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Ubisoft Releases Making Of Child Of Light Video

Ubisoft has uploaded a new video detailing the making of its promising Wii U eShop game, Child of Light. The video asks fans to enter behind the scenes and discover how Child of Light has been created. Child of Light is due for release on April 30th.

35 thoughts on “Ubisoft Releases Making Of Child Of Light Video”

  1. One of the most beautiful games i habe ever seen. Hopefully the quality of the story will be near the artistic quality.
    I’m really hyped for this game.

  2. GRRR!!!!! hey., another shovelware from UIBSOFT right to Wii U!!!!! HahahahaAHA, Wii U is in life support now, and I CAN HEAR THE ambulance siren doing WIIU, WIIIU WWWIIIUUU, WIIUUUUU, hahahaha! Nintenbabies, tahnks to your beloved pizza hut reggie and iwata please understand wii u has no games wii u is a dust collector you have these kiddy games on the WIi U!!!!!

      1. WAHT??!!! MAD??? whos mad here? I’m not mad, i’m just stating that after Yamauchi NINTENDO IS FOR BABIES!!!!!! See, Nintendo just get crapware, just foolish games!!!! BUt all nintendonres and nintenbabies are happy beucause they have yoshi carrying baby mario to play!!!!! AND MARIO IS WEARING IWATAS diapers!!!!!! We had Banjo, Conker, Eternal darkness, lots of great gems in the past, and now what we have???? Thanks to Reggie from pizza hut and Iwataa pelase understantd, NINTENDO just got shovelware!!!!!! Cihild of light:???? HahahHAHA, what a joke!!!!!

        1. I have concluded that a life-form like you is not a nintendrone, but your inferiority complex has been compromised.

          1. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!!!!!…. YOUR very superior!!!!!

            NINTENDO will never be NINTENDO for real again!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY!!!!!

        2. you have to admit it does look pretty nice :) come on even if it isn’t that core title it still looks pretty nice

          1. IT looks nice to NITNENBABIES!!!!! HAHAHAHA, NINTENBAIES like to ride mario & luigi in catsuits!!!!!!!!

            CHILD OF LIGTH looks kiddy and wastable!!!!!!

            NINTENDO bacame a joke!!!!!!

            1. but this is ubisoft :0 do you expect all games to appeal to you? their are other fan bases i mean i love my variety :)

      1. ???WTF?? They have other good games to play, while nintedrones are just receiveing SHOVELWARE!!!! NINTENBABIES ONLY WANT A GAME TO CHANGE IWATAS DIAPERS AND REGGIE TO DELIVER PIZZA HUT ON THE BACK OF BABY YOSHI!!!!!

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    1. That will be the Xbox One running at 720p which it still can’t break besides itself trying to be a betamax so hard. lol

      Wii U can do 1080p far easier than XBetamax could.

  4. Trolls Come to my Gaming Temple. I shall purify you with my hugs . And you will drink some green tea with … anit-troll proteins that will cure you and make you super nice. =D

  5. yea thank you here some green tea with anti-troll proteins so you don’t turn into a troll lol i don’t know where i got that from ;D

  6. WiiU has 67 indie titles this year with a few in 2015 and guess what over 3/4 are 1080p native 60fps ??? Sony must pay these devs to downgrade other versions because a console with 563.2GB of bandwidth ram could prob run this game at 2160p so top 1 ubisoft……when all these Indie titles and 3rd party exclusives and 1st party exclusive all running at 1080p/60fps then Sony will be exposed there will be no hiding then……..and 3rd partys will just give wiiu same treatment as ps4 in the end as wiiu does resolution and fps better than ps4 or xbone……

    Xbone….170GB bandwidth ram.
    ps4……..178GB bandwidth ram.
    WiiU……….563.2GB bandwidth ram.

    Work it out 3rd party devs are shooting themselves in the foot by downgrading wiiu multiplats……..because in the end 3rd partys will be exposed.

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