NPD: Here’s The Best Selling Games In The US During March

The NPD Group has revealed the best-selling video games in the United States during the month of March. Unsurprisingly, Xbox One and PC exclusive Titanfall led the pack, with Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4 lagging slightly behind. There were no Nintendo exclusives in this month’s top ten chart, which you can see below.

  1. Titanfall
  2. Infamous: Second Son
  3. South Park: The Stick Of Truth
  4. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  5. Dark Souls 2
  6. Metal Gear Sold V: Ground Zeroes
  7. NBA 2K14
  8. Final Fantasy X-X2 Remastered
  9. The LEGO Movie Video Game
  10. Minecraft


  1. “There were no Nintendo exclusives in this months top ten chart, which you can see below.”

    Give it just over another month and Mario Kart 8 WILL BE THERE!

    1. and? still WiiU is doomed with MKewwwight, open your eyes Nintyfans WiiU is Doomed!! PS4 Nation stand up!

      1. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つMY NAME IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

      2. lol Doomed? Yes. One year is so going to doom the system! lol As long as the current userbase is still buying games for Wii U, it isn’t doomed til we stop buying.

      3. “As long as the current userbase is still buying games ”

        LOL! YEAH! Babies said that when Pikmin 3 would release the Baby U would sell like hotcakes, nope nothing. Babies said that when Zelda Wind Waker HD would release the Baby U would sell more than diapers, nope nothing. Babies said that when The Wonderful 101 would release the Baby U would sell more than toddlers pacifiers, nope nothing. Babies said that when Super Mario 3D world would release the Baby U would take off, nope nothing. So did babies buy any of these games? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Spin baby spin!!!! Let’s bring on the spin from the fanbabies!!!

      4. Erm.. hate to break it to you buddy but um.. pacifiers would still sell or than titanfall and infamous: second son :/

      5. If you want people to think of you as an adult, don’t say baby/babies EVERY line. It makes you sound childish.

      6. Xbox drones get um… A shitty FPS with mechs?
        Sony drones get… A “next-gen” superhero game with pretty puddles?
        And Nintendrones get THE HIGHEST RATED NEXT-GEN GAME
        Point FAIL

      7. Babies also said, Mario Kart Wii has sold 35 million copies, and MK8 will be sold in at least the 20th million, so that the Wii U sold like never! ;-))

      8. lol Clearly Katamari is an idiot that thinks hating on Nintendo & calling it’s userbase babies makes him some badass adult. Nope. You’re just another immature idiot that thinks his opinion is fact. Or you’re a troll with nothing better to do. Either way, you’re still an idiot.

      9. I fail to see how it’s doomed.

        Forgive me but please enlighten me on how many X1 and PS4 games are currently out and how many have been released since then? I only know one for PS4 and that was Infamous Secomd Son and for X1 it was Titanfall which was ages ago now.

        I don’t see why Nintendo are doomed at all. There has been just as much as a software drought as there has been a Wii U software drought.

        I do apologise if you find that hard to comprehend. I know more stuff coming out for Wii U than the other consoles combined. And to be honest there hasn’t been a great deal of advertising from Sony or Microsoft.

      10. “Doomed? Yes. One year is so going to doom the system!” You do know that part of my post was sarcasm, right? Or were you trying to talk to one of the idiots commenting to me that the Wii U is doomed?

      11. Anyway, I bet people just like you were running their mouths about the Gamecube being doomed yet it went on for 5 years & most of the people that owned one still talk fondly of the many good games it did have. But by all means. Keep believing it’s “doomed.”

      12. And I told you my PC ass stomps your console. Your entire argument has fallen apart and into irrelevancy.

      13. Told them what exactly? lol “Nintendo is for babies” “Nintendo always rehashes 4-7 Mario games in a year” “Wii U is last gen trash and I’m gonna somehow sell it for an Xbox 360 Red Ring edition with 250 games I clearly can’t afford anyway but just saying to sound so intelligent about money and gaming”

        That’s all we fucking heard out of that retarded mind of yours thinking out loud and where in any point of those typical fanboy talks have you said about anything about this sales figures or saying Titanfall outsold every possible game this month? None. Oh and about Titanfall, all you clealy said was “Titanfall looks better than Mario” Nothing about outselling anything so nice try on acting like Activision trying to fool people that COD Ghosts beat GTA5 sales when it didnt.

        There’s no major Nintendo games yet to make the list but once Mario Kart 8 hits, you’ll be going silent quicker than a baby on a pacifier. .which is you.

      14. Nintendo Rehashes games? Yep, just like All the CODs, Halos, GTAs and GoWs. Wii U is last gen trash? As I recall the Wii was far weaker than the Xbox and PS3 and still outsold both of them. You do know that there really isn’t a war going on right? You don’t have to pick sides. You could just enjoy games that all the systems have to offer because all of them have great games.

      15. Even if it is doomed I still get to play bad ass exclusive games running at a liquid smooth 60fps. I’m still getting Mario kart , Bayonetta, Smash Bros, Zelda… So as long as I get those I’ll be fine for a long time… Just cause it isn’t first place doesn’t mean it isn’t a viable and fun console to game on.

      16. And Nintendo will stop doing business after that. Simply, because it’s almost unwanted by everyone (Beside you and minor group of fanboys) and Nintendo continues losing money. But who cares, you fanboys want that future.

      17. Oh. I didn’t know you were an all knowing god. So tell me, God. How many people prefer Playstation 4 over Xbox One? Give me an exact number since you know what everyone on the planet likes. lol

      18. I love how you obviously shown that you don’t go out much.

      19. Nintendo is not unwanted by everyone, why do you say that? Just to troll and get angry responses and then have a laugh? 5 million people have a fucking Wii U, that’s a whole fucking country playing Wii U, Pokemon X and Y sold 12 million, a singer rarely sells 1 million copies and is famous, having 12 million people playing only one of your games is a success. Whatever Nintendo does, people will always want their franchises. Deal with it!

      20. Minor group of fanboys…?
        Yea probably the 100 million people who got the Wii?

      21. Nintendo losing money? Maybe you have missed the news of Sony losing billions from PS3 despite winning 2nd place and and more money upon needless merchandises like TVs and MP3 players which they’re shutting down those business divisions to regain their losses. Nintenfo however, as already proven, is still more than financially stable. And as for Xbox, Microsoft has been losing money over that brand since it began and CEO is considering ditching it, maybe to Amazon which would make Amazon jump into the gaming market after Microsoft or Xbox will be rebranded into something else and leaves Sony and Nintendo as two major gaming competitors once again waiting for new competition or the two will duke it out just like old times.

        So tell me who’s really losing money?

      22. The PS4 SYSTEM is doing good, games wise other then Infamous not so much. Its the opposite with the Wii U its games are selling pretty good but the console isn’t as much. Course the Wii U user base still grows little by little each week. Yes it will be a GameCube in the end, but it will still beat the Xbox One.

      23. Not to be disrespectful but you sound like stupid Patcher, when you say that Wii U will be the GameCube all over again. We’ve yet to see what the console can do yet. In my opinion nothing’s really been out to give us that “Wow!!” factor.

      24. He’s saying its situation will be similar or as comparable as GameCube because of its current sales situation.

        Wii U will definitely perform better than GameCube did without doubt.

      25. Even if it doesn’t, I could care less if it does become another Gamecube. We’re still going to be getting 1st party games with high quality because Nintendo still treats even a small userbase with high quality games, unlike a few of the 3rd parties that are supporting Wii U. I’m looking right at Ubisoft with the Assassin’s Creed 3 release. That game is still buggy as hell. ESPECIALLY the damn 2nd holster glitch.

      26. Even if it does become another Gamecube, so what? The Gamecube was awesome as hell! For me, it had some of the best 3rd party exclusives of any Nintendo console before it, rivaling the N64’s.

      27. lol…. ps4 nation? hmmm… so wii u is like cm punk and daniel bryan and ps4 is like john cena… when smash and mk8 come out i would like to see you post this again ;) then we can talk.. NINTENDO NATION RISE like you always have since 1889…

      1. But if the xbox one is as great as you say then why has it not passed the wii u like ps4? In fact why is it not close to the ps4 in terms of weekly sales?

      2. its going to be. people will realize that the xbox one is better value the wii u.

      3. he also asked why hasnt xboxone exceed ps4 in sales if its so good as you claim it to be?..

      4. So what about the ps4? Sure wii u will be dead last but why is the xbox one still behind in sales compared to ps4?

      5. My PC is a better value than your pathetic excuse for a system.

      6. But not really cause the wii u actually has games worth giving a shit about

      7. Lol if you think the Xbox One is a good value. Nothing beats the PS4 when it comes to value.

      8. Both Xbox One and Wii U already have multiple good exclusives. In e3 2013 Sony talked about upcoming games but this far whole year has been a big disappointment.

      9. Value? Yeah of course I wanna pay that much for a buggy system. I’m not talking out of my ass, my mate is an Xbox fan and he admits how shit the console is right now. And titanfall? When I asked him about it, he produced a list of several points about improvements that could be made to the game and all were huge improvements.

        Go fuck yourself, you attention seeking filth.

      10. No, because you’re too thick-headed to understand any. Not worthy to be bothered.

      11. You missed “as shipped” not “as sold” so like I said before, I see more Xbox One in shelves than Wii U and PS4 together. That’s saying it hasn’t even break past 4 1/2 units SOLD now.

      12. But Xbone has higher rate than the Nintendo console. Microsoft’s consoles are still demanding than Wii-U.

      13. Nope, my PC ass stomps it, so technically, your Xbone is nothing while a Wii U can offer me a much more expansive experience.

      14. Than why it hasn’t outsold Wii U by now if that’s the case? I’ll tell you why: 1. Kinect 2. Pricing thanks to Kinect 3. DRM Aftermath

      15. MK8 WILL Thrash any xboxOne exclusive in software sales YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!

      16. 6 million Wii Us compare to 4 million XBetamaxs…ooo Wii U is SO losing to a cable box that blows up trying to run 1080p and fail.

        And I’ll tell you what Microsoft does what “Nintendon’t” and will never do: DRM

        #BlindXbotExposed lol

  2. “10/10, it’s OK, like Mario Golf with more Golf.” — IGN

    Game looks pretty interesting.

  3. It’s good to know that the Final Fantasy remakes are selling well. I’ve never played those two, so I’ll need to check them out.

  4. good work sony,microsoft and third party devs and publishers. nintendo not even doing anything to wii u at all but just releasing 25 year old roms to the e shop for $7.99. it seems like nintendo doesn’t even care about american and european, all they do is focus in japan and region jock their hardware for gamers outside cant play lol.

    people want third party games nintendon’t.

    1. tomadochi life, monster hunter 4 ect are brought to west you ***qwdef*

      also, your in the wrong place.

    2. Region Lock argument again? Forgot the thing I mentioned called “Priacy” which is why they’re doing it?

      Yup. You too have short term memory. And what’s there to celebrate? Titanfall being #1 when its not even an Xbox One exclusive, its a multiplatform for 360 and PC too which is why it slightly sold more than Infamous which is an PS4 exclusive game so that being an exclusive game competing a a multiplatform is as impressive as GTA5 beating COD with only two versions of the game compare to Ghosts’s 6 versions.

      I promise you this dumbass, Mario Kart 8 will change everything and I so can’t to hear your sobbing ass coming over here trying to rain on MK8’s parade of succession with your weak hate speeches and then it’ll be our turn to say “We told you so” sucker.

  5. yep are warned your fanboys. watch how stranga,mike,nintendo commander and nintendo is my blood will damage control this. RIP WII UNDERPOWERED.

    1. Well the wii was a last gen system, we have the wii u now which is in fact ven though you try to deny it more powerful than the ps3 and 360

    2. @sasorideidaraobi Your english is broken, and frankly is rather an eye sore to read. Were you perhaps dropped on your head when you were little? Oh by the way don’t use damage control unless you know exactly what it means, plus if you were a true gamer which I know you are not, you’d like all systems also PC and not bitch and moan about any of them at all.

    3. meh, even if the Wii U fails, i have excellent news to you: NINTENDO will be here FOREVER!!!

      1. It won’t fail. It’ll likely be a second place console and Xbox will be the very last place it always is and One is the last console of its kind since the company is planning to give it up.

  6. Currently playing Infamous Second Son. It’s amazing by the way. It’s the first game on the PS4 that actually makes the system worth buying.

    1. It is amazing but incredibly freaking short and too easy to beat, was a bit disappointed by that, by the way Im pretty sure everybody knows its for the PS4 by now, honestly its not really a good reason to buy a PS4, but when the Order 1886 comes out and all the other big games then it will be, but Im loving my PS4 and Wii U.

  7. does anyome play tekken tag tournament 2 wii u still. i want to fight one you guys online to night. sasori obinna is my usar name.

      1. Thanks for the info. Now I’m coming for your ass to troll and then block that walking/talking turd like yourself from poisoning fans in Miiverse.

      2. No surprise in this post. But I’m still searching for your ass and block it..just in case.

      1. He can’t. He’s single, 42 while 11 in the head, lives with his junkie mom and his closet has some creepy ass Xbox shrine with lipstick kissing mark on a photograph of Don Mattrick (right before he got fired for Xbox DRM debacle) with a child hand writing that says “I <3 U Don, Xbox, Red Ring and DRM. Love Brokeback Face"

      2. …and who are you? I only know and remember about..57 “anonymous” names here which one are you?

    1. Hold up. You still play Wii U even after talking shit? lol I’m impressed with your level of hypocrisy. Its both amusing and hilarious to watch coming from an obvious 12 year old kid with a fucked up mentally and facial.

      1. Worst kind of effortless trolling I’ve ever seen. But I don’t fall for that crap. Instead, I fire back just as harshly and accurately.

    2. You play shitty Tekken and yet trash Smash Bros. which is clearly a far superior and fun fighting game?

      No thanks. Nobody likes playing with deranged monkeys in diapers especially in a boring ass arcade-style fighting game that nobody plays anymore than Tekken 6.

  8. Not a single Nintendo system game on the list.

    How is this Nintendo-related news? Why is this website even called “My Nintendo News” anymore?

    1. You don’t get it, this is a “meta” news. Te actual news is that “there are not Nintendo games selling”.
      Nintendo scare the shit out of 3rd party support that they do not have games for their console to show up, that is the news.

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      1. Clearly he feels like a real man by hating on gay people & those of a different race. But can’t expect much from those kind of people because their opinions are “facts” in their own little fucked up version of the world, ignoring the fact they are a close minded minority that’s going to end up extinct someday.

      2. Hopefully…

        I don’t accept races but when it comes to the american point of view, they have like 12 official races and they divide these into further races that aren’t even races to begin with, like jews…

        Jews is a religious group, not a race…

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        But yes, I hope these primitive wild abominations are extinct soon…

    2. And you, you little shit. That’s disgusting. You can tell that your Intelligence is that of a fucking cow. Don’t talk to people like that even when you’re hiding behind your keyboard. This isn’t a day and age where racism will be tolerated and I can tell by your simple minded comments that you’re a spineless twirp that couldn’t stand up to a fly. You lower society when you act like that and I’m sure you know it. Man up and use your words and message boards to express real opinions and intelligent comments. Not this ancient affixation with racism and discrimination.

  10. 1. Crappy COD clone with mechs.
    2. A game for emo faggots.
    3. Good RPG wasted with a shitty franchise with dumb humor.
    4. Same old Crap of Poopy.
    5. PS2 game.
    6. Overpriced demo made for fagboys
    7. Monkey sport game.
    8. Yet another re-release from SE.
    9. Decent.
    10. Don’t really care.

  11. This site should be shut down. Such immature posters. Listen X1 is a great system but my wii u is fantastic. I loved playing the games that have come out so far. Granted there’s a large wait between but that doesn’t change how they are beyond top quality and have an attention to detail that most others don’t. Now as I wait for games I jump on my X1 and enjoy some titanfall and Forza. PS4 also has some great games to be enjoyed. Can’t we all just shut the fuck up about “doomed/not doomed”, “graphics vs graphics” , “exclusives” for just a minute and enjoy the fact that its a great time to be a gamer? This bullshit is out of hand now…it’s not opinions anymore, it’s empty facts and word vomit and its embarrassing to our hobby as a whole.

    1. X1 is a great system..if you’re a corporate ass kisser over DRM. Sorry but I’m not falling for Microsoft’s transparency BS schemes that are obviously hidden in that Betamax for console box.

  12. Dickhead Faggaddy faggot Commander

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  13. Why do people want to get an Xbox One Year Old? PS4, I can understand, but why the Xbox One Year Old. As for Nintendo, however, wii u consoles aren’t selling because of advertising. For you people that like nintendo and the wii u, I myself included, don’t listen to the haters. They just play Call of Duty and they call it a man’s game when a bunch of little kids play it. I really like Nintendo and Sony. I have a Wii U and I’ll get a PS4 at some point for exclusives. The sales of the Wii U might not skyrocket when Mario Kart comes out, but it will help out. Same with Smash Bros. as well.

    1. Thank you for being logical about all this… lol. Reading a lot of these comments is a headache sometimes xD

      Nintendo’s lack of marketing and advertising is a huge part of the lowly sales and is probably the biggest reason why sales aren’t improving like they should. The reason why they’re in a ‘sales rut’ in the first place is because of the lack of preparation for Wii U. No AAA launch titles, and lack of 3rd party support since the beginning. Heck, even the name itself was confusing to people (and it still is).

      I have and love my Wii U, but there isn’t much going for it now. I’m sure Super Smash Bros. 4 and Mario Kart 8 will help, but I have yet to see some commercials, and that goes for ANY game. The only Wii U commercials I see are one’s for 3rd party games that happen to be on Wii U as well. I don’t see Nintendo exclusive commercials ever.


      1. Oh and I forgot to mention that the PS4 (released about 5 months ago) has already outsold the Wii U, and the XBO (also released about 5 months ago) is only 3 million units away from out-selling the Wii U. The Wii U was released over a year and five months ago…..

        That’s putting things in perspective sales-wise, and based on recent numbers released.

      2. ahh who cares
        I love my WiiU anyways, the games are really fun to play, especially after a day of work. What I want is only to have fun and enjoy the games, the people that come here to be hater, they need more fun in their lives..I think they are not enjoying their games and lives properly and have to come here to spread their rage..

  14. Best games on wii u right pikmin3 3d mario nintendoland and wii u party just wait for zelda metroid starfox mario sports games mario party wave race 1080 pilot wings mariokart smash bros f zero and so on.

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