Assassin’s Creed IV, ZombiU Receive Permanent Price Reductions in the Wii U eShop

Two Ubisoft titles have been permanently discounted in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is now $39.99, while the Wii U exclusive ZombiU can be purchased for $29.99. Both games were originally priced at $59.99. The publisher recently held a spring sale, where the digital versions of several titles received temporary price reductions.


  1. Too bad the eshop doesn’t price match like a brick&mortar store would. Both of these games could be found at WalMart or best buy for $19.99 or less. Really hate how digital seems to come with a premium price.

    1. Lol what Walmart are you talking about? This game is $60+tax in there. Unless of course you mean AC3. Be an insane deal if I found it that low…

      1. You think that’s bad i saw metriod other m at Wal-Mart still for 59.99 they have no shame!

      2. I got my Metroid other M for 7$ :D it was new as well, not a reused copy!

      3. At my local WalMart I see it for $79.99 I don’t know why. And people wonder why pirates exist. Time to print some more discs.

      4. In Canada, just checked bestbuy dot ca and it’s $19.99, I’m assuming WalMart too bit sometimes their prices are not current, like zombiu I still see sometimes for $40+ when it’s $19.99 everywhere else. I can’t check their site now to verify though as I only have access to my phone and very little time between matches, but if they price match and it’s $19.99 at best buy, it’s $19.99 at WalMart.

    2. I don’t think Walmart price-matches. Also, when I was checking area availibility for ZombiU, their online price was $30, but $60 in-store. (I could purchase it online for $30 & pick it up in-store which charges $60; that’s just screwy, so next store). Walmarts in my area didn’t have it anyway (neither did Target, which does price-match). But the local Best Buy had ZombiU, also @ $60. They price-match, though, & Frys (I’m no where near one) was offering ZombiU for $20. Yes, the fun was turned on. That was last December.

      1. in Brazil stores it costs+/- 100 dollars, that lol we have to buy it in Canada eshop if we want good prices. Hhahah

  2. I picked up AC4 for Wii U for $19.99 last week from It’s nice buying a next-gen game at current-gen prices. I also picked up the Wii U version AC3 for $19.99 a while back….and AC Liberation for $19.99… I guess $19.99 is the sweet spot for me…

  3. Recommend both especially AC4. Great game and it’s so much better than the processor which is AC3

    1. I hope it sees a global release (America didn’t get the Wii game), & I hope it’s from the main series (unlike the 3DS game), & doesn’t pull its punches (really dark, bizarre atmosphere; intuitive uses of the gamepad; & fully-realized Wii U graphics [it doesn’t have to push the hardware, but @ least look even more polished than REbirth]).

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  4. The only reason I have any UBI games is because I’ve been getting them for $10 or free. $29 is more money than I will ever give this company until they start treating people better.

  5. Wouldn’t play Assassin’s Creed even if I got it for free, shit game. ZombiU on the other hand is cool, I already have it.

    1. I agree, though I’ve played Prince of Persia (TSoT, WW, TTT, TFS), so I know better than to like AC (did give II a chance, & that was really, really boring). AC, imo, is an example of hardcore audiovisuals, but w/ gameplay that’s been watered down compared to its inspiration. It might be because of its sandbox nature, but it feels neutered & unfocused.

      ZombiU is a good Survival Horror game & an excellent use of the gamepad. Alas, it’s a pearl…

    2. Actually, Assassin’s Creed is good. And that’s coming from a Nintendo fanboy (as they call it) who usually only likes first-party Nintendo games. The only thing I hated about Assassin’s Creed III (my first in the series) is the overall story (the real time parts with Desmond etc.). The story just went completely over my head. Too complicating for my simple brain to understand. And certain aspects of the game was a bit frustrating and hard to figure out. But the game play was fun enough to overlook whatever shortcomings the game had.

  6. I just bought Assassin’s Creed IV for Wii U (physical copy) brand new for only $24.00. So this is still too expensive. Especially being a digital download.

      1. forgot to add the wii u and the word “retail”

        it’s less than 30$ on the wii u aswell if i buy it retail

  7. hehe good for me, I can buy these games now ^^
    Here in my country (Brazil) these games can cost almost 100 dollars in the stores because the big amount of taxes :)

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