know the game is very simple and got more attention than it deserved but it’s still kinda fun to play. Plus it’s a cool project for petit computer. Kudos to the person who made this.


    1. I have to question peoples definition of fun when games like this are consider to be fun. Is fun just something that wastes time, is fun something that is really actually fun or is fun something that just stops you from thinking for a short period of time?

      I can barely tolerate watching TV though so I guess such a simple game like this just does not fit my definition of fun. Some could argue “Well it’s challenging” and it still does nothing for me, far more challenging games made like this that are just way more fun to play.

      Jetpack Joyride would be one good example.

      Me personally I don’t mind what people play or what they waste their time doing but this kind of crosses the line. It is a crappy game in all seriousness that uses game mechanics found in many other games of better quality.

      ..but hey whatever floats your boat.. Time is precious in my opinion, so I can’t fathom wasting my time playing such a poorly made games.


      1. Yeah I agree, it’s not really my kind of game either but I think it gets a lot of hate just because it’s more popular than better games.


  2. I can see why nintendo decided tp put flappy bird on DSi and 3ds due to its hype, but this is goona mean a lot more replacements :/ Hopefully Myamoto wont play this game, cos if he does its gonna be de ja vu XD


      1. “Go back” to playing better games? I play better games than Flappy Birds every day. Flappy Birds is great for between lectures though.


    1. I have it and its pretty fun if you’re into programming. There’s wiki page with some games and applications but most of them are work in progress (and this game, albeit simple, is quite a nice addition). There’s not a lot of tutorials for it but it uses some kind of advanced version of basic so it’s quite simple to grasp.


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