Mario Kart 8 Getting Special Red Case In North America?

mario_kart_8_red_case has revealed that Mario Kart 8 may come in a special red case, rather than the default blue. The red case Mario Kart was spotted on the official Nintendo site earlier today. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe announced yesterday that the highly anticipated title will be coming on May 30th to Wii U.

Thanks, Casey


      1. Are you referring to New Super Luigi U? Fyi, there’s New Super Mario Bros. Wii if you want a red case. It’s perfect. You’d have red (Bros. Wii), blue (Bros. U), and Green (Luigi U)! The only problem is you’d have to organize your Wii Games and Wii U games to meet right at Bros. Wii and Bros. U, if you want to keep things organized.

    1. You comment was funny. If it makes you feel better mine was changed because I bought Pikmin 2 and Super Mario Brothers Wii.

      1. The last format to have red cases by default was HD DVD, and that died a painful death, beaten by a format called BLU(E)-ray, no less. The Wii U is already in trouble despite the prosperity which blue cases bring, so let’s not standardize red cases. It’d truly spell doom. ;P

      2. We shall indeed succed, but wouldn’t you agree that the needless complication of bad juju would be unwelcome?

      3. They should release different color WiiU systems and collectors editions…. Kind of a shame they didnt release a red with SM3DW or a jungle green for the DKCTF.
        Im assuming they just have too much backstock on the cases for the black/white standard edition, but still would be nice to see some variety.

    1. Unity is fucking boring. I would cry if all the game cases were blue. Also, you didn’t buy NSLU in retail? It’s case was green (it will also be a collector’s item later on…)

      well, I bought NSLU at retail so I already have a green case mixed in with my blue cases….I think it looks really cool.

  1. i thought this was kind of weird at first since last gen’s special red box was for new super mario bros wii. but after thinking about it, this might be a subtle marketing trick to try to help out their most anticipated game for the spring.

    go into a store, start looking at games, a red box catches your eye. MARIO KART.

  2. Say “I” if you want the red color to be the standard starting from Mario Kart 8 to mark the rebirth of the Wii U!

      1. I doubt there even developing a metro is game for wii u at the moment if they are then its still in its beginning stages…not to long ago miyamoto said if they were to developers the next metro is game retro studios would be top priority….that was September…..even if they had started development…..its not coming out till the last year of wii us lifespan or even until wii us successor comes out

  3. It looks weird without the Wii U banner being red as well.

    New Super Luigi U’s green case had a green banner.

    But then, I guess uninformed people are still confused about the Wii U somehow, so keeping it blue may just be Nintendo trying to keep things obvious.

      1. A good weird though, not a bad weird. The Red is “popping” out instead of “blending” in. Popping is much more fun to look at then blending.

      2. No, it’s a bad kind of weird.

        All special coloured Wii cases had their banners changed to match.

        So far, the Wii U cases have too. There’s no reason to change the system now.

      3. Well if you knew anything about artwork, you would appreciate the case’s color scheme. They clearly used a red case to match Mario(and his Kart) and they kept the Blue banner to match the Mario Kart 8’s blue as well as the wheels.

        Everything pops. If they changed the banner to red then the blue would have been drowned out. If they kept the case blue then the red would have been overpowered by the blue. They did a very nice job of balancing the colors.

      4. It should have been changed to match the rest of the case. Most people aren’t going to look at it and think that they did a good job at balancing the colors. And honestly, a red case and red banner would catch my eye more than the typical “blue” banner seen on Wii u games, but that is just my opinion.

      5. I think a Red case in general will catch people’s eyes. Whether or not they change the banner to Red won’t make “more” people look at the boxart.

        Leaving it with a red case and blue banner makes it look better than simply going all red while also successfully catching people’s eye…. So in the end it’s better this way even still.

      6. Or maybe they kept it blue to remind us all the hated blue shell is still in the game :p

      7. Don’t try to be reasonable on this site. That doesn’t work here.

        IT’S NO USE!!

      1. Why wouldn’t they deserve it exactly? When people buy them from the eShop, Nintendo get’s the whole $40.

      2. Here I was thinking my use of “;P” to ensure that my words were understood as a joke was a redundancy. Thanks for making it even harder for my already self-conscious self to feel comfortable displaying a sarcastic sense of humor online.

  4. LOL this game is gonna bomb big time!!!
    Super Mario 3D World failed to save the Wii U as it was a HD rehash of the popular Mario 3d Land on the 3DS.
    Once again Mario Kart 8 is just a HD rehash of the 3DS huge hit Mario Kart 7 only difference is a few new tracks and you can now go upside down!!
    $60 for a game that again will not even fully utilize the Gamepad apart from a map?

    1. Im sorry , did u expect it to transform into shooter ?. What more do u want in A FREAKIN RACING GAME.?? I bet your a loser in real life as much as u suck at trolling.

      1. Wii u is dead and even Nintendo agree from yesterdays direct as it was all about the 3DS that is NOT even struggling!!
        Go and cry as Nintendo home consoles are dead for ever!!!

      2. I could say that MKs before 8 are all the same but they still sell millions, why? because each game are just as fun as the next Mariokart, I could go back and play the original one and still have fun..

    2. Can you shut your fucking mouth. You don’t know shit. Nintendo has never created a rehash game in their history.

      1. Nintendo has never created a rehash game ever?LMFAO!!
        what about NSMB U that was an EXACT same game as NSMB Wii but in just HD and 4 player mode!!!
        Zelda Windwaker 10 year old game released on Wii U but in just HD!!!
        Seriously get your facts right The Wii U is the biggest steaming pile of turd gimmick console ever created!!
        PS4 has already over taken its life time sales and the PS4 STILL has the Japan launch to come end of Feb!!
        No one cares about the rip off 7 year old tech U!!
        PS2 in 2000 had a DVD player…….in 2014 Wii U does not!!

      2. If you knew anything about NSMB games you would know they all had their differences and were all on completely different platforms…. That’s like saying Assasin’s Creed 3 on Wii U is a rehash of Assasin’s Creed 3 on Sony’s system… If Multiplatform games aren’t considered rehash then NSMB CANNOT BE CONSIDERED REHASH so get your fucking facts straight.

        HD remakes don’t count when first, the game is over 10 years old and your fucking fans WANT THE GODDAMN GAME!!!! Rehash happens consecutively from year to year and last time I checked Wind Waker is not remade year after year (it has been remade…once….10 years later….)… goddamn dumbasses… making up shit like this guy…

      3. LMFAO TYPICAL Nintendo guzzler in denial!!!
        The Wii U is dead wake up!!
        Wii U is really struggling so in the direct yesterday Nintendo decide to put all their focus on the 3DS that is doing just fine and destroying the Vita?
        Nintendo are supposed to be making people interested in buying the U when all they are doing like they did all 2013 is shift those people to their handheld!!
        Iwata is a joke….Quality Of life HEALTH platform?WORST IDEA in video game history!!

      4. Go ahead. Change the subject to something completely different after I just wiped the floor with you. I’m trolling the troll and there’s nothing you can do but get mad… well and I guess you could get more stupid, but you do that o your own without my help…

      5. LMFAO wiped the floor with me?LMFAO!!!
        The Wii U is dead you pathetic retard ONLY lame Nintendo guzzlers think otherwise!!
        Wii U 5.6 Million in over 15 months…..PS4…..5.2 Million in 11 weeks!!!
        Super Mario 3D World got OUTSOLD by Knack for its first 5 weeks in the UK and Europe!!!LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Nonody gives a crap about the Gimmick U and sales and 3rd party turning their backs prove my point!!
        Watchdogs delayed till after other consoles……Rayman Legends lost its exclusive title after shit Wii U sales,EA turning their backs the list goes on!!
        Seriously go and cry the Wii U is history and only Virgins like yourself think Nintendo will save the pathetic U!!
        Go and blow one to REHASH Mario kart 8!!!

      6. What a sheep you are. Just cause a bunch of people may not buy it, doesn’t mean it isn’t good, and using numbers to justify your argument shows what a sheep you are. “I have the system everyone else has! I listen to what everyone else does! I watch what everyone else does!” What a tool you are. No shit it’s not selling well, in case you haven’t noticed there are a bunch of new type of gamers out there who don’t need gold from shit. Join them like the sheep you are. People who use majority to prove their point tend to be unable to think for themselves and go with with everyone else does for fear of being judged. You don’t like Nintendo or the Wii U, that’s fine, but you ain’t gotta bash it. Have a happy valentine’s day sweet heart :)

      7. Zorbo won’t be swayed to whatever people tell him about Nintendo. Just ignore him if he doesn’t believe you because arguing with him will waste your time.

      8. Yea that’s true, he was just being rude to pink0crystal0midbus and Nintendo fans in general so I tried to tag team him lol. But yea no point in arguing with anyone on the internet when you think about it, most people believe what they believe and won’t be swayed by someone they don’t even know

      9. Just because they were released on different platforms doesn’t mean they can’t be considered as rehashes. The NSMB games are all virtually one in the same, with subtle differences and different stages. They can most definitely be considered rehashes.

      10. Uhhh “Just because they were released on different platforms doesn’t mean they can’t be considered as rehashes.”-yes, it means they can’t. Multiplatform games are not considered rehashes so why would NSMB? NSMB on each platform is exactly like releasing the same game on multiple platforms.

        Think like Sonic Lost World on Wii U and 3DS, they are both “the same game” but also “not.” That is really all the NSMB games are.

        Rehash is CoD and Assasin’s Creed, because they release multiple (mediocre) games onto the SAME console and provide the same experience.

        So, because the NSMB games are not simply mediocre and are actual good experiences on a variety of “different” consoles, they aren’t rehash.

      11. By your definition would you consider Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 to be rehashes? Metroid Prime 1 and 2 to be rehashes? Pikmin 1 and 2 to be rehashes? NES remix 1 and 2 to be rehashes?

        Personally, I’ve never heard this definition of a game being considered a rehash if it’s only recreated again on the same console….says who?

        To me, if I’ve had an almost identical experience with a game, it’s a rehash. Doesn’t matter if I’ve played it on different consoles.

      12. No, by my definition I said “bad” games that are released on the same console are rehashed. NSMB games got great reviews and they were all on different consoles. None of them felt “rushed” despite them being similar. Assasin’s Creed “feels” rushed, has bugs, people are disappointed with the exdperience, the story, etc. Same with CoD. The games were literally made, because they are top sellers and nothing else… rehash. NSMB games were obviously made, because they sell well, but also becuse of their quality. You kill two birds with one stone. Rehash games are simply riding on popularity train and that’s it.

        Basically, consider all the NSMB games as the SAME game, but changed up a bit for each of the consoles it was released on… aka a multiplatform game which just took a little while longer to release on all it’s intended platforms.

      13. Zorbo! Damn! This is ur mother! Log off the internet this instant and scoop up the dog shit outside!! I stepped in it with my bare feet! You know its been weeks since it last rained and I cant take a shower until it does!! Since u moved back in u been nothing but a lazy no good sum-bitch! Biggest mistake of my life was not swallowing!

  5. Between the red case, Mario, and his Kart along with the Blue Wii U logo, the “8,” and the blue zero gravity energy coming from the bottom of the Kart, this boxart is an incredible use of color unity!!! This is literally the 3 x 3 color scheme you would see in a work of art. Amazing work NOA!

    Love this case. I think North America wins best game case this time around ;)

  6. I like the choice of red but it doesn’t match the blue logo on the cover, they should change that too – like they did with New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    1. Red matches Mario and his Kart and Blue Matches the “8” in Mario Kart 8’s logo as well as the blue energy at the bottom of the Kart.

  7. Man when I get this game I’m just gonna swap the artwork from the Red Case the A Blue Wii U Case cause to me red looks like crap and it throws my shelf off order :/ so I’m just gonna swap it no biggie.

  8. These different color cases remnds me of Famicom game cartridges. Famicom cartridges came in all colors of the rainbow.

  9. They should at least change the blue around the Wii U logo. Did anyone at Nintendo even comment on that? Even NSLU had the blue changed to green.

  10. Nintendo needs to spend money on advertising Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart 8 is 6 months late to save Wii U, they really needed it last Christmas. We better get Super Smash Bros. U, Bayonetta, X, and Yoshi’s Yarn U, this year too. Nintendo should do a Super Mario HD collection with updated graphics of Super Mario 64 HD, Super Mario Sunshine HD and Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 HD as well. That would sell some Wii U consoles. Also Metroid Prime Trilogy HD collection. Also Mario All Stars HD with updated graphics for Super Mario Bros. & 2, & 3, & World, & Yoshi’s Island HD. Legend of Zelda TP and SS HD would rule with the option to play with Wiimote plus or Gamepad or controller pro. All of the above games done in HD with updated graphics, multiple control options, Miiverse, and maybe some new multiplayer modes would fill in huge gaps of no games and lack of third party games coming to Wii U.

    1. We have enough people complaining about Nintendo “rehashing” content. We need new games, even if they’re only continuations of existing series. We don’t need “LOLOL #WIIFAILEDU GOT NO GAMES ‘CEPT N64 GAMES I ALREADY BOT!111111!”

  11. Nintendo should also do LOZ Majora’s Mask 3D for 3DS since a they have the assests from LOZ OOT 3D, it can’t be that hard. Also either a remake of Super Metroid 3DS or a sequel to Metroid Fusion on 3DS would be awesome or both.

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