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Mario Golf World Tour Final Character Roster Revealed (Includes Spoilers)

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has listed all the playable characters in the forthcoming Mario Golf: World Tour. The list includes the default characters you can play with, as well as the unlockable characters found throughout the game.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Bowser
  • Boo
  • Diddy Kong
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Mii


  • Toad
  • Birdo
  • Paratroopa
  • Kamek


    1. IKR? This year should be about her.

      Hopefully there’ll be an update that’ll include Rosalina.

      1. its sad.like cmon I thought she will be everywhere now that she is in smash (yes!!!) and 3d world.

        well luma was playable in Mario tennis so they could have included her but oh well. galaxy 3 will still come in the future no doubt.

      2. I agree, galaxy is great but they really outdid them self on what is a good 3d Mario, they wouldn’t top it, and HD may compliment the game but it wouldn’t be remembered.

      3. I think Galaxy 3 will happen, because it is a system seller now with it’s great recognition and Nintendo knows this. They’ll make a Galaxy 3 on the Wii U to sell units.

        It only makes sense.

      4. They might do that because they did it with Mario Tennis Open and added colored Yoshi’s and Metal Mario

    1. Same for Kinect and all of its half-assed gimmick garbage.

      This game is more than worth it.

      1. at least microsoft didn’t force the gimmick on you troats like nintendo did with the gamepad.

      2. U have to buy Weak U with Kiddy tablett toy that nobody wants #NintendfagExposed#Facts#RealTalk#NintendodeadConfirmedRoflLOLJAJAJAJJA

      3. ohh i forgot about that. at least it a better gimmick than wii u gamepad in many ways.

      4. Not really at least the gamepad is an actual controller and with most games it just displays a map which is very useful combined with the touch screen

      5. The gamepad is a fucking joke just like Segtendo they stuck in the past now they are irrelevant and next they fucking die #WiuiHasNoVoiceChat#LastGenConfirmed#WiiudeadConfirmed#PleaseUnderstand

      6. You know you just sound like a trolling asshole and no-one here is taking you seriously so why don’t you just run back into you’re cave and play COD 57 or better yet go get a life

      7. it funny how nintendo expets people to buy all the separate paryts of wii u will microsoft gives you everything in packet.
        if nintendo created the wii u head set why are they not using it in games. i didn’t they make party chat for wii .
        wii u= a barebone ps3

      8. Even though in terms of power it’s better than the PS3 and what parts do they expect you to buy other than the wii remotes which I mean who doesn’t have a wii remote

      9. U have to buy more Memory too if 32gb is not enough for downloads and so on.

      10. Did you obviously forget the 360 that did the same shit because its shitty hardware is missing features? Wifi adapters, keyboard attachment for 360 controller, headsets, hard drives, heatsink fans, the list keeps going.

        And BTW, got em. B3 Better luck next time loser.

      11. Oh look. Its another bitch we trying so hard not to hate..not really.

        You’re just another bitch riding the small hate dick. How’s the ride going you big baby? Feels weird doesn’t it?

      12. Gamepad being a joke? Well I hope you enjoy your Vita and Smartglass which is a cheap ass barebone imitation like Move was to Wii Remote and Kinect to..everything else from it that makes itself more relevant than Kinect.

      13. Dumbass motherfucker, of course Microsoft did exactly that with Kinect as means to compete Wii’s Motion control same for PSMove which BOTH KINECT & MOVE FAILED and now with Xbox One making the fucking console $100 more than PS4 with that POS NSA Spycam toy alone which also is whats holding Xbox One back.

        Grow that BS “Nintendo is gimmick” cancer out of your fucking childish skull. Gamepad is what’s needed for the console. It may sound a bit forced, maybe unneeded but it has its uses. Kinect does not have any uses nor even fucking works and yes I have one in my own house for my little sister to play Sonic Free Riders and guess what. That POS doesn’t work accurately nor was ever needed to play any Xbox game period.

        So tell me again which is a forced gimmick thats never needed and failing?
        Exactly. You ain’t got shit to say to back up that retarded fanboy nonsense.

      14. microsoft didn’t sacrifice the kinnect over console specs while nintendo downgraded wii u specs, didn’t add more memory to hard drive, didn’t add a head set or ethernet port.

      15. uhh have read the xbox one stories lately, I don’t care for console power but they have sacrifice power for otherthings

      16. Shut up, narutard. Atleast Nintendo doesn’t have a creeper status like the Kinect, checking out your penis through your pants. Like a creeper, it should blow itself like the lame box it is.

      17. Damage control 101. Nice try Sasori, your bullshit was detected before you typed.

      18. … HAHAHAHA oh you’re such a failure XD

        Microsoft pretty much FORCES you to buy the kinect with the Xbox Done… and it’s a far worse gimmick, at least the Wii U Gamepad actually has a use XD

  1. what lame roster. i expected more like rosalina,toadlett,baby mario and more. no buy for me i guess. i just keep saving up money for a refirbished xbox 360 which is about $130 and i will buy 10 games with it. i have about $85.35 saved towards me xbox 360 and 10 games.

    its good to get an xbox 360 or ps3 to not miss out on third party games.

      1. before wii u launched they were hyped to see wii u specs and going atround every where saying wii u is next gen.
        now adays they say graphics dont matter because the discoved wii u specs are ladt gen.

      2. Graphics didn’t ever matter except for the people that only play FPS games that don’t even show their good gaphics because the only colours are grey and brown

      3. Its not the specs that suck tiat 3rd parties wanna feed you that easy weak BS. Its because Wii U specs are customized and different from developer’s slow understanding which is why you hear people bitching about how “hard” it is to port games over.


        *FarSight Studios recently talking shit about Wii U out of frustration was mainly because that retarded amatuer programmer can’t make a simple pinball video game work on Wii U so its all on him.

        * Bedsetha – Claiming the CPU was too weak upon quick glance in Wii U’s early built but failed to fully care about experimenting and utilizing other components like its GPGPU which is suppose to handle more processing task than CPU/GPU combined. But knowing Bedsetha, they can’t make one damn video game without being infested with dozens of game breaking glitches so their overlooked opinions don’t matter.

        EA – Oh fuck them either way. Everyone with common sense knows its all about Nintendo intelligently saying NO to that fucking cancer Origin which is SPYWARE & ILLEGAL and that when EA got an extreme case of butthurt and started the whole Anti-Nintendo parade.

        Guys behind Sniper V2 Wii U Port- Their half-melted brains honestly think that stripping 80 percent of the game’s features and selling a 2 year old game at full price without those features is gonna sell? And yet have the complete fucked up nerve to say it didn’t sell because blah blah Nintendo fans don’t buy 3rd party blah blah. That scene was just so laughable it hurts and sickens my guts.

        Ubisoft – Another company of hypocritical idiots. Thinking Rayman Legends won’t sell or help push Wii U units forward was not only their dumbass hypothesis proven wrong with another dumb decision to launch PS3/360 ports too close to GTA5, but because of that dick move it help cost both Nintendo’s 1st year launch window and Rayman on those other platforms lost sales as well.

        See where I’m getting at? The third parties have lost their fucking ways and minds, trapped in their fantasized notions that the 3rd party Nintendo support doesn’t exists yet they intentionally make crap after crap to make sure humanity swallows that obvious lie up so easily like a fish because its now possible to fool the masses who’s lacking mind and soul now so they can mindlessly line them up to take from their pockets by satisfying their sole illusionary crave of high end graphics in a cable box or a Blu Ray player.

        Gaming as we all know it is fucked and about to be more fucked in a not too distant future.

      4. I agree, but also wanna add that Nintendo are making errors all over also. Where’s a proper Mario adventure game, for example.

      5. You must have no life outside of the internet seeing how you keep bringing that up.. here’s one for you then :3

      6. nintendo fanboys dont understand what real next gen graphics are. they just say graphics dont matter

      7. Graphics do matter somewhat but they don’t make a game, a great example of that is something like minecraft which while it looks meh, the gameplay is what people play for, the experience not the graphics plus X is gorgeous and anyone that tries to deny that is clearly blind

      8. even some ps3 games look better x. the graphics dont impress me. hopefully they improve on graphics.

      9. Yeah. Only some smartass and whats the last good looking PS3 game? COD4?

      10. Its not that graphics don’t matter fucktard. The problem is that fanboy morons like you only believe and worship edge bleeding graphics, which still sucks comapre to PC’s top capabilities, to be the only means and importance of gameplay and enjoying games in general which obviously its not. Visuals stlye presentation is a secondary thing next to gameplay.

        Would you rather waste $60-150 on the most prettiest Holltwood-like interactive CGI with cliche story and shit gameplay execution or a decent looking game that’s actually fun where you can pick up and enjoy without having to worry about everything else that’s meaningless like little graphic nippicking?

    1. Why buy a fucking used Xbox 360 when the 3DS is the best selling handhold system out there. What games are you going to buy for it? COD? Get a life and play a real classic Mario game.

    2. Oh so you have a 3DS, Narutard? You’re such a hypocrite! Go play your lame box 360 or your Xbox Done. Don’t disgrace Nintendo or this site ever again.

  2. Again with the lack of a WarioWare newcomer? Then again, Nintendo always ride on Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country’s dicks when it comes to most Mario spinoffs.

    1. Because they don’t have a life and they are just jealous because the Wii U owns PS4 and Xbox One. Why don’t all the haters crawl underneath a hole and play your COD on a piece of shit you call a system.

  3. I wish they added the Kremlings, those guys need more attention, I also wish they added Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, and Rosalina

  4. Thanks for listing all unlockable characters and destroying the element of surprise! And why is the word “unlockable” always underlined when I write it, like it’s spelled wrong?

  5. This is yet another series that would be cool to have an all-star cast. And again I must say, I sure hope Nintendo is working on a Wii U version as well. It would be a real shame if this is all we get for several more years.

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