Unreal Engine 4 Now Supports PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, No Wii U

Epic Games have announced that the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 now adds support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Epic Games says that the new update also adds support for Linux and Valve’s SteamOS operating system. Wii U isn’t included in the latest bout of support, so games based on the engine will likely be skipping the system.


Thanks, Carlos


    1. Prepare for incoming $H1T storm! Batten down the hatches! The trolls they are a coming!

      1. I wouldn’t care if Wii U was as powerful as a GameCube, I will still get fun Nintendo games.

      2. Yeah, but they’re extremely rare for some strange reason this generation.

      3. These stupid fools will never understand the true meaning of games…

        They are all corrupted and deluded and shall soon fall with the rest of their rambling defilers…

      4. What isn’t corrupted these days? I don’t want to be negative but they are kinda at an advantage right now.

      5. I know…

        It makes me sick and sad…

        But also annoyed by our empire’s lack of actions…


        Then it’s sad that a last gen console is being compared to the PS4, I bet Nintendo is laughing because for 2 gens they were able have last gen tech in there consoles and still able to compete with the others. That’s like a flawless fucking victory.

      7. Except Wii U sales are laughably low compared to XB1 and PS4, and compared to the original Wii’s sales in the same amount of time.

        Wii U just isn’t catching on like the original Wii did, or like PS4 & XB1 are. And it’s only getting worse as time goes on. SSB and MK8 aren’t going to help much either. It’ll bolster sales SLIGHTLY and for a very short time, but after that, sales will continue to decline as they are right now.

        That’s the harsh truth of it, sadly.

      8. Oh & don’t underestimate Mario Kart 8. If Mario Kart 7 can help save the 3DS, MK8 can do it for Wii U.

      9. Nintendo never kept up with the competition. If you haven’t noticed, Wii was the only console that sold well. The generation before that, the gamecube failed in sales. Unless you’re thinking about the PS2. But that’s not Nintendo. You must be a confused child.

      10. CryEngine4 a superior Engine to gears of wars 7 Unreal engine is on the WiiU. Your argument is mute.

      11. He’s just a troll. He probably won’t be on here as much once Mario Kart 8 releases. Instead, he’ll just be trolling people in racing with a turtle shell. (Watch him try to damage control himself & say “I won’t be buying that “blah, blah, blah” game!” if & when he notices this post.)

      12. This shouldn’t really be something to argue about, most Wii U owners have or will have a secondary(or maybe even primary) console for multiplatforms at this point.

      13. No one understands, Wii U is a different type of console, it is its own thing, Nintendo’s don’t try to be like PC’s, that’s why they are unique. To get a full gaming experience you will need a PS4/PC/Xbox One as a main/side console, and a Wii U for a main/side console.

      14. Sorry, but this way of thinking is highly flawed. Nintendo’s console shouldn’t be the “side console.” It shouldn’t be reserved ONLY for first-party games. You can’t roll over and make excuses because Nintendo isn’t delivering. They’re fully competent at making a machine that can run both first and third-party titles. I shouldn’t have to buy two consoles to play the majority of games. Nintendo used to get third-party games, and now they’re not, and it’s not the third-parties’ fault.

      15. Holy shit, are you me?we think the same fucking way….at least it seems like that

      16. Of course Nintendo can do this. But the problem isn’t fully Nintendo but 3rd parties, too.

      17. It is nintendo’s fault though, 3rd parties aren’t gonna make games for a failing console and that is fully nintendo’s fault

      18. Sadly, there are way fewer 3rd party games coming out now than ever before. Seems hardcore audiovisuals are too expensive to cater to gamers. Gameplay, difficulty, & imaginative æsthetics are now a liability. Unless 3rd parties can announce more than what interests me (Watch_Dogs, Human Element, & Sonic Boom), I really will have to rely on indies & Nintendo (or buy a PS2). By no means a bad thing, but I do miss a lot of IPs that SEGA, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, etc., used to make, & make well. Nowadays? Resident Evil is a weak corpse. Tomb Raider has been looted; empty. Batman’s vain, overly aggressive, & on ‘roids. Castlevania has been resurrected but w/ out its fangs. NiGHTS sleeps a dreamless sleep. Viewtiful Joe has been canned. Fighters have been crippled by online parity & are w/ out a story or a solid single-player experience (except maybe SSB). Racers have no tracks & nowhere to go (save Mario Kart, The 90s Arcade Racer, Fast Racing Neo, & Project CARS, but only one major publisher). AC is a walk in the park, although the prince has a new chance to reclaim his rightful throne. IGA & Inafune-san left their 3rd parties.

        I own an SNES, N64, GCN, Wii, & Wii U (also an Atari, Saturn, & PSone). But each library has always had more 3rd party titles than 1st/2nd. But in the 8th gen the focus on gaming has changed, & I don’t like its mainstream products. Wii, Wii U, & in some cases, PC, are all that’s keeping true gaming afloat. Of course, I remember the glory days when the video games industry itself was niche, & dominated by Japanese creativity & dedication (w/ some Western exceptions). But, while Sony helped bring it into the mainstream, they’ve themselves jumped ship for the easiest lifesaver they could grab onto, just as 3rd parties did. Too bad only a select few know that those lifesavers, those money bags, can only float so long ’til they pull companies & entire industries down to drown. But hey, saying the world’s round can be a dangerous concept. Oh, their yachts look nice, but board them & you just might notice the GPS & the sextant are either broken, or both missing entirely. 3rd parties should just make movies, but then they wouldn’t be able to charge $60 a pop, even though they can barely succeed @ being solvent.

        “Ice berg dead ahead,” I yelled. But they only heard ‘snowcones!’.

      19. If 3rd parties had put their games on the Wii U during 2013, it wouldn’t be a “failing” console right now. 3rd parties had a chance to gain a foothold on the Wii U with good games, helping the Wii U sell consoles, and they BLEW it! So yes! They are partly to blame. It’s not fully Nintendo’s fault. Most 3rd parties don’t care about their fans. They only care about the money. And what would get them more money? Making games for the twins that have the same architecture that they are use to working with. But I guess in the end it is fully Nintendo’s fault. Nintendo’s fault they took the chance of giving 3rd parties a chance to gain a foothold & actually make their games sell a lot for once on a Nintendo console for the first time in years. So yes. I have to ultimately agree with you.

    2. Dude is a hack. He’ll keep on posting this stuff because it’s the click-bait he makes news off of. I task you to find a single Wii U article written by this guy that expresses any sort of positivity in regards to the Wii U.

      1. There are ZERO positives from wii u.

        Well, except earthbound.

        The console is so bad it just now got Gameboy advance games.

      2. Keep telling yourself that while you’re busy not playing all of Nintendo’s exclusives. You’ve clearly got nothing better to do than troll Nintendo sites. That’s just sad.

      3. And Mario 3d world and donkey kong and mario kart and pikmin and zelda and smash and bayonetta and sonic and, nevermind there are tons of positives also indies

      4. You want to make me pull imaginary articles out of thin air? There isn’t much positive news floating around regarding Wii U. If you find some “good news” then you’re more than welcome to send it in. The best thing we’ve got is indies supporting the console. Which is great.

      5. I think they want you to personally write an article praising the Wii U and stating all the negative news is BS -_-

      6. Can’t say I blame you. The wii u is in big trouble, there isn’t much good news these days aside from Nintendo exclusives

      7. So Assassins creed 4, Need for Speed most wanted, One piece are not great? Spiderman 2? Sickr I returned to bring sanity to my nintendo news.

      8. Many of the visitors on this site would argue that they are not good for one reason or another. That said, he *has* posted articles on each of those games several times each.

      9. Sickr, they trash-talk you all day, every day. Although it’s cool to see you comment sometimes, they’re just compensating for being too stupid or you lazy to make their own blog.

      10. Well the link i sent you on the project cars poll is pretty good news but time and again you simply ignore it and post bad news .

      11. If it is news about the Wii U, I don’t see the problem. How dumb would that be if they only posted positive articles? Another biased site is what we need… /s You act like there aren’t any negative articles about the PS4 or Xbox One, so why should the Wii U be excluded?

        I really kind of hate that about a lot of Nintendo fans, many of you act like nothing bad can be said about Nintendo ever..

        Sorry that not everything is rainbows and ponies but the fact you can’t accept anything bad being said about the Wii U must mean you are pretty biased towards the system.

        I think it is actually pretty important to know a new engine will not be supported on the system, whether or not you can handle it really isn’t my problem. I can and it won’t stop me from enjoying the console but at least now I know what to expect.

        It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone anyway and I said this ever since the PS4 and Xbox One were announced that this would be a recurring situation given the vast differences in hardware.

        I realize a lot of Wii U owners could give a rats ass about third party games anyway, so that doesn’t help either. No just blame everything else though right cause the Wii U is perfect? Sheesh.

      12. I don’t expect just good news. As Sickr himself stated, there isn’t a ton. However, most of the other Nintendo sites make sure there’s a balance – considering they exist for Nintendo fans, it’s what you’d expect. Sickr either posts articles full of vitriolic doom and gloom, or one sentence/video posts about the things he can’t spin into doom.

      13. I don’t expect all good news either but I expect balance, and also for the news to be news about Nintendo.

        the fact that this isn’t available in Wii U doesn’t make it WiiU news. Otherwise Xbox sites should he reporting news about Sony software updates? Sonic lost world gets Zelda DLC but only on WiiU is not Sony news either.

        They’re taking a positive news piece for other consoles and adding bad news for WiiU and calling it Nintendo news.

      14. There IS NO BALANCE. Nintendo tipped the scales against themselves, not MNN or any other blog.

      15. because the wii u right now on the internet is being trolled for no reason and articles stating how powerful the machine is are being ignored, this dick author should mention about the wii u running cryengine etc before turning his article into a troll bait.

        and i doubt you ever met ps or xbox fanboy’s because they make nintendo boy’s look like saints…..

        soo get some gaming experience before opening yer mouth to defend this hackless author and see the blight wii u goes in with this bad publicity, despite major studios talk about how powerful it is.

      16. Did you read the actual article that sickr is making an article about? It mentions NOTHING about the Wii U. Besides, there was an article on here awhile back mentioning an article that said Epic wasn’t making the engine to work on the Wii U, personally, with UE4 but 3rd parties are able to make it work for Wii U. So this article was pointless since we already knew the facts about UE4 on Wii U.

      17. Funny, I was thinking of writing a comment this morning about how Sickr is a hack; looks like someone beat me to it.

    3. sickr posts what he wants to post. Don’t like it? Don’t click that article at all. simple.

    4. When Nintendo announces great news like the Mario kart 8, you better be sure some ignorant third party shall announce some weird bad news targeting Nintendo. They are like the devil, no good ever seems to come out of most third parties of the western front. Like the morons that killed Jesus.

    5. You took the words right out of my mouth. Some of the people in this site’s comment section keep complaining about the steady flow of negative news, asking that there be only positive news instead, and while I find that biased and wrong, I’m slowly but surely acquiescing to the rumor that Sickr really is targeting the troll “demographic”. He actually tried to make the above article about Nintendo by pointing out that it has nothing to do with Nintendo. This is…. sad.

      1. Exactly why some people are getting upset by articles like these. They have nothing to do with Nintendo yet he mentions how it’s not coming to the Wii U to give it some kind of relation to Nintendo. That’s like telling us “Killer Instinct had a new character added to the roster of characters you can buy for the game. No word about whether the game itself will ever come to the Nintendo Wii U.”

    6. They said they won’t support it but if someone wants to port over a game using this engine it’s possible.

    7. Somewhere right now Iwata is foaming at the mouth after taking a cyanide pill hidden in his stack of bananas…

  1. So many bad games from the UE last gen was flooded with so many games that looked played and sounded the same

    1. Pretty much shows that if you’re a graphics whore… you need to get the fuck away from gaming because you’ll be ruining it.

      Yeah, I can’t think of ONE good UE game last gen… well maybe Bulletstorm but sadly that game was only okay….

      1. Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Not to mention the mass-effect trilogy.

    1. I know right. Mario Kart 8 Bundle is invigorating the UK, the Xbone is fading and the PS4 has no games of magnitude for a long time. These third party parasites shall try by all means to stop the giant that is Mario Kart. But the don’t realize evil always loses finally. Look at all the games being announced on WiiU, Activision and their money loving ways seem to be bringing everything.

      1. He’s referring to how some 3rd parties are treating Nintendo like shit. *cough*EA*cough*

    1. These morons have always skipped nintendo. What will they do when the xbox brand fades as is happening.

      1. We will enjoy their inevitable fall into ruins and then laugh at them…

      2. Meanwhile, we’ll all be laughing at you guys and your pos last-gen system. Out of curiosity, have you guys already come up with the excuse for when Mario Kart doesn’t move the deadweight known as the Wii U console or are you guys still in the brainstorming phase?

      3. Silly troll, Trix are for kids! lol Nintendo won’t be going down like you sad little haters think. They have more than enough money to survive another “failed” console. But I know. You guys want Nintendo to go 3rd party so bad so you can be as cheap as 3rd parties & only buy one system. You guys have a very long wait ahead of you. IF any of us are even still alive when the day comes that Nintendo finally fails & stops making consoles.

      4. how about you remove iwata’s dick from yer ass and breath a little…..

      5. XBOX brand is fading?

        It’s selling way, WAY better than Wii U is, and it hasn’t even been out as long as the Wii U.

        So by YOUR “logic”, the “Wii” brand is also fading, and fading much, much faster and harder.

    1. The WiiU handles the more powerful and resource intensive Cryengine4. So Sigh that they are goofs running Epic.

  2. I like the sound of SteamOS, I still cannot see the reason why it can’t run on Wii U, or are they too lazy to optimize the engine?

    1. Most likely lazy or careless to give a damn about Wii U anyway. These 3rd parties have been bluntly trashing Wii U without even trying anything with it so I wouldn’t think the Wii U is so called “underpowered” for UE4 at all and they even said the same about Frostbite and then got debunked afterwards.

      I believe they’re only skipping Wii U for other obvious reasons besides its specs.

      1. At this point you can’t really blame third parties. Wii U has a terrier install base, and if it isn’t financially feasible for them to back the console then they won’t.

      2. Actaully, they’re part of the scare Wii U sales problem as much as Nintendo themselves by pissing off fans bases of late/lazy ports, gimping and delays.

        Thwy know the fans don’t like that and will refuse to buy games because of it and that’s exactly what they’re hoping to continue to do as their ticket out of supporting Nintendo but if they get little support, they continue to gimp again to con their money until they grow bored.

      3. nintendo desgined wiiu for 3+, deal with it. its nintendon’t fault for building a barebone console that has less features than a 2005 old console.

      4. your mom gave birth to you for 0+, deal with it. its your moms fault for giving birth to a troll that has less maturity than sesame street.

      5. Seriously though, sasori, your the most “determined” troll I’ve ever seen…

      6. Seriously kid.. How old were you back then? Like six maybe?! I doubt you really knew what you could or could not do with consoles of the time.

        Here is a tip bud, buy all those other systems that you so much like and play them all. Come back to us in a few years when you don’t feel the need to prove that you are a big man.

        Don’t be surprised if you see you start appreciating good games then

      7. I wouldn’t call any Xbot Academy Education real…

      8. But yet the Wii U has a bigger install base than the Xbox One and it’s still getting more 3rd party support than the Wii U. The install base excuse isn’t credible anymore, these 3rd parties just don’t want to put their games on the Wii U because a majority of them don’t sell well but a large part of that blame is on the 3rd parties for gimping out features and not taking advantages of the system. If 3rd parties want their games to sell better on the Wii U they should put more of an effort into properly developing them and use the unique capabilities of the gamepad to enhance a gamer’s experience rather than lazily porting them

      9. But the reason why install base doesn’t matter here is because X1’s architecture is the same as the sales-leader’s, PS4, which in turn is the same as most PC (where games originate). So here it’s a matter of port dumping, rather than installbase. Laziness is a part of it, but so are finances. 3rd parties put in the work for PC & PS4, then look @ the X1 as a quick buck w/ minimal risk. Although, installbase. & speed is starting to come into play when 1080 is difficult to achieve on X1, & w/ out some kind of parity, multiplats on another platform could be sabotaged if the audiovisuals were the main hook. But yeah, 3rd parties are reluctant to work on consoles.

    2. Maybe at a later date. Sounds like this was an update, and now supports those platforms. Sites like this one are making it sound really bad as if it’s never coming. Those platforms all work somewhat close to the same architecture so it makes sense that it’s now available on those, now they can work on whatever other platforms are needed, but they wouldn’t delay the release of the updated engine simply because it’s not ready for all platforms. Unfortunately sites like this trade on bad news rather than good or balanced.

    3. Nintendo is competition for not Only sony and microsoft in hardware, but for third party developers and publishers. Nintendo makes the highest quality games and their games sale for years. Reason why these companies try every dodgy punk move known to man.

      1. It’s this fact that makes me actually laugh at people hating on Nintendo simply because they are Nintendo. If they went 3rd party, some, if not most, of Nintendo’s games would end up outselling the competition on Playstation and/or Xbox. Then a majority of haters will be dead & gone as the majority starts bowing to Nintendo for giving them games. It’s knowing this that I wouldn’t be too bothered if Nintendo, by some catastrophic event (and that’s what it’ll take because Nintendo is a titan,) did go 3rd party.

      2. ids in their quality. SEGA is a fairly good example of how IPs & quality must be cut. Nintendo would like have to consolodate their catalog & either change certain franchises to fit the Sony/MS crowd, or pick those IPs that might already do so. Then there’s exclusivity deals & moneyhats, too. To get every SEGA game/franchise, one needs multiple consoles.

    4. IKR? What kind of fucked up game engine can scale to a lower res? Maybe I’m missing something?

  3. Didn’t somebody say Unreal Engine was tested and operational for Wii U before? Somebody behind this engine and story is lying to make Wii U look bad again.

    1. I got it running on the Wii U on medium to low settings at 720p, 30fps with my game… so yeah they are lying

      1. Nope, I did have a hard time with it but managed to get it working. It’s only in Alpha stage but by Next Year I should have a working prototype working.

      2. Just as I thought. I always know the 3rd parties are full of shit so they ain’t fooling me. They just don’t want to work with Wii U and make any possible excuse not to.

        But when Wii U bounces back and makes money, watch these jackasses change their tunes quick in attempt to capitalize what they have deliberately turned away from day one.

      3. Just as what you said “I have a difficult time with it”, its why 3rd parties are shying away from making games and software work on Wii U because they’re afraid or allergic to labor so x86 is their means to slack off in development in a way.

      4. lol Funny how you think changing the avatar is gonna fool somebody.

        Anyway, how the fuck would you know strangers easily when you’re just typing shit over the internet instead of somebody’s face?

        And insulting somebody for being an “indie” game developer instead of a serious one is like insulting your entire Xbox Live Arcade which is composed of some of the best indie games around. So way to go on showing your support for indies in Crapbox Live jackass.

      5. Don’t worry man, somebody has been doing memes with sasori’s real life pic (hint he looks like an ass)

      6. The fuck? This is the worst thing I’ve heard in a while.

        What do you think an Indie developer is? A small company with little funds.

        And guess where all the “real” devs started from? SMALL COMPANIES WITH LITTLE FUNDING! They’re the very foundation of this industry, and they’re the ones that are going to be making the most money collectively as gaming moves forward; they’re more real than most of the big gaming companies out there.

        Do yourself a favor and play some indie games. They’ll do you some good.

      7. I can’t, insulting indie developers is dumb (except for the guy who made Fez. Fuck that guy).

      8. Don’t let some troll on a news site piss you off, that’s what they want.

      9. using the possessive ‘s where there should be a plural s is not however

      10. Damn! I should have mentioned that fact about his “real” devs when I responded to him!

      11. And your not a real dev either. Just a nobody creeping out of the closet in a blue moon.

      12. and you’re just an asshole, you’re neither an indie dev nor a “real” dev

      13. I was just watching the Deidara vs. Gaara fight last week xD

      14. You just called him a Dev. An indie dev is a developer through and through. The Irony that is your brain lol.

      15. Which means that your very existence is non-existant…

      16. You seem to be as strong as a bull, if you keep trying, you probably might be just as smart.

      17. “You’re not a real dev. You’re just an indie dev.” If he is developing something, he IS a real dev. Don’t be stupid. Oh wait. I’m talking to the guy that thinks next gen pertains to the overall power of a system & not something relating to time passing. (Oh & you can thank me for correcting your bad grammar even though that’s the least of your concerns.)

      18. I rather have a decent game based on UE4 running on Wii U at 720p than nothing at all.

      19. Well you’ll like my game then ^^ Seeing a big smile on you Nintendo Fans faces… you know what… I think I’ll focus on the Wii U version first then :)

        PC version is about 45% done so the Wii U version since it’s about 34% done, I’ll develop for that. I really couldn’t give a crap about money, I just want people to enjoy my ideas and games :)

      20. Advertise it on the great gaming sites, even shady nintendo sites. We shall support you.

      21. wow, do you have any screenshot, concept art or anything else to show us? *-* I’m really interested to see what you are developing. ^^

      22. They said they won’t support it but if someone wants to port over a game using this engine it’s possible.

    1. Next gen PS4/One is based on an old ass architecture that’s 13 years older than PowerPC in Wii U but they chose that because of the familiarity, not power. Just by comparing 7-8 gen counterparts togethers shows little to no difference and yet so many idiots are buying their lies about graphics and power being when the next gen evolution has hit a dead end most likely.

      1. PowerPC is pretty recent to be honest with you, not too recent but are much more capable of running UE4 than the APUs the PS4 and Xbox One are running on.

      2. How recent? I thought its from 1992 or was that its starting year?

        I straight up know its far more efficient and capable.

      3. Yeah, I’m just saying it’s recent because the one used in the Wii U was developed back in 2010

      4. Guys, it has nothing to do with the architecture in the Wii U why recent engines such as UE4 or Frostbite 3 cannot run on it. It has to do with the anemic CPU with low computational threshold, not enough RAM, low data transfer rates, and the dated GPU. By your logic the Xbox 360 and PS3 should be capable of running these engines since they used Power PC as well.

      5. Hello frostbite 3 can run on the WiiU. Don’t let us tear you down like your fore fathers of trollism. CryEngine 4 a more powerful engine runs smmothly on it; next!

      6. Okay, 1: How am I trolling? I am simply offering legitimate points.
        2: Okay, I may have been wrong about the Frostbite 3, but I was still mainly referring to the Unreal Engine 4.
        3: Yeah sure the Wii U CAN run some of these engines, but they were still built with the capabilities of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in mind, meaning that a good majority of the effects would have to be severely toned down on the Wii U.

      7. Stranga we were put on this site to educate the masses I really like your retort to the above comment before he or she deceived many :). Keep up the good work.

    1. It’s annoying for people who come here for nintendo news but get information about other systems thrown in their face. If this engine were coming to the Wii U it would be news but it’s not? Information about other consoles is useless to me. An article shouldn’t be made otherwise

      1. Ehh let them be pissed, this article is a hit, look at how many people are commenting. Clicks are the only thing that matters when you run a site like this.

      2. Sickr…

        We have to assemble our forces and launch a full scale counter attack against all these unfactuals and Nintendo haters…

      3. Not exactly. Nintendo has pretty much screwed up their chance with SSB, which probably was their biggest chance to make the WiiU strike back majorly. By choosing to bring it to the 3DS as well, they literally gave people reasons to -not- buy a WiiU. I mean, as far as I know, there are about 40 million people who own a 3DS, and around 5-6 million WiiU owners. So, why would 40 million people decide to spend $350+ for a game (they’d have to buy the WiiU as well, after all), if they might as well just go ahead and buy it for $40 ? Why would people who own neither of the two systems decide to spend $350 if they might as well get it for 140$ (with the 2DS) ? Additionally, since they would use the system of their choice for other games besides SSB as well, why would they decide to go for a system with a comparatively small library of games when they can get one with a much larger library for nearly 1/3 of the price of that other system, when both of them make it possible to play the game (SSB) they are going to buy the system for primarily ?
        But, as if that wasn’t enough already, they also decided to release the 3DS version several months prior to the WiiU version. Seriously makes me wonder what the people over at Nintendo are even thinking. First of all, after the 3DS version of the game is out, the hype over the game is going to decrease significantly. People won’t be as interested in it anymore as they are right now. Second thing, people who were still uncertain about which version to get are most likely going to go for the 3DS version now, because normally, people don’t like to wait, especially if the wait is for 4-6 months. Why would people wait several months to get a game they want if they could just go and buy it already, even for cheaper than the version that’s gonna release months later? For the HD graphics ? The version exclusive stages ? Probably not.
        It just shows me how desperately they’re after the quick money. Instead of waiting a few months, they just decide to ruin their own chances of making the WiiU have a huge comeback. People were expecting SSB to release in winter anyway, so why not just wait and bring out both versions at the same time ? Hell, they even could have released the WiiU version first and the 3DS one later, would have been more profitable for them in the long run. Getting lots of 3DS software sales isn’t as important than getting lots of WiiU software PLUS hardware sales. The 3DS has sold, and still is selling, more than enough already. The WiiU hasn’t and isn’t. Not at all. They can not afford to let the WiiU fail. Sure, Nintendo still has a lot of money in reserve, but they have invested both money AND time into the WiiU, so having it fail is, no matter how much money they have, anything but good.
        But no, why try to show some support for the WiiU and the WiiU owners when they can just make money and continue to not give a crap about their supporters. Way to go Nintendo.

        tl;dr: No, SSB isn’t going to help the WiiU as much as people expect it to.

      4. Half of this is good points, but the other half is bullshit. I’m not going to bother debunking the bullshit half because that is absolutely too much to correct. I’ll only believe your bullshit half of your argument when I see that happen or when the evidence is pretty overwhelming, but right now, no.

      5. Yeah, it’s a gamble. But people might see the 3DS version & Wii U version are different enough that the 3DS version is just a taste of what the Wii U version can offer. Kinda like consumer-paid advertising, but more than just a pay-to-play demo. Maybe the physical game will have inserts advertising Wii U & the Wii U version. Maybe SSB is popular enough than many will buy both.

      6. But did they say they were skipping it outright? Or is the news that the engine has been updated and now supports these platforms, being taken out of context to mean it’s skipping the Wii U?
        Will it be coming at a later date? Now that they’ve checked off PS4/Xbox One off of their list, are they now moving on to Wii U?

      7. They said they won’t support it but if someone wants to port over a game using this engine it’s possible.

      8. There was an article awhile back telling us that Epic isn’t working to make it work for Wii U but other 3rd parties could make it work for Wii U by putting their own time, money, & effort into it if they so chose. So this article is unfortunately click-bait since we already know about the Wii U stuff. “Wii U isn’t included in the latest bout of support, so games based on the engine will likely be skipping the system.” He just put that in so it could have some relation to Nintendo even though the actual article mentioned nothing about Wii U.

      9. How is this not news about the WiiU ? If you really are interested in information about the WiiU, it should be of your concern if a major engine like UE4 is skipping it. Not saying that all games that are using UE are all fantastically great or anything, but a lot of them are huge titles that enjoy a lot of attention, so seeing that the WiiU won’t get those isn’t going to have that much of a positive effect on it, obviously. It’s going to play a – maybe not so small – part in contributing to make not only developers, but also potential customers, skip it. So basically, the WiiU isn’t only going to miss out on UE4, but also games, and consequentially, sales.

      10. And how do you know if every great game will support it? It will most likely be the most expensive engine on the market with the maybe the CryEngine 4 being second (which supports the Wii U btw) and a lot of developers may shy away from it and start developing their own engines, hell Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Sega, Square Enix, Capcom and Konami have already created their own next-gen engines. Unreal Engine 4 is a good engine but it’s not the holy grail of next-gen engines. If it was then it would be supporting every game being made now which is not the case

      11. I didn’t say that every great game will support it. Neither did I say that it’s the holy grail of next-gen engines. And just because other developers have created their own engines, doesn’t mean no big title will make use of UE4. Look at the list of UE3 titles. There are a bunch of big titles that got lots of attention during the past few years. And I don’t think it’s going to be much different with UE4.
        Yes, there will be developers shying away from it, but there also are going to be developers that will make good use of it.

      12. The reason why I feel it’s not necessarily WiiU news is because it’s not specifically about WiiU, but rather taking something from the Unreal Engine release notes and turning into bad news. Unreal Engine 4 is just a piece of software like anything else, and is always being updated.
        Today’s release notes state: Unreal Engine 4.1 is here, with full support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at no extra cost to subscribers.

        That is news for Xbox One and PS4. It doesn’t state that it is skipping Wii U for certain, it simply says that the update released today now supports PS4 and Xbox One. And inside the notes mentions SteamOS and Linux Support. Again that doesn’t mean it is skipping the WiiU, just that the current updates are for other systems.

      13. Epic Games previously said that they won’t officially support it.
        And bad news about the WiiU are still news about the WiiU. Nobody would take this website seriously if they only reported good news.

      14. It’d be a different story if the article sickr got this from mentioned that the devs said it’s not coming to Wii U or not working on it for Wii U. But the article itself doesn’t mention Wii U… at all.

    2. They know this kind of news is click bait. Epic has already said that Unreal Engine 4 will not be supported by them for the Wii U but it’s scalable to where if a developer wants to use it for that system they can. This is nothing new and there’s really no need for this to be reported……….AGAIN

      1. Exactly! We don’t need to know about this since we’ve been told awhile back it’s not being made for the Wii U. Now if the article itself mentioned that they changed their mind & was working on making it work for Wii U, it’d be a different story.

  4. “Unreal Engine 4 is scalable technology, therefore should developers wish to use it when developing Wii U games they can”

  5. When they announce the Ureal Engine 4 back at the GDC a while back, they said this was going to be the case. BUT they later stated after the laugh incident, if a company wanted to use the Ureal engine on the Wii U it was possible, just not supported by them.

    Eitherway this is old news.

      1. Who cares about graphics, thanks to the gamepad the wii u version will be the best, according to Ubisoft

      2. That’s stated by Ubisoft to be better than PS3/360 version fool. So your 360 is the inferior one here.


      3. No I didn’t mean to reply to you, I meant Sassori XD

        He thinks the Xbox One is great… I’ve had experiences with the Xbox One… lets just say Wii U is easier the program for than the shitbox done and that’s saying a lot because the Wii U isn’t super easy either but at least I did the work.

      4. Correction, they are waiting for the better version of Watchdogs while you are waiting for the underpowered inferior version on a console that breaks down on you for no apparent reason and it for sure will break on you the first day you get it because if for sure doesn’t want to belong to someone of an underwhelming mentality.

  6. I thought I heard that UE3 wasn’t even fully fleshed out last generation. Let’s see it on Wii U! Hugs.

  7. as usually wiiu being exposed again. having 1gb of ram is a joke. wiiu doesn’t even surpport usb 3.0. wiiu last gen confirmed.

    1. sasorideidaraobi, the “man” from 1:21is you?
      you are pathetic. or see it from the bright side… he can be your dad!

    2. Funny how you think 1GB RAM equals to games sucking in optimization when its the other way around and most games actually work the same as the other versions.

      And looking at techs like iPhone 5S that has only 1GB RAM and yet runs so fluid and beautifully and the multitasking works as expected.

      So before judging shit by number, make sure you remember the other beneficial parts of all motherboard chips that plays roles with the rest like processors you moron.

      1. They said they won’t support it but if someone wants to port over a game using this engine it’s possible.

    3. Yeah…. even though the USB 3.0 ports on the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t really used at all… Also, Wii U’s ESRAM is superior than the Xbones which can’t even get a game like Trails Fusion running in 1080p…. Xbosed

    4. WiiU’s 1GB can run 1080P/60FPS games. the Xbone couldn’t even run an exclusive the “fall” of Rome at 900P/30fps constantly lol. Xbots I tell you lol.

      1. I was a member of Nintendo’s old forums in 2004-2006, I’ve seen it. It can’t be healthy.

    1. Yet the hypocrites of Xbetamax and sometimes PS come here to talk shit out of their ass themselves without noticing the resemblance of their own words and themselves.

    2. We are not the ones on a Nintendo site supporting Unreal engine 4’s bathesda level engineers are we? That is like an MMA fighter telling A martial artist from a shaolin temple his Kung fu sucks.

      1. I don’t see any support in that post you just quoted . . . do you Nintenkids just spawn extra sentences in your head?

      1. We don’t care?…

        We play games to have fun, not to wonder about specs or other nonsense…

        And I have a PC to play games that I’m missing out on the Wii U…

      2. Seriously are we buying consoles for games or are we buying DRV tryhard boxes as some divk measuring contest to see which art gallery is the most attractive and which chip has the biggest dick size based on numbers instead of usage?

        Its one thing to talk about how good something sounds. Its another story to prove it.

      3. Indeed…

        I myself am happy with most games our empire makes…

        It’s just the marketing part that irritates me…

      4. I speak on behalf of all real gamers that plays games to have fun…

      5. Didn’t you say third party games were trash, so what exactly do you play on your PC?

      6. Games that are not rushed garbage…

        Starcraft 2 to mention one…

      7. I somewhat regret buying Rome Total War 2 though…

      8. Yes, that’s also the reason why all the Nintendo fanboys jizzed their pants when they saw Project Cars. “LOL WHERE DA XBOTS NAO, LOOK AT WIIU GRAPHIX, THEY DUH BEST!!1!!!11!! I THOUGHT WIIU SPECZ SUCKED, LOOK AT THEM GRAPHIX NAO, ON PAR WITH PC, LOLJK, THEY R BETTER THAN PC”
        Goddamn hypocrites.

      9. Only because the game proves all the “Wii U is weak & can’t support awesome graphics!” people wrong.

      10. And why do you care when you just rip on other shit based on what your dirty ass blind eyes and mind see?

      11. Commander said it…who cares so I guess my little statement is invalid to a point because he’s right, We don’t care what engine Mario games use…However, I’m kinda pissed off that this one year ago bullshit now suddenly says they ain’t after they said the did…I call it a year old lie if that’s the case…Anyways, you finally got me in a way too…congrats but you’re still too naïve.

      12. A game engine with less bugs to deal with most likely… seriously… UE4 has some major bugs… Reason why it took me a while to get it running on the Wii U because UE4 was raping my PC and Wii U dev kit with bugs.

      13. And the game will still rustle Sasori’s jimmies for more lulz to be extracted.

      14. Shigeru Miyamoto’s inspired Engines. He alone is greater than all third parties and Nintendo’s second parties combined.

  8. look like the wii u is dead i love nintendo but after they release mk8,ssb and zelda there nothing really left all the top games and dlc are skipping wii u and its sad to say, seems like im getting a ps4 after all.

    1. Fucker, E3 is coming and there’s probably alot more stuff in store than what your tiny hasty mind wants itself to think.

      There will be more for Wii U. Just keep your panties on.

      1. your in denial fag nintendo is done there will be no e3 for nintendo at all you fucking douche bag

      2. Your both right, but I disagree of nintendo got nothing, after all, looks like they are at E3 this year, means they got a lot in store for us…ans stranga said, “keep your panties on”.

      3. Somebody needs to buy some tampons for his bloody leaky vagina LOL!!! Nintendo has already said they will be at E3 you fucking dummy…smh. Nice fail asswipe

      4. Exactly. I told this dumbass before but all he does is damage control.
        He can’t even except facts and actual think’s Wii u is as powerful as ps4 and xbox one and says nintendo don’t need third party surport because mario kart 8, one game will save Wii u, lol.

    2. After Zelda, are you sure about that? Nintendo are already working on 5 other unannounced exclusives and BOOM! One piece was announced from no where. Boom Fatal frame WiiU was announced. Boom the 3DS has monster hunter 4 Ultimate coming. All PS4 heavy hitters have been moved to next year. Xbone is done though Titanfall could not even make it outsell the PS4 in the US.

      1. And let’s not forget that Retro is working on its own engine…

      2. Is Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem releasing before Zelda U? What about Human Element? Project CARS? The other, multiplat Sonic that was mentioned but will likely release on Wii U? Oh yeah, & that new Nintendo IP? What about the unannounced games Nintendo is pushing to utilize the gamepad?

  9. Let’s play the FPS made with Unreal Engine on PS4 running at 30 fps (broken 900p) and with the classic controller of the 90″ years , pure emotion. hahaha pour little drones need to learn how to play video games.

  10. How this can be a news? Epic run the UE4 on the PS4 at the unveil of the system. This is old.. pretty old. And is not nintendo related. WTF….

    1. Seeing as that dogshit known as Knack ran on Unreal Engine 4, Wii U owners aren’t really much LOL

      1. Oh my god. Knack sucked ass. So linear as fuck and boring after 2 minutes of play time.

      2. Knock knock…

        Who’s there?…

        It’s Knack…

        I’ve already knocked…


      3. Knack did not run on UE4. The first game that will run on UE4 will be Batman Arkham Knight.

    2. Welcome to my nintendo news, the Logic here is weird. Only surprised Aeolus has not posted yet. He knows what happened when he laughed about the Unreal engine news last year. We shut him down after the Epic CEO siad it can run on WiiU when Developers work it at their own leisure.

  11. And not to mention the EPIC games was never with the Nintendo since long times, this is not today, they would never support the Nintendo consoles,next.

  12. The games made with UE look good, no lie, but that’s it. Behind all those fantastic graphics, lies a repetitive gameplay, lame story, generic music, boring as hell backgrounds which are all post apocalyptic cities with no color/all grey. Most UE games fit most if not all of the description above.

  13. Unreal Engine 4 games can be ported and work on the WiiU this is known fact. Lazy bathesda developers and Epic though don’t have Shigeru and Criterion intelligence.

  14. LOL it is all Nintendo’s fault and no one else’s!!
    They release games NO ONE wants and then cry when they sell like shit!
    Seriously NO ONE wanted DKTF, and t make it worse they did not even allow use of the Gamepad and then wonder why it sold pathetic?
    They released a Mario game NO ONE wanted, yeah it got great reviews but still sold like shit compared to other Mario games.
    Reggie said in December that 2014 Wii U would have no game drought…LMFAO!!Since Jan ONLY big game released was DKTF!!
    Mario Kart arrives at the end of next month, so that is 2 games in nearly 6 months?LOL
    3rd party did give the Wii U their support at the beginning but NO ONE bought their games, the Wii U install base is ONLY half of that the Gamecube sold in the same lifespan as the Wii U!!
    The reason 3rd party do not even try to make games in that they will make NO MONEY so what is the point of wasting their resources and time when they can release games on PS3 and 360 of a combined user base of 160 Million, or PS4 and Xbox One a combined user base of 12 Million?
    The Wii U has sold pathetic, the name,zero marketing,terrible launch games.delay after delay and the lame price is what has killed the Wii U!
    Seriously $300 for a little bit better graphics than the 7 year old PS3 and a gimmick controller that even after 20 months Nintendo is clueless as to what to do with it and then you wonder why 3rd party do not even try!!
    Yes Mario Kart 8 and Smash are coming but the install base is to low for the games to make the massive impact that Nintendo would hope!
    It is to late, Smash will sell more on the 3DS and has better features!
    Nintendo should just ditch the Wii U as NOTHING will save it.
    The PS4 has sold 7 Million in 4 months with no great games out for it yet.
    Wii U needs shelving and Nintendo should just stick to handhelds!

    1. lol You’re funny! You mention no one wants those games then you contradict yourself by mentioning they sold. Then you mention the price tag being stupid for a system with little bit better graphics than ps3, ignoring the 400$ price tag of PS4 which also has a little bit better graphics than the ps3. So anything else you want to contradict yourself on or ignore?

    2. Lol ur very funny u said the Wii U dont have a install base…OK then what about PS4 and Xbox One huh ???? DO U REALLY THINK ITS BECAUSE OF THE F****** INSTALL BASE THAT NO THIRD PARTIES WANT TO DEVELOP ON WII U ??? GIVE ME A BREAK !! Thoses developers simply dont want to develop on Wii U because the Wii U is slighty less powerful than the PS4 and the Xbox One…but they just dont know about the true power of the Wii U ! Lol it makes me laught when I see developers said there are no install base on the Wii U…so the PS4 and Xbox One too ! U know what ? I hate that new generation cuz all they want is very very very good graphics…if a game dont have good graphics then thats a bad game for people damn ! All they do is to play the last COD each year and said “WE ARE TRUE GAMERS !” YEAHHHHH RIGHT ! anyway Im done here Im tired of this generation. I very liked the 90’s u know why ? cuz no one looking into graphics in that time !!! All they wanted is to play a good game for fun, not for the graphics, now today its MAX GRAPHICS ! ANTI ALIASING ! LIGHT EFFECTS ! WATER EFFECTS ! ETC.
      So ya…thats why I always love Nintendo, cuz they dont care about graphics all they want is to make very good games and very fun to play. Thats it.

  15. Wii u isn’t dead at all 1st party games from nintendo are always better then 3rd party microsonys games.

    1. 6 Million in 20 months…yeah the Wii U is not dead!!!LMFAO!!
      The Wii U has sold HALF what the Gamecube sold in its first 20 months!!
      The Dreamcast sold 11 Million in 2 years and then was shelved!!
      Wii U has no chance and easily will e Nintendo’s worst ever selling home console!
      QOL?Most epic fail in the history of video games!!

      1. 6 million with basically no real full Wii U potential games…

        Mario Kart 8 will decide the fate of the Wii U…

      2. Like we laughed at Aeolus after the 3DS squashed the PSVita game changer, we are building laugh parties for you on may 30.

      3. Possibly 6 million people that still use the system & play games on it so that’s not being dead. Now if there were no games being bought for it & all 6 million were back on the market as 2nd hand consoles, then it’d be dead. Don’t be stupid. Oh & you ignored the existence of the Virtual Boy which is Nintendo’s worst selling console. As for the Quality of Life thing, it’s not even supposed to be a video game console. In fact, we don’t know what the hell it’s going to be. It could be a treadmill of some kind for all we know.

  16. In other gaming news MicroSony sold a bunch of consoles with no games yet none of those games are better then wii u vc game the mario 3

  17. In other gaming news the psv and kinect still have no software worth owning playing or looking at ever

  18. I think this site just want me to give up on my Wii U. And I won’t . I love my Wii U. I guess I have to give up My Nintendo Sad News site instead. I used to love this site. But now is just depressing.

    1. It’s not this site’s fault…

      We cannot be biased and only post positive news when there are none, we are not USA or Russia…

      1. *wink*

        I wonder who will replace the Xbot Sasowhateverhisnameis later…

      2. He keeps trying to promote the last generation’s most outdated console, the Xbox 360 into believing it is more powerful than the Wii U and he says he is saving money to buy one and to buy games that are basically available on all current generation consoles (except the Wii U) and PC and not interested in buying the Xbot exclusives…

        And then he makes videos about how he thinks he exposes our people but he only exposes himself even more…

        -Lord Iwata voice command initiated-

        Please take a look…

      3. He has no choice but to get an Xbox 360. His parents won’t buy him the more expensive Xbox One. That’s why he still has his Wii U because it’s the only video game console he has at the moment.

      4. Sorry I think I somewhat misunderstood you…

        I meant in the future…

  19. This article is a load of rubbish. Unreal Engine can run on Wii U easily. Mark Rein even confirmed this.

    Why do people hate the console so much?

  20. Why are so many Nintendo fans so hostile? One of the least violent/vulgar game companies, so what’s all this? Lol. And this story matters because it’s just a heads up that a lot more games may be skipping the Wii U. We can’t just ignore it and keep talking about Mario Kart and Smash(well… we could and it’d be fun, but we shouldn’t). If Wii U keeps following this trend then Nintendo themselves will have to address it in one way or another. I have a Wii U and 3DS XL, I also have a gaming PC, 360 and i’m getting a PS4 & Xbox One at some point, I get it; Wii U is just another “Nintendo Box” but that doesn’t bode well for them in 2014. You can’t tell people buy our systems for our first party line up (which isnt really showing up strong until nearly 2 years after the console’s launch) and nothing else. The third party titles we get are usually late and/or sub par quality and with new generations of kids knowing and having less appreciation for classic Nintendo IP’s you can’t expect them to always buy these Nintendo boxes, miss out on the hyper trend games their friends are playing and they don’t even know/like Nintendo games that much. It will become somewhat of a problem. Especially when we haven’t seen half of Nintendo’s fan favorites in quite a while. Metroid, F-Zero, etc. They either need to just cater to us super nostalgic Nintendo gamers and make us spend all our money (which wouldn’t be hard, Nintendo can make THE BEST games EVER when they feel like it) or they need to play the modern console role a little better. Of course they could just go after the casual market even harder/convert more non-gamers into new gamers, but considering the “original marketing” for Wii U was that it’s Nintendo shifting focus back to U (You) the core gamer, I can’t lie, i’d be very disappointed if they ignored long time fans once again…

    I’d love to see what would happen if Nintendo played the power game again next generation. If their machine was at least tied for most powerful market console… If they had the biggest 3rd party titles (presented the best) AND their first party line-up they’d really dominate. No one could stop them. Micro and Sony have decent exclusives but they couldn’t sell more Halo/Uncharted boxes than the Ultimate 3rd party box and a Nintendo box combined. They’d have to be really clever. But that may never happen.

    All that said, i’m sure im now hated by someone and seem like some anti Nintendo nazi, an Xbot or SonyPony . If so whatever, you can’t read. I just wish all the Nintendo fans could get together and tell them what we want clearly and reasonably. No yelling, immaturity, etc. Just things that make sense that they seem to be reluctant to do.

  21. How the poor live on this planet!
    Comes MK8 and immediately wants to destroy the reputation of the Wii U console! hahahaha
    What are you poor things!

    Be aware of nothing, but nothing will destroy Nintendo!
    It can not be compared GC and Wii in sales since the Wii came out as the first of the new generation of consoles and the year before, and the GC came out while the PS2 was already out there.
    It brings big changes!
    To the previous year are announced PS4/Xbox1 console Wii U would be sold twice as many, but all have been waiting to come out all consoles and decide it ..
    But you can not understand because you’re stupid!

    Wii U will be fine! Do not worry about these noob will fall before or after!
    There are daily shows that Nintendo wants to head, but who digs a pit will fall into it alone! ;-)

  22. I’m really getting tired of people defending Nintendo when they mess up. Seriously the amount of people saying graphics don’t matter or specs don’t matter it ridiculous.

    Before the Wii everyone was exited about new systems because of the graphics and capabilities and the fact people say they don’t matter show the expectations for Nintendo are really low.

    Everyone always says gameplay > graphics and while i agree, to say graphics aren’t important is stupid, a horror game on an nes wouldn’t provide the same experience as with today’s systems. The power of a system can improve the gameplay as well as the graphics. People even contradict themselves by saying how good the graphics are in Mario kart 8 but as soon as news like this comes graphics don’t matter again.

    If Nintendo fans really had high expectations for Nintendo they would be hating the Wii U for it’s faults even more than the “haters” but no Nintendo fan are fine no third party support, almost no online games and almost no new IP’s and the Wii u graphics aren’t even a big problem for me mario kart 8 looks great but the people on this site are just stupid.

    I’m love nintendo and the Wii U will have great games but the system it’s not as good as it could be people are just lying to themselves and i personally want a better system for myself.

    1. Nobody said that graphics aren’t important, what we keep saying is that graphics will never be more important than gameplay…

      Except on games like MYST…

      Just take Mario Kart 8, graphics is basically the only thing that needed to be on this game and we got it…

      It’s like the Mario Kart near perfection game in the series…

    2. They said they won’t support it but if someone wants to port over a game using this engine it’s possible.

    3. Just like people like me & Stranga are getting tired of people defending 3rd parties *cough*Ubisoft*cough* when they screw up. See? This goes both ways.

    4. Lol graphics have an importance but not much than gameplay and to have fun…if graphics really matters to u then buy a PC. Its just u know I dont know whats ur age but in the 90’s nobodys care about the graphics…when I played GoldenEye 64 with my friends the thing that matters is just to have fun. But now with that new generation all people want to have good graphics, if not then thats a bad game for them lol. When I played Super Mario World all that matters is the gameplay…the graphics are not HD so what ? Is that really matters ? People think they are cool with a PS4 or an Xbox One cuz they can make good graphics but that make me laught cuz if graphics really matters then buy a PC, cuz thats where the graphics is in top. But plz at least dont say that PS4 and Xbox have great graphics cuz comparing to PC they are not.

  23. MK 8 will be great. So will SSB4. We already know a new Zelda is coming. All I want in addition to those 3 are a new Starfox, a new Metroid, and a new F-Zero. I have a PS4 to play all the 3rd party I need. The end.



  25. In other gaming news non video game companies start making consoles and do nothing but lose money

  26. They said they won’t support it but if someone wants to port over a game using this engine it’s possible.

  27. Well …yer ok. the wii u is good but its not ganna be able to do things the more powerful consoles can.

      1. well yes they are good examples on some level that the wii u is more than just a slightly better ps3 or xbox 360. But those would be bigger and or slighty better looking games on more powerful hardware…and the ps4 and xbone are examples of a more powerful system overal. Not that this is all a big deal anyway cos nintendo games are great.

      2. Something’s always going to have more power. Graphics only go so far, & it seems most 3rd parties have invested more in hardcore audiovisuals than gameplay. It all comes down to time & money.

        Could the 2 RE Chronicles on Wii look better on other hardware? Yes. Could the 2 main-line REs on the 7th gen. twins have played better? Yes.

        Priorities, fully-reallized æsthetics (@ least commercially), & dimenishing returns. We haven’t seen a real leap in console graphics since the 6th gen era. So why not just wish Sony & MS made gaming PCs instead of PCs disguised as multimedia boxes disguised as consoles?

      3. Just a matter of time until things come together more…remember when phones were just phones? A pc/console thingy would possibly be more expensive right now but that depends on alot.

      4. I remember pure phones, used payphones on more than once, too. But as much as I like my Galaxy S3, I really miss my Impact feature phone. I didn’t even have an online plan for it or any games except the demos. &, aside from essential communication (talk & text), I probably only used the camera. It’s battery lasted 3 or 4 days on a single charge. My S3 battery is lucky to get a day, & that’s after leaving facebook (frequently used that app). Yet, the only major differences in how I use my S3 than how I used my Impact is a weather widget, checking emails, a dictionary app (aspiring novelist), & researching & posting on the web. I have full games on it, but I barely play them (chess, 42, & sudoku get the most use); it’s not an N-Gage, after all. Really, I’d be happy w/ call, text, weather, web access, & music. As for consoles & their extras, Wii U, for me, is more than enough (I get online mostly to download games).

  28. I don’t care about ue4 they shove it if they want and that goes for the rest of the lazy devs,I bought a Wii u to play Nintendo games.I got a ps4 collecting dust because they don’t have a game that I like,I use more the ps3,also have a 360 that I haven’t used for almost to years,maybe I should send it to sassori boy cause he’s been saving money for ever to buy a 75 dollars console lol.

  29. Lmao,he always talking down Nintendo and can’t even buy a damn 360.I just finished watching the ps4 game list for this year and I only saw 4 games that I like.thanks god my ps4 was a gift.looking forward for mk8 that’s a game.

    1. All they want to make is fps and money,they don’t care about real gamers anymore. Fuck cod,battlefield, halo and titanfalls

  30. Oh damn…theses guys are just to stupid seriously to say Unreal Engine 4 wont support the Wii U. Why ? Cuz remember when EA said that Frosbite 3 wont support the Wii U BUT the PS3 and 360 are supported ?! FIND THE ERROR ! Epic Games are just too incompetent they said the Wii U wont support Unreal 4 when they just dont want it to make that possible, NO EFFORTS ! There are juste a whole bunch of lazy people who dont give a simple f*** if the Wii U can run their engine or not. This is just so patetic.

    1. The problem is that Nintendo would have had to pay a lot of money to bring Ur4.eng. on the Wii U, but it is known that Nintendo not to tell anyone your money for nothing ..
      To me they have the right, and because they have so much money!

    2. Just goes to show who are real developers these days doesn’t it.

      There aren’t really that many out there when you think about it.

  31. Many people hate Nintendo/Wiiu, that won’t change the fact that the Wiiu is the best console of this generation and probably will be until the end of this generation, the Wiiu already has many quality games (not counting the advertised), and has a Hardware that shows every day more efficiency, it’s E3 should bring a lot of new stuff to the console,You can be sure,Nintendo needs just some attitudes to take on your console (how to speed up the process of things), but while on the one hand the Sony is appealing bringing ports de recent games for the PS3 (as the Last of US) for lack of games, the owners of Nintendo platforms are having the level of quality they are accustomed to, it’s just a matter of time to improve the console even more,it has plenty of potential.

  32. Let’s face it people. All consoles have great looking games. No game these days really sucks, at least not graphically. Even casual games looks nice. And graphics will only get better from this point on. I personally think that the Wii U’s graphics look amazing. I’m currently playing Assassin’s Creed IV. I mean, the graphics certainly doesn’t suck.

    I think that far too many people (and companies) are putting too much emphasis on power. They don’t need to. All games look great now. And it doesn’t matter how much power they put into any console, people are still going to buy the console that has the games they like. Like for me, if Nintendo’s games still had 8 and 16-bit graphics, I’d still only buy Nintendo’s consoles. Because their games have always been my favorite.

    1. This is very similar to how I feel. Power is definitely at the point where I care about it very little now. Unfortunately you and I happen to be in the minority on this.

    2. At this point, instead of making consoles more powerful for the sake of graphics, they SHOULD be focusing on making consoles more powerful to make games longer & more sandbox-y. As you said, graphics look fucking great now so screw them for the next decade or so. It’s time to focus on length of games now instead of graphics.

  33. I love how all of the Nintendrones always blame the failure of the Wii U on Microsoft and Sony and not Nintendo’s stupid and backwards business practices. While Sony was going around gathering info on what third parties want out of PS4, Nintendo was thinking about how they’re going to build as weak of a system as possible because in the end, all they’re gonna release for it are upressed Wii or GC games.

    While MS and Sony look to fill their release schedules, Nintendo is forced to purposely delay games on Wii U because of the lack of future content. I’ll almost certain that if they had more games coming out in the holiday season, Smash and Watch Dogs would’ve not been delayed. It’s as if the entire Nintendo board used to ride the retard rocket (short buss) to school.

    1. Not every business is going to be shallow. Power? Wii U’s power gap isn’t as big as Wii’s, yet Wii had plenty of support & games that actually HAD to be games compared to the competition’s overemphasis on graphics, cutscenes, & quick-time events.

      Nintendo wants to create games, so that’s what they’ll continue to do. It’s not like they can use funds from other business sectors to offset the deficits from selling hardware @ a loss. Just because they have a huge warchest doesn’t mean they should pull an MS & lose huge amounts of money, no matter how popular they might be. But even Sony & MS resorted to off-the-shelf parts & a familiar-but-dated architecture from 1978 because their other business sectors are tanking.

      1. We’ve yet to see anything the Wii U can really and truly do yet. MK8 will be somewhat the pinnacle of showing.

  34. They aren’t making the engine for the Wii U because they don’t want to, blame the sales of the third parties for the console, but it’s true, 3rd parties just can’t be compared to 1st sometimes. :D

    1. So ya….Epic just dont want to release their engine on a Nintendo console…thats it, thats all !

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