Cranky Kong Plans To Take Over Nintendo’s Twitter Account This Thursday

Nintendo has announced that Cranky Kong will be taking over its Twitter account this Thursday, February 20th. The elderly gorilla will answer questions posed by fans prior to the launch of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which is scheduled to be available February 21st in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Cranky is a playable character in the upcoming game, in which he can use his cane to bounce on hazards without harming himself.


  1. Lmao that is so lame. Nintendo really is for little kids, isn’t it?Hahahahahahahhahahahhahhhahh #RIPWIIU #WIISCAMU #WIIUEXPOSED #NINTENDON’T #NINTENYEAROLDS #NINTENTARDS #SWAG #420FUQDaPOLICE #GANGSTER4LYFe #SONy4LYFE #XBOXRULZ #LILWAYNEIZTALENTED

    1. idk the game already had tons of promotions and ads, it does NOT need anymore, instead focus on other games

      1. Yeah, drop promotion for a game releasing Friday to promote games in the distant future.

    1. Nintendo fisting twitter is a bad image man. If anything Nintendo is getting fisted in the ass by the gaming media which is partially deserved.

      1. Yah as much as I love ninty and will fight for them tooth and nail, that was a straight up retarded move

      2. Who in their right mind would reveal anything noteworthy at VGX.
        No one.

      3. How about a company that’s marketing team has royally fucked them over to where they need all the publicity they can get. Plus how do you know they won’t pull of another Nintendo Direct @E3 stunt again? You still think they will get just as much press that way? Haha yeah right! Microsoft and Sony were the major topics of conversation during E3 2013. Nintendo needs to learn it’s audience, then learn how to garner to that audience, and then learn how to communicate to that audience. They need to get off this family friendly image that they have always been stuck on. When I saw the Lego Movie it helped me realize what they are going for. With kid movies, there is enough fun for all ages but for the older audience it’s only a brief chuckle that won’t make us obsess over kid movies. Nintendo thinks that “Hey lets show off kids playing the Wii U gamepad with Nintendoland and the entire family will want to play it.” Yeah that didn’t happen. What they should have done is shown off a sizzle reel of all the core games arriving on the system and then worked their asses off to get games like Bioshock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto V on the system. But (and I don’t mean to sound racist) since they are Japanese, they have the mindset that it is more honorable to have the company die off trying to be fun for all ages rather than changing and adapting to their true audience.

      4. So remind me, what does that have to do with my statement about the VGX?
        Oh that’s right, nothing.
        Let me reiderate for you in caveman speak since you have trouble understanding one simple sentence.
        Revealing. VGX. Retarded. Comprende?
        Now please, rant at me about E3 because that has everything to do with my comment.

      5. Let me speak to you in full retard because you went full retard and my comment went completely over your feeble minded little head. NINTENDO DOES NOT UTILIZE E3 ANY FUCKING MORE! THEY NEED EVERY LITTLE FUCKING OUTLET THEY CAN FUCKING GET THEIR HANDS ON TO COVER THEIR ASSES FOR ALL THEIR MISERABLE LITTLE MISTAKES THEY HAVE MADE. THEY HAVEN’T HAD A GOOD DIRECT SINCE JANUARY 2013. IT’S NOT JUST VGX…..IT’S EVERYTHING THEY SHOW UP AT THEY BLOW IT. People always say the commenters on here are not the brightest and now I can see that for myself. Why don’t you actually read my whole fucking point I was trying to make next time? You damage controlling dorks are always “Oh just wait until E3……..everything will be revealed there.” Well what the fuck is the excuse of E3 2013? That was a horrible and lame DIRECT they threw at us. They didn’t even show up but you damage controlling Nintendorks are getting your panties all wet over E3 2014 when you know what? IT’S GOING TO FUCKING BLOW TOO. No big third party companies want to support Nintendo anymore, we are going to miss out on a bunch of huge multiplat titles for 2014-2015, and they will show off a bunch of games we don’t care about. The reason why Nintendo doesn’t reveal anything new is because they don’t have anything new to show. So to go back to your retarted first statement, ONCE AGAIN, a company that is balls deep in mistakes and disappointing fans that needs every little outlet it can to try and win back it’s fanbase. Don’t reply to me again you fucking sheep unless you can comprehend what I am saying.

      6. I don’t know. Hyrule Warriors or a hint of a new Metroid game would have been the highlight of the entire show and would have overshadowed everything else.

      7. Well Hyrule Warriors is said to be coming late 2014 so I’m not too worried about that one. The only thing that worries me with Wii U is not getting third party support like every other console generation except NES and Super Nintendo.

      1. I don’t think people in here are actually mad or care too much.. they’re just bored xD

    1. cuz “matured kids” think it is inmature
      well, a lot of companies does the same
      Gaige and Kreig from BL2 on Gearbox
      If I recall, Knack did the same
      and there have been a lot, but kids are always unhappy

  2. I’m going to bribe him to tell me the release date of Smash4 with all my shiny banana coins.
    I’ve been saving up ;D

    1. hey!! the monkey thats gonna take over on friday his name is cranky! an u said for the money to ask the trolls if the are cranky!

  3. LMFAO this is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard!!Why in the F are Nintendo allowing these pathetic little shitty kiddie themed ideas to become a reality?
    WOW Cranky Kong taking over Nintendo’s Twiitter account is so like gonna make people rush out and buy this game!!!LMFAO!!!!!!!!
    When this game bombs big time it is gonna be hilarious to see the excuses the Nintendo guzzlers come up with!!!

    1. a lot of game companies do the same. Is called Marketing, there is a whole career for that
      , GET OVER IT

      also, Cranky Kong is made for this since his appearance, specially since he already breaks the fourth wall a lot

      1. LMFAO Marketing?You are trying to tell me Nintendo knows about Marketing after the pathetic epic failure of the Gimmick U?
        It took Nintendo 8 MONTHS after the console launch to start doing TV adverts after their epic fail word of mouth selling point backfired big time!!
        You mean marketing like Nintendo releasing the worst flyer in video game history to game stores telling them the difference between the Gimmick U and the Wii?LMFAO!!
        Sony and Microsoft have had more TV adverts in the last 2 months than the Wii U has had in its 15 months on the market!!!
        The reason the Wii U has failed is due to EMBARRASSING marketing and the worst name ever!!!

      2. it does
        while slowly, the WiiU is getting popularity over the time, all thanks to the marketing
        Marketing is not the results but the fact of doing so

  4. All you haters who didn’t believe me, now you know. Cranky Kong is real and he’s leading the charge for an ape takeover, starting with Nintendo’s twitter account.

    Planet of the Apes is a documentary from the future.

    1. I hope they have one of the writers from the Mario and Luigi RPG series take over for Cranky’s dialogue. Those guys are brilliant and hilarious.

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