Sakamoto Talks About The Future Of Metroid

Yoshio Sakamoto, the director behind Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M, doesn’t sound like he’s returning to the series anytime soon. Sakamoto says that he wants to create entertainment that’s completely different and that genuinely brings new emotions. Sakamoto is currently the director of Tomodachi Life.

“I do not intend to do so. There might [currently] be various tasks I might be involved in with past series. However, even if so, I would always like to introduce new entertainment and new fun to those series.”

“… This might be indirect, but if we can make new types of gamers enjoy video games for the first time through Tomodachi Life, then they might eventually become interested in the more conventional games. … I would like to challenge myself to do that.”

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    1. Metroid needs Sakamoto as far away from it as possible. It was Sakamoto’s guidance that turned Other M into the worst game of the franchise.

      1. Other M? Is that a game? I have never heard of it. Probably a spin off or something.

      2. Stop being suck dicks to other m and give it the credit it’s due. Sure the story wasn’t that great but the void was easily filled with fun gameplay, flawless controls, and the best graphics metroid has ever seen

      3. Not to mention you had pretty much zero control over who you’re shooting.

      4. Prime was aesthetically more pleasing, the controls were clunky and awkward as hell, mainly the first person missile shit, the gameplay itself was fun at first but quickly the over the top and flashy nature just grew boring and the story wasn’t just “not that great”, it literally SHIT on the entire franchise. Like, it was bad enough to damn near shoot the series in the heart. Like goddamn, talk about fucking character assassination.

        It’s not really about what the story did to the game itself, but it was so bad that it literally gave the entire series a black eye.

      5. Metroid II: Return of Samus is the worst game in the franchise. Other M is an okay game with a horrid story whereas Return of Samus is tedious, confusing, has no atmosphere (key to a Metroid game), frustrating and boring.

      6. It has similar flaws to the second. Gets extra points for me for being in colour (which makes it much easier to navigate), and having a big enough resolution that Samus doesn’t take up like 30% of the screen.

      7. Metroid 2 was the first metroid I ever played and its awesome its an anti-noob experience. And the last metroid without a map. It makes you feel so awesome when you beat it 100% just like me. :)

      8. I liked it. I agree it had some mayor flaws, but I did enjoy playing it!

      9. Other M er bedre enn noen av de tre originale metroid spillene, super metroid er et råttent overvurdert spill.

    2. You don’t want Sakamoto to direct more Metroid games, believe me, the last one was horribly written thanks to him and his weird power fantasies, and nope, I am not even a SJW, I am dead serious, her character derailed quite a lot from say, Fusion, not to mention the portrayal of Adam which ended up accentuating that issue, is not like we don’t want Samus to stay silent, but when it comes to Metroid the “show, don’t tell” was always better.

  1. Great news, now we don’t have worry about him ruining metriod anymore than he already has. Leave metriod in Retro’s hands

    1. Ruining it by being the long standing director? He’s not the guy behind Other M, you know.

      1. No, he is not, the guy that make Metroid “Super” in Super Metroid was Gunpei Yokoi, He whose name should not be spoken was just his right hand on that proyect.

      2. That was Gunpei Yokoi, He whose name should not be spoken was just his right hand

      3. “Yoshio Sakamoto, the director behind Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M”

        So, uhhh…..

      4. But he did the story which is why the game is so awful to most people. team ninja did a great job with the gameplay especially with being confined to the wii remote alone and the visuals were great too

      5. Everything that is WRONG about other M was his decision as the “all mighty and powerful” director of the project.
        Story, controls of choice, the “where’s waldo” part, the linearity, that the gravity suit was degraded to a feature, the voice acting, etc.

    2. How is this great news retard, Retro is not working on a fucking Metroid game so guess what if his team aren’t working on one then Metroid is dead; Think before you speak idiot.

  2. I do not intend to do so. There might [currently] be various tasks I might be involved in with past series. However, even if so, I would always like to introduce new entertainment and new fun to those series.”

  3. Sounds like he’s a little butter that his “vision” of Samus was utterly rejected by the fans.

    1. He should…

      Samus is not a normal weak woman/human…

      She is a goddess…

      1. Don’t take it literally…

        But she is a higher life-form than a regular human…

        She has Chozo DNA and after Metroid Fusion she also now is 1/3 Metroid…

      2. But I like how they showed she was also human too, they might have overdone it but I’d like samus to be somewhat relatable

      3. They could have shown that AND respect what was already established about her in the past games, her personality, her size, his story with Ridley, her zero suit desinge, etc, but that would mean they have to respect what was already established in games like Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and the Prime Tetralogy BUT sure as hell that important stuff was not meant to be in the way of the “one whose name should not be spoken”‘ vision of who Samus should be and act.

      4. Metroid (1986) — Director, Game Designer

        Super Metroid (1994) — Director, Scenario Writer

        Metroid Fusion (2002) — Director, Scenario Writer

        Metroid: Zero Mission (2004) — Director

        Look maybe he shouldn’t direct a 3D Metroid, but look what else he directed? (Given that Zero Mission is a remake :/ ) Give him credit for directing one of the greatest game on the snes and remake for GBA.

      5. No. Gunpei Yokoi is the one who deserves the credit. He who shoul not be named was just his right hand man.

      6. Yes, he was director, but for Metroid and Super Metroid, the head of the proyect was Gumpei Yokoi, the real creator of the franchise; He whose name should not be spoken was the Directo,r but the one that make the call was Yokoi.
        Interesting story, you wanna know WHY He whose name should not be spoken is not attached to Returns of Samus? Because he thought that the metroid franchise was a failure and returning to it will be a waste of his time. If he return for Super Metroid was because ROS was a bigger succes that all the other games he work between Metroid and Super Metroid, he want his name to be attached to something succesfull again.
        You wanna know what is the track record of He whose name should not be spoken when he took over the franchise (After Gumpei Yoko deaths) Not a Metroid game on the N64 because he was so talentless to came out with a good idea on how to use the controls of the N64 for a Metroid game.
        n the GameCube and GBA era, as the already named owner and responsable person in charge of the Metroid franchise, guess what? he completely ignore his responsabilities as the dude in charge of seeing the good development of Metroid Prime because it was been developed by a not name western studio and thought the game was going to be a bigger fail that ROS because of that; He was very busy working in remodeling the Metroid Franchise and Samus in general to please his vision, to please, not the fans, but himself, in the name of Metroid Fusion, the game that bring linearity to a franchise that was well know for openness and exploration factor. (By the way, Fusion is a good game, but you will se why, just keep reading)
        You know who was the guy that go to Retro Studio and give them a hand? It was Shigeru Miyamoto, the guy that has nothing to do with the metroid franchise was the guy that save the metroid franchise.
        When Prime turn out to be a huge succes, guess what? suddenly he want his name to be related to the project, guess, again, what was his only input to the next two metroid prime games? That they, Retro Studio, redo the model from Samus that they already have done, and make her look like the model he came out with Metroid Zero mission, his other big step in to change the Metroid franchise just to please himself again, the zero suit Samus. (Zero mission is a good game, just keep reading)
        And now we came to Other M, his Magnum Opus, the game that according to him, fix everything that it was wrong with the metroid franchise to please himself. You want to know why Fusion & Zero Mission were good games? Because in those game, while he was the director, he was under the eye of Nintendo, that is why he only could do this little changes (linearity, zero suit, plastic surgery in Samus) but now he was given full creative and directive control power to do whatever he want with the game.
        What was what he do? Shrink Samus in size, erese Metroid Prime trilogy for canon, turning Samus in to an idiot, High heels in the Zero Suit Zamus, give her a unnecessary beauty spot, turning the gravity suit in to a feature, dumber down key momment/elements established in pass games and many more.
        If he can not respect the fans, his coworkers work and his own work and if only please himself is the only thing that matter to him, then he shouldn’t direct a Metroid, or any kind of, game ever again.

      7. I don’t see a problem with that. He had a vision and he wanted to do it. I don’t think that they don’t listen to their fans, but they feel it’s their game and they should do what they want. I can’t say I’m deeply Invested in any metroid games whatsoever, but I can say that I would love to see Prime Hunters 2 (or something to that effect) for 3DS. I don’t follow the chronological thing for most games, but according to Wikipedia the events go in order by this.

        Metroid ( or Zero Mission)
        Metroid Prime
        Echoes (Prime 2)
        Corruption (Prime 3)
        Return of Samus (Metroid 2)
        Super Metroid
        Other M

      8. Yeah, they really didn’t respect much that was established in previous games. You don’t go one way without respecting where you came from.

      9. She didn’t have a personality in the other metroid’s samus like link was a blank slate character and what’s wrong with the zero suit, oh wow she has slight heels, big fucking deal

      10. Then you did not play atention to Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Super Metroid or Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime 1, 2, 3, Hunters and even Metroid Zero Mission.

      11. …And instead of the hunter, she should now be the hunted in the next game. After all, she IS the only remaining source of Metroid DNA left.

  4. Give metroid franchise to Retro Studios for console metroid and WayForward for handheld metroid. Everybody wins

    1. YES!! DO THIS NINTENDO! Retro is perfect for Metroid and I NEED a WayForward Metroid game!!

      1. Why not have both? I know we all love Metroid and everything, but Retro has done a damn good job at bringing DK Country back to life.

      2. yeep maybe retro should bring starfox or even zelda back to life ;-)
        i had enough donkey kong for the next 5 years.

      3. After the crap Retro made, I wish Donkey Kong would’ve stayed dead.

        Here’s how I like to look at it, if there were 3 amazing games on the SNES and one great game on the N64, why would you come back to it 20 years later, make a game that doesn’t look, feel, or play like Donkey Kong and throw him into it. The new DKC series is killing one of their best IPs

      4. The hell are you talking about those games were awesome, they did a great job bringing DKC into the modern era

    2. Yo, that is a perfect idea to give 2D Metroid to Wayforward. ^_^ I never thought of that before and of course Retro should do another home console Metroid or maybe another capable company like Platinum.

      Wonder what happened to Intelligent Systems though, the original studio behind 2D Metroid since Fusion.

  5. WOW that picture that is with the article is BREATHTAKING! My goodness where did they get this picture?

      1. And then they would be forced to kneel before our empire and buy a Wii U ahahahahahaah…

        Specially the Sonyan Assassin Blackbond…

    1. if nintendo made wii u next gen then you could gotten a metorid game that would look like killzone shadowfall. typical lazy nintendo

      1. Please killzone sucks. My ps4 is collecting so much dust right now it’s not even funny.

      2. Please. Shadowfall was nothing more than a pretty slideshow demo that was more a of step down than Killzone 3.

        Anybody can make a typical sci-fi shooter like that unlike Metroid which has a class and soul of its own..until Other M happened. XC

    2. IKR? OMG, if the next Metroid looked like that, Nintendo would instantly resurrect.

      And what’s up? So is Nintendo working on Metroid or not?

      1. Let’s just wait till E3 shall we, I mean what would cause more excitement then an attractive woman in a badass suit blowing shit up, they really need this and I pray they actually are

    1. Retro themselves said that they would like to work on other games. But one more Metroid couldn’t hurt! Hugs!

      1. They could always oversee a Metroid game made by another studio while they work on something else.

  6. If Yokoi was still here, he’d be slobbering all over the Wii U’s hardware just for Metroid. Sakamoto can kiss my ass. His emotional Samus just wasn’t right.

    1. the same crap Nintendo Pull every gen fucking garbage then they cry Wiiu Dont Sell :( Please Understand#FuckNintendoWorstCompanyInhystory#FugatsMad?

      1. True, too bad Shadowfall will never have the great gameplay Metriod has.

      2. Stop posting videos of graphics. Nintendo isn’t stupid. They put gameplay over graphics and that is what I like about them.

  7. Fuck Metroid shitty Rubbish Dogshit game that doesnt sell Weak U´s because no one wants to play on a cheap ass plastic toy that break if you press a Button #NintendoCanSuckaDickLoLZ#RollintheDamageControllBitchez

  8. While I would like to see Metroid in the future, I still would like to see a new developer work on it. I’m tried of seeing people say “Let Retro do it! Blah blah blah!”

    It’s like Metroid is the only thing people want Retro to do. I’d like to see their talents bring back other series who are on the ropes, like Star Fox or a new IP.

    1. thats no true.
      but retro did the best metroid.
      for me its even bether than super metroid.
      retro could also make starfox or another franchise, but know more mario or donkey kong. mwhat about a remake from… i dont know.
      i wanna just an adult game.

  9. Why keep ruining Metroid if he can make something shitty from the start?
    I like that idea, hope Nintendo gives Metroid to some other developer.

  10. yep the is going to look last gen. killzone shadow fall will always look better than metorid on wii u

    1. Wiiu is nothing compared to Ps3 and Xbox360 its just a Cheap Wii with a CHeap KiddyToy #NintendoMad#SuckaDickFugats#lolz

      1. How is it a cheap Wii if it has more power, graphics and stuff than the Wii? How is it worst than 8 year old consoles?

        Your logic is gone, and it’s all in the name of trolling. Troll harder, scum!

  11. Retro is making a 2D Metroid. Reveal at E3…release holiday 2015. I’m sorry, but I just think all the Donkey Kong work was to help them develop their chops on the new system. Of course this isn’t fact or linkable, just some optimistic speculation. Sakamoto’s supposed lack of involvement in the franchise is good news. Playing Fusion again and seeing his hands all over that makes my stomach turn. He should be making Tomadachi…just leave Samus alone.

  12. Ugh… no plz, no more fps metroid. Other m might have cheese in the story, but it was a gillion time better gameplay wise. Retro should go with starfox instead, they could revive it as they did with Dkc.

    1. And Sakamoto leaving is a terrible news, you guys don’t know how the system works.. Even retro could end up making a bad game, you know? He was among the creators of the franchise, respect the guy… Now we must hope Samus don’t end up in nintendo’s basement, with Falcon.. Fox and everyone else I’ve forgot in those oubliette.

      1. sakamoto fucked with his own storyline he created himself no we don’t need to respect that.

  13. metroid other m was the worse metroid ever. The best metroid was the metroid trilogy for wii. 3 perfect games, 1 storyline and in FPS style.

    1. Maybe, but the worst Metroid is still better than the best Halo.
      I just want another Metroid damnnit.

      1. Hey dumbass this is about Metroid not Halo, Halo 1, 2, and 3 shitted on the prime games so please don’t compare a better series to your piece of shit; back on topic give me Metroid Dread or Nintendo can die.

  14. This artwork is good, but It adds to the lack of respect she gets. I don’t remember seing every detail of Captain Falcon’s crotch in his skintight suit. This is fan made, so it’s alright, but just look at silicon samus in ssb4… ugh…

    1. Also, if you had to crunch into a badass tech ball, I don’t think you’re going to concern yourself with modesty. Skin tight tech-suit for agility, weapons for space pirate killin’… Yeah, looks right to me!

    2. She is a woman wearing a latex suit > nips. I don’t see what’s wrong. It makes teens giggle, but it’s just a nice detail for grown-ups…
      Also, I doubt they’ll turn Samus into a complete whore. She is sexy as hell so it allows a bit of fanservice here and there, but she is also badass as shit, and that’s why people love this character.

  15. You would think that Nintendo would try and focus more on their core franchises this time around. Oh well.

  16. pretty much metroid on wii u will fail to use the gamepad just like call of duty ghost

  17. Guys stop complaining about other m. It has great graphics flawless controls and awesome gameplay.

    1. I completely agree. I sort of understand why people didn’t like flipping the Wiimote for missiles…but I kind of liked it and it worked fairly well for me. The graphics were outstanding for the Wii, and the gameplay was great as well.
      The only part I didn’t really like about it were the really long monologues. It’s not that I don’t like monologues or seeing another side to Samus, it’s just that the dialogue was repetitive and at some parts pretty meh.
      I really enjoyed the game and have beaten it twice.

    2. Other M could have been better accepted if they progressed Samas to the hardened, battle merc we know and Love.

      They could have started the same way, but by the end, we needed to see a badass. :/

      That said, I also enjoyed it.

  18. Miss Samus Aran is quite the warrior. I’ve spent some time with her. And no, not that sort of time.

  19. I love how people are acting like metroid is dead, It’s only been 3 years most franchises have to wait longer than that

  20. So many gaming companies are saying “We want to work on a Nintendo IP” yet they don’t do it. Instead of saying it, just make the game. If not, then don’t speak of it. If I had a dollar for every company that done this, then I’ll be rich

  21. I enjoyed other m. It had a clean aesthetic look to it. It wasn’t as detailed as the Prim eseries but it had great look to it. I felt more connected to Samus more than ever. She did talk too much but that shouldn’t detract from a fun and action focus Metroid game.

  22. Ugh! Such a click-bait title! I was hoping to hear some actual news on the future of Metroid, not the future of Sakamoto’s works! That little rant aside, Other M was a fun game to play & some of the story was good. They did overdo it with her reaction to Ridley. Least in Zero Mission & a few other cases, her fear toward Ridley was not so… detrimental to her character. Her following Adam’s orders wasn’t really bad, either. The “Hell Run,” for me, was less about Adam being an asshole and Samus blindly following orders & was more about Adam & Samus having trust in her capabilities to make it through a highly dangerous area. After all, it isn’t like she was trapped in that area & couldn’t get out in time. She really didn’t need the Varia Suit till she was cornered by that boss. (For people that believe Samus is a badass, they sure didn’t have confidence in her own ability to make it through there without the need of the Varia Suit.) I loved the hell out of Prime but I’ll be happy to never see first person again in Metroid. Make an original IP if Nintendo really wants to cash in on the first person shooter genre. My dream Metroid would be a fusion of Prime’s gameplay & Other M’s gameplay. The scan ability was awesome & added to the story with behind the scenes accounts. I sure do hope Metroid doesn’t skip the Wii U, like it did the N64, because the gamepad would be perfect for a 1st person view for scanning stuff while the tv shows the 3rd person stuff.

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