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Silicon Studio Says Bravely Default May Appear On Other Platforms In Future

The developer behind the greatly received Bravely Default has admitted that the franchise may not stay exclusive to the 3DS. Silicon Studio president Takehiko Terada said in a recent interview that the JRPG Final Fantasy-inspired title could “expand” onto other platforms, though a plan has not yet been set in motion. And while development for Bravely Second is six months under way, there’s still some time before a release date will be set in stone.

“We may expand in the future, but we don’t have a clear plan yet. We’re talking about that, maybe using other devices, but we don’t have a clear plan.

“We’re trying to make a stronger franchise, just like Final Fantasy. We plan to continue with numerous titles.”

Aside from Bravely Default, the company is also looking to keep their relationship healthy with Square Enix and hope to develop another “more realistic” title. Let us know what you think of Terada’s statements in the comment section below.

135 thoughts on “Silicon Studio Says Bravely Default May Appear On Other Platforms In Future”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        More of you so called “graphicwhores”…

        Go and join the Sonyan Blackbond’s agenda of pathetic gamers…

      2. If what you say would happen then I think he’ll leave the studio same as the developers of PS4 who left already

      3. No you stupid fucking dickface, knowing SE it’s probably going mobile. Just like FF3 from the NDS and theatrhythm from the 3DS. Dickheads like you just fucking piss me off. At least say PS Vita not PS4 cause it’s a fucking handheld game.

        1. I TOO see this coming to WiiU, as this was, after all, funded as a Nintendo exclusive. I know some people like to think otherwise, but you know, things CAN change. SE can’t afford to ignore Nintendo forever. It’s going to kill them someday. That’s why they SHOULD seriously consider BD on WiiU. If not, then Nintendo SHOULD work out a deal with them. Either way, yes, a BD sequel on WiiU would be GREAT.

      4. That’s why Infamous got a 8.7 and Titanfall a 8.9 and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze a 9.0 on IGN, HAHAHA! XD

        1. Yep, lets compare an action adventure game, an fps and a platformer…..reviewed by different reviewers on different days….wow, this is a new low for nintendrones.

    1. Zombie Triforce Johnson

      Please bring this to the PS Vita this game would amazing on there. And so the betrayal begins…..

          1. …Then what the hell are you talking about? Blue ray player? Expensive online fees? lol! I certainly hope you weren’t talking about those…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        If you talk about games then at least the 3DS is far beyond everything else, power means nothing to us…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Until they milk it and make it utterly useless like all other FF games they made since number 7…

            1. They already announced they will be milking it. There isn’t anything wrong with milking a franchise if the games are still good.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                        1. because it’s funny – all you do is talk complete shit and pretend to be a robot lol get a life

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  I haven’t played 8-whatever number it is on right now after I tested 8…

                                  Because I had better games to play…

                                  1. So you’re forming an opinion about games you’ve never played? that’s ridiculous. Also ‘better’ games to play; you haven’t even played any of the final fantasies after 8 so you can’t know if they are better or not -__- You seriously have a poor taste in games imo.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      So in other words you don’t like Nintendo games, so how about you leave this place along with the rest of the garbage that still lingers around here…

                                      1. My collection of nintendo games is vastly superior to yours most likely. We weren’t even debating nintendo games. at no point did i mention i hated nintendo games. -_________________________________- Sort yourself out

                                          1. Also I’ve been around this site way longer than you have mate. I wouldn’t come here if i weren’t interested in nintendo products.

                                              1. Because i didn’t like what you said, you couldn’t even support your own opinion… I’m not going to deal with idiots. I have no respect for them; they are a waste of time. At the current, you’re talking just as much shit as they are.

                                      2. Because he said “other platforms” doesn’t necessary mean it’s gonna be on PS 4 but but you can dream about it

                              1. I hope it stays primarily on 3ds. Square Enix really has a home on Nintendo platforms. Beck, Final Fantasy was originally on NES/SNES. The fact that they moved to playstation with VII makes me kinda sad, and I’d really like to see FF make a return to Nintendo. But in the meantime, keep Bravely Default on 3ds!

                              2. Classic. I mean if you have something that’s popular, you want to expend to reach new potential buyers.

                              3. I think a console Bravely Default would be great. I don’t mind them developing it for PS4, but hopefully they also release one for the Wii U.

                              4. Yes now the games potential can truly shine and won’t be held back by hardware limitations that’s the 3ds and weak u have. Vita/ ps4 versions would be the definitive versions :D

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                                  Most don’t even want to use half the potential of the Wii U so you’re wrong…

                                            1. Don’t see you telling that to Wii U haters that clearly do not own the console. Or do you even own the console? Hypocrite.

                                      1. You don’t even own a wii U so you are a hypocrite and auto loose any argument because of that

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                                          1. Again, you don’t even own a wii U so you are a hypocrite and auto loose any argument

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                                              1. The fact that you know what I was trying to say makes me ok with the very minor misspelling that doesn’t matter in the slightest

                                      2. Lol dude… How do you even put up with these idiots? Ok first of all why on Earth would you idiots come to a Nintendo fan site and then gang up on somebody just because they happen to like Nintendo games? And then you claim that Nintendo Commander has no life (kurisu) even though you come to this site daily as well? Are you retarted? XD I like all three of the big companies and I am nowhere near certified to be called a “fanboy”. When I see Nintendo hater comments, I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity. Quartz, Kurisu, and the rest of you fanboys get a life and grow up. “Please understand”. XD

                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                          I just need some good “relaxing time” from time to time…

                                          They Think that Wii U is the only thing our empire has ever done…

                                          Probably Xbots who are ignorant…

                                    1. He can’t even afford one because all he does is sit on his ass all day commenting about video games he doesn’t even own xD

                                      1. Hahaha I know!! How can you comment or even mention a system you don’t even own ?!?!? He’s a fake commander that just trolls all day smh

                                        1. Nintendo Commnader Kurisu

                                          I am so far up Nintendo’s ass that i call myself a Nintendo Commander and pretend to be a robot. I am ignorant of sony and microsoft products because i can’t afford them and automatically assume they are shit. Hell, i can’t even afford a Wii U but it’s obviously fucking awesome because it’s Nintendo!

                                          1. Seriously, shut up weeb. You already made your point, shut up.

                                            -I am so in love with Asian shit that I change my name from Chris to Kurisu because its so kawaii-

                                          2. While i agree with your point (not your manner of expressal), if you are really irritated by Commander, maybe ignore him? (That’s what I do)

                                2. I like my vita but its to weak to keep constant frame rate even on remakes of older games I bought ff x remaster which looks great but the weakness of vita shows through with variable fps :( runs better on ps3 and I have a 3ds xl which can run games at 60 fps but vita cant and probably never will be able to :(

                                    1. a link between worlds and yoshi’s new island are 60fps smash brothers will most likely be 60 but the point is even 30 fps looks great as long as it stays constant. ff x I love but on vita its not a constant 30 fps but I still love the game. im sick of people using the argument of power its so dumb. different processors are capable of different things they are not all the same. it comes down to the developers being able to use it properly. personally I like power pc processors over the x86 I see them running smother fps. but I still love my ps3, and vita. I also have a wiiu and 3ds xl and those are great as well. every1 loves their systems and games for different reasons. people should just stop being ignorant and fighting about superiority. it all comes down to the software im so looking forward to Mario kart 8. and south park turned out surprisingly great but even I know its a fan game only true fans will appreciate it.

                              5. Release it everywhere else, so everyone else can see how shitty the endgame is. There’s no defending doing boss rush four times in a row with slight changes to side quests.

                                1. Ugh… It’s a two part game bro… Hence why japan has the 2nd now and we will be getting it later. So yeah the ending isn’t gonna be wrapped up on this. Haven’t beaten it yet but even I already know and expect that ahead of time

                              6. I say let them. When it goes to multiplatform it will be the exact same as other developers do to nintendo. Ex: ME3, Watch dogs just to name a few. Who cares because it’s all business to them. Plus it would actually give those who have a ps4 to be able to play a actual decent game for once :P at least til KH3 or FF15 comes out

                              7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                I find it ironic how they acuse me of commenting on games I don’t even own although I have played some of them and yet all they do is the same but worse…

                                You comment on everything our empire announces and yet you don’t own them either so by that logic your comments about me are all invalid because you are just hypocrites and the best thing is that unlike you, I won’t die soon…

                              8. Great game. I’m a bit sad with the possibility of losing exclusivity, but this game deserves to be enjoyed by as many gamers as possible.

                                I just hope that by being developed in multiple platforms it don’t become diluted.

                                I have noticed that even though multiplatform games do sell well one of the machines always ends Up cannibalising the sales of the others. It is like when car makers share a platform. All of then have the same car with a different name and a few cosmetic changes bot usually the cheaper one is the one that sells like fresh hot bread.

                              9. Powerful hardware typically equates to hardcore audiovisuals (the dev side), but it also typically equates to sloppy &/ or casual gameplay (the gamer/consumer side).

                                Since when does less raw power mean a real weakness? Many of the greatest gaming innovations were born because of a lack of raw power, which was compensated for by creativity &/or a focus on polishing what was doable. Final Fantasy is a prime example; those little sprites could really emote.

                                It’s sad that the current climate sees exclusivity, even successful examples, as derogatory. Seems a nice profit isn’t enough. They need more! More! Because a successful business is an amoral business; art & integrity be damned! THQ… EA… Capcom… Will we be seeing some Kurt Cobains of the video game industry? Or just a buncha fat cats laughing (& meowing, & licking…) all the way to the bank?

                                Anyway, if Bravely Default is released on another console, I see the 3DS title as a timed exclusive. & hey, if our fellow gamers do eventually get a chance to play it on their platform of choice, then good for us all. Who knows, maybe we can have our cake & eat it, too; maybe Bravely Default will spawn variants & exclusives like the Shin Megami Tensei series. Ninty & Sony each get a share. Or what if Bravely Default inspires Square-Enix’s other RPGs, fixing, making them better? &, what if its success opens the door to releasing a traditional FF a Ninty platform (c’mon FF IX HD)? Yea for gamers! Yea for turn-based RPG enthusiasts!

                                Now, let the slanderous, ignorant console war commence! Gamer kill gamer. Game over for us all. Someone push…our…reset…but…but… Heh-heh, ‘butt’.

                                1. It’s stupid, gamer wars are stupid. That makes up about 80% of these comments. Man it’s comments like these that I actually want to read not the hey lets all bash a system or bash someone for only supporting nintendo.

                                  I really don’t believe this game would be coming to xbox or wii u or ps4 but I feel it’s gonna be vita or cell phones.

                                  1. I really appreciate your response & am glad I could provide some uplifting reading material. Alas, it ain’t easy, & I’ve squeezed the trigger quite a few times & lobbed a few grenades of my own. Used to be blissfuly unaware of the Console Wars; was free to enjoy my SNES, Saturn, N64, & PSOne. Most families didn’t have the internet, & the few publications I read were devoid of propoganda, save for ads, certainly nothing that suggested a battlefield. When I got the GCN, however, all hell broke loose & I found myself surrounded. I didn’t understand the why, but I volunteered for the Ninty Army & felt compelled to escelate my actions into overkill. I find myself overcompensating to this very day for those vicious, unfounded attacks we suffered. Ninty’s philosophy migh’ve been flawed, but it didn’t warrent such vitrol. But it’s a pointless war, a war of opinions really, twisted into facts. I fear, the only peace we may get is through mutually assured destruction. But megadeath is closer than we care to believe, for all sides.

                                    Anyway, Vita &/or mobile would certainly be the most logical conclusion(s), but you never know: Square-Enix might give it the same treatment that Capcom did with RE: ‘Revelaitons’; a port (pun intended) did land (pun intended) on PS3, Xbox 360, & Wii U.

                                    Anyway, reading your post, I realized I neglected to mention Xbox. Guess I was thinking of handhelds, too, & also the JRPG situation there . But yeah, in light of my “revelation”, Bravely Default could very well make it Xbox One as well.

                              10. Wow, just like that, the comment section is full of Trolls! Arguments! Fights! Strife’s! Rage! Fury! Anger!

                              11. I remember when this site had no trolls back in 2011. Actually I don’t think it had fanboys either. Come on guys. You’re either trolling, or defending everything Nintendo does. You have to realize Nintendo makes mistakes. Trust me. I love Nintendo. I own a Wii U myself. I’ve been a fan for many years, but I can still admit Nintendo messed up with the Wii U. It’s still fun, but they could have done better Can’t we all do the same? I’m sick of the OMG WII U EXPOSED crap. It’s old. I’m sick of freaking Nintendo Commander. It was funny at first but man you really need to open your eyes. Please. This site doesn’t have to be this way. I know it still will be but I hope you’ll all try to get along.

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                              13. Skipped over that crappy comment war. In any case, it wouldn’t be bad for a franchise to expand, but I hope it doesn’t fly all over the place like Kingdom Hearts. ;v; I enjoyed 358/2 Days, Chain of Memories, and Dream Drop Distance, but I completely lack comprehension of the total storyline because I don’t own every other console and handheld this series has spawned on. If ever, I’d prefer if there were no continuity between plot, OR the continuous plot should remain on the same line of consoles/handhelds…I’m enjoying the game so far, and I would hate to not be able to know what happens next because I don’t have the money for Sony consoles. ;n;

                              14. Why are people against this? Bravely Default’s art would work really well on PS Vita or any other home console…

                              15. My only concern with Bravely Default’s sequels going multiplat is it ending up like Epic Mickey 2 (a failure compared to the first game.) Let’s hope my worry is proven wrong.

                              16. the game is simplistic enough yet fun, they should do like ubisoft with child of light and multy release a port or another installment in different platforms for gamers to choose instead of eveyone being a fanboy because of….. reasons i own a vita a pc a ps3 soon a ps4 an xbox 360 the laat and current generation lacks good rpg games maybe jdevs could use the mild sucsess of child of light and release either multy platform or multy handled unless ofc they get a ridiculous ammount of money from a company to get it exclusive

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