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Tomodachi Life’s Download Size Is Just Over 3,000 Blocks

Tomodachi Life may take over a good chunk of your activity log and rival those of Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Monster Hunter when it’s released, but it won’t be a large download size. For those planning on purchasing a digital copy of the life simulation game from the Nintendo eShop, you can expect it to take up roughly 3,391 blocks or 424MB on your SD card.

The title’s positively tiny compared to other games, including the tree-shaking, bell-grinding Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which weighed in around 6,000 blocks or the whopping 17,000 blocks for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. You can experience all of the game’s features, including singing in the bath albeit without Iwata, when Tomodachi Life releases for both the eShop and retail on June 6.


  1. i dont know the game, but it looks like
    a stupid miiverse game.
    i dont mind it bad with these games, if there where more real games.
    but its not like that.
    they pray the u for the old gamers and know its even more casual and mini games crap.
    yes where is FTP games?
    i hate theme also.

    1. I probably won’t ever touch this game, but calling it crap and not a “real game” is just stupid, especially ‘cuz you’ve never tried it.
      Just because it’s not what you like, doesn’t make it less of a game. It already sold over 1.8million by the start of this year in Japan alone, there’s obviously a lot of people who do not think this game is crap.

    2. I highly recommend watching the Nintendo Direct they made for this game last week. Seriously, this game is insanely interesting. It looks like it’d be a shitty game but it’s not.

    1. If you’re saying you spent 43 minutes in monster hunter and just gave up its either of two things. One and most likely: you sucked so bad that you got your ass handed to you by a pack of jaggi(probably the weakest real enemies of the series), right after being mugged of your only pickaxe by a felyne(yes, a cat, a tiny fluffy, dressed in boots cat). Or two: your library of games and preferred platforms consist of mobile and sports/FPS games. But hey, to each their own.

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