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Retro Studios Says “We’ll Be Lucky” To Someday Return To Metroid

In a recent interview with US Gamer, Retro Studios Michael Kelbaugh said that the talented development team would be lucky to get the chance to work on another game in the Metroid franchise. We already heard last week that Retro Studios have been busy developing a new game since development of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze ended back in November.

“You’re not going to find a larger bunch of Metroid of Metroid Prime fans than at Retro studios. We’ll be lucky to someday, maybe, work on another one. There’s a lot of people in the studio left over from Metroid Prime that are very passionate about Metroid… If the fans keep asking, then maybe we’ll answer.”

127 thoughts on “Retro Studios Says “We’ll Be Lucky” To Someday Return To Metroid”

  1. HMMMM……..


    Or they’re just working on a different game. Still, exciting!

        1. E3’s going to be big! I’m expecting a pair of newcomers once again and I’m sure that both of them will be very good choices. (From the likely candidates, all of them have a large fanbase imo) I’m also looking forward to Myamoto’s secret IP. Could be the next big thing!

          1. I’m sure what ever he dues it well sell units, but something just tells me its going to be a kid game, I would be so excited for a another Metroid, or Zelda like game.

            E3 well be very excited, I love Nintendo and Xbox, so I’m excited to see what both well be showing off, I’m hoping that Wii U, 3DS, and Xbox One well have big software updates for their OS, as well as more adult content games from Nintendo, and some good stuff from Xbox, hopefully they announce that their not just going to make new IP, but FINALY reuse their old IP.

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  2. yea, kinda of a bummer but…after watching the Oculsu rift and metroid prime video on youtubes…im blown away. I say exchange the wii-pad for an nintendo made VR head set…

      1. Okay, let me elaborate a little more. Assuming that they currently aren’t working on Metroid, their game-in-progress will likely take about two years to make, releasing around the end of 2015. If they start production of Metroid HD right before that game finishes, they will likely take another two years two make that, releasing around the end of 2017.

  3. I’d like to see them do a Metroid side-scroller. The Prime games weren’t bad, but I don’t like FPSes (one of the reasons I stick with Nintendo!). If they could do for Super Metroid what they did for Donkey Kong Country, well, holy gawddamn!

  4. If this is really the truth and not just them trying to throw us off like Hopper2004 said above, then it’s pretty much confirmed their next game isn’t Metroid OR Donkey Kong if you also consider what they said last time. Either way it’s exciting.

  5. “If the fans keep asking, then maybe we’ll answer.”

    Didn’t know Capcom’s CEO was the one after Retro Studios.

    1. That quote also doesn’t make sense because I remember Nintendo saying that Fan requests literary make no difference to them.

            1. Kurisu: “lol you’re so genuinely angry it’s hilarious.”

              lol look who’s talking now. It’s like you’re obsessed with me or something :O

                    1. Well, apparently, I’m now banned from here. But rest assure I’ll be back hahahahahaha…


      1. I would like one, but I can wait, I want the the third one to end with a bang, the return of KING K ROOL

            1. Definitely, although I’ve heard some good things about the final boss in the Wii game as well as the Wii U one. I can’t wait to fight those guys.

              1. The wii one is hard for the wrong reason, and he was pretty bad final boss, not as bad as DKC3’s. The wii u final boss was fantastic, he reminded me of K rool, if he were to return in dk game i would like it.

                1. As it stands, I may be getting both games at around the same time, so it’ll be nice to directly compare them. I can finally see what all the excitement is about!

                2. Actually, all of the attacks that the final boss uses in DKCTF is actually a reference to the attacks that King K. Rool uses in the original trilogy. (Specifically, the charge from DKC, the shooting from the background from DKC3, and shooting in the foreground from DKC2.)

    2. If this is really true, then a new IP or a new Starfox game are my guesses. It’s probably not F-Zero because Fast Racing Neo is coming out this year I believe.

      1. I hope they are working on a new Star Fox!!
        Can you even imagine how awesome a SF game made by Retro would be!?

      1. This doesn’t mean anything. They are under-strict NDA so they can’t tell us anything about the project they are doing. Certain NDA’s even prohibit the studios from informing the media of the existence of the game. We just have to be glad we have something to speculate about until E3.

    3. The only Metroid game I want is Metroid Prime hunters 2 on the Wii U with online play and voice chat otherwise I could give a fuck. Being on a new starfox

    4. Prime is over anyway. I want Metroid to come back to the main series. It’s time for a sequel to Metroid Fusion. Bring us Metroid 5 Nintendo.

        1. Whoever said that cliffhanger has to lead into a new Prime game? With Dark Samus, aka Metroid Prime, dead, that cliffhanger could lead either to a new subtitle series… or a Metroid 5 could reveal Samus has been followed by Sylux ever since the end of MP3.

    5. If the fans keep asking?
      ….Keep asking!??!
      How long do we have to keep asking!?!? We have given you years worth of asking. Do we have to suck your dicks too?

    6. hahaha only one game and they’re lucky?!?? hashahhHHhah probably the only current gen game left for the #WIIUFAIL #WIIFUCKU lmao!!!!! stupid soggy pussy cunts have fun with your lame ass 1990 rehashes

    7. another rehashed kiddy game for wii u fanboys. halo and gears of war are better than the kiddy e rated metroid

      1. Metroid is more muture then most of those games hell the mother trilogy is more adult then most modern games.

    8. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT IS HAPPPENING ARFGGGHGFGGGSFHHVIYJUEWS now say they will make 1 moreand carry on IF it starts selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If thats the problem………

    9. I have been asking for Metroid Prime 4 forever. Getting really sick of waiting! Wii U needs Metroid Prime 4 to really showcase graphics of Wii U and have action/shooter/puzzles/platforming/scifi story/online multiplayer.

        1. If Metroid Prime did somehow survive the destruction of Phaaze & Phazon, it would still take her decades, if not centuries, to return to the Galactic Federation galaxy since Phaaze could only be reached by wormhole because of it’s distance from the Galactic Federation’s galaxy. I just want to move away from first person Metroid already. If there is to be another Metroid that isn’t a main game, I would hope it’s a brand new subtitle series.

    10. Why isn’t Nintendo utilizing lucrative franchise like Metroid. Also why not Star Tropics and Earthbound?

      1. Earthbound’s creator doesn’t want to make another one. As far as he’s concerned, Earthbound’s story is over, which is really sad.

    11. If it isn’t Metroid, then it has to be either Starfox or something completely new. Also if Retro is not indeed working on the next Metroid game, then at least have it be made by EAD and not somebody completely unaffiliated with Nintendo (the last thing we need is another Other M).

    12. This news confirms that the game that Retro are currently working on isn’t a new Metroid. That’s both disappointing and exciting. Disappointing because a new Metroid would be amazing in HD and with the GamePad. Exciting because they’re working on an already existing Nintendo IP (maybe Starfox!), or possibly an all-new original IP.

      The fact that Retro aren’t working on a new Metroid doesn’t mean that a new Metroid isn’t on the way. A different developet can develop it. I think Platinum could create a fantastic new entry in the series.

      1. Exactly. Retro isn’t the only company capable of making Metroid. If only most of the people here could realize that.

        1. Yeah, man. Remember when it was first
          announced that Retro were working on a
          new Metroid? People were freaking out
          because they were an unknown developer
          from the west, instead of from Japan. It
          got even worse when they announced the
          game would utilize a first-person
          perspective. Well, look how that turned
          out… Metroid Prime ended up being one of
          the best games in the series and one of the
          best games of all-time. That’s why I think
          having a new developer would be awesome
          (yeah, I know Other M wasn’t too great for
          some people, but still). They could surprise
          and awe us the same way Retro did back in

          1. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that either. Personally, I’d like to see Nintendo EAD take it up themselves this time, like with the older games, but I’m fine with another developer trying.

    13. I think Mario is overexposed. They need Metroid. They need new IP. They need to bring back dormant IP like Star Tropics and Earthbound. They need another installment in The Last Story. I really can’t wait for Mario Kart though, and Super Smash Bros U, but they have more than just Mario. Also can’t wait for X. I loved Xenoblade. Wii had so many great games. Wii U has had a long drought, finally using it since Super a Mario 3D Land came out, maybe I will pick up DKTP, just not feeling it. I would like it better if it was 3D. Waiting for Bayonetta 2 as well. I hope Platinum Games keeps making games for Nintendo, like Vanquish 2 and Madworld 2. Those sequels and Bayonetta 2 could really give Wii U an awesome library of action games.

    14. Yeah. Remember when it was first announced that Retro were working on a new Metroid? People were freaking out because they were an unknown developer from the west, instead of from Japan. It got even worse when they announced the game would utilize a first-person perspective. Well, look how that turned out… Metroid Prime ended up being one of the best games in the series and one of the best games of all-time. That’s why I think having a new developer would be awesome (yeah, I know Other M wasn’t too great for some people, but still). They could surprise and awe us the same way Retro did back in 2002.

    15. I still don’t get the obsession over the metroid series. I thought they sucked, were boring with a lame story and painful gameplay. To each their own I guess.

        1. Sorry to bust your bubbles fanboy but Halo back when it was good shitted on Metroid. The only Metroids that were good were the 2d games. Don’t compare the garbage that was the prime series to the better halo series. The 2d Metroid games shitted on prime.

    16. It’s because Retro is now working closely with Miyamoto and Miyamoto doesn’t do Metroid games. They are most likely working on Miyamoto’s new IP like they said they might a little while ago. Nintendo will probably stick to 3rd parties for doing Metroid games or they come out with a new team who will do the games…

      Maybe they’ll ask Platinum? Could they be good at a Metroid game, or are they too flashy and too fast paced for the franchise?

    17. well they are saying that because miyamoto hold a gun to there head and FORCES THEM TO MAKE MORE SIDESCROLLERRRRSSSS

    18. Retro should work on Star Fox or a new ip. Metroid is SPD1’s franchise so they should be making another one NOT RETRO!

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