Amazon UK Offers Some Great Wii U Console Deals

A number of special Wii U deals have popped up on Amazon UK. The best value for money pack is the 8GB Basic package which comes with Just Dance, Nintendo Land, and Wii Party U with two Wii Remote Plus controllers for £189.99. Presumably if you aren’t interested in those games, you could try and sell them.


  1. The 8gb basic is garbage. I know “expandable sd card” but 50gb should have been the minimum offered. The big problem is lack of space to download titles directly to the system.. even with 32gb. Sure you can go out and buy an external HD, but that involves the consumer to invest much more time into learning about external HD’s and they simply just go without the game on what couldve been an impulse buy. My 32gb is maxed out with a few demos, games, and a number of indie titles. Luckily I have a 500gb external too, but it should be offered to those who dont “get it” Dont make the consumer jump through hoops to enjoy your product. I thought that was self explanatory after apples success, but I guess not (android user here too)

    1. But having a lower memory takes a reasonable amount of money off the cost – and I bet the majority of Wii U owners don’t require the additional memory, certainly on the 32GB system. I do think that they should sell an official Nintendo EHD just to make that process easier for your average Joe.

    2. Well it brings the price of the console down for people who want physical copies of their games. I don’t need much hard drive space, so Nintendo just saved me money.

      1. Not true. Look how much ps4 cost and it comes with 500gb. Nintendo could have put more gigs but they decided to be cheap and cut costs wherever possible

    1. You get screwed over, especially if you bought it at launch, and the Wii U is really worth $200 Max anyway

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