Frostbite Trolls Wii U Owners On Twitter

One of the developers behind EA’s immensely powerful Frostbite 3 engine has trolled Wii U owners on Twitter. The tweets have subsequently been deleted by the company presumably because they were in poor taste. Thankfully Kotaku picked up on them before they were deleted. Here’s what the developer behind the engine had to say.

Frostbite now runs on the #WiiU since it is the most powerful Gen4 platform, our renderer is now optimized for Mario and Zelda.

Frostbite will power #HalfLife3, coming out summer 2014! #WiiU exclusive.

Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU.

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  1. Still not funny assholes at EA. Keep it up. The hate is only going to keep growing and I hope it hurts.

    First! Waited so long to say that. XD


      VOTE WII U its very close to 1st place. at time of posting: WAY AHEAD into second.
      it truyley deserves to sell well on that platform ……so much effeort and all.

      PLUS its a amazing game.

      (gap closing)

      1. Thanks for letting us know. I of course voted for Wii U and ha! Look at Xbox One sucking. It’ll always be in last place.

      2. xbox one is stronger than wiiu and has better games than wiiu. xbox live is better than nintendo network.

      3. Xbox One still can’t do 1080p, Microsoft royally fucked everyone about the DRM lies and the best game they got is nothing more than an overpriced, multiplayer only COD clone with mechs..published by EA.

        And as for Xbox Live, PC..again, PC HAS THE SAME SHIT AS XBOX BUT FREE.

        So STFU troll. You lose again and Xbox will always be the 3rd place of anything. It even got beat by Ouya in Amazon..fucking Ouya, a “nobody” console. Now that’s pathetic.

      4. Have you ever tried the Xbox One? It’s actually a great console, and I think the few exclusives that has been released so far, has been superb. Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Titanfall, Peggle 2 and Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare.

        As in terms of sales and popularity, xbox isn’t in last place – Wii U is if you haven’t noticed.
        The Xbox Live service is great, and yes it’s a paid service but you can’t deny it work really well. The twitch update has also added to the fun.
        Xbox One is killer, try it before you bash it :)
        By the way, I have both the Wii U, PS4 and XBONE so I being as objective as possible

      5. Why do you Nintendrones always make fun of Xbox One? Lol. PS4 is crushing everything now so you think you can just try to go after Xbox? Haha. You’re all retarted. Xbox One has way better third party, better online, better hardware, and better controller than the Gimmick U. And you want to make fun of Kinect? Lmao. I am 100% positive that almost none of you Nintendrones have even tried it. Just mad because nobody wants to play with your piece of crap wands anymore. We want real controllers, not oversized tablets. Get your facts straight.

      6. Brb, going to send my console back 500 times before I get a working one. Oh wait I have a Wii U, not an Xbox or PS4.

      7. Cause a lot of Nintendo fans are also sony fans, and most are LONGTIME microsoft haters for many good reasons.

      1. Hey, look, it’s one of those April Fools you hear about!

      2. So it’s dead yet it still holds more power and knowledge than the PS4 and Xbox One? Wow, you must love your Wii U

      3. If it was dead then why did people vote for the Wii U version then….idiot.

      4. How dumb you are. Just because more people ‘vote’ doesn’t mean that it will be successful. I can guarantee you that the Wii U version will sell the least. Stop being desperate for games.

      5. Would be funny if it DOES sell well… here’s a wager, if it does better on Wii U, you must buy 100 Wii U consoles and sell all your Sony and Microsoft products.

        If it doesn’t do well on Wii U, I shall eat my own copy on camera

      6. It’s not like EVERY console users are going to go to that website. In fact, wii u won’t be succesful and i can see that (and no i’m not trolling.)

      7. Wow, “wii u is as dead as god.”
        The ignorance is strong in this one. Two idiotic claims in one, bravo. *clap, clap*

    2. Hello! I think these tweets were a bit disrespectful but I understand where their humor is coming from. It’s April Fools, what do you expect? Well anyways no one should have been gullible enough to fall for these tweets because they were pretty obvious.

      Uhh goodbye!

    1. Just more stupid ways to burn Wii U over the whole Origin nonsense.

      They seriously need to grow the fuck up and get over it. Origin is trash and Nintendo was smart enough to say no.

    1. ea is right frostbit 3 can run on wiiu but not directx11 or 12 or even the newest cry engine. wiiu is still weak

      1. It isn’t weak at all. It’s just as powerful if not more. You’re just too stupid to know that.

      2. You are a moron. Xbox One is literally 3 times more powerful than Wii U. You know absolutely nothing about power.

      3. False. Xbox One is roughly 33% “stronger” then Wii U. PS4 is about 50% stronger then Wii U. Maybe if you actually worked on the 3 dev kits you would know your shit to.

      4. 33%, 3X, who the fuck cares? Wii U is underpowered shit and don’t act like you don’t know that. Remember when Batman Arkham Knight got announced and didn’t come to Wii U because of the Batmobile? Really? If the Wii U can’t handle even simple shit like that, there’s no way in hell it could run games like the Witcher 3.

      5. Oh okay. So if it is that powerful, tell me why its still inferior to PC and why it still can’t do 1080p but Wii U can?

      6. Are you really that dumb? Xbox One is literally 3X as powerful than the Wii U. You think because you got slightly better versions of some age old games that Wii U can beat Xbox One? You are either blind or have half a brain. What a joke.

  2. Hahaha how can they have it running perfectly on WiiU when they can’t even get it running perfectly on ps4 and Xbox one. What a fail. I have both a WiiU and Ps4

    1. EA are so stupid that they can’t “run” a CD on a CD player.
      Anyway, who need Frostbite having Cry Engine 4th generation?

  3. Power, power, power… all they think about. Whu don’t they make a good game without crashes or good gameplay instead.

    1. Ironically, EA used to make pretty good games during the PS2 era and before that. Yeah… EA’s games were better without “powerful” consoles.

      1. Yeah, remember Sims for PS2 and GameCube? It would fit nicely for Wii-U. I miss those days commander.

      2. Actually, yeah. A The Sims game would work well with the game pad.

    1. Gueses the whole Net Neutrality became a bigger issue with consumers than EA’s usual BS this year. Guess they lucked out this time because if that wasn’t the case, they’d win for the 3rd year.

  4. So this is what gamin community has come to? Its one thing to watch fanboys who think they are commanders to fight on internet, but when actual developers start unprofesionally mock other system makes me wonder just what the fuck has happened? Thank god there are actual profesionals like Sakurai,Yoshida and Phil Spencer who dont fall on cheap calls.

  5. Probably hilarious to EA’s target audience, the “dudebros”. Just shows how they really feel about Wii U and truthfully Nintendo in general.

    From a business standpoint this stuff is beyond stupid.

  6. That’s it, that was the last straw!

    Time to wage war!

    Nobody threatens our empire!

    1. Ok im sure you are paid by disney to promote StarWars here since all you do is post a starwars vid in every 2nd comment you make.

    2. If I lived in the Star Wars universe, I’d be a Robotic Hand Designer… I mean, what with folks losing their hands ever few minutes. I’d be rich.

      Like, with everyone swinging those laser swords around all the time, I probably could open a whole line of custom limbs! I’ll put Mustifar out of business!!! Mwahaha

      1. I’d be the emperor executing order 66 on the Xbots…

  7. Pffffft HAHAHAHAHAHA, it’s pathetic at what EA has to do in order to appeal to their “fanbase”. Take away the sports games and all you got are pathetic losers who never got out of their teenage years. Low class EA, low class

  8. I don’t care about that other stuff, but this: “Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’.” Was in poor taste. Especially if you’re an experienced Battlefield player.

  9. Funny… Until you play Battlefield 4 campaign (vomit in my mouth). I’ll take ANY Mario/Zelda game ever released over Frostbite crap, after playing BF4, thank you very much. ;)

    1. BF4 isn’t the only thing running in Frostbite. Need For Speed, Mass Effect, and plenty of other games exist. Nintendo’s games are great too. And believe it or not, there are people in this world who like Battlefield 4. You don’t have any right to call it “crap”. Respect others opinions. Also, you seem to forget that EA has access to games like Need For Speed, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age, Dead Space, and more…

      1. Which all became crap in the later years thanks to EA’s BS greedy policies. Stop sucking them off defending their visible nonsense.

      2. That’s not my point. What I am saying is EA has access to some of the best games out there. We cannot do anything against them to make them bring their games to us. And it really is mainly Nintendo’s fault for all of this really happening. Most of the games that get published by EA tend to have some seriously impressive graphics, but Nintendo failed to make their console powerful enough to achieve the type of power EA wants. And our fault, too. EA gave us Mass Effect 3 and Need For Speed Most Wanted (both amazing games btw) and NOBODY bought them for Wii U. I get the whole ‘why should I buy this game when i can get it on ps3 for leik $20’ excuse, but to be honest, would you sacrifice 60 bucks to get a whole generation worth of brand new Frostbite engine games, or would you rather keep your money and get no games for the rest of Wii U’s life? Either way, it’s too late now. Nintendo messed up and Nintendo fans messed up. I bought Need For Speed Most Wanted (because believe it or not, I didn’t buy my Wii U to only play Mario games) and I plan to get Mass Effect 3 later on. No more EA games, no frostbite engine. You guys knew this day was coming, and that day is today. It’s on you.

      1. Its not even close to a joke when this has been done many times by EA before. April Fools was just a cover up, an excuse to do it and their fake apology for PR, they can shove it up their ass.

        Stop being a fucking moron only saying “oh these fanboys can’t take a joke” as your sole weak defense for their BS. You wanna know what’s a joke? Xbox One for many reasons: DRM, useless overcrowded features like TV, KINECT!, being overpriced thanks to KINECT!, it fucking explodes and can’t even run games at 1080p for god sakes.

  10. Ahahah, what a jerk :p
    You can’t say he’s not right though, Nintendo needs to step up their shit, and by their shit I include their hardwares.

  11. I don’t think we have to take this to serious. I mean, a big percentage of PS4 and XBOX ONE fans probably think this is funny. The only thing this shows is the disconnect between official words from EA and what the people in the company really think.

  12. Good thing it was a joke, I don’t want that bug filled disaster of a game on wii u anyway :3

  13. Kinda stupid of them. Whether Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft dominate each generation is up in the air. EA is burning their bridge with Nintendo and if Nintendo’s 9th generation console were to dominate this joke could cost EA big.

    1. They already cost their relationship and trust with Nintendo/fanbase long beogre this dumbass joke was spit out and covered quickly like the punk asses they are.

      1. because you nintendofanboys didnt even buy ea games at launch.

      2. Most probably, any gamer who bought Wii U at launch, have played Mass Effect 3 already. And most probably those who bought at launch, has multiple gaming options, why choose 1 game, when you get 3 for cheaper?
        And sport ports were sad excuse of support.
        After all that, I don’t blame anyone for not buying most wanted.

      3. What fucking games you idiot? They ditched the system before it started and the only EA games there are only a few ports from other system releases which by then, won’t attract much sales BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY AVAILABLE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

        You’re a fucking moron.

  14. I couldn’t care less. I’ve be playing mk8 and drawing with the console, most of the time.

  15. EA probably think they’re such a badass since they actually weren’t the worst company in America for the third time in a row. Congrats EA.

  16. deleting battlefield 4 off my ps4 when I get home… not that I ever really played it because broken things tend to not work.

    1. I won’t even consider buying that garbage…

      Damn Swedish Electron traitors…

  17. Buwahahahahahahaaaaaa even devs know weak U is a last gen underpowered hardware lolol and lol at angry fanboys above lololol I enjoy the weak U while U can because it only has a few months left hahahahaha

    1. last gen

      so the only cpu in existence with ibm edram level 2 catch is last gen

      its cutting edge theres no cpu insxistence with it ONLY EXPRESSO

      the wiiu processor set has 38mb of edram-sram on board LAST GEN

      the wiiu has the lowest latency memory set up in COMPUTATION HISTORY

      LAST GEN








      1. That’s what you call a “double standard”

        These morons are full of themselves without even growing a single braincell enough to notice.







  19. Damn…

    Wii U owners gets the most hate and they suffer the most, even though it’s Nintendo’s fault for the most negativity smh…

    1. as a wiiu myself its funny watch nintendo fanboys bash third party, say achievement system doesnt matter, say wiiu is not kiddy and bash cod. the nintendo fanboys lol

      1. Says the turd who thinks the opposite of those proven arguments are true.

        Seriously, isn’t past your curfew time?

      2. He doesn’t even know what it is considering his Xbot parents abandoned him at birth on some EA Sports factory…

      3. Yes, Achievements systems sucks, Accomplishments is where its at ;)

      4. what exactly does matter about achievement? what the fuck is their use? i play games because they’re fun not because i have to work to reach some bullshit achievement “kill 1000 of that”

        and if i achieve something then i know i did
        i don’t need the game to tell me

    2. Actually how all of this hate started was because of the misjudgement of the console hardware itself. They look at the graphics only and call it last gen because of the similarities by sight. Well the so called next gen consoles aren’t any different either so I don’t get the hate also. Its not like Nintendo did something to royally screw the consumer’s trusts like Microsoft with DRM or EA with rushing crappy unfinished and unpatched products like BF4 and choose to do DLC instead of fixing the games.

      Nintendo has never done anything close to that caliber towards their consumers but made some shortcoming choices in marketing that they believe would entice more support but didn’t. That’s it. The marketing was their major problem. As for the Wii U, just short of some features but its not a terrible console that hides DRM or fucking explode when running too many useless features like Xbox One’s Kinect, TV and shit.

      1. microsoft listen to devs and there fans and gamers nintendo ignores everyone.nintendo games dont not have online multiplayer,achievement syste,dlc or even voice chat.

      2. You know, DLC doesn’t really matter when we get more COMPLETE games than what Microsoft and EA bring.

      3. shoving DRM so far up 4+ million unaware asses who own Xbox One and then lie about. Yeah. Microsoft is one in a million with best consumer trust and working, successful products like the failed Zune, the flopping Surface or even the infamous Windows Vista.

        And you saying Nintendo games dont have multiplayer, DLC or voice chat at all? Man you are that fucking stupid. LMAO

        Not every game in existence has to have everything. In fact, Nintendo games like Wii U DOES HAVE DLC, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, VOICE CHAT & ACHIEVEMENTS BUILT IN SOME FUCKING GAMES.

        As for the achievement system argument, who gives a shit? I had a PS3 before with Trophies and do I give a single fuck about it or do I care about playing the game itself? Also, majority of those achievements are too fucking easy and why they’re called that when acquring them is no-brainer is beyond me.

        But you are one sad motherfucker getting everything so twisted that its just laughable. Please, just fade away slowly and painfully already.

    3. I have a feeling you are the same person pretending to be that other guy Nintendo fan 64 or whatever the name is because they no longer come here anymore.

  20. Here’s a joke for ya’ll

    EA are the best Company ever and Battlefield 4 is running great.

  21. I feel like the only guy who doesn’t know the game “Frostbite.” But it’s made by EA so I probably don’t want to know.






    wiiu has more catch on a single core than ps4 has for the whole gaming power LTFOL

    1. More and more of our forces are rejecting their garbage and soon High Command will notice it aswell and break any relationship left hanging around with the Electrons andnput them one more step into their inevitable doom…

      Who wants their pathetic Origin of Creation anyway…

  23. They can talk shit about the Wii U all they want but don’t talk about Mario and Zelda. When EA has some good fucking games then they can talk shit. As for now, get back to your fucking FIFA. You were voted worst company for a reason you uneducated screw ups.

    1. They hate Mario and Zelda because they can only mimic real life with fps simulators, social life simulation, etc. but they can’t even create epic adventures and epic tales, like Mario and Zelda games.

  24. The fuck is a frostbite and half life? Sounds like two terrible things to have. It’s not trolling the way you think if they both sound horrible.

    1. Wait…. you can actually get game running with zero bugs on the Frostbite Engine? Wow…

  25. Wow, so funny. This guy gives Frostbite such a great name but I think I will stick to my Mario and Zelda thanks.

  26. They’ve just said Frostbite engine can be run on 4th gen platforms. This means their own graphic production sucks.

    1. True but there’s something that is far better, it’s called…. CryEngine which CAN run on the Wii U and many other platforms with Zero Problems.

      1. frostbite would run on the wii u just fine it’s just EA not bothering to port it over
        FB 2 even runs on mobile devices so.. yeah

  27. Sony Xbox EA UK it’s all a conspiracy to bring down Nintendo and the Wii U! They are all jelous of the success of Nintendo that they have to do things like this. I feal sorry for them because they will never be as great as NINTENDO!

  28. People on this site supports the stereotype that anyone who plays video games are dumb as shit.

  29. the kinnect is better than wiiu gamepad. second screen experience was on the ds back in 2004. wiiu is no innovation at all.its just a 3ds with hd and wii combined.

    1. innovation is all about combining things so they’ll work together in a new way

      cameras have been there before kinect

      motion sensors have been there before the wii *gasp*

      joysticks have been there before the analog stick *doublegasp*

      and last but not least… buttons have been there before gamepads! :O x_x

      so there ;)

  30. Nice to see the fans come together here and defend Nintendo here. Are you sure these guys aren’t the same trolls that come to this site? I bet they are, that’s why I don’t see them so fired up in this article.

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