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Marvel Superheroes Confirmed For Disney Infinity 2.0

Marvel Entertainment and Disney Interactive Studios together announced the introduction of Marvel’s beloved superheroes for Disney Infinity 2.0. Rumours had begun circulating the world wide web back in February when the Wall Street Journal reported “new versions” were in development and could feature a Marvel superhero.

Yesterday, Marvel Entertainment released a trailer – which you can see above – starring the very first Avenger. It’s only a sneak-peek of the events to come, though, but at the very least we can get a glimpse of Captain America’s famed shield. Since the rumours were spot on regarding Marvel’s characters, could we be looking at the inclusion of the rumoured Star Wars characters too?

Aside from character inclusion, the sequel to Disney Infinity is currently referred to as “2.0”. Although this oddly sounds like an updated version rather than a sequel, it could be a recurring trend for the franchise.

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  1. Disney, you better give us a percy Jackson, Kingdom Hearts,Once Upon a Time, Tron, Kingdom Keepers, and scandal playsets( ABC is owned by Disney so it would be great to have some ABC playsets

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