Mega Man Developer Reveals Azure Striker Gunvolt For Nintendo 3DS eShop

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has revealed that he is working on a brand new project titled Azure Striker for the Nintendo 3DS. The intriguing title is a side-scrolling action game which you can see in the video above.  Azure Striker Gunvolt is being developed by the team behind Mega Man and Mighty No. 9. Azure Striker Gunvolt will be released in the summer on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan.

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  1. I like how its exclusive……….he should get megam rights back and become 2nd party to ninty!

    1. This^ Megaman is heavily associated with Nintendo and they aren’t like Capcom, they’ll sure let him finish any game he wants.

      Anyway, this game looks good, I need to see more tho.

    2. Honestly I think he is over megaman I dont think he would do much even if he did have it. That said I would much rather see Nintendo buy out megaman, but they should have platinum work on the games.
      honestly if they just remade games 1-6 and all they did was update physics and move the games over to 2.5D game in HD the. They would sell like crazy. Then just remake the rest of the megaman games, and do the same with the MMX series as well.

      1. apparently cpacom don’t let him the rights…..so he did number 9 now.

      2. I don’t see any need to do an update to physics… The way Megaman plays is pretty great as it is. pixel-perfect detection and precise jumping based on how you tap/press the button is already really good. That’s all a good platformer needs to be honest. Also, there is absolutely no need to change the pace of the X games. The dashes already make it an action heavy platformer.

  2. Isent this his like,….4 or5 game to announce and none of them are out? Or am I missing something.

    also (and I dont mean this to sound rude) but is he gay?

    1. I’m kinda wondering if he’s just re-skinning M#9 or something…how can he work so long and hard just to get screenshots out of M#9, then suddenly this game is practically developed??

      I don’t get it

    1. Im shocked you’re not banned from IGN yet…
      The moderators must have wanted some spice in the Nintendo section

      1. Actually its not that theyre fsnboys, but the mods on the Ninty forums are really strick as appose to the ones on the PS3/360 forum’s. Anything negative or even not in favor of nintendo, and your comments deleted or you get warned for “trolling” I guess theyre just doing there job.

    2. LOL! XD

      He even trolls himself saying “future 360”, what a joke, he’s joking or he’s such a loser he won’t even get an Xbox One, I guess it’s not enough for him! XD

  3. I absolutely LOVE it! It reminds me of Megaman Z. The movement physics are allll that, and I just love the sprites! Gives you that retro GBA/SNES feel! Then it’s action based! This might be a Rated 13+ game! Man! Man! Man! Thanks for appealing to the older audiences Inafune! Love ya! When it comes to NA, I’m getting that shit.

  4. Your right it dose look awesome if there’s enough demand I am sure the game will come to the west I hope it dose aso the music is also cool

  5. I like Khant Nyar <3 . We're dating now, and it's so fun! :3

  6. Standards have changed and today, an action game cannot be just action sequences packed together like the old Megaman games, it needs a story and the characters that come with it.
    It looks like a modern Megaman, looks great.

  7. If Mighty No. 9 is the spiritual successor to Mega Man, this is the spiritual successor to Mega Man Zero. That’s just awesome.

  8. Iwata is such a dumb Cornball

    Somebody tell me why he doesn’t recruit this guy and his whole staff at comcept?

    Why isn’t he buying Mistwalker,Capcom,Sega,Ect ect

  9. we at microsoft ordered capcom do eliminate useles staff this is y ifune dreams to make ded rising but must make cash ins like mighty 9 using unreal 3 because he is not a good programer

      1. if you can’t tell that’s a troll by the name then I got news for you, bud

  10. Man this guy needs to get over megaman… Thought it looks amazing and super fun this guy has no imagination at all u.u
    Mighty n.9 is classic megaman and gunvolt is megaman z or zx… Even the stoey seems similar…

  11. From the picture I thought the main character might be a girl, but in the video he was referred to as a boy.

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