New Fatal Frame Instalment Announced For Wii U

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have today announced a brand new instalment of Fatal Frame, which will be heading to the Wii U. The survival horror game’s last instalment – known in Europe as Project Zero – hit the Wii back in 2012 as a remake to Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, but was only released for Japan, Europe and Australia, with North America sadly missing out.

The publishers have yet to announce critical details though, namely a title for the hit series and a release date. However, according to the announcement, it will be exclusive to the Wii U. Tecmo Koei is also looking to expand the Fatal Frame franchise and will launch an original novel for August, a comic, and a live-action film – looking at an Autumn release – to fully satiate fans of the series.


      1. The only thing better than any game is for you to keep your mouth shut and make us all happy…

      2. And it won’t.
        Seriously, Project Zero 2 Wii edition was wonderful, I loved it, but did Nintendo localize Project Zero 4 outside of Japan? No. They could, but they did not. They will not localize this one either, they just don’t care for games that sell under 1mio copies.

      3. Mediocre story and an even worse voice acting makes an already glitchy game (Fallout 3) worse

      4. All fatal frame game is better than dead space and fallout 3. Have you played crimson butterfly? That game scared me much more than resident evil and dead stupid space. I cant wait for this game. The gamepad integration will be WICKED!!!!

      5. Okay… where did that come from? We are talking horror games here, and suddenly you compare Project Zero to Naruto of all things? What the connection be?

      6. When it comes to horror in Dead Space 3, it was an after thought and a DLC with real ending which made the game crap and sold like crap so don’t get it started.

        As for Fallout 3, I have no comment and I doubt its even scary according to the gameplay videos I watches.

        So again, if you never played Fatal Frame, don’t talk shit about it or just STFU entirely.

      7. I don’t even count that as a game…

        It’s like just a disgrace to gaming…

      8. BF is for “gamers” who wants to feel superior by thinking it’s “real life” war…

        CoD is a bit better because it still is fun sometimes since it’s silly at times…

        I can’t run around knifing noobs on BF as much as CoD because of those damn huge maps…

      9. Well, eh, I guess you’re right in a way. I still haven’t actually bought any COD games so I may as well start with Ghosts. And knife my fellow Wii U noob gamers…

      10. Get real fagot. Battlefield aint real. Aa true soldiers is more realistic. Even arma is more realistic.

      11. Clearly you fail to understand a simple sentence…

        Get lost and die like the ape you are…

      12. You fail to understand the purpose of games lardy. Games are there to provide fun. Realism has nothing to do with the quality of a game. Games are there so that consumers can leave the real world. If you already live in the real world, whats the point of having a realistic game. There is no creativity involved. So take a seat and shit into your bucket you worthless piece waste. Our air is wasted to support a sorry shit like you. Arguing over a video game because somone likes call of duty. Real mature. Quit acting like a kid man child and get a life you so desperately need.

      13. Bro, COD ain’t fun anymore thanks to the repetitive spam releases, same.old noobs playing like shitty pussy players too scared to get shot in a video game and all of those OP changes and respawns not being fixed fuckes the series forever.

        Anything and I do mean “ANYTHING” is better than COD. The only thing that sucks worse than COD is those Twilight books and movies.

      14. it wasn’t outsold by that repetitive demo trash and Knack is so linear it makes Metroid Other M look like a far superior game in the same department.

      15. cod is better than metroid and mario games. cod is even better than any ninty game ive ever played.

      16. I have good connections with the PC “Master Race” and I own a PC with games, so keep your little mouth shut…

        And I am a God with knives on CoD…

      17. Butthurt that the “faggot” race ass stomps your underpowered PCs disguised as consoles?

      18. but… Cod has been released on Nintendo systems before… I don’t understand your argument.

      19. Retard alert. Somebody give me a shotgun so I can put this rapid moron out of commission with every dying pleasure in me.

      20. I think that bond guy is mentally retarded… Not trying to be mean just generally concerned

      21. Aww. Are you mad that Fatal Frame is no longer going to be exclusive to Playstations & Xboxes? Mad that Fatal Frame is a game that proves that Nintendo is solely for children & manbabies is nothing more than a delusion? Or are you just mad in general that this is yet another game series that is going to keep Nintendo relevant & from going 3rd party? Whatever the reason, sucks for you.

      22. Fatal Frame came out on Playstation first. Just because it’s on a different system does not automatically make it bad.

    1. I just hope it still continues to be a horror game and does not go the way of Resident Evil…

      1. Yeah. Capcom fucked up Resident Evil royally.
        It started with the death of Wesker. (which I do not acknowledge)

      2. To me it started with his portrayal in RE5…

        He just became pure boring and utterly cliche…

      3. And the battles with him were so damn easy it was a joke…

      4. Yes a Nintendo fan should leave a Nintendo fan site…

        Logic seems to have died today…

      5. How about you get the fuck out? Resident Evil 5 was the downfall of the Resident Evil series by trying to be another bland actiony FPS, without the 1st person part, knockoff.

      6. What really destroyed Resident Evil was Capcom trying to make it sell as big as Call of Duty, pissing off the hardcore fans of Resident Evil. Least Resident Evil Revelations went back to the basics, for the the most part.

    1. ehm… evil within might be good also :-)
      and dont forget… alone in the dark, the new nightmare.

      1. The Evil Within got overwhelmingly negative previews in the Internet, so I won’t get my hopes up

      1. Dead Space ended after the second game, then it became another boring predictable D-movie wannabe with zero horror ingriedients…

      2. Scores don’t matter? You’re a hypocritical gamer AND a troll gamer. You say scores don’t matter yet leap up & down & go all “yay” when a game you like gets a high score on the internet.

      3. Nobody in our empire cares about what that Xbot infested base has to say…

      4. Obinna burned!. yes, using this phrase in 2015 on a 2014 comment :)
        i heard your comments, the most lulzy ones will be sent to the /v/irgins, good luck with that.

      5. Silly troll. We all know 3rd party games are all rehashes of other games. Quit acting like the term rehash is some great evil.

      6. Lol, no, it died when 3 came out, it’s just an action game with cheap jumpscares and no tension. It’s more of a Pure Horror that turned pure shit. Fatal Frame is still better, it doesn’t even have to be on PC to tell me that.

      7. Nope, it’s dead stupid and pure waste and still better on PC than underpowered PCs.

      8. Uhh no. Dead Space 1&2 were great and scary until EA’s retarded and greedy direction fucked the 3rd game by throwing away the horror aspect for its DLC just to imitate what Resident Evil became in the 5th and 6th game. That why the 3rd game blew hard and the 4th installment is in the wind until further notice.

        If you never played Fatal Frame to know exactly WTF it is, then STFU right here, now and forever until you find your missing piece of your peanut sized brain.

      9. True. EA & Capcom just had to get greedy, greedier in EA’s case, & try to make it match Call of Duty sales by making them into generic FPS, minus 1st person, knockoffs. Least Capcom is trying to make up for that with Revelations & have said they will make the next Resident Evil more like the games before RE5 & RE6. (Let’s hope they keep their word.) EA, hah! They rather put the next Dead Space into developmental hell than try to put any effort into making it like the first 3 games. (I actually welcome EA to prove me wrong later & make Dead Space 4 return to it’s series’ former glory.)

      10. True, pure horror game? The Dead Space 1, 2, & Extraction were. Dead Space 3 was just another Call of Duty wannabe.

    1. I doubt it… Nintendo would be missing a huge Wii U sales opportunity in the US/Europe if that happens

    2. actually there´s a good chance that this game comes to the West, since Spirit Camera – which is a Fatal Frame spin-off – was launched there too.

      1. Spirit Camera was a huge fucking mistake. The camera sucks, you have to play during the day, in a well lit room for the AR to work. God I was so disappointed in that game. Soooo much potential, so much fail.

    3. The Wii U is having trouble selling, Nintendo answers with making region exclusive games. #MakesSenseToMe

  1. juhuuu
    the best news since the the U was announced.
    i love fatal frame…
    its a mix between silent hill. and resident evil.

  2. Finally another Wii U exlusive from a 3rd party company. Besides Sega games being exclusive, the last wii u exclusive from a 3rd party was what? Since launch. I will pick it up :)

      1. Why wait? He’s gonna say its crappy anyways because its not on his xbox only…he just exposes himself on a daily basis and tries to get the fans exposed…which hasn’t worked yet.

      2. What Snowman said. After all, sasori is just a troll: an idiot jumping into a pool full of highly intelligent sharks that understand human language while calling them all a bunch of dumb fucks for eating smaller fish.

      3. nope…
        fatal frame is awesome, in case u like games like that.
        fatal frame is bether, then the last residen evils abd silent hills from the past, because its still like the old survival games. suspence horror not action like resi 5 and co.

      4. Sonic Lost World at least got better reviews and sales than ALL KINECT GAMES COMBINED.


    1. 3rd party company but a 2nd party game because Nintendo actually owns a piece of Fatal Frame. That’s why the newest games have been on Nintendo systems lately.

  3. A game that shall be supported by me aswell since I’ve never played any of the games in the series, I’ll try this one…

      1. No but I’m getting one soon, school not done just yet…

        3 exams to go…

      2. Thanks, although I’m pretty sure I will fail one of them…

        Bloody hard right now and mostly because I haven’t put enough effort into it as the other 2…

      3. Astronomy, but now it’s the basics so physics and maths…

    1. Are you crazy Nintendrones wont buy games like dead space or Rs7 because they only wanna play kiddy Games that are easy and short because WiiOnlyPlayCasual #NintendoMad#Exposed#HashTagz

      1. I know Wii U fans who are genuinely excited for Bayonetta 2 and Watch Dogs and the likes…

      2. I promise you the games will sell like shit #Failonetta2#WatchDelaysForU#NintendoMakes5MariosBytheEndOfthisYear

      3. I know, it’s pretty funny that the PC obliterates the Ps4 and Xbomb and always be superior to your underpowered PCs. LMAO

      4. Limited Mentality Alert Overload

        Is that what you meant about yourself when you say LMAO?

      5. What does the game ‘selling like shit’ have to do with Nintendo fans getting excited for them?

      6. In other words, Nintendo doesn’t rush crap and ignore mistakes just for DLC quick cash profit to spur real hate compare to EA, Activision and WB.

      7. Unable to compute bullshit due to your track record of butthurt.

      8. Can’t promised what you can’t foresee moron. Now you sound like that dumbass crystal ball imposing idiot Michael Patcher who is always wrong with every short sighted predictions like yours.

      9. why are you even trying to argue with these trolls? just ignore em that’s all they’re good for

      10. After RE5 + 6, I’m not sure if I give a shit about RE7! The same goes for Dead Space!

      11. yeep ;-)
        sorry thats not true, most every nintendo fanboy has a second console. i love nintendo, but i cant live without naugty dog, team ico, quantic dream etc.
        its for me like living witout zelda, metroid, star fox erc.

      12. Easy and short games…I think COD Ghosts on your “powerful” consoles is calling out to you morons again.

    2. 1. Dead Space isn’t good enough to warrant anyone’s $25+ on Origin
      2. Looking at the way things are going the next Resident Evil will be ANOTHER generic action shooter, not a true survival horror game, so yeah nothing to be excited about

    3. Dead Space is..DEAD and Resident Evil is nothing more than a generic 3rd person shooter now so you got no fucking taste in horror anymore. Even my closet is more scarier than those games put together.

      1. The Kids U sure does have a lot more interesting games than Xbox One. Why would I buy Titanfall when I can get Mario Kart 8? A game that actually matters with gameplay and I won’t return in the next week. Lol.

      2. Well.. you must be just another 16 year old kid giving his amazing knowledge away for free, as it is the fashion in this website. It is that or flux capacitors are really cheap nowadays.

      3. If he/she was any older then he/she would remember those earlier games from Dreamcast, PS2 or original Xbox. Crimson Butterfly was one of the best horror games made in that generation.

      4. Let’s see..4 million Xbox Ones in dozens of countries more than PS4 but yet PS4 sells 3 million more and Wii U is still leading Xbox One by 2.3 million units sold

        Tell me which is failing and which system actually has the most heard and known games comingnout this year? Wii U and now we have yet another great game coming and its a true horror game that’ll make Deadrising 3 look like a 3 month college gaming design project that’s not even finished.

  4. Lol Wii U finally gets good horror game and you Nintendo haters bash it. Lol what do you want? Make up your mind.

      1. I think third parties are purposely screwing Wii U over with no ports, gimped releases, and no DLC. It ‘s because if they gave us third party, Wii U would be ON TOP OF THE WORLD. They don’t want that to happen, oh but it still is. Even without 3rd party, Wii U will blaze through with it’s exclusives. LOL.

      2. Do you know why they are doing that?…

        They are jealous because our empire dominated about 81% of the entire gaming universe back in the late 80s while they had to kneel before us to get their games on our system…

      3. This is why they hate us…

        Because they were incompetent not to have better games than us ahahahahahahah…

        Blackbond only exposed his own hate and nothing more…

      4. Your Empire is evil!? Then I guess they might as well start calling our Republic a dictatorship, because your empire helped make the very foundations of it!

      5. Split personality? Just yesterday or so, you suggested to buy every 3rd party shit-game! So we can get more… :/
        Or are you being sarcastic?

      6. No, not split personality. I said you can like Nintendo but to also try out the other companies. Right now, I’m defending Nintendo from the blatant Wii U haters. And if PS4 was in the same situation, I’d be defending it as well. Also, I do occasionally make fun of these companies. Like Xbox. Lol.

      7. Yes what happens when Xbots/Sony drones realize Nintendo always had the greatest games

      8. If they have some intelligence left, maybe they will…

  5. cannot wait about time we got some mature games makes me laugh though “kidsu only has kiddie easy games” any mario or donkey kong game is ten times harder then repeatedly pressing the trigger button on any cod clone long live nintendo the only thing gaming wise that matters think about it has a huge fan base and even the people well sheeple i should say that hate on it for no reason talk about it more then the others

  6. Holy shit I’m so used to games being cancelled or denied a Wii U version that I forgot what it felt like for a Wii U game to be confirmed. Also, I swear I read a rumor over a year ago that a Fatal Frame game was coming to Wii U.

  7. Another Tecmo Koei game? Guess they and Nintendo have a pretty good relationship so far.

    I never got to play any of the previous games, so I’m curious. Certainly a darker themed game than Nintendo’s other series.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t own this game, dude.
      Fatal frame is a survival horror game where you explore abandoned areas and use a camera to battle ghosts.

      1. Actually, Nintendo AND Tecmo-Koei co-own the Fatal Frame’s property intellectually.

      2. I don’t know. I read articles about Ninty co-owning Fatal Frame, but I see in Wikipedia:
        “While Tecmo Koei remains the sole owner of the Fatal Frame / Project Zero IP and franchise, Nintendo does own certain rights related to the fourth entry in the series and the Wii remake of Fatal Frame 2.”

        Also this post:

        I don’t think a franchise co-owned by Nintendo have a chance of being available their rival’s system.

      3. I wasn’t referring to Nintendo owning this game. I was just comparing it to most games you find on Wii U, which are generally family-friendly.

      4. Oh? When you said “Nintendo’s other series” I thought you were thinking Fatal Frame is a Nintendo’s IP. My bad.

  8. Hey sasori, I truly think you need to see a Psychiatrist.

    I have never seen someone like you in my life who post negative things everywhere and not once but hundreds of times a day!

    what a poor soul.

    1. And most of the shit he says is like a spoiled baby refusing to go to school to play Xbox and claim it to be the best invention since underwear.

      That creature is so pathetic that I believe God brought that sadistic soul on earth for the sole reason to be the jester of modern day comedy.

  9. 5 million shipped lol xbox is bombing I called it over a year ago sony is the king of the mainstream market right now only because how bad xb1 is the ps4 games will be good but not nintendo good.

    1. Nintendo will have its own place while PS4 more than likely will top this gen. Xbox however is a joke made by Don Mattrick royally fucking the marlet and consumer trust with that DRM, TV and Kinect-enforcing BS plus now Microsoft is considering to ditch Xbox..which I’m praying to god that will happen. Xbxo has been a cancer to gaming since it was introduced and like all cancers, it must be destroyed to a point of no return.

    2. 5 million shipped in more countries than PS4 and yet only sold less than 4 million. Xbox One is a disgrace and should drop out if it still continues to think Kinect is relevant enough to force bundle and raise its price to $500 with crap gaming selections like that COD ripoff Titan of Duty (Titanfall as what its known)

  10. I’m excited for this game. Nintendo better bring it to the west, especially North America. They can’t affprd to limit the games potential sales. A lot of people who don’t have a Wii U would be tempted to buy one for this game, as well as MK8, Smash, Zelda, etc. The more reasons for people to want a Wii U, the better.

  11. Finally a horror game coming to the Wii U!! The last horror game released to the Wii U was Zombie U(Resident Evil not included) and that was a long time ago. I can’t wait to play this !!

  12. Now this could be more than interesting! Connect this game with gempadom Wii U could be a big hit, in cooperation with Nintendo Tecmo Koei could make a real job and finally give a good horror game that does not have for years. I’m glad that the Wii exclusive, I’m proud owner of a Wii U console, trolls can talk to the Wii U does not play, but I think you are right, meet me fully, and with games that have come as I play.

  13. Reading this comment section is lie getting your eyes gouged out emotionally, so many bait, so many hooked.
    Also can you all please stop using the word “exposed’. Holy shit its like the “swag” of the gaming community.
    Friendly reminder that if you see
    -“It will be shit becuase [insert something about other game being better or console not getting the game]”
    Dont reply to it. Just dont.

    Now to the point, I’ve always been a Fatal Frame fan, playing all games even if it meant importing, and Im really exited for this one since its like a perfectfit for the WiiU, and contrary to what others say, I doubt this will be Japan-only game, since Nintendo needs the sales this game will probably generate.

  14. Wow. What a neat surprise and I just heard from some people last week wishing for this series to come to Wii U and now they have their wish (hopefully for US too)

    This game can help put Wii U even further in the pack for horror offering and put Resident Evil, Deadrising 3 and Dead Space in its place.

    1. Whats wrong with you Wii U is perfect for the series. The controller is perfect for it.

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