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Nintendo Ceases Wii Classic Controllers Production

nintendo_classic_controller_messageNintendo has apparently ceased production for the Wii Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. According to Twitter user @kitroplious, a message from Nintendo popped up when purchasing the N64 version of Mario Golf on Club Nintendo. The Wii U owner said he was buying it to use on the current home console’s Wii mode.

Although Nintendo are no longer manufacturing the controllers, retailers will more than likely continue to hold stock for some time. Of course, the move to cease production could be a viable one from Nintendo, where the potential sales for the Wii U’s Pro Controller could increase in the long-run. Either way, if you’re looking to purchase a Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, it’s a prime time to do so.

38 thoughts on “Nintendo Ceases Wii Classic Controllers Production”

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      In Wii Mode? Unfortunately, no. And since you would have transferred them from your regular Wii to your Wii U, you can’t use GameCube controllers either. That’s why I had to buy two Classic Controller Pros.

      CCP for virtual console, Wiimote + Nunchuk for Pikmin, Pro Controller for FPS, and then GamePad. Too many control schemes.

      Hopefully there’ll be an update that’ll let the GamePad/Pro Controller play Wii/VC games.

  1. They should release an update that allows games that use the Classic controller or GameCube controller for Wii be compatible with the Wii U Pro Controller.

  2. I was dissapointed by the analogs on the wii u pro controller, far from being as precise as the analogs on the tablet. Certainly when playing black ops 2.

    1. Where did you buy it then?
      If you found the cheapest posible from Amazon, its properly a fake one you got.

      The anolog on mine is just as good as on the gamepad.

  3. Haahahahaha LEGO The Hobbit – Wii U Version Delayed till April 22nd Hahahahah Delaytendo is going down hahahaah Smash bros save the Weak U?No!Nintendoooooooommmeedd HAHAHAHAHAH #WiiuDeadconfirmed

      1. Just stop there, no need to respond to these people. Eventually they will realize no one is giving them the attention they thrive on and will crawl back into their holes.

  4. Maybe Nintendo is getting ready to move the n64 games to Wii U so they don’t have a need for the Classic controller anymore.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      But the Wii U Pro Controller can’t play VC games ported from your Wii to your Wii U. With the lack of GameCube controller support, you won’t be able to play any of those games.

      1. True. Luckily for me, I do not have any VC games in Wii mode, but i would be a problem for those who have, and does not already have a Classic controller (pro). Lets just hope Nintendo comes up with a solution…

          1. That would be great! Though, why should people pay to upgrade to the Wii U version of the game? Other than quick-save, it does not offer much more… I totally agree, anyways, using the GamePad or Pro Controller in Wii Mode too would solve this problem right away!

      2. You can buy the mayfish adapter on Amazon for $15 that will let you play with a Gamecube controller.But the pro/classic will never be very rare there are millions of them. Or just buy a few extra now and you should be set for life.

  5. Nintendo Or Nothing

    I never even knew there was more than one version of the Classic Controller. The one I have doesn’t look like the one in this picture.

  6. Before anyone here like a “certain Nintendo hating hypocritical retard” I can name right now, says anything, this simply means Nintendo is gearing up to retire Wii’s production. Wii’s WiFi Connection service being cancelled by May 20th should have implied that already.

  7. Guys I have a problem. You know the circle pad of the 3DS XL? It broke, so now the silicon thing of the 3DS XL is removed. How do I fix this? Any shops that can add a new Circle Pad back in?

    1. That’s really hard to find a store. You can send it to nintendo and they will fix it. Or buy the parts on ebay and do it yourself

  8. I recently had a choice between buying a new Nunchuk (the Z button became unresponsive; it was over 7 yrs. old), or, looking @ the games I was playing & had yet to start (Sakura Wars, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story), buying a Classic Controller Pro.

    I bought the CCP, which cost the same as a Nunchuk anyway. Makes those games much better. & when Club Nintendo offered Super Mario RPG, I was already prepared (but I hope they move Sin & Punishment, Castlevania: The Adv. ReBirth, & Cruis’n USA to the eShop). I never went online w/ my Wii. I also plan on playing other Wii games in my library that support it (Castle of Shikigami III, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom), & see if they’re even better.

    I do wish Nintendo kept the design of their GCN controller. It molded to my hands & the A, B, X, & Y buttons were shaped & arranged so well. Just needs clickable sticks, a D-pad as big as on Wii U controllers, & another shoulder button. Too bad Wii U shoulder buttons aren’t analog. Luigi’s Mansion, Wave Race: Blue Storm, & F-Zero GX really benefited from analog shoulder buttons (Project CARS, The 90s Arcade Racer, even Mario Kart 8 could be so much better). I wonder if that’s a major hurdle in getting some GCN games to VC.


    1. You should try the Kama wireless nunchuk by Nyko.I don’t normally by 3rd party but I like these so much I bought 4 of them.They are better the original in every way.

      1. Thanks. I’ll certainly consider Kama (especially @ $8.77). The cord was usually yanked when I played Tenchu: Shadow Assasins. & for games like House of the Dead, I stopped threading the cord in the Zapper because it was a hassle; I even stopped slotting the nunchuk in. I haven’t returned to Skyward Sword yet, so I do still need a nunchuk.

        But, just how responsive is Kama’s nunchuk? I used Nintendo’s as a yoke in Heatseeker, & it was very responsive & equally accurate.

  9. Ahh well. I found the Classic Controllers the best Nintendo Controllers. I like the Wii U pro Controller good, but I’m just not a fan of clickable analog sticks. I still got 2 classic controller pro’s, so they should last me a while.

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