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Game Freak Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Junichi Masuda has confirmed that Game Freak celebrated its 25th anniversary on April 26th. Best known for the Pokemon series of role-playing titles, the developer was founded in 1989 by Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri. The studio’s latest projects, Pokemon X and Y, were released worldwide on October 12, 2013, marking the first global launch in franchise history. The two games combined sold more than four million units across Japan, North America and Europe in their first two days on the market.


      1. That’s a Spin-off game…

        The only Spin-off games I liked were the Stadium ones…

      2. I hardly would call Pokémon XD a spin off… It was like the real game just no gyms… And more haha
        Okay it was different in a lot of way but still very similar…
        I loved XD

      3. Stadium and Snap… It’s been “confirmed” there will be atleast a Pokemon project on the U.. Can’t believe their hasnt been a snap game with that controller.

      4. Gamepad as the camera would be so damn awesome! Game Freak would be making a huge mistake if they don’t make a new Pokemon Snap for Wii U. It’d be a nice way to use the Gamepad in an innovative way.

      5. do you remember that teaser of a pokemon fight game that they have shown before XY? oh, how I would like that game.

      1. Well yes they do make other games… only about 2 games though, Drill Dozer and HarmoKnight, but they are primarily known for the Pokemon series

      2. Those were before pokemon, the only games I know of before that is that yoshi game for the nes

      3. We are talking Nintendo dumb fuck, after all Game Freak are now a part of Nintendo

      4. What? That’s still a Gamefreak game, doesn’t matter whether it was on a Nintendo device or not. This is Gamefreak’s anniversary as a company.

  1. They made a few puzzle games and the wonderful Pulse Man on the Mega Drive before parenting with Nintendo and going on to create Pokémon. They did however release a game called Click Medic on the original PlayStation back in 1999!

  2. They made a couple of puzzles games for both Nintendo and Sega consoles before Pokémon – and even a game called Click Medic in 1999 on the original PlayStation! However pre-Pokémon they were mostly known for the wonderful Pulse Man that was on the Mega Drive.

    1. God knows what that came up twice – told me the first one didn’t send! Apologies for double post.

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    3. Terrible, yet make legitimate billions every generation unlike COD rushing shit and paid for by fanboys and idiots like you.

      You got no fucking taste period. And tell me what RPG is better? Final Fantasy 13? Hell no.

      Pokemon deserves its top spot along with the same great RPGs. You belong in the bottom with the rest of the junk 360s that got Red Ring fucked. Loser.

      1. Pokemon has no story worth discussing and is your typical turn-based RPG. If it wasn’t for the collection aspect and huge tournament scene, it would have been forgotten a long time ago.

      2. contradicting you’re self again?

        “Terrible, yet make legitimate billions every generation unlike COD rushing shit and paid for by fanboys and idiots like you.”

        You just said the strong sales are proof of it’s quality yet you hate on COD which also has strong sales. Hypocrite much? You call COD rushed yet how many Pokemon games in the last few years(2009-2013)? and how many developers worked on them?

        He has no taste, maybe you should learn what an opinion is.

        I’m not saying Pokemon is bad or that COD is good, but stop being a hypocrite.

      3. An opinion is an opinion, but Sasori claims everything is fact. So stranga has a point on that.

  3. Congrats and happy birthday to Game Freak for their 25 years of success mainly because of the wonderful Pokemon series. :) Hope it keeps going strong both PKMN and Game Freak.

  4. Congratulations to Gamefreak for creating a very fun competitve game. This game brings in more money at tournament than most fighting games, so even we have to stop and take notice at that point.

    And seriously, thank you for the weather nerf. I am eternally grateful.

  5. Pokken fighters reveal in next months direct after mario kart info after a mewtwo reveal for smash then mewtwo jumps into another arena and starts fighting blaziken knocks him out and starts fighting deoxys attack forme boom scene changes and gameplay is revealed. Machamp fighting Infernape and showing off combo system and 3d playing field similiar to naruto unstorm showcasing the awesome soundtrack and next gen graphics meanwhile sawk and scraggy fight in the background showing off stages and special moves then camera pans out…. working title shown on screen as pokken fighters : close combat. Screen blacks out, then blinks showing a brief glimpse of pangoro vs garchomp teasing the bipedal dragon type as playable after defeating them in a boss battle. Screen blacks out *iwata laughs* happy 25th anniversary game freak. Or maybe at e3….

  6. make stadium 3. have the same announcer from stadium 2 and music from all 6 gens in the game. some mini games, detailed pokedex, certain moves that you can learn like pikachu and surf. spectator mode, join matches from miiverse, etc. I’m sure they will make a game on wii u but I hope its not like battle rev, that game was so bad

    1. You don’t like the guy from stadium one and his constant “what’s a matter trainer”

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