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Indie 2D Shooter Hive Jump Is Coming To Wii U

Hive Jump, an intriguing 2 dimensional shooter from Graphite Lab, will be making its way to the Wii U. The developer says that the game is inspired by classic video games such as Ender’s Game and Contra. You can watch a video for the game above. Hive Jump has also just been green lit by the Steam community.

52 thoughts on “Indie 2D Shooter Hive Jump Is Coming To Wii U”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    A game that binds us Nintendites and the Steambots…

    I might purchase this game because of its multiplayer…

        1. Considering a lot of FPS with the ability to jump has people jumping like crazy at times, this game should be nothing new for them to do. lol

          1. All I ever hear are fake Nintendo fans saying “I’ll buy a Wii U when this game _____ comes out, or when a bundle is announced, or when there is another price drop, or when the system is bargain bin…”

            If there are announced games that interest you and that you know are coming, then just buy the bloody system, be more open minded in gaming, the Wii U already has a lot to choose from…

            Look at Sony fans; they’re swarming to buy PS4’s despite having almost no good games to play, especially at launch…

            Early console sales are what attract developers which mean even more games down the road…

            Have some faith, every Nintendo console has had critically acclaimed games, the Wii U already has them, what the hell are these fakes waiting for…?

            1. I got faith I own 2 wii u’s for crying out loud, a basic and a Zelda edition, I’m pretty dam happy I own a few gaming consoles, all I’m saying is don’t call him a fake if he actually owns something from them.

            2. People going out & buying the PS4s like that obviously have money to spend. Nintendo Commander, on the other hand, is busy paying for his education right now, so he’ll get a Wii U when he can. I know the PS4 will get games I want eventually but I’m not running out to buy one just yet. I have more important things to spend my money on right now.

        1. He’s intense! I should just wire him the money! Can’t believe a commander doesn’t own the latest system.. Which has been disappointing to me on a side note

      1. >”Fake Nintendo Fans”

        Is this really happening right now? Do you guys have, like, an initiation process to get into your secret club? Do you have secret decoder rings and passwords too? Can I use my Club Nintendo account to get in?

        Nintenkids are silly.

    1. Then go play your 360 Minecraft for all we care and hating a game without playing? Nice going on showing your rate of whatever intelligence you think you have.

      1. I hope her reason for hating it is she just doesn’t like those kind of games because that gameplay looks awesome. If it’s over something shallow like the graphics, ugh…

      1. Yeah man. Still waiting for my Starfox, Metroid, and F-Zero. Or how about a damn sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising on Wii U? It would work perfectly, controlling the camera with the right analogue stick as opposed to using a stylus.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              He should do that, if Pit is returning to Smash, then make a another Kid Icarus, seems pretty justified.

              1. I hope so. It would be a shame if the franchise were to be put to rest indefinitely for another 25 years or so. Kid Icarus adds more variety to Nintendo’s IP lineup as well. And could you just imagine the graphics in the style of Uprising, but in full HD on the Wii U? Other than that, the only other Nintendo franchises I want to see on Wii U are Metroid, Starfox, and F-Zero, as I have stated before. Wii U needs some variety right now. Although these types of games may not sell as much as Mario, DK, or Zelda, they’ll widen the audience.

    1. >”Half-ass”

      I didn’t know having a 16-bit (Not 8-bit) art style was “half-assed.” Does it need to have ultra-high definition photo-realistic graphics in order to be GOOD? I didn’t know you could judge how good a game is by what console you associate it with.

      Kids these days.

    2. And? If the game is fun, fuck it if it’s 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, or 3D. But you’re more than welcome to your right to not buy this game if you prefer to be shallow about the graphics.

  2. another indie game.. not surporting any indie game on wiiu. the shovle ware of indied games are annoying.

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Try any harder and you might be smarter than a pebble. Not that you had anything intelligent to say in the first place.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Don’t worry, its not like anybody cares about you every other day of the week. I hope that makes you feel happy.

    2. Oh hello, sasorideidaraobi. Here talking trash again, eh? Here’s a quote: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  3. Nintendo used to get shit for releasing too many games now they lack games basically on purpose so that other developers can make a little bit of money but no one has the creativity they want horsepower to make games look real have no heart soul purpose replay value real game mechanics just a mess of realistic looking polygons aka boring

  4. I have mixed feelings about this..
    Yes I’m happy that the wii u is getting this cool looking game but it also makes me kinda sad that nintendo isn’t even trying to port there games that are a lot simpler than this.
    I want every Nes Game (despite the advance controll scheme things) I want every snes, n64, gba, and ds game ported to the eshop stat! I would literally spend like $500 on just old school games this weekend alone. Please nintendo! I don’t like waiting for games that allready came out! Just imagine playing All the pokemon games from the game boy and up! It would blow the market away! (Ps) these games should be on both the wii u and 3ds eshop)

  5. Fucking awesome! I don’t normally buy indie games like these but that gameplay! It’s like Metroid & Halo got together & had a baby! o.O

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