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Grab Mass Effect 3 Wii U For $10 On Amazon

You can currently get Bioware’s fantastic Mass Effect 3 for a mere $10 on Amazon at the moment. The space based action title is sold by Hubbagames, but it’s fulfilled by Amazon. Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U currently has an average review score of 85 on Metacritic so it’s well worth a purchase.

Thanks, Kurt

88 thoughts on “Grab Mass Effect 3 Wii U For $10 On Amazon”

    1. I bought this game for 12 bucks ages ago, it’s fantastic. Everyone who gives any kind of craps about rpgs/shooting guns/multiplayer should get this game. Easily more than worth such a small price.

        1. Yeah man. Even if you ended up not liking the game, you would only lose 10 dollars, which is a relatively insignificant amount of money for a new game. But the game is great so you’re getting a great experience for basically loose change.

          1. its actually 10.99 on amazon and shipping is pretty pricy if you don’t have amazon prime. you would be better off getting a new copy of ebay for 15!

            1. If you never buy anything off Amazon and haven’t taken the Prime trial, do it. I did, just make sure you cancel the subscribe and the free trial will still remain for a month if you want to buy anything else. Pretty simple really and is a legit way to get rid of the shipping at least once.

  1. Its insanely brilliant the story grips u rite away and the online multiplayer is stellar as welk, fantastic game, unbelievable price

  2. Got it already and it’s terrible. The campaign is rediculisly boring and the multiplayer, while fun for a while, gets boring since it’s the same thing over and over like playing the same gamemode in COD

    1. This is probably the most inaccurate review I’ve ever read. I can’t even imagine what kind of games you would consider “exciting.” probably the ones you respawn every 30 seconds.

        1. I love the combat. Far more than the typical run’n’gun stuff. When you pul together a great group of four, working together, it’s helluva fun.

          1. Thats fine but its slow and repetitive for me, i prefer fast combat or hack and slash games like just cause 2 or dynasty warriors

              1. No but i was expecting to at least enjoy it. I’m fine with some slow shooters like Gears or Hit man but this was tedious. Its the same reason i hated Deus ex human revolution, it took ages to get anywhere and when you did it wasn’t worth it.

                  1. I like some RPG’s, i played WOW for a year and put a lot of time into skyrim but mass effect was repetitive and uninteresting.

                    1. Saying Mass Effect is more repetitive and less interesting than Skyrim is probably the most baffling thing I’ve read all week.

      1. Everyone has different tastes, the campaign isn’t anything special. Also read what the guy commented again about the games multiplayer, so i’m pretty certain he doesn’t like games where you respawn every 30 seconds.

    1. That is a ridiculous reason not to buy this game. EA is just a publisher. Bioware is the developer, and they are one of the best developers in the world.

      1. I know that. I still won’t support EA. If they support Wii U more then yes. Stick to Mario? Look at my old posts and you’ll know I’m a Nintendo fan but I also like mature, fos, rpg and sports games…

        1. It’s sad you’re going to miss out on this epic installment for a grudge match with EA.

          At $10, do you really think EA is going to make any money off your purchase? No. They won’t. Amazon is probably pushing out inventory.

        2. I love Mario btw, just saying EA is doing what they are doing. Nothing can change that. A $10 bargain bin purchase isn’t going to fill their coffers one penny.

        3. ” I still won’t support EA. If they support Wii U more then yes. ”

          That right there is the problem with so many Nintendo fans and Wii U owners. And it will be a never-ending catch-22.

          Gamer: “I won’t buy the games unless the publishers/devs support the system more.”

          Publisher/Dev: “We won’t support the system more unless gamers support our games that are already there.”

          1. I bought Rayman, Splinter cell, batman arkham city, tekken, scribblenauts, lego, nba2k13, Zombi U…plus other nintendo 1st and 2nd party. That is support. There is a difference between general support and not supporting a company that bashes Nintendo and its FANS blatantly. I know Ubisoft is one of them but at least they shiwed everyone good gamepad use that even Nintendo can’t as of recent. I am nit a blind fanboy.

        4. You’re not supporting EA by buying a game for 10 dollars, you’re merely buying the game hoping the developers made it worthy. They did btw.

  3. Mass Effect is one of the best series of last gen. Everything about it is top notch. Amazing story, graphics, audio, and game play. If you don’t like this game, please by all means stick to Mario.

    1. I have to disagree. I have never been so bored in my life as I was trying to play the original Mass Effect on my 360.

      I got the trilogy and thought it would be good. The only good part was that the graphics were really beautiful. Everything else was highly lackluster. The game is confusing as hell and I could never find where I needed to go, often backtracking on myself in circles, the story was taking so long to develop I really couldn’t tell what was going on, though I am sure I would have been able to piece it together if I actually beat the game (which I didn’t because it was so bad).

      EA did a really good job of creating a game and just tossing you in and not taking the time to explain to you what it is you need to do, where it is you need to go and it the game didn’t even tell me all the fighting mechanics. I guess it thinks I can just figure all this stuff on my own through trial and error, right? I can’t tell you how many times I died…. and I was on the easiest difficulty.

          1. I played some of the first one, I have forgotten everything about it so it must have been meh. As with most video games, they get better as they go, ME3 is sure to be more fun.

      1. Obviously he likes games that require no thought at all. The story and environment they created is amazing with so much lore that it’s incredible how they came up with all of that and actually make it so believable. It is a game that you really have to be patient with but the reward is more than enough to warrant this patience

        1. No, I like games with thought put into them, but just because a game has “thought” put into it you don’t have to like it. I’m sure a lot of manpower was used to come up with it’s story and graphics, etc.

          I just hated the game. The story didn’t interest me, the game didn’t feel executed well enough for me and the game made things difficult. Not difficult in that it was a “challenge,” but cheap difficult. I felt like the game was cheating or purposefully making things difficult on me to give me a rough time. (No way points, the game has an incredibly steep learning curve and the game doesn’t give you any pointers at all). So unless you really want to invest time and energy into the game to play through it, you won’t be able to. I was not willing to waste my time with the game.

          I play games to have fun, NOT get frustrated. If a game makes me frustrated then it’s a bad game in my eyes.

  4. I bought it for that price. I’ve heard nothing but praise for that game and the series :) Hope the next entry will be on WiiU as well. Doubt it though.

    1. For $10, you get the interactive comic that allows you to catch up and make the critical decisions. If you like epic games, with stellar online coop and excellent graphics, you should buy it.

      I’ve owned it since the WiiU launch and it’s in my top 3 wiiU games and I still play it.

      1. The comic is a poor replacement for being able to play through all 3 games and build up some care for the decisions you make and the people you meet through actual struggles….

        1. I agree but what can you do. Not getting a PS360 so this is all I will get out of the series. I can always watch vids I guess.

    1. It’s a Third Person RPG with shooting elements. For 10 dollars it’s definitely worth a shot. It’s one of the highest ranked games of a generation – and not because of it’s graphics, even though they look very nice as well.

    2. Nope. It’s not a FPS. It’s a heavily story-based RPG/Third Person Shooter where the player’s actions pave the way for how the story turns out. One of the best series to have come out of the last generation. Also, the graphics aren’t that great. Gameplay and story >>>>> Graphics in this game.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        But we are at full scale war now in Japan…

        I hope High Command sends out our greatest weaponry!

  5. Well its actually 10.99. and this is great considering that Mass effect 3 is pretty much the definitive version since it has all the DLC except one on disc, and thats still a shit ton of DLC!!!

  6. EA is one of the companies and a big reason why Nintendo has little 3rd party support and negative rep from media and developers….while i respect everyone’s opinion and it may well be a very good game- in a wider perspective, we Nintendo fans are all affected by this. So no….just no.

    1. you do realize that games are sold to stores that sell them in other words EA already got there cash for the game. this would give the store selling it cash. Since this game is no longer being printed it means the store can’t go order more copies, so EA does not get more cash, and considering it pretty much already has all the DLC on the disc. you dont need to shell out cash for that either.! basically EA does not profit in the slightest!

  7. Guys, this isn’t about supporting EA or the WiiU. It’s $10 for entertainment. Most gamers will easily get $10 of fun out of this game, that’s all I’m saying.

    1. Yeah we know, but it is not really a matter of fun or not but more of a matter of principles, EA was the biggest reason why the Wii U’s 3rd parties left in numbers, EA makes FIFA, while I hate FIFA and all sports games, it is undeniable that it is a hugely successful series, EA said “We’ll develop FIFA for 3DS but we sure as hell ain’t making it for Wii U” this is the first time EA decided to skip making a FIFA game for any Nintendo console, and that is such a slap in the face of fans and Nintendo

      1. lol No. You can’t blame a single thing on EA when it comes to the Wii U. Blame Nintendo and blame the “gamers” who aren’t supporting the system and the games on the system.

        1. F*** no.
          I am NOT going to do something as stupid as blaming Nintendo for the practices of third parties.
          It isn’t Nintendo’s fault that EA decided it was okay to release ME3, AT FULL F***ING PRICE, around the same time as the series collection, AT A CHEAPER PRICE, on other, OLDER, systems.


          Place the blame on third party shoulders, where it’s f***ing DUE, if you’re going to blame someone for bad third party games.

          Not on gamers who shouldn’t have to be forced to open their wallets for horribly designed games just to win over the support of a bunch of pricks WHO HAVE SHOWN IN WAYS THAT CANNOT BE DENIED THAT THEY DO NOT >ACTUALLY< CARE ABOUT THE WII U FANBASE.

          My money, and everyone else's, should stay right where it f***ing is until they clean up their act and start releasing games with the same level of content quality as the rest of their games.

          1. Thank you. At least you get my point. Im not wasting my time explaining anymore my stance in why I won’t buy the game. If they want to support EA fine, i respect their decision but do not tell me that EA is not getting anything out of this. Yes, retailers bought games already and reselling BUT there is a thing called “consignment” where retailers stock and nust pay whatever gets sold. They can return unsold ones.

    2. For me, it’s a matter of principles.
      I’m not paying any amount of money for this game when EA has decided that the collection, which is a better value no matter how you spin it, would be better off not hitting the system at all.

    1. Yes totally having all but one piece of DLC on disc for no additional cost, and being able to command your troupes with the touch pad meaning you don’t have to stop the action means its the worst version!

  8. Still not worth the money.
    If this were the collection of all 3 games plus all the DLC, I’d be saying differently, but EA screwed the pooch on this one.
    No two ways about it.

  9. Maybe if they replace Shepard with Mario and Garrus with Donkey Kong and change the game to a platformer I might play it.

  10. Its actually 10.99 plus it would be close to 7 bucks shipping for me and I live in CA, so not really worth it considering its probably 17 used at gamestop anyhow.

  11. This game was the most boring game I’ve ever played. Wouldn’t even mind if it was for free…or the whole trilogy for 10 bucks on any other platform.

  12. Mass Effect 3 for Wii U is the definitive version minus the DLC. It has superior interface and character management, and arguably inferior frame rates. In other words, this version is simultaneously the best version of the game even though it is also gimped.

  13. I saw this for around $15.00 on eBay. Even that’s fairly cheap. I also bought Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed III both for $15.00 on eBay. I would probably buy this game on Amazon, but I’m broke until the 1st. If it’s still this price (and available) by then, I’ll buy it. Strictly because I’m a collector. Definitely not because I like the game.

    1. MAN, this game comes up to $15-something with tax added. So eBay IS the same overall price. Might be used on eBay. But it’s good enough for me.

  14. What a bunch of whiny babies standing up for their “principles” like EA insulted their mom.

    EA made a business decision with Nintendo. Third party titles have always struggled to compete on Nintendo’s systems because gamers would rather buy a $50 Zelda title we played 10 years ago than a whole new experience at $10 made by a third party.

    So stick it to the man! Show EA they were justified in abandoning the console and not buy one of the greatest games(and stories) to hit the gaming industry in the last 10 years.

  15. Alright this why I love They always notify us gamers of great deals such as this. When I heard this game was coming to Wii U at E3 2012 I got really excited but then I found out they announced an HD collection that wouldn’t be coming to Wii U for the same price as just Mass Effect 3 for Wii U. I thought that it would be best to wait until it was $20 and then play it because that seemed fair to me. Well now I can finally experience this game. Awesome!

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