EA’s Worst Company In America Reign Ends As Time Warner Cable Claim The Accolade

It turns out that EA’s reign of “Worst Company in America” has ended as Time Warner Cable has now claimed the title. The Consumerist, who run the awards, say that EA lost out by a small margin to Time Warner. EA were sitting on 48.8% of the votes, while Time Warner Cable had 51.2% of votes. You can read all the juicy details, right here.


  1. The only E3 presentation from Nintendo I wanna see is Iwata hanging from a rope around his neck. “Please Understand”…

        1. Only reason EA was ever nominated was because of petty gamers who were upset over Mass Effect 3’s ending and that spiraled out of control into nitpicking every single business decision that EA made thereafter.

          1. Pretty sure the Sim City always online bullshit was a factor. The “impossible” offline mode is coming soon. It’s nice when “impossible” things turn out to be really fucking easy to implement…

            And the the latest Fifa instalments on Wii and 3DS were the exact same games as the previous instalments.

            And then there is the Dungeon Keeper mobile game. Which was made pretty much unplayable due the ridiculous micro-transactions.

            And all the other ridiculous shit they do.

            I’m not saying they can’t make good games. (They’ve promised us Mirror’s Edge 2 after all!) but they are by far the worst gaming company around. Worst company in any given country? Probably not. Worst company in gaming? Definitely.

    1. Okay shut the fuck up with the “Please understand” they’re getting boring and so are you. Please understand.

    2. For a person who’s choice of name is based from Nintendo’s most acclaimed series Zelda is hoping for another CEO to die whom is taking responisbilities for his leadership shortcomings?

      Man the double standards are quite popular today and by popular I mean infamously brain damaged parasites of human society.

  2. Wii U is the “Pauly Shore” of gaming. it’s awkward ,,curious to look at times,, can be annoying often confused and misguided and has a huge homosexual undertone..

    1. your last sentence is the reason why nintendo fans hated EA.
      we still do. but the others are even worst since they are greedy corporation.

      1. and nintendo is a greedy coporation. look at nintendo games prices. how the fuck is nsmbu still 60 dallors sine 2012 and super mario 3d land 35 dallors. how the heck is skyward sword since 2011 still 50 dallors. how the heck pikmin 3 still 60 dallors since 2013 summer. lol nintendo is even the most greedist company when it comes to selling games. lol

          1. online that barebones, lacking too many features and has lag beyond the lags. thats why psn sucks compared to xbox live. wii u online is even the worst and from nintendo actions of not adding online in there games it even seen as a joke and useless. notice how psn for the ps4 is way better than ps3 because of the paying services. nintendo network(2012) is a joke and compelte trash compared to xbox live(201) and xbox live(2005).

            1. Have even played the damn console? Yes it may have lesser features (don’t bring up achievements because its meaningless) but as far as lag goes, that depends on the game’s programming, servers, internet connection speed and data and that involves with all online compatible games.

              All of that online BS talk is just damage control for Live which is a ripoff service of the PC that offers the same shit for free so again your point is..what? You blindly hate Nintendo because you think its cool to jump on board the retarded hate train to feel good about owning an overrated console heavily focused on graphics and perks instead of the game itself?

              …That’s pretty much sums what failed attempt this trolling of yours is and what a waste of God’s time you are.

        1. wtf? xbox games and ps3 games are still the same price.
          most discounts are from the owners of online or retails. and the other companies have done more terrible things to customers than nintendo.

              1. Your reply speaks by itself. Yeah, you’re not a troll. definitely. It turns out that you just don’t know how to use your brain properly.

                1. why are you trying so hard? Don’t you have something else to do like idk… playing videogames?

                2. Wii U, PS4 and XBox one are current gen. For idiots like you to understand, the term is stupid because it does not describe technical capabilities…Sorry, these words are too hard for your little undeveloped brain to understand.

                  Translation in Retardish: term is stupid. ps4 is not ps5 and xbox one is not xbox -359. Wii U is not in Wii gen

                3. You’re trolling right there. How is Wii U last gen? It hasn’t been fully utilized yet by any douchebag 3rd party and comparing the difference between last and this gen, there isn’t much differeneces anyway. Graphic aren’t anything new besides being slightly more detailed. That’s it and shittons of realistic garbage isnt as creative.

        2. Leave the internet and read an Economics textbook. Pay special attention to demand and supply chapter, and aggregated value one as well.

        3. A game system with the most advanced controller, most games, smallest, and cheapest for 300$ that comes with a game or two(WiiU)

          A game system that is powerful and has an advances controller but has no games for 400$ (PS4)

          A cable box that happens to play games for 500$ (X1)

          Yeah Nintendo is surely the most greedy…

          1. mhhh.. nintendo is still greedy…
            making inferior hardware close to last gen
            have a terrible online network in 2014 for 300$ console
            having no games but nintendo copy and paste hd rehashes
            not adding online to a game the most of gamers really wanted.
            not publishing and thrid party to coming to wii u
            not going and seeking fr thrid party to bring games to wii u.
            games looking like 720p 45fps(smash bros)
            reusing the same old character modle and upscaling them to hd 720
            over pricing 20 year old games on the e shop.
            advertising your console kidfdy with terrible commercials.
            pssing off gamers and still making e rated games

            1. I love how the idiots say Nintendo games are kiddy and ignore the E for everyone rating, but when it comes to CoD: ”Its maturrr cuz it saiss it in the baux an ur shotin ppl an stuf.”

              Idiots at work again.

              1. actually COD ghost a mature game because its a mature for 17 and above rating while mario is for kid because it rated e(this allows kids to play these games and where censorship down for kids).

                  1. actually nintendo games have no quality or value. i have lost value inall these quck cash grabs and copy and paste games. assassin creed 2 is way better than sm3dw in my opinion. nintendo games dont even have any replay value unlike call of duty or other games. the only nintendo that has good replay value is only animal crossing just because it has online.

                    1. The stupidity in this comment is overflowing. You’re saying that Nintendo games have no quality or value when games like DKC:TF are some of the best and most creative games in the market and when games like Xenoblade have over a 100 hours of gameplay. Man, I think you just need to stop.

                    2. Sasori, get your mouth off my cock and say something intelligent.

                1. Note that E means for “EVERYONE”, not just kids. Just because something is below M that doesn’t mean it’s an awful game. Try harder, or should I say just shut up.

                2. You know what, enough talk. You’re another intelligent-imposing idiot attacking Nintendo with the same old BS talk and stories we all heard before.

                  Nintendo being greedy? lol Your leftover mind has long been fucked. They’re greedy with cost effective console, free online and controller options but Xbox One with their DRM, forced Kinect that added $100 in Xbox bundle and paid online service thats exact on PC for free isn’t? No point to fight the ignorant and retarded. Let the stupid be stupid and have their ass get bit.

            2. Greedy means to want a lot of money. So, in your opinion “pssing off gamers and still making e rated games”, “games looking like 720p 45fps like smash bros (which by the way the framerate of the game is not confirmed yet and you have to play it yourself to know how well it runs), “not adding online to a game the most of gamers really wanted (what game?), and more is greedy? Wow, you must have some serious issues.

        4. You are right, nintendo is able to maintain high prices for its games, which makes it good value when you buy a ninty game since you will be able to sell it later without having the game at 10 dollars in a bargain bin.

          I really hate paying full price and seeing the game a few months later at 15 euro. Look at batman origins, that game is already 12 euro..

        5. Console games are all up that high. Steam games may be cheap, but quite often you get what you pay for. Or less. (Still satisfied with my Portal purchases, though.)
          When you compare the value given by games, Skyward Sword is among the best. Pikmin 3 is still brand new by my standards.
          I find these games amazing. Here’s a standard answer and a solution for you: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you feel compelled to buy it anyways, then obviously it was worth the money to you. If you don’t, then that’s fine. Nintendo hasn’t done anything to you. In fact, Nintendo CAN do exactly zero things to hurt you. Problem solved.

        6. I prefer to pay 60 dollars in a fully complete game than 30 dollars in a game chockfull of DLCs, microtransactions and another paid stuff. If the game is good, what’s the matter in paying the full price?

          EA always hated Nintendo, since the NES era, it’s such an internal culture dislike Nintendo inside EA. It’s true that many Nintendo fans hating EA now are just going fanboys, but since many time ago is like EA clamming to be hated by Nintendo fans.

            1. Zelda is so much more that just “lol zelda is just link running around with sword on another boring rehashed trifore journey to save his bitch that has no tits aka zelda”. The fact that you called Zelda a “bitch that has no tits” is also another example of your infinite stupidity.

            2. We can keep this rehash BS up. Halo 1-4, same shit, Uncharted 1-3, same shit, Gears of War, Sonic, Forza, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, shall I keep going to make you cry or do you feel retarded enough?

        1. All fighting games are upgrades. Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Tekken so forth. As for MK8 it is far newer then you think. It plugs directly into the human brain and manipulate human beings across the globe into doing anything you want. Its a side effect of the game that Nintendo doesn’t want people to know about…but its really neat.

          1. That’s the only defend this fucktard got which goes for every gaming series you can think of and they involve in every platform imaginable.

            This reject is just picking on Nintendo for kicks because he thinks he can look instantly cool for hating on a product we all obviously know he never touched in this pathetic anti-social life.

  3. Just a correction that should be noted in your article: Time Warner hasn’t been named the worst company, they just beat out EA in round one. There are still more rounds and tons of other companies before the title of worst company is given….

    Either way, this competition has always been stupid.

    1. EA is not even close to being the worst company in America, maybe the worst video game company though.

      1. They’re not even the worst gaming company. There are others that are much worse. Not to say EA hasn’t done crappy things, but when you hear about some of the working conditions of certain studios studios, the underhanded things that many devs do…. EA is a great gaming company in comparison.

            1. Honestly, he seems the like the guy that just tries to show you Nintenyearolds the other side of the argument whether he agrees with you or not, because half of you guys are biased as fuck.

              1. “Nintenyearsolds” and “fuck” made not to give you any credit.

                And you are totally wrong about him. The only thing the does is to counterargument whatever anyone says here. He is like “See how I’m the different one, all of you are blind and so!”.

              1. Oh, the Sony/MS cheerleader is back! You always vanish when you feel somehow castellated!

                I have problems? Sure I do. If you don’t have, lucky you. Maybe that’s why you have enough time to come up with empty arguments against everyone you disagree. Like now. It’s easier to address a “you have problems” to me rather than explain why you religiously defend all the crap side of the industry.

                    1. There’s a difference between “dodging” and choosing not to waste time getting in petty squabbles over trivial matters online.

                      I have no problem carrying out civilized discussions with differing opinions and viewpoints when both parties involved show respect and contribute something positive to the conversation.

                      Those type of conversations are severely lacking on MNN as the majority of the comments show an ineptitude with regards those basics. So yes – I choose not to reply to certain posts directed to me on here. It’s no loss to me and it shouldn’t cause you any angst either.

                    2. Oh, what a beautiful speech, Simply G!

                      You really, really deserve a round of applause!

                      Don’t tell me you can judge what is positive for the discussion! On top of that, you have high standards pertaining to which thread to get in! I would never know that!

                      What a lucid queen you are, Simply G!

                      It gets so easy when one is able to word such a well-built answer like yours. It makes everything around outshone. But be aware that exquisite phrases don’t make you be less whimsical, petulant and in variance with whoever thinks the opposite you do. You always will be a dodge queen. Plain and simple.

            1. I thought Sonic was the mascot? Anyways, I like his pic. Jill was easily one of the best characters in the series. She had really good progression until part 5. As much as I like Claire and Barry, I hope Capcom doesn’t bring them back. They’d ruin them just like they did Jill, imo.

              1. I thought Sonic was Sega? Yeah Jill is easily one of the most likable characters, even though the newer Resident Evil games are a little meh. Excluding Revelations of course, that was a really good game.

  4. EA hate bandwagon is just like the call of duty bandwagon. everyone hates them because its the cool thing to hate. nintendo fanboys love to bash cod, battlefield and other fps. 15 cod games vs 160 mario games. lol yet the nintendo fanboys call cod a rehash but call mario new gameplay and innovative. LMAO

        1. hahaha and you saying that makes you no better. and who knew a nintendo website aren’t hypocrites hahaha.

    1. Nice comparison there, comparing a 25+ year old franchise to a 11 year old franchise. Hey kid, btw. Call of Duty releases a half-assed game yearly.

      Try again. Next time don’t forget that you should Never, EVER, go full retard.

        1. Most of those Mario games are spin-offs. Over the past decade there have been about 4 main Mario games (excluding the “new” series), and 3D World is said to be the best game on the Wii U.

                1. You don’t like Nintendo and keep visiting the site. You’re the one who needs mercy here.

    2. You’re an idiot. In reality there are only about 16 main mario games since mario bros. how many cods have been made in 1 generation 7 how many assassins creeds?! Yeah mario isn’t that bad considering it only has one or two main games released every gen. Same goes for Zelda. You freaken fanboys are idiots

            1. Because they don’t. Also, when you say “Mario games” you’re also counting spin-offs. CoD has very few spin-offs compared to Mario since with Mario there’s a lot to be done with it compared to CoD.

    3. Who the fuck says only Nintendo fans says COD is a rehash? Once again, the hypocrisy is your best double standard defense but virtually your weakness.

      Very much the majority of gamers from all platforms say the same thing. COD is a yearly rehash that shouldn’t be. Activision made it so to get easy millions of dollars ala greed so you assholes calling out Nintendo for greed and rehashes got everything completely backwards deliberately. None of your cliché anti-nintendo excuses is gonna work. Its been tried and failed millions of times already. Get a new comeback already. The lack of creativity is just too pathetic to watch anymore and speaking of that, don’t think PS4 or X1 is nothing but creative because the truth is, both are just minor upgraded versions of itself with illusions of perks and power which a PC has already surpassed it ages ago.

    4. Yeah because Mario does have innovation, what innovation does cod have? Cod is lazily slapped together each year for a quick buck, running on an 8 yr old engine. What new things besides dogs did cod add? Was the campaign longer than 4 hours? Go troll somewhere else jabrony. Leave real gaming to us

        1. Congratulations, Derp Erp Werp! You got it: no, it didn’t!

          Especially because the duel was between Time Warner and EA.

          1. You missed the point of my comment entirely. If TWC was able to defeat EA, then they can surely win the whole tourney.

          1. Mass Effect was indeed a good franchise. But no longer in this day and age.

            But FIFA? You’re not serious.

                1. I never faced a single issue in my BF4 copy. I’ve faced more bugs in Nintendo games than in any other.

                  Here comes the drone rage!

                  1. Unless you bought the game yesterday, you’re lying.
                    I’m no where near a Nintendo fan, but I can admit that Nintendo releases the most solid working games.
                    I haven’t had a Nintendo game on Wii U bug or crash ever.
                    BF 4, You need more than your own set of fingers to count the bugs glitches and crashes.

          2. Reggie Fils-Aim was feed from his mom’s breast until he was 11yrs in order to help with a heart murmur.

            1. First off: you better learn how to properly indite his name.

              Second: give us proves. Falls to the accuser the burden of proof.

        1. Battlefield 4 is a “buggy ass shit” minor upgrade of BF3. Nothing new and its also rushed and took too long to patch (BTW, wasn’t entirely Dice’s fault for that mess)

          Titanfall..just a single-player-less COD clone with mech suits that’s overpriced for a multiplayer only game. Nuff said. Got hyped for nothing but to attract fools to think its something revolutionary when its not.

          Dead Space 3 is a horror-less Resident Evil 5/6 in space with BS microtransactions and stripped the real ending as DLC and no planned sequel but left with a cliffhanger.

          EA Sports..just a series of lather, rinse, repeat POS games only athletes will enjoy..for only ten minutes.

          Need for Speed..same shit as EA Sports, lather, rinse, repeat.

          Origin..a shitty Spyware service, which SHOULD BE ILLEGAL, forcing people to unknowlingly share their personal info to other sources unknow which is why Nintendo was smart enough to reject that shit implemented into Wii U that started that whole EA going “ape shit crazy” rage mode against Nintendo.

          You tell me EA is great one more time retard because they’re the next company that deserves to fall and I so cannot wait for that day.

      1. Skate 3, NFS series, SSX series, Mirror’s Edge, FIFA series, Crysis series , The Godfather 2, Grand Slam Tennis 2.. There’s more but you get the point. The only people I see complaining are the Nintendrones.
        (Don’t bring up the Origin rumor.)

        1. Why don’t bring up whatever to the discussion?

          What kind of debate you want to have abridging the other freedom of speech?

          How many games EA launch a year? How many are glitch-free, with good replay value? Do the numbers. Not to mention that EA has a crush on paid DLC. Gee, Titanfall even has a season pass!

          Why can’t I play an EA game in its entirety when I spend 60 bucks for it?

          Just to make a note, NFS, SSX and ME are good. I have to agree. The other you mentioned are not, at all.

  5. Ever notice how oil companies and large insurance conglomerates never make these things despite the fact that they are literally the worst companies in America? I smell a payoff.

    1. this vote is based on publicity concerning internet demographics.. people hardly read about oil companies or insurance conglomerates on the internet because, sadly, many people largely ignorant to the happenings in the world

      they do read a shit ton about EA however

  6. they redeem themselves this year, still an awful company, but I guess Warner Cable is worst

    Nintendo eShop and online is down for maintenance

    From (approx.) Monday, 24 March 2014 10pm Pacific / 1am Eastern (25/03) / 5am UK (25/03) / 6am CET (25/03)
    to Tuesday, 25 March 1am Pacific / 4am Eastern / 8am UK / 9am CET.
    Affected services:
    Nintendo 3DS

    Online Play, Rankings etc.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, portaldark. The owners of this site could remind the community about that, but I think they prefer to play their XOne and PS4.

        1. Everyone? There are hardly 3 people here talking to me.

          Never learn how to count from 0 to 10? No? You can use the fingers of your hands. If you need something in between 11 and 20, you can also use your feet.

        1. What’s up with the anti-Nintendo trolls all talking about virgins and sucking dicks? We know you’re curious and everything guys, but keep it on the down low, okay?

          1. Their virginity burns them so much. They wish to get rid of it but nope. Ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

        2. How old are you? 5?

          Never seen someone such a retarded and obsessed about sex and whatever.

        1. If you cannot properly understand me, I take that back. Be relegated to your stupidity.

          1. Is not that
            My stupidity is on certain topic
            what I dont get is which prefer the X-One/Ps4
            The admins here or EA?
            as you say the owners of this community, and i lost it

  7. If I had a chance to vote, I would still vote for EA over Timewarner, and yes I have dealt them both as a customer.

  8. Honestly, I would rather EA be worst company in America than Time Warner… what did Time Warner even do?

    But if it wasn’t just between those two companies it really should be Wal Mart… that company SUCKS!

    1. First and foremost, a simple Google search would tell you about the entire Time Warner wanting to merge with Comcast fiasco, which would create a monopoly in the cable TV space making services more expensive.

      Second, as a Time Warner customer I can safely say they’ve deserved the Golden Poo. Their ads are some of the most misleading ever. 10GB download speeds my ass! Even if it truly were possible, it wouldn’t matter because the hardware they force on people outputs as weak a signal as possible.

      And yet you have the nerve to say EA deserves it? Say what you want about the software they pump out, but I put the blame more on the idiots that keep buying the crap they peddle.

      1. By the way, I say all of that as a Wii U owner and Nintendo fan. There are worse companies out there than some publisher that doesn’t wanna put their games on my plastic box.

    1. No way! Only ignorant little pussies and butthurt drones want EA to win that award. There is waaaaaay worse companies in “MURICA than EA.

      1. Not really, considering pretty much every game that has been released for Wii U since BF4’s initial release have all been better received critically than your precious Military Shooter 4. lol, enjoy your glitchy and terribly handled shooter!

  9. Time Warner Cable? I thought this “Worst Company In America” award only went to game companies?

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