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Ex-Criterion Boss Alex Ward Complains About Both EA And Nintendo

Ex Criterion boss Alex Ward has taken to Twitter to complain about both EA and Nintendo. Ward who helped develop the respected port of Need for Speed: Most Wanted Wii U says that neither EA or Nintendo gave the team any support and they were left feeling rather aggrieved. Ward has now started his own indie company, but when asked about if his game would come to Wii U he replied that it’s fairly unlikely.

40 thoughts on “Ex-Criterion Boss Alex Ward Complains About Both EA And Nintendo”

    1. I can’t believe there are idiots complaining to these guys. Criterion did a fantastic job bringing need for speed to the wiiU. It’s unfortunate that they received no recognition for their hard work.

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


    Everything is the Electron army’s fault, stop complaining about our empire…

  2. Maybe if EA didn’t shout out so much crap about Nintendo then perhaps they might have helped. If someone said crap about me I certainly wouldn’t help them.

    Doesn’t work both ways. Deal with it I say. Also if this developer is as good as he says he is then he should consider doing something for Wii U. And when I say consider, I mean design the game for the console. Not just a shoddy port, because I get sick of those.

      1. Actually, he said “probably not tbh” about putting games on Wii U and “yawn” when he responded to the guy about the success indies have on Nintendo systems.

    1. if nintendo gave 3rd party devs any support at all there’s a good chance the wiiu would be thriving with games worth playing right now.

      1. Nintendo supports third party developers like Sega, Platinum Games, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. They can’t help it if they were burned by EA, and Criterion should be complaining about their bosses, not the company who own the system that their bosses had them make an old port for.

        1. Nope. They don’t release games because it’s not profitable. Sources are everywhere. Nintendo will support devs, they just don’t buy them out like Sony and MS.

        2. SamngsumgPhonesKeyboardsFuckingSu

          Uh, Wii U has plenty of games worth playing, more so than PS4 and XBO. Don’t be an idiot.

          1. You mean like a Kiosk that demos only one game such as Rayman Legends. Yeah that might help the system sell.

        3. Well Nintendo needs to get of their thumbs out there ass. It’s getting silly now. I don’t want a crap box or gaystation to play games. I won’t games on my Wii U. Get it sorted Nintendo.

            most people that work with ninty love them, especially indies and some 3rd parties!.
            some become 2nd party too, like next level in like, November.

          2. Wait, what? Okay breakdown

            An ex-developer for Need for Speed is complaining about EA and Nintendo not giving him support

            Need for Speed is developed PRIMARILY by EA

            EA doesn’t have support for Nintendo

            Why should Nintendo give support to an EA owned company exactly? Where is the logic is that statement?

            So he is blaming Nintendo for a lack of support even though Nintendo has no obligation to help them? Wow does that mean that I have a legit case against Bill Gates cause he won’t give me $10 000? Y’know since I have never met him that’s what makes my case viable

          3. why should Nintendo have to break of their own projects to help with a year old port? the only reason why they even made this was becuz the wii u was new to launch and they new people would need a game so they expected it to sell 1 to 1 with the system and were disappointed when it didn’t. news flash b4 the port came out people already played it. sounds to me like some1 placing blame for their own short comings theres got to be some reason why hes an ex boss. and tons and tons of indy companies and even second and 3rd parties have already stated that they love working for Nintendo becuz they are the easiest going company and they don’t rush people they let them take their time to ensure a great product. this guys bitching accounts for exactly nothing we wont die from missing 1 indy game there are already 100 on the way to take its place so his loss not ours.

            1. I never played it because I only purchase Nintendo consoles. It’s all I have time and $$ for. NFSMW was amazing. I still own it because it’s a gorgeous game on a next Gen system.

              Maybe more of the WiiU install base owns xBoxs and ps3s than I thought.

          4. Awww look at the babies defending their beloved Nintendo as always, as Nintendo can do no wrong in their fanboy driven mind. Kamiya said the same thing about The Wonderful 101 and Nintendo’s lack of promoting it, which is true.

            The Wii U has barely had any games come out in the past year and a half since it launched. Nintendo should be promoting it, showing games. Any game that comes to it’s system should be advertised. (And Nintendo Direct’s don’t count, the only ones who watch those are their loyal fanboys, the general public has no idea of the existence of Nintendo Direct’s).
            Iwata has turned Nintendo into a baby toy company. Nintendo should have invested in new studios years ago (to replace all their 2nd party studios like Rare and the rest that they sold years ago), before the Wii U launched, it wouldn’t have the drought of games it has had over the past year and a half. But there again, babies will make excuses as Nintendo can do no wrong in their fanboy eyes LOLOLOL!
            In the eyes of the babies Nintendo never does anything wrong and the lack of third party support isn’t Nintendo’s fault LOLOLOL! The only games Nintendo “advertises” nowadays are their beloved baby games,(and if you seen the ad for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze or any of those baby games their are clearly aimed at babies lololol). Don’t worry though, Iwata is going to save the Baby U with his new “non wearable devices” approach and his QOL LOLOLOLOL!

            1. Totally agreed everyone defending big n like they don’t suck either. I love Nintendo I love my 3ds but the wii poo fucking sucks.barely has games and you should support ppl that actually give you a game

            2. I can see where this guy is coming from and based on his response, I really don’t blame the guy why he had to go through such debacle.

              As for Nintendo not giving him support that he needed, there’s an obvious reason why they didn’t involve themselves: EA. During that time and before Wii U was released, EA went into full butthurt rage mode spurring constant, unprofessional BS about its hardware just to get back at Nintendo for rejecting Origin..for obvious reason. Origin is a forced, spyware operated POS service that does nothing to enhance gaming experience but share your private information like name and addresses to god knows where according on a personal level and its also one of the biggest reasons why EA is hated so much. Nintendo foresee this problematic service for what it is and what reception it receives and didn’t want to share the same pain on their new gaming system so they simply said no in the end and of course EA handling rejections so well they decided to take off their professional act masks and unleash their trolling at their fullest extent.

              That’s what really went down and I know it and its exactly why I stop giving a shit about EA long ago. I hope to see EA fall very soon because they truly deserve to be shut down and not countless other great studios like the Bioshock creators because they ended up bankrupted thanks to the likes of EA and their greedy ass ways.

              As for Nintendo, I feel a bit more sorry for them than mad because I know damn straight they’re careful to never mistreat their customers and partners like EA does. Sure they make a few, strange ass decisions and mistake but none in the same caliber as EA who have proven, don’t care but make a quick buck at the expense of sacrificing their partner studios/game’s reputation and consumers trust.

            3. Ahm, why is it Nintendo’s fault?
              Why does he think it is Nintendo’s job to promote a third party game? I mean, yeah, Nintendo can go out of their way to promote it, the same way they can go out of their way to promote any other game, but its not their duty.
              If he feels there wasn’t enough promotion then he should take it out on those responsible, that is EA.

            4. If I remember right this isnt just a port. They worked hard on it and got zero advertisement. Nintendo doesnt do advertisement for 3rd party company’s and EASY has expressed they don’t care about nintendo. I feel bad for the developers. Nintendo start ad ertsor 3rd parties! And EA…just stop making games…

            5. Excellent game. EA should’ve promoted it. Nintendo has done some work to promote it, but why the fuck should they do EA any favours?

              Some of these devs should stay quiet because they just make a mess when they talk about this stuff.

            6. Anyone else get the irony that this whining douche is now acting the same way as EA now that he is on his own and in control? What a hypocrite. I took the time to email Criterion and thank them for their work on NFSU. Not even an auto reply. I couldn’t care less about if this whiners games come to the Wii U. I mean, who hasn’t been disrespected by their boss or client? Grow up loser!

            7. I can understand as an artist feeling like your work isn’t supported and its easy to blame the people above you, thinking they aren’t doing enough to help you up, but its important not to get bitter. All he is doing is alienating future customers and fans that might be interested in future projects.

              Also, for the record Nintendo did do a few things to promote the game, like put posts on their facebook about the game, it was on the front page of the eshop for awhile, there was video and I think a demo on the Nintendo Kiosk and its on the Mii verse. They even had a pamphlet on Nintendo games which had Need for Speed as a Criterion game with no listing of EA at all. What they did do was TV commercials which might be a good idea to compilation video of 3rd party games.

            8. That was an idiotic comment by Nintendrone.

              People like that makes Ninty fans look bad. People have to understand developers just makes the games and Criterion made the best version for WiiU. But developers don’t make the big decisions such as release date and marketing, that’s the publishers job).

              That’s like going to an Apple Store and complaining about
              worker/labor abuse and conditions at Chinese manufacturing plants.

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