Here’s A Look At Nintendo’s New Development Studio


Nintendo Japan has completed work on its new development studio which is located in Kyoto, Japan. Japanese gaming publication Inside Games recently took some snaps of the new studio which looks very similar to Nintendo’s headquarters. Nintendo says that they built the structure to centralize and strengthen Nintendo’s game development. You can check out all the images, here.

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      1. WTF Nintendo? How dare you build new game development studios! How will the Sony and Microsoft fanboys chant Nintendoomed now?

      2. I’m sure they will come up with even more silly attacks…

      3. Sonydrone logic.

        Sony sells headquarters and cuts jobs.

        Sony Fanboy: It’s okay, we can use that money for more amazing exclusives like Knack!

        Nintendo builds new game development studio.

        Sony Fanboy: LOL Nintendo must be doomed!

      4. Ahahahahahahahah yes indeed…

        Their logic is backwards and my logic is:

      5. God I really dont care for Sony, its like the ps4 is just a more powerful ps3, their is like only 2 new featers. Its eye toy is trying to copy Kinect, move is trying to copy the Wii remote, and Sony games copy Nintendo and Microsoft IP. (halo, smash, Zelda, MK, exe) Sony should became a third party studio. Why many shitty copies of things, just use Kinect, just use Wii remote, help develop games like halo and smash lol, and its like Sony fans want to play Zelda but think they have to be Sony fans or something so they settle for god of war…..hummm

      6. Soon our empire will consume all of nintendrones assets just like the eDRAM factory….

      7. Its funny, Microsoft has several campuses’ around the world and their always doing great, Sony is on top with ps4 and is selling all its buildings and in debt, Nintendo is behind with Wii u but is building new buildings…..interesting

      1. They build more so you have a job sucking all of their employee’s cocks.

      2. And once they mouth fuck him to death, they pitch him into the dumpster and he’s forgotten. Best part about that is, we don’t see his dumb fuck comments on here anymore

      3. Your comments are all rehashes of your previous comments only talking about rehashes. BORING!

    1. And is that a problem? At least Nintendo is expanding their resources to improve their image.

      More resources/studios = more gaming productivity = increasing more quality Wii U needs

      Relax. You want Nintendo to improve? This is what they’re doing.

  1. Nice. Here is Nintendo expanding, despite fervent and incessant claims by everyone that they’re doomed. Dream on, people.

  2. I know this comment is crap and pointless but their new building could have looked a little less dull.

      1. Put wall decals of their characters high up. I don’t know if graffiti is a problem with Japan as much as it is with America, minus Bowser Jr., but I knew a store that would repair games and still have NES games up to 64 games. I don’t remember if they had any type of console or handheld games but they would paint huge murals on their windows and assholes would ruin it with their “tagging” with stupid meanings and impossible to read penmanship. I would get so aggravated from passing the store and wonder how anyone could do that to a huge work of Super Mario Bros. 2, sadly they moved and now I just see white paint where all the lovely work use to be…

    1. That’s what all of blind, graphics ass-kissing douchebags wants to see and believe. Not only Sony is losing money but I’m hearing Microsoft is considering selling the Xbox brand to whoever wants it..maybe Amazon.

      So yeah. Nintendo really is doomed and not soon-to-be bankrupt Sony or Xbox-less Microsoft.

      1. They should sell it to us so we can reclaim our lost Rare artifacts and then dispose of their boring IPs while we are at it…

      2. You pathetic apes and your assumptions about people you know nothing about…

        I’m the most unnatural being on this planet…

      3. STFU! The only thing that is pathetic is you! Everybody knows it! Racist fucking bastard! You don’t deserve ant respect you fucking loser! Everybody on the face of the earth is a better nintendo commander than you would be you social reject! You do the same assumptions as well fucking hypocrite!

  3. Well, there you have it, just another fact for trolls, how can Nintendo be doomed if they’re making new development studios??
    Ah?, ah?…

  4. See, Nintendo builted 2 buildings. One for IntelligentSystems and now this new development studio. Nintendo doesnt need to sell their buildings like Sony (i love Sony and Playstation, not being Fanboy over here). Its funny people say that Nintendo isnt doing well, they are gonna do this and that blah blah blah, but its just talk and some crazy imagination that someone with a suit said, the thing is its not true. And every fucking idiot who acts like an expert on internet like Pachter, Aelous and other monkeys should just stfu. Oh and lets not forget projects that Nintendo funds too like Bayonetta2,W101. If Nintendo werent well they wouldnt be using this much money but they are doing well and good so fuck you haters! I always love to say this but Nintendo isnt Sega and we all should be thankful for that.

    1. I couldn’t agree more…

      Our empire flourishes while the Sonyans crumbles and the Xbots might even self-destruct with their new Overlord taking over ahahahahahahah…

      1. Well i dont want Xbox to disappear maybe with a new owner they could be leaded a more better. What annoys me most is those idiots who always are like “well Nintendo does this because Sega which was in completely different situation did that”. I mean they base that whole line to the fact that both Nintendo and Sega are 100% gaming companies, what next are they gonna compare Nintendo to Ubisoft? lol. I can already see it actually, “Ac games come every year Nintendo needs to release Tloz every year or else they are doomed”-Pachter in somepoint of future. The point is none of those monkeys like rest of us know what Nintendo is doing/planning etc. Its just better to wait and see what future brings instead of predictin death of WiiU and what QOL actually is etc. We shall all enjoy WiiU/3DS games like X,Bayonetta2,Mk8 etc. instead of bitcing how much any of those titles sell. Thats what pisses me too those idiots who dont even own the game and come cryin like “waah wahhh Nintendoooomed Nintendo fanboys only play baby games blah blah i dont have better way to waste my free time” etc.

      2. Indeed…

        That’s the core difference between us Nintendo fans and the rotten garbage outside our empire…

        We actually enjoy and play our games unlike them who only buys it because it’s what’s “in” right now…

      3. Whoa, wow, that’s the way to let ’em have it man, good job of speaking your mind. I agree…you dumb fucks like kamatari, zeama, and a few other trolls I care to point out but I’m not going too…NEED TO LEARN A LESSON…about the so called Nintendooooooooooom is ridiculous, period. Granted I said that wii u is in trouble but you know what, I said that PS4 and Xbox are also in the hot chair. To the point when I hear “enjoy your baby games” just proves that they are no real gamer…they’re just wanna-be gamers. You can’t handle the truth of being a real gamer, to withstand Nintendo games, I’ll grand DAM tee you that you can’t beat DKCR without buying a few balloons and if you can…(which is the only easy part of the game) and then lose all of them slowly. Ever heard of Punch out? I bet there are very few that can beat that game in this current generation and reach Tyson. Face it trolls, you don’t know jack shit about Nintendo if you’re saying “enjoy your baby games” because the art style is not everything…the gameplay is all you need.

      4. All of those trolls are better than your stupid ass……… half of them are gone and they got the better of you clowns. Shit i’ve seen you try to attack them and every time they win, your a joke! Stupid fan boy….. you don’t do shit.

      5. Actually funny thing is i remember you used to like ice and you hate him now…….. i want him back so he can cause chaos to the comment section again. He always knew what he was talking about, and this is coming from a real nintendo fan and not a pathetic one like you guys.

      6. Oh yes…that’s when I had respect for him…but like most, he went down hill from there. I would disagree from your point of them being better than “my stupid ass”. Truth is, I’m glad most are gone because of whats really happening. Maybe they all learned a good lesson…much like you need to do. If you think having them around was a good thing then hey, more power too you man. Just don’t come crying for them to stop. :)

  5. They should have made this building zombie proof. Those resident evil games ain’t going away anytime soon.

  6. why the security wall?

    are developers trying to escape? … are people trying to steal the developers?

  7. nintendo making buildings to do what.. make rehashed games, kiddy games, barebone hardware, no dedicated severs or online in games. you nintendrones are just idiots when it comes to gaming.

    1. Kiddy games? You mean the infamous GTA V and COD that are more overrun by children and early teens than actual adults that those games are SUPPOSE to be aimed for?

    2. Keep playing shitty Call of Duty and Fifa with other 12 years old like you, you sorry ass excuse of casual gaymer.

    3. This is why we call you stupid. You forget who made you a gamer. And you forget who made PS and xbox survive. By the way, I hear more “rehashes” and going for xbox one and PS4 than Nintendo. Enjoy you’re defeat when your done reading this.

  8. Our new base shall help high command in developing Class A games faster…

  9. I wish it was built to look like something out of Super Mario Bros 3 or World or something from a Mario or Zelda game.

  10. Well, News like this will never reach kotaku, neogaf, ign etc etc… Media Journalist love mocking Nintendo coz that will increase their static website. Off course sonyan will love to go there…

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