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Luigi’s Mansion Statue Back On Club Nintendo Europe


You remember that awesome Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Statue which quickly sold out on Club Nintendo? Well it’s once again available to purchase.  It’s behind you! Celebrate the Year of Luigi and spook up your shelf with this limited edition, individually numbered Luigi’s Mansion 2 diorama. As Mario’s scaredy-cat brother enters the mansion with his trusty Poltergust 5000, he’s greeted by the ever-pleasant Polterpup and mischievous g-g-g-ghosts in this 12.5cm x10.5cm x 7cm model. Materials: ABS and phthalate-free PVC.

Thanks, Chris C

14 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Statue Back On Club Nintendo Europe”

    1. customer support + send them the code u are given in ur email when they sayd thanks for ordering or something. soubt u will ever find that .

      1. i called twice 2 weeks apart from each other and both times i was told that its still on back order i actually called today for the 2nd attempt and mentioned it being added back to club nintendo europe and that it makes no sense when they still havent shipped mine from the 1st day it was added in the US. Same story though was given that i would have to wait. 3 months of waiting is BU!!S#it! I want my item or my coins back!

  1. WHY IS CLUB NINTENDO EU THE WORST AND MOST EXPENSIVE OH! it will take me another tuyear or 2 to get something worth it.

    first ever thing I got was the pikmin key ring.

  2. ps i did give support my order number i was told yet again still backordered makes no sense since i ordered it the 1st day it was offered and within the 1st 4 hrs it was added.

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