The Walking Dead Creator Eagerly Anticipates Mario Kart 8

Robert Kirkman has revealed via Twitter that he is looking forward to play Mario Kart 8. Kirkman, who is a comic book writer and creator of The Walking Dead, is apparently a big fan of Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise and is eagerly awaiting the release of the eighth installment in the main series. Mario Kart 8 launches May 30th in stores and on the Nintendo eShop, exclusively for Wii U.


      1. Have you guys seen the real life mario kart? I sent the article to mynintendonews hopefully they post it soon. Anyway it’s ar sxsw, they’re electric carts and the powerups affect your carts speed, or slow down another racer, etc

  1. Awesome. I’m not surprised by his love for the franchise. C’mon, it’s Mario Kart!

  2. I hope Nintendo advertises this game to death. Lots of people (myself included) seem to be looking forward to it, but it’s hard to look forward to something you’ve never heard of. If this game gets well-promoted, it could give the Wii U a decent boost in momentum (no pun intended).

  3. If even this Xbot supporter wants Mario Kart8 so badly, then we will regain our momentum to the maximum power!

  4. What if this also is so important to him because he wants to have some Kart action scenes in his next episodes?…

  5. How much do you think this Mario kart will sell? Snes mario kart sold 8 million, N64 mario kart sold 9 million, the best console ever’s mario kart sold 7 million, and the Wii mario kart sold 30+ million. I’m a stockholder and will be buying more Nintendo stocks when Mario kart 8 comes out.

    1. If it’s bundled, it’s safe to say that it will sell at least 10 million…

    2. Now I’m no expert, but I think you’d be better off buying now while it’s low, then selling after MK comes out, while it’s high.

  6. How fitting that a Wii U game and ‘The Walking Dead’ are associated with each other…

  7. When I saw the image I thought the article would be about Dry Bones returning for MK8. ;_;

    1. Still no confirmation yet then – I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when the little guy was left out of Mario Kart 7! Let’s hope he’s in.

      1. hello i would like to survey u do u play nintendo sony microsoft if so please reply thanks

  8. Sir Kirkmanm can you tell those folks in Telltale Games to release The Walking Dead in Wii-U, please? I mean, they’re releasing games to the dead Ouya! Outrages!

  9. If you want it mister, then why don’t you talk to Telltales so they can release The Walking Dead game for Wii U. Then we can all be satisfied :)

      1. Yes I have, it has been good so far, but just not as good as season 1 was by the end of episode 2.

  10. Pre ordered that shit already. They better advertise the shit out of mario kart. Nintendo has a thing for not promoting anything when it comes to games

  11. I know what’s with not promoting your games or systems when the GameCube was around all I saw was ads for it my favorite being the Double Dash Ad but I don’t know why they’re not advertising to sell your product u need to show it if ur not gonna show it then your product won’t sell we’ll just cause your a famous company doesn’t mean your product will sell by your name alone u need to advertise .

    I think Nintendo’s being cheep when cause advertising cost a lot of money so they don’t want to spend it but the old saying goes You gotta Spend Money to Make Money and so Far Nintendo’s barely doing that at all.

    Also is it me or did we have more ads When Hiroshi was in NoA Office.

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