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Super Mario Bros. 3 Gets New Virtual Console Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Super Mario Bros. 3. The NES classic, which originally launched over 20 years ago, is now available as a Virtual Console title on both Wii U and NIntendo. 3DS. The game features more than 70 courses and stars Mario and Luigi as they venture into seven worlds to defeat Bowser and the Koopalings. Super Mario Bros. 3 can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop for $4.99.


    1. In my opinion you need more reading comprehension and a better english teacher. Take your black ass out of here..

      1. 4.99 is still too high

        they should be 2.99 … and there should be 10X the number of games released on eShop … i personally would spend more money.

        nintendo has opted for strategy rather than fan-pleasing

      2. maybe … but i spent $200 on my 3DS and $500 on eShop games on that thing … i have close to 100 games (20 were ambassador)

        in the end … i don’t play them all that much … it’s not worth the money … i learned my lesson on the 3DS

        now with the WiiU … you have to consider now i’m spending double on the same games … you expect me to spend 2X per game? … so you mean $10? … too much

      3. These are VC games, which means they’re classics, so pretty much you would know what you’re paying for, also you can find videos, play through or lets play vids on youtube so you can judge the game before purchasing it so you wont waste money..

      4. Also seems like to me you have a problem with spending money, just saying..

      5. Dude, this is exactlt what your problem is. You lack a semse of budget and spend way too much money on game based on what you just said.

        Its not Nintendo’s fault you lack self-control like people with addiction or even diabetes (no offense to them but its true: diabetes sometimes is a form of lacking self-control)

      6. I never buy any games unless I KNOW I will come back to them later.

        I learned that lesson with nintendogs and streetfighter 4…………….lol. seriously.

      7. Yet you are willing to ignore the fact that PSN does this too. Double standards much?

    2. Dumbass, its $5 for these “25 year old ROMS” compare to buying an original and rare ROMs carts which is summed about $50-100 possibly.

      Again, stop being so obviously fucking stupid.

    3. If you have at least one ounce of balls, respond to this… What the fuck are you doing on this site? It’s established you have shitty arguments and lack knowledge. You have a wii u… That’s about it. Answer me! Dammit! Why are you here? A Microsoft JW trying to convert? You are a parasite!! Like I said, if your balls exceed the size of a garden pea you will respond! … Done

      1. Obviously they’re all chickenshit white knights of a more shittier company that’s truly been shady right in front of them. If Nintendo knows they fucked up, they have means for redemption and actaully show it. What does Microsoft do after X1 DRM? Lied to everyone about DRM being gone when theirs pieces left in the console and persuade these drones that their free 360 Live-based game giveaway will make it all go away.

        Sony..actually, I see no current idiot fanboy or issues from there. They know PS4 is doing fine without releasing any decent games yet and is selling by huge margain because of the “powerful specs” gimmick and they also know Sony is losing money..a lot of them and fast so they hear Sony is ditching some market that’s not helping their financial cause.

        Sony as well knows when and where they’re flawed and take action to make it right for themselves. They might as well go gaming only like Nintendo since its where they’re doing best since PlayStation was born. Microsoft just finds shortcuts and excuses to sweep their shady mess under the rugs thinking their dumbass fanbase won’t notice or care to notice doing it right before their eyes.

        I say Xbots are the worst kinds of fanboys because they overlook the scam of Xbox being a PC gimped, cash grub scheme when Microsoft is also releasing the same games, same content on PC without those BS strings attached and superior experience. Nintendo does their own thing and Sony does their own thing while Microsoft is still stupid enough to try to monopolize in so many directions and departments at once that they fail short like supporting already failed products like Kinect and Zune before they realize it years after of that fact was already applied to everyone.

      2. stupid idiot. wiiu and 3ds still have their drm. xbox one does not have drm.

      3. Explain how our machines even have DRM in the first place?…

      4. There is no eShop drm. You are thinking of you own pathetic excuse for a console, which my PC which always ass stomp.

      5. Didn’t think you would respond… Predictable on top of being annoying

    4. How can a fucking retard still be talking shit on a Nintendo website? That’s stupid in my opinion.

  1. I remember when I played the GBA version of the game, it was one was one of my first games ever, as well as the gba being my first console, such memories I’ll cherish forever.

  2. I got it for a $1 since I had it on the Wii hehehehehehe sadly the controls were harder to handle and I kept dying.

    1. harder on WiiU?

      i seriously think the timing is off … there seems to be a delay … am i right??

      1. Yeah. When I think about it, yeah actually. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been dying and saying that I’ve been jumping yet nothing happened.

      2. I’ve been experiencing that in SMB1&2 as well. Thought I was just getting old.
        You guys make me feel a little better!

  3. $4.99 is a fair price? Lol, a fool and their money is soon parted. I will buy the odd VC game I really want, for the rest I’ll wait for sales. Sure I spent $350 on a this console and could easily afford $5 for a game, but that logic is so flawed. There are so many things to spend money on, I’m not using my precious funds for something I consider not worth the value. Some games I like others will not, but saying you have a problem spending money because you don’t think $5 for a 20 year old game is a good value… lol, seems to me like you have too much money or maybe you used to.

    1. Its only a option to try the game if you haven’t played it before and wanted to reown it again.

      You people are seriously complaining about these VC games being “overpriced” and yet I so fucking bet that you wouldn’t mind dumping the same money for Live Arcade games that has DRM attached to it that restricts offline play when subscription is expired or buying COD DLC repeatedly knowing its the same shitty reskin map designs from previous games like the game itself.

      My god everyone is just so fucking stupid and hateful when it comes to Nintendo. Newsflash, if you think VC price is a “ripoff”, DON’T BUY IT! Simple. Problem solved..for now.

      1. Then they think Xbot Live or Microtransactions are the greatest thing ever…

        Deluded hypocrites…

      2. And ignore the fact that Sony prices they’re old games at the same price point and no one complains, most of the human race has become nothing but hypocrite degenerates.

      3. Indeed…

        They are led by the same pathetic wild mind as the Xbot Commander Michael Bay…

      4. So nes and ps1 are the same now? Lol n64 games should cost what nes games do.

      5. 2014 cod dlc vs a 25 year old rom. cod ghost has no shitty map desgins.cod dlc for snoppy dog voice in cod ghost is worth $2.99.

  4. Ohhh wow! Really! Holy shit!!! Oh my fucking god!!! A trailer for SUPER MARIO BROS. 3!!! HOLY JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST SHIT ON MY BALLS.

  5. I still have my original cartridge of this game and fully functioning NES luckily so I wont be buying this, I’d rather see them make a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine instead of doing this honestly or a new Battalion Wars.

    1. Why they haven’t made an Advance Wars for the 3DS or Wii U yet is beyond me…

      1. I’ve been really waiting for them to make a new one, the so called Hardcore Gamers would be interested in it Im sure of it especially if it had online game chat and more plus Nintendo needs to focus on old franchises that need revitalized and or make a completely new game that will blow everyones mind completely. Which would be fantastic honestly.

  6. Since I got the Wii version for free a while back, I can get this new one for a buck upgrade on Wii U or wait for it to be free on Wii U in Club. :3

  7. For the record, this is the greatest game ever made.

    Besides that, nintendo is offering this game to a whole new generation of gamers. Not people like me who own the original cart, or others who own SMB All stars, or others who own SMB4 Advance SMB3. This is for the new fans, of galaxy, and NSMB. To show them what a Mario game is all about.

    You can say what you want about Nintendo, but I’ve been with them since 1989, and they still kick ass. And this game is the pinnacle of video games. So much so check out http://www.spritestitch.com. And search the forums for me, Veganpunk.

    We owe this game and Nintendo in general for modern gaming.

  8. wtf… a new trailer.
    they should make new games.
    everybody knows smb3 or just mario.
    all the vc prices are too high.

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    2. Though I despise humanity and religions, patriots and other nonsense, he is just a deluded Xbot, barely comparable to even a thief…

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    1. That is very true honestly, but some kids raised in the late 90’s with sony consoles will never realize that, and same goes with kids that had an xbox, but they all have good exclusives I just prefer nintendo’s, then sony’s and last but not least xbox.

    2. im a nintendo fanboy, but that what you say is not true.
      fahrenheit, alan wake, ico, tlou, sotc,
      mgs etc. are awesome games.
      i would never say that any of these games are bether than another one.

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