Mario Kart 8 Contains 30 Playable Characters?

VG247 Italy has snapped a shot of the character select screen in the upcoming Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. The screen taken shows that there are thirty playable characters to choose from. We heard from the Official Nintendo Magazine in Spain that Diddy Kong will be a playable character, but he’s absent in the default playable characters roster. No doubt he will make a welcomed appearance though.


      1. Guess you haven’t played Mario Kart Wii, that game had the Mii in it also.

  1. THERE WILL BE MORE!!!!! rows expand.
    just like In mk wii once you unlock someone from a new row or part more ?’s will show up in more rows/columns.

    it makes no sense to NOT include another DK character and lots are missing like king boo ect.

    1. This looks to be the full roster though since characters that are normally unlockable are there minus the few that are still hidden

      1. they expanded multiple times in wii version D: this cant be the final number.

    2. I recently went on the site and the people who fill those “?” are pink gold peach, baby rosalina and MII I hope they have another row that expands out Birdo is my favourite and diddy king is def one of my favs.

      1. you nintendo fanboys dont understand real next gen graphics. mario kart 8 is not next gen.

      2. Have you not seen it it’s fucking beautiful, how smooth and clear it is and dat lighting in moo moo meadows

      3. #Youhavenoevidence

      4. #XBOXDONEBLOWSUP Confirmed
        #XBOXDONELACKS1080P Confirmed
        #XBOXDONE Confirmed

        Got anything else original to spur?

      5. I know let’s play the guessing game of what he’s going to say next!



      6. You’re jealous you don’t have one. You wish you could play Mk8 but I guess the 13 yr old can’t afford it.

      7. did you even watch the video. it was comparing x to witcher 3. that video exposes how ladt gen wii u is.

      8. I know it was a joke but X is still gourgeous and in terms of gameplay X will blow that away

      9. I’m a fan of the Witcher series… but I have to agree.

        Witcher 3 may have the graphics but if X is anything like Xenoblade… Witcher 3 won’t have the next gen gameplay like X.

      10. Which is all that matters in the end…

        Graphics are only just as important as the gameplay when you have games like Myst…

      11. Hmmm… Witcher 3 is based during the medieval ages and is more action oriented, they also brag about the open world.

        X on the other hand is an open world RPG with some good looking visuals and not forgetting slight better gameplay.

        both are different, so comparing them and saying you win is like wining the Special Olympics, you may have one but you are still a retard. You’ve finally deserved your place among the greats such as Chris Chan and the rest of the butthurt people who have now been put on pertinently on ED.

        Have fun being hated and trolled ^^

      12. the devs of witcher 3 even said that witcher 3 while be 20% more larger than skyrim. there not pop ups in witcher 3 trailer while in x you can see grass pop ups, terrible hair graphics for the character modle face and the waters effects are a joke.

      13. dude you haven’t played witcher 3 so u don’t know what the game has based on trailers, X was still under heavy development so yeah. Alsoif u care for graphics go get a damn pc, when by a console u aren’t getting graphics. I haven’t played witcher, but I have played xenoblade and it runs pretty damn nice especially sinceit was on the wii

      14. That’s really all you care about?
        I think you do need your eyes check there dude because what I can see is two sexy looking games that I’d take out on a fancy dinner and have safe sex with both… To be honest, X is only a small amount of games that look amazing, Mario Kart 8 looks amazing yet they managed 1080p at 60 fps yet you are bitching about some water and grass?

        Witcher 3 does look fappable… on PC of course but it won’t be as fun as X and seeing how Open World games now days can get boring even in a bigger environment, expect Witcher 3 to be forgotten about and the next big Open World game will take it’s place. Look at Watch_Dogs for example, remember how it looked amazing? Now look at it.. looks like a PS3 game only… meh.. but yet again the PC has all the best features.

        I’d love to see more sexy looking games on the Wii U of course but as of now, fun games beats sexy games anytime. Crysis 3 for example, didn’t really do all that well after the hype died down yet a game like Mario Galaxy or Pokemon X/Y had simple cartoony graphics yet they sold a shit ton and even kept on going after the hype.

        So, do I think Witcher 3 is going to be good? Yes, do I think the hype will last? Doubt it.

        X might not look as sexy but it still rocks a sweet pair of undies known as gameplay and that’s sexy enough.

      15. Dude, NOBODY gives a shit. Mario Kart 8 has graphics that would blow ANYONE away, but that aside, it’s still going to outsell the Witcher 3 10:1 because it’s MARIO KART. It’s simple, people immediately understand it, and it appeals to more than JUST gamers. It’s design model BEATS the Witcher 3’s. and guess what, graphics only played a small role in that. SO WHO GIVES A SHIT? You do. You’re literally the only one on this site who cares more about how game looks rather than how it plays. But I can’t even tell the fucking difference anymore, the graphics on ALL of these games are amazing. It doesn’t even matter anymore how great your graphics chip is. Want the best graphics? look out a window.

      16. *Yawn* Got anything else to show that doesn’t obviously look like a PS3 Superbowl game commercial to back up your dumbass hypothesis of Graphics>Gameplay which is proven wrong every time?

      17. I’m not saying it isn’t but I just feel X will be a much better game for long term enjoyment.

      18. Wow. Judging X visuals while the game is still under development?

        Moron alert over here.

      19. uhh u do realize that its like comparing a orange to apple right? both games will have different set up compared, and doing a graphics comparison is pointless. Wii u is current gen along with xbox one, and ps4, as gen is define as a state of time and not power

      20. Graphics do not matter, get it through your think and empty skull. I can clock the Wii U at 1TB and it still be running fine while your Xbone would just get smoked, that doesn’t sound last gen. EXPOSED.

      21. Yeah it can. I already tried explaining it too you, but your lacking of technical knowledge and huge ego shot it down.

      22. Yeah, it sure would do him better. Just about anything said to him goes in one ear, and comes out the other because there is nothing blocking traffic.

      23. Its specs says it can and has been proven without overheating much or exploding like your favorite DRM 1080p-less Xbox DOne.

      24. Just don’t reason with the guy that’s jealous of our games. He’s in denial right now.

      25. Yet Forza 5 forces people to PAY to get the “Next Gen” graphics the cloud was suppose to give but even then it doesn’t look as good as Mario Kart 8… I’m guessing watching so much Naruto must have damaged your eyes.

      26. that’s free to play. Not the best game but Nintendo is aleast trying ftp games

      27. ….. You’re comparing a Free 2 Play game to a game you have to pay £60 for PLUS an extra £20 to actually FINISH THE GAME…

        #failtroll #socialreject

      28. “Next” is a comparison.

        Compared to the previous generation (Mario Kart Wii), this (Mario Kart 8) is the next gen.

      29. Finally made an “original” that’s ripping off other videos put together (thats copyright infringment BTW you asshole) and not showing off that shitfacial Brokeback Mountain face of yours?

      30. Wanna know true next gen graphics? PC has already beaten that ages ago or better yet? Look outside. Best graphics you’ll ever see until your pathetic life ends which I can’t wait to hear and see it.

      31. There’s something called respect for the dead, but problem is, we can only respect him when he’s dead. lol


      33. lol you have no life do you? all you do is troll. why can’t you except people have different opinions.

    1. I’ll tell you a story. Can you hear them? All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgment. All these people whose ancestors devoted themselves — sacrificed themselves — *to you*. Can you hear them singing? Oh, you like to think you’re a *God*. Well, you’re not a God — you’re just a parasite, eaten out with jealously, envy, and longing for the lives of others. You *feed* on them. On the memory of love, and loss, and birth, and death, and joy, and sorrow…so…SO…come on then, take mine. Take. My. Memories. But I hope you’ve got a big appetite. Because I have lived a LONG life, and I have seen a *few* things. I walked away from the last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the *birth* of the universe and I watched as time RAN OUT, moment by moment, until NOTHING remained — NO TIME, NO SPACE, *JUST ME*! I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a *mad* man. And I’ve watched universes freeze, and creation *burn* — I have seen things you WOULDN’T *BELIEVE* AND I HAVE *LOST* THINGS YOU WILL *NEVER* UNDERSTAND — and I know things. Secrets that must never be told. *Knowledge* that must NEVER be *SPOKEN*! KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL MAKE. PARASITE.GODS. *BLAZE*! SO *COME* ON, THEN!!! TAKE IT!!!! TAKE IT ALL, BABY!!!!! HAVE IT! YOU. HAVE. IT. ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Next time you wake up with a pinecone in your ass, please get professional help to remove it before posting as a raging lunatic online.

      1. Maybe, but I get sick of all the blog micro-managers. Did they pay to be here? No. Do they even have to log in? No. If they don’t like it here, they can leave.

  2. Damn that is a lot of characters for a Mario Kart game. ^_^ Keep the hype rolling because I’m getting this and shelve that POS Black Ops 2 for a LONG time.

      1. Challenge accepted, we must add eachother in the near future then…

      2. We must and we will have…
        What’s that word?
        …Happiness beating the crap out of each other…
        Yeah, that’s the word.

      3. Haha indeed…

        This year will be one of the most enjoyable ones in gaming history…

      4. My 3DS FC: 0430 8270 4899
        WiiU: Moodeeb

        Comeon folks. Any takers?

      5. Great…

        I play MK7, Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion online from time to time…

        Obviously I will buy Smash Brothers too…

  3. if theres only 16 new curses only,then am not even buying the game at full price. i will buy it when it ranges from 30-45$ at best.

    1. theres always 16 new courses……..however this is the first time that the retro courses actually feel actually very new. (apart from 3ds ones they still look a tiny bit 3ds ish.)

      1. Rehashtendo just copypaste the same shit all over again and the nintendosluts think its new but its not HAHAHAH fucking #Exposed#Facts#KiddyToyU#LastGenWiiuConfirmed

      2. Someone’s a fucking hypocrite, what do you play, COD, assasins creed, battlefield nothing is brand new anymore, get over it sequels feel similar

      3. sequels are suppose to look simlar to from it predecessor but nintendo games lack difference and effort in them. even cod has leaps from its predecessors while mario reminds the same formula with just 1or 2 new little twist.

      4. what a fagot…this time is different, have you ever watched the gamexplain comparation videos?

      5. Did you really just say that, someone’s delusion, evn the rehash mario games have twice the uniqueness cod has, You know the game franchise that is known for rehashing the same thing every year yet people somehow manage to continue to buy it religiously

      6. Call of Duty doesn’t have sequels… Case and point, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Portable game… they are all the same and they do nothing new.

        Nintendo’s Mario series on the other hand actually adds new gameplay elements. Soooo yeah… also… *cough* Halo Anniversary *cough* Last of Us: Remastered *cough* every PlayStation game made into a HD Remake *cough*

      7. cough cough zelda wind waker hd, cough cough dk country return for 3ds, coughing super mario 3d word, cough cough another mario kart game, cough cough dr luigi, cough cough nes remix 1 and 2

      8. super mario 3d WORD…what game is that?
        i only know super mario 3d WORLD….imbecile

      9. He stated that sequels are meant to be the same but he is using the Nintendo sequels as an excuse… he fails at life in general XD

      10. Kind hypocritical of you saying sequels are suppose to be the same… yet you put Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D World, DR Luigi and NES Remix 2 on the list of rehashes… Yep, you are ED material ;)

        So that would make these games rehashes too then:

        Gears of War 2
        Gears of War 3
        Halo 2
        Halo 3
        Halo 4
        Halo Reach
        Halo 3: ODST
        Halo 5
        Crackdown 2
        InFAMOUS 2
        InFAMOUS: Second Son
        Witcher 2
        Witcher 3
        Half Life 2
        Half Life: Opposing Forces
        Half Life: Blue Shift
        Call of Duty 2
        Call of Duty 3
        Call of Duty: World at War
        Call of Duty; Black Ops 2
        God of War 2
        God of War 3
        Resident Evil 2
        Resident Evil 3
        Resident Evil 4
        Resident Evil 5
        Resident Evil 6
        Warcraft 2
        Warcraft 3
        Starcraft 2
        DOTA 2
        Team Fortress 2
        and so on

        So yeah… going by your logic, every game that has a sequel is a rehash seeing how Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World are sequels.


      11. supermario kart
        mario kart 64
        mrio kart super curuit
        marri kart double dash
        mario kart ds
        mario kartds
        mario kart gpx
        mario kart wii
        mario kart 7
        mario kart 8
        super mario bros
        super mario bros 2
        super mario bros 3
        new super mario bros
        new super mario bros wii
        new super mario bros 2
        new super mario bros u
        new super luigi u
        super mario 64
        super mario sunshine
        super mariob64 ds
        super mario galaxy
        super mario galaxy 2
        super mario 3d land
        super mario 3d world

      12. Told you, hypocrite damage controllers are the easiest to spot ;)

      13. Also, this is just blind fanboyism in a nutshell. No wonder why Phil Spencer doesn’t give a crap about you.

      14. * Halo
        * Grand Theft Auto
        * Gears of War
        * Resident Evil
        * Tomb Raider
        * Sly Cooper
        * Crash Bandicoot
        * Call of Duty
        * Battlefield
        * Metal of Honor
        * World of Warcraft
        * Guitar/DJ/Band Hero
        * Ratchet & Clank
        * Ridge Racer, Need for Speed, Burnout, Forza, Gran Turismo

        Yeah. It seems in your retarded mind Nintendo is the ONLY gaming company on earth who “rehashes” similar games and everyone else in the list above is more original with their own franchise for every sequel/ports released.

      15. you forgot Super mario world and super mario bros the lost levels.

        about the unknown characters, Its diddy kong, bowser jr. and King Boo. I saw him in the trailer.

      16. COD Ghost copied and past one of other cod’s ending

      17. there really wasn’t a point to change then ending because it was DLC, adding new levels and higher level of difficulty, its not really a new game, again not fan od nsmb series, but u and ds were the best

      18. you do know those are both different situations entering a helicopter is different from entering a jeep. both men and saviours of warend up in different lives.
        as for mario, he hasn’t even changed from the gamecube era. even sonic has changed time to time. sega still does what ninendont.

      19. Now you’re just beyond silly…

        It doesn’t matter what it is, this proves just how lazy they are, taking existing material from older games and just replacing them with new models…

      20. And no need to bring the NSMB series as I think they are the laziest games ever made by our empire…

      21. yeah, sega has been destroying sonic on the other hand mario has been succesful, moron.

      22. … Sega have been rehashing Sonic since the early days… you are one terrible damage controller XD

      23. sonic has about 46 games since 1983 while mario has had over 220+ games

      24. You need some glasses because from what I can see is a brand new course.


      25. Just realized that XD
        Hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic online

      1. yet they were willing to put all the koopalings in the game.
        I understand if they cut petey piranah but king boo?!

        He’s literally stronger than bowser! And is luigi’s arch nemesis

      2. Why isn’t your ass living a real life and not acting like a tough smartass through a computer and keyboard?

      3. im acting really tough……..

        “why isn’t spyro in this game” SOOOO TOUGH!!

        i don’t hide behind a keyboard because i can actually show myself on camera.

        oh and i don’t sit on the internet all day like you, so try again smart one.

  4. They are willing to add that lakitu guy nobody cares about but no King Boo or Dry character? *flips table*

    1. no need to buy thi s game when you can still mario kart wii on still and still have the same fun for a cheap price. besides i dont give crap about the kupa kids. it seems like nintendo magic milk had worn off.
      hopefully they stop millking the crap of a poor mario and forcus on a making an fps or sand box game.

      1. Get a life seriously ….Your always here trolling the same shit…..coming from a guy who likes naruto ….just stop go away move on from wii u if you hate the games just stop supporting it and leave this blog.

      2. I understood where you were coming from but no need to diss Naruto fans for no reason.

      3. wii wifi network is going down, they adding new balnces to tracks, racers, new items,better online, customize items and ect.

      4. Why buy MK6 (Wii) when Nintendo is cutting the line for wifi play on games like that?


        And FYI, we all love the original Koopa Kids lightywars more than Bowser Jr. and him in general as well as replacing the 7 kids as Bowser’s only child and leader of them is a fucking joke.

  5. obviously there is more people.

    personaly I would like to see ROB and king boo (sadly i dont think honey queen did)return…….along with the additions of luma, lubba, Dixie and of ocourse CRANKY =D;.

    0h and Pauline because why not. and goomba. and pirahana.
    that would be perfect for me :P

  6. I’m guessing Bowser Jr is the last one in that list…

    The 2 others could be King Boo or normal Boo and Petey Piranha…

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but I am very excited we will get to play as the Koopalings.

    I am hoping the rest of the spots get filled up with some Kongs (Funky, Diddy or Dixie) and Dry Bones.

    1. Don’t be too silly young one…

      Don’t lower yourself to the Xbot level of stupidity…

      1. shit i beat OOT when i didn’t even know how to read. thats not that impressive since the game isn’t even hard but when kids who are double my age now when i was when i beat it. they know how to read and all of that, can’t beat that fucking game without a walkthrough. it’s really kind of sad how dumb kids are now……. i mean if you think OOT is to hard or it isn’t straightforward enough (which it is) then what games are easy for them??

        please i grow up with the nes and 64 and a little later i played quite a bit of super nintendo (which is awesome). if i grow up with xbox i might not know how to play anything that doesn’t legit tell you what to do.

        it’s sad when you see a kid playing through zelda and they need a guide to get past hyrule field…….

        kids now play cod…… i played contra.

      2. while kids enjoy cod other m rated games because there growing up and there bored with the same old nintendo games.

      3. You must know how to “connect” with kids real well and I don’t mean talking shit playing tough through a mic in Halo 3 or Black Ops 1…

        If you get my drift..freak.

      4. No offence but were you old enough or even born in the time of the NES?…

        Or did you simply buy it later?…

        But indeed, gamers today can’t complete or play a game without walkthroughs, cheats or predictable moments…

        Many gets angry because the game launched a surprise attack/event on them that made them die…

        Isn’t that what’s fun in life? The unexpected?…

        It’s just pathetic…

      5. im probably older than you think, but if my dad didn’t buy an nes for mario haha (everybody loved mario) and got a ton of games at garage sales for like dirt cheap i technically wouldn’t have been able to play the nes. (like we came home with a pile of games for like 2$ and a lot of them were actually good games, people don’t know what they are doing) but no i wasn’t born in the nes era but i got to experience quite a bit of it like 80’s kids got to. i played the nes even up till i had gamecube but the old bastard just died like in 03. we all liked it…….. when i was really young i called it the old nintendo haha.

        now i got the nes and snes in emulators. it would be nice to get the real things again but it would be a lot to fork out.

        ninja gaiden is sooooo hard haha but its also awesome. the newer ones i think can’t even be compared to the old trio. i think the first one i got pretty close of beating it. those fucking birds piss me off!!

        old school is challenging. even nintendo games were pretty damn hard.

      6. Indeed…

        To this day, it’s so hard to complete the original Metroid…

        I hate those damn wasps…

        I think that all gaming empires including our own, have been heavily affected by the casual mainstream world that games are only about fun and a time to relax…

        Though it is true, games offer a much higher value if they are also challenging to the point that you want to kill yourself…

        If you can’t take it then stay away and stop complaining and let real gamers play real games…

        That’s basically my only complaint still today when it comes to Zelda games…

        They are too damn easy, specially the bosses…

        Only Majora’s Mask was challenging to a certain degree the first time…

      7. agree about MM. i beat OOT when i was 5 maybe 4 idk but MM was challenging. i didn’t like it…. it was to hard!! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME THAT GAME IS PRETTY MUCH A MASTERPIECE!! it took me a few more years to understand the game to actually like it and beat it, again no guids like all these kids have to do now. i wish nintendo would make another zelda like that. if mm was longer i think i could say that it could be the best game ever, its very unique, creative, pretty challenging and just different and actually being better for being different.

        that last sentence i think nintendo used to represent, not anymore. now its just kind of mellow :/

      8. Let’s cross our fingers, limbs or whatever we have and hope that the new Zelda is more in the lines of MM…

        And that Metroid is still as challenging and great as ever…

      9. All games are easy…

        They rely more on quick-time events and cinematics than real gameplay…

        Talking mostly about the overrated games of today and since the 6th generation…

      10. Ryse: Son of Rome – Quick Time Event the Video Game

        Yep… Sony and Microsoft TOTALLY don’t do the same thing… even though I completed Halo 3 and 4 on “Legendary Mode” with zero problems within a day… Face it, video games in general are too easy because of you babies wanting easier games.

      11. I was born in the late NES era, and I mainly played on SNES. Those games were hard as hell and zero checkpoints too.

      12. Indeed…

        I miss the instant death games…

        Like Toki on the Genesis was hard as bloody hell at the highest difficulty…

        I only managed to beat like 15 years later on the highest difficulty…

  8. If there really are only 3 more characters, then that means 3 of the wii ones are excluded from the game. And that’s a darn shame because the wii one is probably my favorite roster. (and I hate the mario kart 7 one)

  9. Sigh, again with the lack of a WarioWare newcomer? Then again, Nintendo always ride on Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country’s dicks when it comes to most Mario spinoffs.

  10. Wiggler, Queen Bee, and Mii.

    I want Dry Bones, King Boo, and Petey Piranha back, however.

  11. They’ll be more, the character icons changed sizes in Mario Kart Wii depending on how many characters you have, and I’m sure that’ll will happen here as well.

    As long as Honey Queen, the most unnecessary and pointless character ever, doesn’t get in, I’ll be happy.

  12. Sigh, if Metal Mario had been an unlockable, at least that would’ve sorted out those guys who suck too hard to unlock him in the first place. Less Metal Mario = A better world.

    1. They should have done like in Smash Brothers…

      Atleast 1 alternate “custome” for all characters…

  13. Sooooo basically, no Birdo, Bowser jr, Diddy kong, Dry bones, Dry Bowser, Funky kong, King boo, Mii, Paratroopa, Petey Piranha or R.O.B. (not that I expected it). This can’t be the final rooster o.o

  14. I’ve always been a little annoyed about the baby Mario, Luigi & Peach characters. I mean, if they’re supposed to be the real Mario, Luigi & Peach, how can they coinside with their adult versions at the same time? I know it’s just a video game, and things don’t really have to make sense. But it would be nice if there was an explanation for this.

  15. 30 characters! That’s so many! That blows the roster off any PS4 game for sure…. this is why I’m so glad I bought a Wii U which actually has variety when it comes to character selection in it’s games. The PS4’s games have the worst character selection.

  16. Coins are still being used and are still fascinating.
    There is no limit to the designs and things you can make with paper mache,
    everything from pinata’s to masks, heads, baskets, and more.

    Finally, beating the Elite Four and becoming the Pokemon Champion automatically unlocks special wallpapers for the storage

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